Greenhouse Emissions: Monster Truck Destruction

There are many characteristics I share with Gregory House MD – I am played by an Englishman, and my final seasons are rather poorly directed – but chief among these likenesses is my unexpected appreciation of Monster Trucks. And not just the howling monstrosities of arena snows, no, but the games of the same. Monster Truck Madness on the Playstation has provided me with important fuel for my critical appreciation of games generally, and I regard it as a formative experience. But that’s for another time. The point of this post, if there is one, resides in the appearance of Monster Truck Destruction on Greenlight. How can we not vote for a game in which you drive a luridly-painted giant truck with the physics of child’s toy through a caravan while listening to heavy metal? These are the things which make us human.

Inexplicably, I found that House gif after I started writing this story about a game on Greenlight. Spooks.


  1. kud13 says:

    Monster Truck Madness was my first-ever “proper” PC game.

    I have been waiting for news of its return since 1998.

    This just made my day. And given it’s actually my birthday, that is just awesome.

    Thank you, Jim.

    Edit: please tell me there is rally racing in this.

    • yhancik says:

      Happy Birthday!

      Monster Truck Madness was my first “Windows” game and the first game I bought! Oh the memories!

    • Henke says:

      Yeah I enjoyed MTM1&2 too. Wish this one had open world levels like those had tho, instead of just arenas. :|

    • mda says:

      I remember playing MTM1 demo on Win 95 off a CD I got with a PC mag of some kind. It was one of my very first PC games, too. Loved going off-road up the mountains and just flying through the air. I think it was ‘motocross madness’ demo (I was a poor 10 year old, mostly demos only) that took this a step further, with dirtbikes instead, and was even more fun flying around up and down mountains, twisting through the air amazingly and then getting a smooth landing… I played the hell out of it. :D

      But there must have been so many awesome PC games around that time I missed out on.

      Playing games was always one of my favourite things to do. There was no reason, it was just awesome. From Commodore 64, to Mario Bros and Duck Hunt on a friend’s NES, GTA1 and Prince of Persia on primary school PCs, Sega Mega Drive (sonic, alex the kid?) to SNES (donkey kong!) and gameboy, to N64 (omg mario and goldeneye), NBA Jam, F-Zero, Blast Corps, StarFox, Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter – after that I went PC only, think I just liked with PC better for some reason.

      Then D i a b l o 1, many all nighters with friends fighting our way through the dungeons and bosses together, finding sweet loot, or watching each other play online. Damn PKers! Legit players only!

      Then Half-Life and Counter-Strike. HL was amazing and CS was fun after early high school at net cafes with mates.

      Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 and D i a b l o 2 also somewhere around this point.

      MGS:3 in high school was awesome.

      Few months of EverQuest 2 in late teens.

      Anyway I just thought I’d get a bit nostalgic, as this brought back memories. :)

      Edit: Oh and I almost forgot, drawing up (probably crap) imagined levels for 2D platformers on paper. Lots of spikes to fall on! :D

  2. FluffyHyena says:

    Jim, will we get to read about that formative experience? I guess it would give us an insight into how you became RPS, or: “RPS: Prologue”.

  3. Devan says:

    I feel like they missed a golden opportunity to call it “Monster Destrucktion”

  4. TuneIntoCh0 says:

    MTM2 has a special place in my heart – it was the first game I started to mod, making skins, tracks and environment models. I firmly believe this is what got me interested in computers, development etc, or at least a large part of it.

    And it didn’t hurt I really like monster trucks as a kid too. I was disappointed 2 didn’t have a balance of more realistic arena modes mixed with its fantasy racing modes, but I played it a ridiculous amount regardless. I really wonder what made me stop. Obviously I had to stop playing it one day, but I wonder what specific thing made my last ever double click on MTM2.exe the final one.

    I must track down a copy.

  5. jadejada849 says:

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