Gun Wubbers: ShootMania Demo

Nadeo has tried nearly everything to get people to play ShootMania: there was a pre-release beta, they have a friend-of-a-friend scheme for you to invite people to play, and let’s not forget the 24 hour telethon that Bono hosted. The problem is that the Nadeo office radio has been set to Wub Wub FM, and when the team meets to ask about the next stunt to bring people in it drowns out the answers. And do you know where Geoff Voiceofreason sits? That’s right: he’s right next to the radio. For all those meetings he’s been shouting “release a f*****g demo” over and over and over, but has been wubbed out. Well this time around he waited for the drop, shouted as loudly as his vocal cords would allow, and we now have a Shootmania demo. Thanks, Geoff! Have a lozenge.

So if you want to try the shooter you can. I quite liked Shootmania, even with its odd attempt to make a game out of old-school FPS movement bugs, but unless a ridiculous map comes along I can’t see me making any more room for it on my hard-drive. It’s not something I can just pick-up because I’ve already forgotten most of the rules.

If you like it, it’s 50% off.


  1. boe2 says:

    The reason so few people want to play it is simple though.

    It’s not quake. It doesn’t feel like quake and the Quake 3 Arena scene is still very much alive.

    • iainl says:

      People still play Q3A? As in proper Q3A, not the Live thing? Tempting. I’ve got the discs here somewhere.

      • boe2 says:

        I did actually point to Quake Live. In what way is Quake Live not “proper” Q3A?

        Thing is, people that are into fast-paced shooters are already getting their fix here. And the feel of Quake Live/Arena is a LOT different from the feel in Shootmania.

    • frightlever says:

      To be fair the other reason people don’t want to play it is because it is a fast-paced SF-themed game and the popular MP FPS games are military sims like Battlefied or COD for the most part.

      I kinda liked the Beta just not enough.

    • The First Door says:

      As much as I adore Quake, I prefer playing Shootmania these days. Royal mode, in particular is just incredibly fun to play for half an hour here and there.

    • Cooper says:

      It also doesn’t get what makes Q3A so good

      Q3A is based on some really simple rules, from which complexity emerges (albeit some of it because of unintended consequences such as the strafe jump).

      Shootmania tries to capture this with its odd gliding and sprinting (jump then hit a button to run?) stuff, and utterly fails. For what it asks of the player it doesn’t offer much back that Q3A wasn’t able to provide with just a jump button and a rocket.

    • meepmeep says:

      It’s also not Warsow.

      • boe2 says:

        See, Warsow is an example of a fast-paced shooter done right. I admit I only played it twice but it “felt” just right.

  2. vedder says:

    I love ShootMania. It’s not unreal Tournament, but it’s new and fresh!

  3. mikmanner says:

    It’s a good game, the jump / glide system is really awesome it allows skilled players to belt it across the map in a more complicated but not too dissimilar way to what Titan Fall seems to be doing.

    Also Royal is a really intense game mode.

  4. Spoon Of Doom says:

    A few (or more) months ago, we had a LAN party with around ten guys, where we decided to try out the Shootmania beta, and we didn’t play anything else for the rest of the night. We had an insane amount of fun, jumping around and shouting at each other. Maybe it was because we were all new to the game and thus all at roughly the same skill level, still discovering and learning things about the game, but it was the most fun I’ve had with a multiplayer shooter in years. Especially the movement feels really good, and it has a couple of interesting game modes.

    Not sure it’s something I’d want to play online against anonymous folks, though. I’d probably be obliterated by those who have the time to put endless hours into the game every week (or every day even), and I don’t have the patience these days to play games at a competetive level. But as a game for a LAN or group of online friends it sure is a lot of fun.

    • vedder says:

      Online play is actually quite alright. When joining a server you can see if the average ranking of each player is higher/lower/similar to yours. It’s just too bad that there are only a few servers out there.

    • Bull0 says:

      Key take-home from this: LAN parties are awesome, and everyone should do them all the time

    • Baines says:

      If this had been a console game with four player local split-screen, I’d have been a lot more interested as well. It seems like it could be a decent party FPS, particularly since you could make your own maps.

      But as a PC title, it just doesn’t offer enough to draw my interest over, well, a vast number of other things I can be playing. LAN parties are fun, but too much of a hassle for my friends these days. (At least with consoles, you only need the people to show up, not the people to show up with their own gaming machines.)

  5. Sigh says:

    I am not sure why but that was when the funniest intro passages I have read in a while. I laughed out loud this morning. Good work Craig!

  6. strangeloup says:

    I was sure there was a demo of this before, because I remember playing the damn thing and thinking “ehhhhhh maybe if it ends up on special for a couple of quid”.

    It might have been an open beta or something though, I guess? Either way it didn’t make much of an impression, unfortunately.

  7. SuicideKing says:

    Well Arma 3 is leading the way with FPS environment bugs, so why not a game with movement bugs?