Dungeon Defenders 2 Not Actually A MOBA

In a move that I suspect will seem wise in hindsight, Dungeon Defenders 2 is not going to be a MOBA, despite initial glowing neon signposts in that direction. In a big old blog post on the game’s site, Trendy’s Dave Loyd talks about what it’s actually going to be, sort of: “Originally it was being developed as a MOBA-style PVP game, but we reviewed the project and decided to turn the ship, refocusing our efforts on a true sequel. I’m happy to announce today that Dungeon Defenders II is in development!” So that’s a tower defense game with co-op run-around-fighting elements, in case you were confused. You played the original game, right? Well, more of that. Loyd explains: “We generated tons of ideas and ultimately created The Five Pillars of Dungeon Defenders II. We define these pillars as axioms, rules by which all game features are assessed, and which must be upheld at all times.” Pillars are always handy for upholding things, anyway. So that’s going to help.

Trailer in the dungeon of this particular blogpost. It shows us things.

Trendy are showing Dungeon Defenders 2 off at New York Comic Con if you’re going to be there, and the game will apparently arrive in Spring next year. So hooray for that.


  1. RedViv says:

    Thank goodness. Also for that regime change in the studio. Yay for friendly people!

  2. Jalan says:

    Ah, that’s why there haven’t been 40 or so different additional DLC releases for the first lately.

    I guess they’ll be stockpiling any yet unused DLC ideas for the sequel, likely in hopes of getting into the record books and sticking it to Paradox by releasing two mountains worth of DLC.

    • waaaaaaaals says:

      They’ll even be able to call it DLC Defenders 2!

      I hated how the original got screwed over by their lack of decent testing updates and rushing to get out more and more DLC. I remember they nerfed the spider huntress multishot gun because they only tested it on a dummy at point blank range.

      That and they stealth changed a page on their site that said they wouldn’t split the community with DLC, just before they released DLC that split the community.

      • Jalan says:

        Well said. I’ve often wondered if, based on volume of DLC alone, Dungeon Defenders would be among the top 10 on the likes of Steam, standing within the long shadow cast by Train Simulator.

  3. LionsPhil says:

    Will the character movement be above “painfully, agonizingly slow, even after pouring upgrades into it” this time?

    • El_Spartin says:

      Only if you aren’t the huntress who moves too quick for the maps and constantly hits the walls.

  4. Borsook says:

    We’ll see, so far the trailers doesn’t even hint on anything new compared to the first game…

    • Baines says:

      Well, yeah. The new stuff was the MOBA mode, which they just canned.

  5. Kitsunin says:

    Seems like the right choice to me. The MOBA idea just felt kinda pointless. It seems to me there’s much more to creating a casual DotA-like than just removing complexity, and with stuff like Dawngate there really wasn’t the need for it.

    Honestly the only game I’ve played that I thought did lane pushing in a unique, more casual way with real potential was Super Monday Night Combat. Too bad it looks to be done for, and their monetization was utter balls.

  6. Malibu Stacey says:

    Will it be another horrendously shoddy port with a non-existent economy, genuinely horrific networking & game balance sold as DLC as per the first or have they learned their lessons I wonder?

  7. aliksy says:

    I kind of liked the original, but it gave me “loot fatigue” pretty quickly. There’s only so many times I can compare numbers on stuff before it gets a bit boring.

  8. Moraven says:

    The felt less like an Tower Defense and more of a smash and bash brawler. Also had a bit of the F2P feel to it to access any content.

    Never could get into it depsite owning it early on.

    Orcs Must Die was a more enjoyable TD/ARPG mash up.

  9. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Misread title as “Dungeon Defenders 2 not actually AMOEBA”. Now disappointed at lack of GCSE Biology references.

  10. BlitzThose says:

    This is the only game that has the distinction of getting patches FAR too often in the end we were calling the game Dungeon Downloaders…

  11. SeismicRend says:

    I’m glad they scrapped the over-the-shoulder perspective MOBA. MOBAs lose their cooperative strategy when you move from a bird’s eye to a ground level view so the mode would have been a tacked-on feature for the lolz anyway. Nice to see they’re refocusing their attention to the core game.

  12. eleclipse says:

    Hope is not as boring as the first.