Tune Into Football Manager 2014’s Classic Mode

I squish your head
I am busy lazy man, so I don’t always have the time to simulate the life of another person and take on that person’s job and be good at it. I’m basically the person that Football Manager 2014’s classic mode is aimed at: it streamlines the manager’s duties, focusing on tactics and transfers, and not bothering about the consistency of the gravy on the pies or making sure that the wind swirling around the stadium moves in a clockwise direction. Things are going to be a bit more involved in 2014, but it’ll still be a swiftly steered season of soccer, and the video states that it’s possible to enjoy a full season of the game in one evening. How? It has a wizard!

No, not that kind of wizard. It’s a match planning system for when you’re in a super-hurry and want to instant resolve a game: you tell the players how you want them to react to scenarios that occur in a match with a series of pull-down menus. You can save those plans for other games, which means I’ll definitely be seeing what happens when you use one plan for every game. Tweaks to scouting, training, and transfers speed your decisions along so you can focus on the pitch. It seems like quite an overhaul.

It’ll be out on Oct 31st


  1. xfxian says:


  2. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    I can’t take FM seriously, I have seen players stats plummet as soon as they go from a top four club to a lesser team and visa versa. They spend loads researching then do a massive shit on the research to keep the glory boys happy!

    Admittedly they may have moved because of over or under achieving but young players losing speed and old players gaining it, oh aye!

    • Klydefrog says:

      Examples? I can think of a few that were probably justified simply on the grounds that the developers really aren’t infallible and can make mistakes. A player that plays for a weaker team can often appear of worse quality within that team but over the course of a season can prove us wrong, then once they’ve signed for a bigger team it’s easier to see their full potential. Also, this doesn’t really get in the way of what I enjoy best about the game, the general simulation of the world and the stories that can emerge, especially in say a 20 year career when eventually pretty much everyone is a regen so there’s no room for stats to be decided based on any bias.

      • BooleanBob says:

        Do you not find the concept of regenerating players kind of shatters the whole suspension of disbelief thing though? I get that they have to have some sort of system in place, but I’d imagine once you get used to spotting that a new player was somebody else in a former life it’d be difficult to think about them as a unique character in your unfolding drama.

        • Llewyn says:

          It hasn’t worked like that for many versions now: ‘regens’ would more accurately be described as ‘gens’.

    • DougyM says:

      Strange, i have always found it to be the complete opposite.

      I can take a player with average stats but a lot of potential from a top tier team and by giving them plenty of game time and heavy training they turn out to be world class, often seeing bids of 5-10 times what i paid for them within a few seasons.

      Conversely i have had top players in my team snatched up by massive clubs only to see them languish and become average players because the top team parks them on the bench or in the reserves.

      I have never seen any evidence of a players stats being dictated by the team they are at, what i mean is that if you take 2 identical players and put one in a low end team and one in a high end team its the one that gets the best training and the most game time who will turn out the best. Not merely which one plays for the bigger club.

      • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

        I’m on about REAL players, not some binary creation, you know the ones with a pulse that play football!

        • Ernesto25 says:

          Depends some are ok but the reality is 10 should mean average not 15 . The ME is far worse and needs alot of work.

          Classic mode is pretty meh tbh though may as well buy handheld

        • DougyM says:

          So am I, there is no difference in the game engine between a real player and a created player outside of the game using a regenerated face for the regens and allowing them to experience certain more controversial random events that might land the developers in trouble from the real life counterparts.

          For example if i buy Carlos Fierro or Yaya Sanogo who where my absolute go to guys in FM12 i was able to turn both of them into world beaters with a Scottish Premier League team. I also had some members who started with said team end up getting bids from the likes of the top 4 English clubs and generally they would move and end up bench warming for the rest of their careers.

          Unless you can provide some sort of evidence that moving to a larger reputation club boosts a players ability as matter of course and conversely moving a player from a big team to a smaller team subtracts from their stats then i have to conclude that you are mistaken and criticizing the game for something it does not actually do.

          • aardvarked says:

            He’s talking about actual real life players moving clubs in actual real life, I don’t know how you aren’t seeing that.

  3. mhcastrillon says:

    What I really, really want to know is if they’ve FINALLY fixed the stability issues when playing multiple leagues.

    Yes, I know playing a dozen managers in a dozen different leagues with huge database at the same time is CRAZY, but that’s how I like it. I want to be able to scour the Slovenian league for youngsters I’ll later develop or sign little known Swedes from a second division side to my League 1 team and then sell them for 10x the price once they blossom.

    I don’t play this game to be Mourinho. I want to be Udinese or Porto or Viktoria Plzen and it’s hard when my savegame keeps becoming corrupted under the weight of my backstrainingly deep game.

  4. aardvarked says:

    This mode was introduced in FM13, nice to see it’s not just the developers trying to sell it as something new.

  5. mo0trix says:

    Just bring back the CM01/02 engine for this type of mode – It was/is perfect.

    • sibul says:

      The CM01/02 engine was massively flawed and had so many game breaking bugs you might aswell look at a .txt file with win pasted all over it. I’ve also never experienced these so called stability issues with save games. I know people have them but it seems to affect a minority.

      • Themadcow says:

        …and yet it was by far the most enjoyable version of the game to date – so much so that the latest unofficial season (updated to Oct 2013) patch has just been released. Talk about FM/CM to most older players and 01/02 is the one that you usually find yourself talking about, and fondly remembering ‘great’ players from.

        Easy to beat? Maybe – but that was also part of the fun. Taking a lower league side to the pinacle of European football was FUN. Completing a season in one evening was FUN. Yeah, you could exploit it by using various bugs to get players for almost nothing (or use the save editor to give ££££) but cheating really did take away much of the enjoyment of the game.

        Personally I’m going to keep playing CM01/02 until classic mode in the new games matches the fun that 01/02 provides. They seem to have taken a small step in this version by allowing more leagues and bigger databases (because resticting the game to ‘famous’ players is NOT FUN – classic mode players want a fun game, not a game for idiots), but I hope they’ve also made the transfer system a little more friendly to smaller clubs as FM13 seemed to reject pretty much any offer for a decent player unless you big a stupid amount more than their ‘value’.

      • mo0trix says:

        The only “game breaking” bugs were the odd save game that would get corrupted. You’d only be unlucky for this to happen.

        There were certainly glitches… like clubs going bankrupt all the time (I currently have a game where Mansfield are taken over by a consortium to the tune of 2Bn every time, every 6 months or so… they’re just in some incredible infinite debt somehow) but it’s not something that directly has an effect on the player.

        Considering the game is now 12+ years old and is still considered to be the pinnacle of football management by many says something about what that game did right.

        atticus – I’d seen that about a week ago, even replied to it! :)

        • sibul says:

          The gamebreaking bugs for me were in the match engine, where a tactic with a certain shape would confuse the AI and suddenly the tactics side of the game was out of the window entirely. Don’t get me wrong, I played CM3 and 01/02 for a long time even without database updates. But at some point it wasn’t for the football managing simulation anymore. I still sometimes fire up premier manager 98 or 99 to meddle with coffee prices and try to buy Ronaldo. But when I want to play football manager I fire up 13 for a reason.

  6. atticus says:

    Seen this?

    link to eurogamer.net

    edit: meant as a reply to mo0trix

  7. Patches the Hyena says:

    Come on, why haven’t they made it a standalone yet? I’d be perfectly happy to pay $10-20 for just Classic Mode.

  8. Big Murray says:

    Football Manager has always been a game where if you ask anybody how they created a tactic which works, they’ll never give you a straight answer. And certainly not anything that can be replicated. Most of the time it feels like I’m at the helm of a starship in Star Trek, hitting buttons frantically with pretty much nothing I do has any observable effect. Then stuff happens, again with seemingly no observable cause-and-effect.

    I long ago learned the answer is my question is … they don’t know how they create tactics which work. NOBODY knows. Football Manager is an exercise in how far players will simply experiment like headless chickens until they find a system which kind of works.