Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z Is Now Coming To PC

That rhymes! As long as you pronounce Z in the American way. Doesn’t work in British. Yes: it also signals the interest of Tecmo Koei in the PC platform, which to be fair they usually steer clear of in favour of the console machines. The company has announced that Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, their Unreal-powered cartoony zombie-slicing game about a Ninja with a cybernetic arm, will appear on PC. I mean it’s not really about the Ninja, I suppose, even though he’s the protagonist, it’s about Holy Shit Those Dudes Got Slaughtered By Some Kind Of Knife Gymnast Gone Gravity-Flippin’! Something like that. At least that’s the message I am getting from the trailer, which is below.

It contains the phrase MEAT SLAPPER, which is quite unpleasant.

The game is due for release in the first half of 2014. Which seems like a fairly imprecise release window for a ninja.

Thanks, Blue!


  1. maximiZe says:

    Of all character action games they port this? Didn’t Donte must Cry bomb hard enough?

    • ZyloMarkIII says:

      To be fair, DmC: Devil May Cry (still a horrible name for a game) was a solid port of an okay game. Honestly, I would say it’s Ninja Theory’s best title to date. The problem was that the existing fanbase felt insulted by the game ranging from its beloved Dante cast as some douchebag to the streamlined combat mechanics (such as lack of manual lock-on, passive enemy AI, etc.). Personally, I felt that the game took a few steps back when it came to the combat and I found the platforming to be the best parts in the game (insane, I know). I can’t comment on this title, but from that trailer, I am not hyped. I am, however, giddy like a schoolgirl for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

      • maximiZe says:

        Oh yes, I’m totally double dipping on the presumably definitive version of Revengeance.

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    • phylum sinter says:

      I don’t think it bombed, did it? I bought it for cheap and enjoy it for what it is.

      • Baines says:

        I’ve read that DmC was the lowest selling game in the franchise.

        Capcom originally expected 2 million in sales, but reduced that number to 1.2 million less than a month after release. Months later, Capcom would confirm that the game had sold 1.1 million copies. (These figures apparently don’t include PC sales.) Launch week, DmC apparently sold less than half what Devil May Cry 4 sold.

        While Capcom, like Square Enix, is a company that has repeatedly gotten itself in trouble for overly optimistic/underly realistic sales figures, those numbers just aren’t good when compared to the previous games in the franchise that it was rebooting. DmC exists because Capcom saw Devil May Cry sales declining, and wanted to reboot the franchise to draw in a new audience. But DmC did much worse than the previous game in the franchise (and probably cost more to make.)

  2. The Random One says:

    I remember a more rap-like version of the Alphabet Song I was made to listen to when I was learning English (as a foreign language, naturally). The alphabet ended halfway into the last verse so the final lines were just “Zed zed zed, zed zed zed zed!”

  3. LaurieCheers says:

    Actually, the release date is very precise – it falls, like a blade, exactly at midnight on a day in the first half of 2014. Which day? You’ll won’t know until it’s too late.

  4. int says:

    Every game will have a zombie spin-off. Possibly even zombie games.

  5. Wedge says:

    Koei had some random ports of Warriors and RotTK games show up on PC, and I wish they’d done more, as they were usually quite nice when they did show up. Tecmo not so much. And this game… man… I just don’t think it’s possible to show any interest in a title as soon as you know Spark Unlimited is involved.

    • Baines says:

      Yes, Koei was really random about which Warriors/Musou games would get PC ports.

      Their strategy games do consistently get PC versions, but most of the time the PC versions were not translated/released in English. Not that their record of releasing English versions in general is great when it comes to their strategy games.

  6. xf11 says:

    cartoonish crap (i can say crap here can i?)

    • sleepisthebrotherofdeath says:

      Nope. Now go to your room without any supper.

  7. sventoby says:

    Ninja Gaiden has been one of my favorite franchises on consoles, but I think the team that made the first 2 or 3 doesn’t exist anymore.

  8. RProxyOnly says:

    They won’t give us their best, but they’re willing to try to palm us off with their worst?

    They can shove this whole franchise where the sun don’t shine til they ‘deem’ to release NGB on the PC… No NBG, no sale ever…. EVER, EVER.

  9. facebook14 says:

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  10. phylum sinter says:

    As a professional meat slapper (aka deli clerk) i am both saddened and overjoyed that you and the trailer have named my profession, but with negative connotations.

    Furthermore, i approve of this art style and any violent game that decides to do anything but boring realism these days.

  11. Elrando the Wonder Horse says:

    I really loved the first 2 in the series (and their Black/Sigma counterparts), but I played this at PAX AUS and it is a horrid dog’s breakfast of a game.

    • LordMidas says:

      Damn, I love “horrid dogs breakfast”. Sir, you have a way with words :)

    • Tams80 says:

      “horrid dogs breakfast”

      Is that worse than a ‘horrid dog’s dinner’ because it ruins the dog’s whole day?

  12. LordMidas says:

    Played this at the Eurogamer Expo, and felt it was a bit of an un-fun mess. The cel shaded graphics, while pretty enough and just a bit rough, just got in the way (explosions and goo right in front of the camera, making timing of blocks and counters impossible. resulting in pain and death). And it just didn’t feel fun.
    Unlike Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 which were pretty to look at, fun to play and bastard hard.

  13. bstard says:

    I’m not quite sure Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is something I was longing for all these years. It seems crap.