Arcane And Able: Worlds Of Magic Demo

Two unusual things have happened in the world of Worlds of Magic. You may remember the game from its days on Kickstarter, where Wastelands Interactive pitched it as the spiritual sequel to Master of Magic that, somehow, has failed to materialise over the past couple of decades even though I sacrifice a wizard every Christmas to usher it into being. Worlds of Magic could save the next generation of wizards and make my Boxing Day cleaning less of a chore because it seems to be on the right track. The first unusual thing is the release of a demo, which I hadn’t expected. It only shows the tactical battle grid at the moment but that part certainly feels very MoMish. The second unusual thing is a return to Kickstarter. Hmmm.

Rather than raising funds to finish the game, Wastelands are seeking stretch goal cash. They tell me that the mechanics of the game are in place and they’re now creating the graphics and audio to hang onto the scaffolding. That means we should see more of the world map in the near future and it probably makes sense to put all of the content in place at one pass rather than patching it together. For now, here’s some footage showing the changes to the battle map over the past months.

There are plenty of details about the additions on the new Kickstarter page. The $5,000 goal has already been passed – in fact, they might have hit $15,000 by the time you read this. I’ll bring more impressions when I’ve had a chance to play with the world map, which shouldn’t be too long from now.

The demo for the battle map can be found here (or in browser here but it’s more than 100MB. It’s unfinished but there’s plenty of variety in spells and units, and it’s about as close to Master of Magic as it could be without cuddling it.


  1. airmikee99 says:

    This looks really fun, kinda like HOMM without Ubi’s retarded uplay.

  2. gorkomatic says:

    My first reaction, as original backer, was not positive. “You met your goal, even went above it, and now you want MORE money!?”. But I guess this is not actually a bad thing. Kicstart the basic game, then – when you have actually something to show – make a kickstart for additional goals. I’m definitely more inclined to believe people that have done something, than a brand new Kickstarter that promises the sky and has nary a piece of concept art to vouch for it.

    As long as it’s for additional content and not to cover holes in basic funding.

    Incidentally, as we’re on the subject of old Kicstarters reappearing, Skyjacker is back for round three. It might be actually a successfull example of project necromancy – they failed twice, then kickstarted a part of the game as a separate project (Starship Deconstructor), and now are back with lot of work done and promising additional goals (mission editor – something spacesims were sorely lacking since FS2). Already backed it, but i might chip in again (assuming Chris Roberts won’t take all of my money).

    • jalf says:

      As long as it’s for additional content and not to cover holes in basic funding.

      And it doesn’t worry you that they’re asking for funding to produce “additional content” before they’ve delivered what they promised for the money they already got?

      Or that this is effectively, and they almost even say so themselves, a kickstarter to delay the game. They want more money, so they can do more, even if it takes longer and delays what they already promised to deliver.

      That all seems pretty hard to take seriously.

      • airmikee99 says:

        You may have had a point if the combined goals of both projects weren’t well below the goal of most single projects.

        And since the estimated delivery of the original project is still more than two months away, I’m not sure your delay theory holds any water in reality either.

  3. Freud says:

    If it worked once and there is no real downside to trying to milk people again, I’m not surprised they try it. Bit of a scum move though.

  4. The Random One says:

    Ok, someone is going to have to explain that headline pun to me. It might have been too arcane for me.

  5. Master Realtor Marklew says:

    When I first saw that screenshot, I thought there was a new Myth: Fallen Lords, or maybe a remake, coming. Alas, it was not to be.

  6. Laurentius says:

    Since GoG version of Master of Magic works flawlessly i’m still replaying it every couple of months, it’s just still that good. Elemental;Legendary Heros was pretty good but not quite, especially city and empire building flet lifeless and rather number crunching then organic, but combat was fun, simple but engaging. I’m cautiosly optimistic about WoM, combat looks promising but I’m not entirely sold on this system yet from the look of it.

  7. Dave Tosser says:

    No decent successor to Master of Magic, eh? Did Age of Wonders pass you by? I take offence at that, I do.

    • Zorn says:

      Age of Wonders has taken many an hour from me, as has the first Heroes of Might and Magic, none of which I ever finished, although I returned to them every blue moon. Master of Magic, after I think I don’t recognize a single thing, is this a lizard? A mage? A spearman? Has it a gender? Will my eyes ever stop burning?, I recognize that the season has changed. And I lost my job. Again. And it was worth it. Again. Alright, alright, a tiny little bit exaggerated, maybe, but you get the gist of it. ;)

    • nimbulan says:

      I imagine Age of Wonders 3 will be out before this (I believe it’s aiming for next spring?) and it looks like the better game to me. Only time will tell though.

  8. TulipWaltz says:

    I know this is an unfinished product and all but,… “fire cricle“? Really? Is it truly that difficult to double check for typos before putting out a trailer?

    • hungrytales says:

      They’re not native speakers. Checking typos isn’t that trivial if you have to do it in your second language.

    • Borsook says:

      You don’t know their previous games? They will ship with typos and grammar mistakes which will stay in the game even after 5 patches, unless community fixes them.

  9. hungrytales says:

    Elven Winged Hussar. They really push it :)

  10. doomtrader says:

    Hey guys,
    Sorry for that typo. It’s even not an issue of us being non-native speakers (actually the lead designer is), but rather looking at the same thing for hundred times.

    • Yglorba says:

      What you need to do is get some people who are dedicated to fixing typos (and who therefore don’t look at the same thing 500 times.) If you don’t have reliable friends or relatives, make it a stretch goal and pay them.

      (You have bugtesters, anyway, don’t you? Don’t they catch things like that?)

  11. nimbulan says:

    Whatever their intentions are, having a second Kickstarter for the same game sounds a bit fishy to me. I’m also a bit worried about the direction they’re going seeing what they’ve done so far. They’re still sticking to the antiquated square tile system and there’s 12 schools of magic with Death and Necromancy being separate things? Are having 7 different planes really going to improve the game or will it just be needless complexity?

    I’m finding it hard being excited for this game, especially when Age of Wonders 3 is around the corner.

  12. doomtrader says:

    I can’t imagine a game that claims to be Master of Magic successor and use hexes.

  13. Grape Flavor says:

    The timing of this game is a bit unfortunate, these guys are going to be competing rather directly with Age of Wonders III, which to my eyes is looking pretty slick. I hope there is enough room in the market for both games to be successful. We shall see.

  14. doomtrader says:

    Grape Flavor, it is really unfortunate that AoW3 was announced just 3 days after WoM

    But no doubt both games will become awesome and both of them will be successful.

  15. mwoody says:

    As a backer of the original, it struck me as a little weird at first, but the big different between their old Kickstarter and the new is that it’s in USD this time. That does open up a slightly different audience, as I know some folks aren’t comfortable with currency exchange.

    I look at it like the extended Paypal campaigns that have become popular after a Kickstarter; it’s basically an alternate payment option.

  16. jadejada849 says:

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