Hey, Space Rangers HD Is Out Soon

“No release date yet, but I’d expect it soon.” – Alec Meer, April 18th, 2012. And here we are, a year-and-a-half later, finally finding out when Space Rangers HD: A War Apart will be released. To be fair, the remastering of the quietly ace Space Rangers has apparently had a Russian language release in the interim, but I am very Craigcentric: if you release a game in a place I don’t live and in a language I can’t read, then chances are I am not going to play it. Call me arrogant, but that’s just how it is. I’ve already burned through the original and its sequel, but if you’re on the mood for a strange, turn-based top-down space adventure, then it might be for you.

It really is an oddity. A game with a living galaxy that’s full of warring factions, missions, and trade routes. Like any good space game, you can choose to be part of the world, weaving an empire within the turbulent AI sandbox, or you can focus on the story and the fight against the Dominators. It has turn-based space battles, planetside RTS sections, and text adventures hanging off the main space adventures. It is ridiculous.

It’s out on October 17th on Steam.


  1. Grey Poupon says:

    One of my favorite “bad” games. There’s so many things that could be done so much better and some are outright annoying and yet it still somehow works as a whole. It’s like stitching a bunch of corpses together and the resulting mass of horribleness being able to run a marathon adequately.

    • Squirly says:

      Thankfully SR 2 allowed you to always skip the RTS missions but there were some text adventures that absolutely baked my noodle and where entirely capable of sinking my game. Having said that, I finished it for the first time just the other week.

      The game IS ridiculous but it’s AWESOME.

    • RuySan says:

      It’s not a bad good game. It’s an excellent game. Yes, the rts sections were a bit shit, but thankfully they can be skipped. After this game was released, Pirates! was obsolete for me.

    • AngoraFish says:

      best. game. of. all. time, bar. none.

    • yesterdayisawadeer says:

      It’s a russian game, so it have definitely lost a part of it’s charm due to localisation, but it’s in no way “bad”.

  2. djim says:

    One of the best games i have ever played. I think what had surprised me at the time was how alive the world felt. There is always something happening wherever you are.

  3. AshEnke says:

    So what’s new in this “HD” version ? Just the increased resolution ?
    It looks like the same sprites and the same UI, is there additional content ?

    If not, I guess it depends on the price, I won’t spend more than 5€ on a game I already own just to play it in widescreen.

    • Kelron says:

      I can’t see anything obviously different from the video. SR2 never seemed like a game old enough to be in need of a “HD” version. But the site does say there’s some new content, and if you played the original SR2 but not Reboot its worth replaying with all the stuff that added.

    • frightlever says:

      I seem to recall from a QT3 forum post weeks back that there’s an actual Pirate faction which is staking its own claim to the galaxy.

      link to spacerangershd.com

  4. Deano2099 says:

    Would love some more solid info on this. From what I can gather this is different to the Russian ‘Revolution’ version. Does that mean the new text adventures are native English rather than translated?

    And have any efforts been made to update the translation of the original/reboot text adventures?

    • CaidKean says:

      My understanding is that the entire game has been re-translated from the original russian.

      So psyched for this! I picked up the original Space Rangers on Steam way back but by the time I planned to pick up Space Rangers 2: Reboot it had been removed from the Steam Store. Now I can finally own it legit on Steam!

      Also, there needs to be more turn-based non-4X space games made! I’d love me a remake of Renegade Legion: Interceptor.

  5. Anthile says:

    It’s still one of the best games there is and I doubt this is going to make it any worse.

    • frightlever says:

      This’ll be the third time I’m buying it after the original and the reboot versions. Love this game so much.

  6. Don Reba says:

    You know, you will have to learn Russian sooner or later. If nothing else, to play Pathologic the way it was meant to be played. So, better get a head start.

    • Metr13 says:

      That, and to enjoy just how cheezy those advertisement videos are.

  7. frenz0rz says:

    I love the Space Rangers 2 cinematic intro, complete with hilariously bad Schwarzenegger impression: link to youtube.com

  8. karthink says:

    I have Space Rangers 2: Reboot sitting on my hard drive, obtained ages ago on some GOG sale. Is there anything I should know before I start playing? (Either along the lines of Mods/Glitches or general play advice.)

    • Keyrock says:

      Know that it’s awesome and prepare to lose a bunch of time to it. It’s an insane mishmash of different genres and playstyles smooshed together into one game. Usually when a developer does that, it turns out to be crap. SR & SR2, somehow makes it work really well. There’s a widescreen mod out there somewhere for it you may want to look in to.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      It’s a pretty average game, aside from the so-bad-they-will-burn-themselves-into-your-brain text puzzles and RTS segments. If you avoid those, you might enjoy it.

  9. Sorbicol says:

    This has to be one of the most bonkers games I ever played yet was utterly brilliant too. I picked it up on a 2 for 1 deal with Evil Genius, back when you still bought PC games from HMV, and fired it up first. Because of that, Evil Genius is still sat in a box in my loft in its original cellophane wrapping.

  10. strangeloup says:

    It’s odd that both Space Rangers games disappeared off Steam a while back, and don’t seem to be on any other digital distribution service. Anyone got an idea as to where they might be found, or is it just best to wait for this rerelease?

    • Spider Jerusalem says:

      i believe it was pulled in (incredibly premature) anticipation of this release.

  11. Spider Jerusalem says:

    the greatest game that ever was or ever will be.

    • killias2 says:

      Space Rangers is the greatest achievement of mankind. When future historians look back and categorize the ages, the release of Space Rangers will be the single most important event in human history. The era before it shall be known as “the before time” and the time after as “The Enlightened Era.”

  12. slerbal says:

    I bought Space Rangers 2, and the Space Rangers 2 Reboot and I love them to bits, but do I really need a third version of the same game? They really need to tell me what is new and why I should buy the game again – I’m not a fan of the “HD” re-releases – it wasn’t the screen resolution that made the original a great game but the game itself… I guess I’m a bit grumpy as they pulled all other versions of Space Rangers from all stores over a year ago in preparation for the “imminent” launch of this HD version. What have they done that required another 18 months?

    • Deano2099 says:

      Space Rangers HD: A War Apart adds even more content to this rich mix:

      New pirate subplot. After completing any one of the story branches a player can either end the game, or continue playing to complete another branch. the player’s actions influence the entire Galaxy, while the balance in either of wars may be tipped not only by the player, but by AI actions as well. No two playthroughs will be the same.
      Major technical overhaul. Display resolutions up to 1920×1200, multi-core processors, Windows® 7, and anti-aliasing in 3D planetary battles are now fully supported.
      Extended soundtrack means you’ll hear more than 15 completely new musical themes specially created for deeper immersion into the amazing Space Rangers universe.
      Other improvements include more than 10 new text adventures, 15+ planetary battle maps, 20+ government missions, unique non-story events, new equipment and micromodules, access to all hyperspace engagements from the main menu and more!

  13. DeathRow says:

    Logged in just to say that this is one of the best games ever made.

  14. Kefren says:

    I had SR1 and 2, and found that I preferred 1. I played it for most of the summer a year or so ago until I completed it. Favourite thing: following battles, letting other people fight then stealing the dropped cargo and equipment to sell.

  15. Freud says:

    I wanted to like Space Rangers 2 but stopped playing after a few hours. Having to do a lot of fed-ex missions where you avoid combat to get money for upgrades because you are too weak to fight at the start of a game like that? C’mon.