You Can Play Games With RPS Readers

The RPS reader – a discerning, beautiful creature raised by feral desktop machines in the jungles of the internet before being discovered by a pipe-smoking explorer in 1956 – likes to play videogames in the company of like-minded gamers. It was to this end that we erected the fantastical edifice know as the Game Clubs And General Sociability Ok forum. It is this distinguished public space in which you can find your way to games of Terraria, SWAT4, Warframe, Battlefield 3, Neptune’s Pride, Dominions, Arma, Guild Wars 2 and numerous others. The world is your oyster, where – for the sake of this figure of speech – oysters represent various possible multiplayer gaming opportunities.

Go play! And perhaps visit the RPS Steam group, should you be so inclined.


  1. President Weasel says:

    We’re just starting off a new season of Blood Bowl (Cyanide PC game version) in the Divisions of Death – probably just enough time to get a team in before we kick off, if you’re interested.

  2. KwisatzHaderach says:

    The Natural Selection 2 RPSkulk group is having Thursday and Sunday evening sessions. Don’t forget to join us here (link to, here (link to and on our server ([EU]RPSkulk TurtleDown9 for epic games of gentlemenness against gentlealienness.

  3. PatrickSwayze says:

    There’s a Warframe event starting tonight too!

    Dragon keys need to be found, Orokin Vaults raided and corrupted mods gained!

    P.S clan capacity is up to 300. No waiting!

  4. Cooper says:

    The RPS Planetside 2 outfit is still here, still shooting lasers!

    There’s some potentially fun events coming up nearer the end of the month. Which are, as always, detailed on the forums.

    If you stopped playing because the game ran like arse, then know that SOE are working on optimisations. We’ll do our best to get the word out when the ‘optimisation patch’ goes live (and provide some idea of if it’s actually done anything…)

    • finalfanatik says:

      I can confirm the Planetside 2 crew are all Fine Gentlemen.
      I imagine the same goes for all the groups here.

    • Quinnbeast says:

      I haven’t played in many moons. I really shoe dip a toe back in.

      – Funnel

  5. jamedkan says:

    I do want to join in on the multiplayer funness, but crap internet. :(

  6. Loyal_Viggo says:

    This sounds suspiciously like I’d have to be sociable, and actually make an effort.

    Hates it we do, yes precious.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Other persons? Intruding into my virtual computervideogame spaces?

      Unthinkably scandalous. This pastime has no future, mark my words.

  7. Jerppa says:

    Is this the place to find people who suck at every game as much as I do?

    • stoner says:

      Yes, yes there is. If you’re an ArmA 2 or ArmA 3 player, please join the Folk ARPS group every Sunday and Tuesday (1:20pm Central time). We’re a friendly group that wants to have fun, and achieve mission goals in an organized manner. Oh…and die for the glory of the Party.

      link to

      • NetsukeMonkey says:

        How many people are still doing Arma 2 now that Arma 3 is out? I always meant to meet up with you guys in Arma 2 but was working mad hours at the time. Now I’ve got time I’d like to give the multiplayer a go in Arma 2.

  8. whexican says:

    How is the Terreria group? I’m getting back in the game and looking for some people to rule worlds with. I enjoy long walks on the hallow and smiting unicorns.

  9. Kaira- says:

    There’s also our Dota 2 guild “Rock, Paper, Stun Now!” as well as the sub-forum. Throw Starmatt or the guild officers (me and Beardface) a message if you wish to join the carnage and mindless feeding!

  10. Prolar Bear says:

    Do you have a Crap Internet? Not Much Time? Lousy Racing Skills?
    Then join our Hotlap Competition, the perfect place to waste some time by planting your virtual car against virtual walls!

  11. Steed says:

    Hey, if anyone wants to play Magic Planeswalker 2014 (casual style, I’m a noob!) reply to this and we can hit each other up on Steam.

  12. NetsukeMonkey says:

    Similar – if anyone ever wants to try Men Of War: Assault squad in co-op I’d like to give it a try. My steam name is Netsukemonkey

  13. Yargh says:

    the Rock, Paper, Signet Guild Wars 2 team recently ran an immensely popular rampage through some of the higher level PVE areas, led by the ever fashionable Duke Witherheart.

  14. Leb says:

    We have an EUIV group set up – with all of 3 members and yet to play a game! We got it started back when MP was having major connection problems.. perhaps it’s time to stab at it

    Rock, Paper, Blunderbuss
    link to

    sidenote: I’ve yet to figure out how to add nice pretty links as others do in their comments. which XHTML code should I be using…

  15. mickiscoole says:

    Does anyone from RPS still play The Secret World? I’m still working my way through the PvE stuff, and not really interested in doing dungeons all that much, however it would also be nice to have a friends list that is >0

  16. TWChristine says:

    Funnily enough I was actually checking the forums for this earlier in the morning! I was wanting to see if anyone had said anything to confirm that the Neverwinter guild is indeed as dead as it looks (I can’t complain, I hadn’t logged in for several months probably), and ended up looking over the other games people had listed. I have to say, I’m rather interested in the SWAT4 group, now I just have to see if I actually have the game.. I remember meaning to buy it several times, and I don’t know if I ever did..hmm..

  17. Shadowcat says:

    That drawing is terrifying.

    • MiniMatt says:

      The lady with huge biceps clearly has the force-feedback settings on her controller turned up to the max.

  18. Skhalt says:

    For those playing or wanting to try this very fine WW2 plane sim game called War Thunder, we do have a squadron (the game’s equivalent of clans) called Rock, Paper, Spitfire. We are 2 members and never even managed to play together, which makes me very sad :(
    Come and make some noise on the forum so that we can hopefully have a handful of awesome games!

  19. Eschatos says:

    Now that Dominions 4 is out we’re finally starting a game. Dunno if there are slots left though.