Headcase: Saint’s Row IV First-Person Mod

She looks like my friend Ana!
There isn’t much that Volition didn’t cram into Saint’s Row IV. The design is a tombola of ridiculous things, a churning barrel of awesome nonsense that you randomly pluck fun from, and then give a child a teddy bear. Hmm, I over-analogised that one. Not that you shouldn’t give a child a teddy bear, but if you do it after every moment of fun in this open-world nonsense generator you’d better have lots of bears and lots of children. And I’m about to make that unlikely scenario even more problematic with the Saints Row IV First Person View mod. It makes it even more fun.

It says a lot about SRIV that I haven’t been hunting for mods for it, but this is worth checking out: it turns your ridiculous movement skills into a lurching, terrifying full-body experience. Imagine Mirror’s Edge unfettered, and now imagine standing at the highest point in Steelport, looking down. It’s vertiginous when you’re in third-person, but when you’re doing it from the first-person and you’re looking down your chest and past your toes, a bubble of regret forms in your stomach acids.

They’re ironing out some technical details with weapons and super powers, but the core experience ready and is splendidly sickening.


  1. Stevostin says:

    I don’t get why there aren’t more open world first person shooter.

  2. Zorn says:

    Don’t do this to me, I will never play another game again… :'(

  3. Mr. Mister says:

    Took them way less time than Just Cause 2’s.

    • c-Row says:

      There’s a first person mod for JC2? Oh GOD!

      • Mr. Mister says:

        With a compatibility patch for the Superman mod too.

        • Koshinator says:

          Indeed.. and with a third party injection driver you can enable Rift in the game… It’s a killer combination – spent soo much time just cruising the island on a motorcycle.

      • phelix says:

        Oh my GOD, JC2! A first-person mod!

    • Baines says:

      There was already a first person mod for Saints Row the Third, albeit with some issues. (From what I recall of its early details, the SR3 mod mostly just moved the camera and made your head invisible when you wore a certain item.)

      And Saints Row 4 is pretty much Saints Row the Third with some different assets and new features, so it probably didn’t take long to port it over once 4 saw release.

      (Also, Volition also started helping the modding community before SR4 came out, which has helped iron out some issues with mods.)

  4. chiablo says:

    Slap on some Oculus Rift support, and this would keep me entertained for weeks.

    • lordcooper says:

      Shock! Horror! Fnord! Are YOUR children playing the ultraviolent virtual reality genital punching simulator?!

  5. GamesInquirer says:

    I want such a mod for Splinter Cell Blacklist, that game even has some FPS levels (which are more action oriented yet also allow almost all your regular stealth tactics, while it goes to third person for climbing ladders and such) yet it never unlocked some first person mode for all of them even though with just a few tweaks (leaning please) it would be suitable for any mission. A shame, I think it would be much more immersing and a bit more like some kind of terrorist hunt in Rainbow Six: Raven Shield that I used to play without a full squad. The game definitely needed more things like that also, a random mission generator and such. It already has some randomization, enemy patrols slightly differ each time, but not to any meaningful degree as they seem to restrict it with always the same amount and types of enemies per room and such, just slightly different positioning. Anyway getting off topic, lol.

    • akstro says:

      The cover system would be impossible to do though and seeing as how its an Ubisoft game, any ideas about mods should be left behind.

      • GamesInquirer says:

        Yes, that’s why I said it would need a few additions like leaning, so you can cover old school style crouching behind the chest high walls or crates and leaning to take a look. I know it doesn’t officially support mods but being in Unreal Engine and having a lot of it built in maybe someone smart can hack it together. I don’t think Saints Row IV or Just Cause 2 officially support mods.

  6. The Random One says:

    I don’t get it. Why add first person to the one game where gunplay is less important? And, more importantly, what would the point of playing even be if I can’t admire my character’s luxurious locks, tasteful yet striking outfit and delicately jiggling antenna?

    • snv says:

      Pretty simple reason: Immersion

      • khomotso says:

        This argument always gets trotted out, and I’ve always considered it bunk. FPS forces a restriction of FOV to a most unnatural degree, and impairs physicality of one’s engagement with the game world, especially if your character does anything more with their bodies than point and shoot. FPS just leaves me feeling floaty and unreal: immersion isn’t just about a correspondence of eyeballs.

        Oculus Rift will address the peripheral vision bit, but until then, I’ll continue to celebrate 3rd person for greater immersiveness.

        • GamesInquirer says:

          I’m sure you know plenty people found the likes of Amnesia: The Dark Descent pretty immersing even though it’s in first person without any shooting. That argument is always mentioned because it’s what many feel. You feel different, it’s ok.

          Not that I think it’s the only reason to want first person. I like seeing things up close and personal, even though in games made for third person they usually don’t have as many details.

        • Christo4 says:

          I think it depends on people and games.
          For example whenever i played oblivion, i liked to play it in third person, but to me Skyrim feels much more immersive in first person.
          IMO, in FP games(since not all of them have to be shooters) you feel more immersive because you actually get into the skin of the character as opposed to TP where you see your character’s behind.
          Oh and one proof, if you can call it that, that FPS is more immersive, just look at GTA 4 FPS mod. The cities look huge as opposed to TPS.

        • MarcP says:

          khomotso, this might come as a shock to you, but not every person in the world is khomotso.

          For me:
          FP = I’m the guy doing those actions, hence more immersion.
          TP = I’m watching and controlling another guy doing those actions, hence less immersion.

          Some other people feel differently and that’s ok, too. Arguing there is one universal answer to this debate is colossally stupid. This is about perceptions, which differ from person to person.

      • aldo_14 says:

        Simpler reason: because they could.

  7. Znea says:

    Now I’d like someone to do the opposite for Borderlands 2 so I can play with my motion sick friends. Maybe I should just convince them to get SR4 instead.

    • Awesumo says:

      ? Really motion sickness in games still? Do they not know you have to change the FOV to ~95. That normally solves it for just about everyone.

      • dE says:

        As someone that suffers from Motion Sickness in games, I can safely say: You don’t know what you’re talking about, at all.

        • Znea says:

          I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m wondering if, as someone who suffers from Motion Sickness in games, you could offer any tips for mitigating it? I’ve done some reading (I really want to play co-op) and have come across some suggestions, such as FoV increases helping in some cases, and well as disabling weapon bob, but wondered if you might have anything else you could add?

          If not no worries.

          • dE says:

            Really depends on the game and the specific person to be honest. What has helped me, personally, was to reduce busy work on the screen. The less things move and change, the better for me. In terms of options: Anything along the lines of Motion Blur goes off duty, same with Screenshaking, unstable and low FPS are a factor too and should be stabilized, microstuttering from loading and similar things as well, view bob should be off as well, VSYNC on helps too, in some case reflections are an issue as well (basically if they move in a specific way, hard to describe). In essence: Everything that makes the experience more smooth and decreases busy stuff on the screen helps.

            In terms of gameplay: It helps if I move less and my movements don’t cause major changes on screen. For example, I’ve got less trouble sniping things from the second row, than quick directional changes in melee. Rockets? Great for cleanup. Crowd Control Skills? Less moving stuff, gimme.

            Since you’re specifically mentioning Borderlands 2: Here, it was mostly a case of inconsistent FPS and the engine treating low FPS in a really weird way, constantly slowing down and speeding up gameplay.

        • Premium User Badge

          particlese says:

          Edit: Yay! People know much more about it than I do!
          *deletes vague flame-retarding comment containing unnecessary console bash*

      • Baines says:

        Motion sickness is caused by many things other than FOV.

        Light levels, frame rate, motion blur, camera motion, model design, texture quality… Various people are affected by various different things.

        FOV settings generally don’t bother me.

        What sets me off are things like very blocky textures, very angular models/geometry, bad light levels, and simulating stuff like projected lighting by simply pasting a decal on the screen that doesn’t interact properly with the level geometry.

        Doom? I get motion sick within 15 seconds playing, and can often only watch them be played for a minute or so. Quake is almost as bad for me, with its models/geometry and limited palette. Minecraft? Can only play it a few minutes, and it varies how long I can watch someone play it, but I’m probably sick within a half hour. The Conduit on the Wii? I might can make it halfway through a level before I start to feel sick to my stomach and get a headache, and that time is reduced if I use the orb thing that paints a decal on the screen. Amnesia: The Dark Descent? I feel it after a few minutes, and it feels like it is at least partly due to how it handles lighting and shadow. (I feel like if I upped the brightness/gamma on my monitor a lot, it would be easier on my stomach.)

        If I’m physically sick from a cold or something, or even if I haven’t shown the symptoms yet, I last a much shorter time and even games that normally are fine for me can begin to bother me. I could actually tell about a half-day in advance whether I was coming down with a cold simply by playing an FPS for a while.

        Most FPS I play, I’m okay with. It isn’t an FOV issue for me. Most of the games I mention are very pixelated in some way and have very sharp and fairly low detail geometry. YouTube videos can sometimes eventually also bother me even if the game itself doesn’t, likely due to pixelization of the video and the frame rate.

        Of course that is just me. I remember in the old days different people would even complain about contradicting causes, such as the divide between bobbing and wheelchair cams.

    • Megarlin says:

      Well good thing there is a 3rd person mod for BL2 link to youtube.com

  8. gschmidl says:

    Who even needs Mirror’s Edge 2 anymore?

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