City Of Titans Gathers Titanic Cash Wad

There’s only one MMO I’ve had more fun with that City Of Heroes, and that particular glorious space bastard ate five years of my life. Heroes, meanwhile, ate a summer and most of the sleep I should have had in that season. I played and played, and didn’t do any work. It was fantastic. It was with some glee, then, that I saw the City of Titans Kickstarter had hit its mark, and moved on to the stretch goals (weirdest things about Kickstarter, if you ask me). This means that the game will (or at least should) see the light of day, and that there will be an android version of the character builder. That might sound like an odd thing to promise, but the hero builder was by far the most entertaining aspect of the original game, and I am fairly sure everyone who played it had an army of characters they made but never had time to play. Yes, it was that good.

I love that the company behind this is called “Missing Worlds Media” – totally designed to evoke the idea of a company who can bring the dead worlds of fallen games back to life.

Sigh. Memories.


  1. Jimanzium The King says:


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  2. kwyjibo says:

    $320k for an MMO?

    I’m sure it’ll happen if they hit that $5M stretch target.

    • FF56 says:

      Actually later down they say $140k goes to expenses so they’re actually only working with $180k which they say is going straight to software…

      Essentially they have 100 volunteers working for free with no requirement or motivation to actually finish the thing.
      Maybe I’m being cynical but I highly doubt this will ever be completed, it just reads like a desperate dream from a group of people mourning the death of their favorite game.

      • chewbaccasdad says:

        Hoots man, where’s your sense of derring-do?! A plucky band of adventurers with a dream; the odds stacked against them; the eyes of the world upon them!

        This could be the greatest story of overcoming adversity of the modern age!

        • DClark says:

          Yes, this is the classic kickstarter that could just as easily crash and burn as be totally awesome.

          I hope they do well and I want them to do well, and I personally have no problem throwing fifty bucks or so at them simply as a middle finger to NCsoft for cancelling City of Heroes. The amount of money the CoT kickstarter generates is money NCsoft left on the table when they cancelled CoH.

          • frightlever says:

            Did anybody ever try to buy COH or was that not on the table?

            I share the scepticism that this will ever amount to anything with such a modest budget but wish them the best of luck.

          • Foosnark says:

            Yes, this is the classic kickstarter that could just as easily crash and burn as be totally awesome.

            I think this is an unrealistically optimistic view, It’s like saying “I could as easily not be struck by lightning while flying through the air after being hit by an exploding bus while pouring tequila for the Pope as have those things happen.”

  3. InternetBatman says:

    The weirdest thing about this campaign is that they have consistently managed to keep around $150 per person. That’s much higher than most larger kickstarters, which trend at the $55 range.

  4. Cooper says:

    Exceptionally worried about this.

    MMOs tend to cost a vast amount for good reasons: You have to have a VAST amount of content to keep people playing & paying. Then the infrastrcutrues of ongoing development and servers you need to have in place are not simple nor cheap.

    Having an engine helps. As does an existing game design. I just wonder if there’s going to be (enough of) a game at the end.

  5. FriendlyNeighbourhoodMurderer says:

    I wonder if people even realise that below the $50 pledge you don’t even get the game (as far as I can see)? And for 50$ you get 1 month of “VIP subscription”. Granted, I haven’t read the full description closely, so maybe everyone else get’s some sort of F2P edition, but it still does not give me any reason to pledge at all.

    edit: Okay, I read the description closely now. It seems like the box costs money no matter what (and I still only see it as a thing 50$ and above gets) – everyone else, after buying the game, gets a F2P edition. meh.

  6. Flappybat says:

    Isn’t it pretty irresponsible for news sites to be giving this a lot of positive coverage without some caution about the difficulty of the project? A backer has to make up their own mind but a lot of people treat kickstarter like they are just making a preorder and the large amount of positive coverage for this title may give an impression of it being a safe bet.

    • razgon says:

      Its not the job of news sites to tell you what to do – they just give you information and personal judgements in cases like this.

    • Jenks says:

      It’s a non issue if you differentiate blog from news site.

    • frightlever says:

      I didn’t see ANY recommendation to pledge money for this, just a bit of nostalgia for City of Heroes, which WAS a fun game.

      Nathan has been known to tell people to rush off to Kickstarter with their wallets agape but most of the other writers are more restrained.

  7. Slipstream says:

    What’s important to understand about this project is that the development team is made up entirely of volunteers. The development of the game itself is already “paid for,” so to speak, by the dedication and commitment of the former CoH community that has formed this project. The Kickstarter money is going to pay for the software necessary to develop the game, and other requirements such as legal fees. Additional money will still help the game development, of course, but it’s not as though they’re trying to develop a full 3D MMO on only $320k worth of manpower. Many people have pointed out (and rightly so) that that would be simply unrealistic.

    I’m not trying to defend the project from criticism, as I personally have a fair number of doubts based on the very facts that I just mentioned, I just wanted to provide some clarity on this for people who may not have taken the time to read the full kickstarter page. I think Flappybat’s concerns are valid, and while I’m overjoyed to see this project succeeding, I do think that it’s important for journalists to remind their readers that Kickstarter is an exercise in personal accountability, especially when funding projects that don’t have an established, experienced team behind them.

    • CaesarBritannicus says:

      I think it is a bit funny that people think MMOs are somehow special and magnificent entities that only big publishers should attempt. There are tons of small-scale MMOs these days. It is dirt cheap to run a server (relatively speaking) and teams of only a couple people can make a passable online game. I think CoT will have its struggles, but it is a joke to think MMOs need to be multi-million dollar productions.

      • Slipstream says:

        I agree, but the fact is that modern 3D games of all types do take much more than $300k~ to develop, and that seems to be confusing some people when they look at the numbers.

        I’m very interested to see how this will fare as an “indie MMO.”

      • rightyeauhuh says:

        MMOs are special and magnificent entities. There are two indie MMOs I can think of that even remotely made it. Realm of the Mad God and Runescape. Both of which are browser based 2D games.

        • CaesarBritannicus says:

          Off the top of my head, I can mention A Tale in the Desert, Wurm Online, Path of Exile, and numerous games coming out on a monthly basis like Card Hunter. I assume most people would consider Eve Online indie in its origins. All games with different budgets. Small and large, experienced and inexperienced developers.

          • frightlever says:

            This is aiming to be a modern 3D MMORPG – Path of Exile is a fair comparison and they’ve spent millions developing it so far.

      • Foosnark says:

        For every indie MMO that managed to launch, there are a thousand indie MMOs and ten not-so-indie MMOs that didn’t make it that far.

        Path of Exile was in development for years before anything was announced, and another 3 years passed between announcement and beta.

  8. Shaun239 says:

    I’m very skeptical of this project, can’t believe it hit its goal already. This project just seems incredibly ‘amateur’ to me (sorry!) even down to the logo…and yeah, mmo on 320k!? Considering how many mmo’s have sunk with millions invested in them…

    I’ve also seen some of the dev’s post on a certain awful forum and…well…yeah.

    Definitely getting increasingly sick of Kickstarters that promise the world.

    • zeekthegeek says:

      Agreeing that Titans seems like a foolhardy endeavour. All the attempts by the team leader (Warcabbit on the Something Awful forums) to try to and clarify their ‘plans’ has failed to answer any criticism with anything but wishful thinking. This is someone who has never been involved in a software project before in their entire life by the way.

      I think even with tens of millions of dollars and a team of professionals there’s very little chance of successfully building and maintaining an MMO these days. Volunteers (most of who will be working fulltime jobs).

      Look guys, I know you really liked City of Heroes and missed it, but lets be realistic here.

      • rightyeauhuh says:

        CoH fans realistic? I hope this gives us half the hilarity the Ouya managed to, so I am kind of glad it got funded.

        • Shaun239 says:

          I guess that’s one way to look at it; the Ouya’s failure has provided a shit ton of entertainment.

          But yeah, definite ‘Lore’ vibes from this project.

          • Nick says:

            Ouya is the gift that keeps on giving, that’s for sure. I mean the Queen thing alone made that project worthwhile.

  9. The Random One says:

    Coincidentally, I plan to play a corporate-themed villain called Cashwad Titanic.

  10. hypercrisis says:

    Official art?

  11. Arglebargle says:

    Interesting to compare this level of funding/development to things like Garriott’s Shroud of the Avatar, where they are trying to get an underfunded MMO out as well. SotA has the advantage of professional developers, and the disadvantage of those same professionals already having screwed up things previously.

    Team management will be the key to CoT’s progress. Because it will be, by nature, messier than a paid staff. On the other hand SotA has Garriott and Star Long, who messed up Tabula Rasa, etc, and would certainly not be my choice as project managers.

    I certainly wish the Project Phoenix folks the best of luck, and have spread the word around my ex CoH teammates. And I still haven’t spent a penny on any NCSoft thing since….

    • CaesarBritannicus says:

      Exactly this. The phrase “herding cats” will never seem so apt. That said, I put a bit their way. Still, it is a fraction of what I would have been willing to part with had Paragon Studios been able to get their hands on the rights to CoH.

    • Jonfon says:

      This, pretty much. I’m a big CoH fan (or was, sob) if these are the same bunch who did things like the Titan Network for CoH then they are dedicated. But at the same time with no professional development (and especially management) team working on a project of this scale, dealing with things like personality clashes and standard Forum / Development drama.

  12. pyeriv says:

    So… all they have is a bunch of concept art (which looks amateurish), and they get all this funding? … and they are volunteers… so they will be working on the game bout 10 hours a week if that…

    Good luck seeing that game come out on a shorter timescale than Duke Nukem Forever.

  13. Sarkhan Lol says:

    And the best part is, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN GO WRONG!

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