GTA V Possibly Potentially On PC Next Year

Eurogamer has multiple sources who say Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming out on the PC in 2014. GTAV (pronounced ‘gitav’) is of course the biggest video game thing of ever, and I’ve enjoyed bits of it on the tellybox (but there is a huge amount of fiddly crap – honestly, both the single and multiplayer modes really love forcing you into tedious tasks). I would welcome it if it came to the PC, so if the multiple unnamed people chatting to Eurogamer are correct, then I will allow this.

I blame Red Dead Redemption. It is the outlier of Rockstar’s releases: the one major game that they made and didn’t bring over to the PC. We’ve had Manhunt, Bully, all the Grand Theft Autos, and LA Noire. But because of the missing RDR we’re left to speculate and hope. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rockstar did this deliberately: they chose one of their games to not be ported over just to retain a sense of mystery about the thing. They’re a cunning foe. Anyway, of all the videos on the internet about Grind (zing) Theft Auto V, this is the one that makes me want to play it the most. It’s a good game and not a great game, but the atmosphere is startling.


  1. Alex Ball says:

    It may not be the best game of all time, but it _is_ a great game.
    Hope it does come to PC – the modding community will add even more to it.. =)

    • RedViv says:

      Disable All But Trevor Mod

      • TheIronSky says:

        Better idea: Convert all other characters INTO Trevor mod.

        • RedViv says:

          He would certainly not mind.

          • TheIronSky says:

            It will be like Meepo with Trevors. Why stop there, even? There could be one that makes all NPCs into Trevor, too.

            Keep in mind that all of my knowledge of “Trevor” is from the bits and pieces of GEETAV that I’ve seen my flatmate play.

    • pilouuuu says:

      Make all characters Trevor with an ironman suit and driving a DeLorean.

  2. Grey Poupon says:

    There’s so many different quotes about the PC release date that it’s potentially coming out somewhere between tomorrow and the next 5 years.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      GTA III: Console to PC 210 days
      GTA VC: Console to PC 198 days
      GTA SA: Console to PC 225 days
      GTA IV: Console to PC 217 days

      So, about April next year?

  3. HadToLogin says:

    I don’t really care now. Read enough spoilers about it (at that without walking into GTA-releated topics, people just LOVED talking about it everywhere) I already know most important bits of story. So, unless other publishers will fail and stop releasing new stuff, GTA5 lies in “for a $5” pile.
    But R* won’t really care about that, as there’s enough people who bought console version only to buy it again on PC. Thx for proving them right!

    • Cleave says:

      They didn’t really leave me much of a choice :(

    • Volcanu says:

      Really? The story has never been a compelling aspect of a GTA game for me. They pretty much all lack any form of cohesive narrative

      • HadToLogin says:

        When I get GTA games I mostly do that for references and secrets. Will be rather hard, as most of them were already told “here and there”.
        Gameplay was somewhere in the background – if, for example, Saints Row 4 will get massive sale on GTA5 release date, I won’t think twice which game to get.

      • dontnormally says:

        I have played them all and I assure you that the story mode in this one is actually worth playing.

    • Bull0 says:

      Yeah, sorry for buying that game I wanted to play. Man, do I feel like an asshole.

      • HadToLogin says:

        No problemo, have fun. Just don’t be a hypocrite when some game will become exclusive you won’t be able to play.

        • Bull0 says:

          I stopped complaining about this years ago and just bought the consoles for the occasional exclusives worth having, but whenever something’s multiplat it’s PC all the way. :)

          • HadToLogin says:

            Wanted to do that too, but I just can’t play on pad in those games I like to play :( .

          • PopeRatzo says:

            There’s one born every minute. I remember having a Playstation 2 a friend gave me when he upgraded. It made me feel a little foolish so I passed it along to a neighborhood kid.

            I really don’t want a console. I don’t like playing with those things in my hands and I hate third person cover-based shooters. It feels like trying to win a gunfight with a marionette.

          • Bull0 says:

            Hmm… so because I bought an xbox and a playstation so I can play games that don’t get released on the PC, I am now a sucker? That’s a bit of a shock, if I’m honest. I can’t believe I didn’t notice any of the signs. I could also say there’s one aggressive, patronising internet guy born every minute, but my hope is there are substantially fewer of them than that.

          • DapperDirewolf says:

            There’s a what born every minute? Someone who enjoys different things to you?

            Is there really that big a difference of playing games with something in your hands and something beneath your hands? It’s a preference, and some people are happy to use either. I’ve never bought an additional console for an exclusive game but I have been fortunate recently to get hold of a friends PS3 and play through some absolute treasures like Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us, for which I am extremely grateful.

            If I had money to burn, I would have bought the console myself, because I like games.

          • Faxanadu says:

            He’s not a sucker, but if he later on complains about platform exclusives even though he has contributed to the problem, he is… …help me out here. It’s not hypocrisy… Self-entitlement? Dude… I don’t even know if there’s a word for that.

            Undeserving? Doesn’t have the right?

            …I’ll be googling if you need me.

          • DapperDirewolf says:

            I think hypocrisy might be the closest definition you’re gonna get; “The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behaviour does not conform”

          • Bull0 says:

            Yeah, and I’m definitely not going to do that. Please don’t accuse me of hypocrisy for something I haven’t done. What chance does that give me?

          • Faxanadu says:

            Bleh, Dapper, your definition of hypocrisy is better than the one I found from wiki. I guess it matches good enuff with that one.

            Sorry, Bull0, didn’t mean you were gonna, just wanted to discuss the word. :P

    • fish99 says:

      Since it has multiple endings, there aren’t really any spoilers as such. Your game might end differently from the spoilers you’ve read.

      (and please don’t post any spoilers in reply anyone since I haven’t finished it, but I do know it has multiple endings as GTA4 had)

      • HadToLogin says:

        I’m not talking only about endings. I also mean content inside game, like appearances of GTA4 characters here and there (and by that I mean whole situation – why they appear, what happens next).

  4. golem09 says:

    You play as bad guys, right?

    • Dunbine says:

      I heard you play as anti-heroes.

      • bstard says:

        Not as wrecked up crack whore, on an epic quest to collect all diseases know to mankind? Wut a bummer.

    • orcane says:

      Welcome to GTA.

      That said, there are always worse guys in these types of games so I’m not sure why it matters.

    • RedViv says:

      You play as THREE bad guys, and only one of them is actually interesting. That’s a problem. But apparently not because the other two are only really stupid repetitious cliché cannons because doing the same things over again is somehow claimed to be satire. Which means the Deadpool game is the best thing in the world! John was wrong!

      • Jesse L says:

        The funny thing is, everyone who’s played the game will have a different idea of which character you think is the best. Most players seem to identify with at least one of the protagonists. Some like all three, like me! Great writing all around.

    • fish99 says:

      Isn’t playing the good guy a bit played out and dull? Ask people which their favourite quest lines were in Skyrim and Oblivion and more often than not you’ll hear Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild, rather than the generic heroic good-guy crap like the Fighters Guild/Mage Guild/Main plot. Playing bad guys is more fun.

      • golem09 says:

        I killed the whole dark brotherhood, and all members of the thieves guild without doing those quests. Those guys were serious assholes.

        • fish99 says:

          Fine, I’m just saying every time I read a thread about which skyrim/oblivion quest lines were good, I always see the dark brotherhood and thieves guild getting most of the mentions.

          • golem09 says:

            Which is why GTA is a bestseller. I’m just unable to have fun playing a bad guy.

        • Max Planck says:

          No you didn’t, a bunch of them are immortal. Damn right, immortal.
          “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Balmora anymore.”

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      What is your definition of ‘bad guys’ in a GTA game exactly? Is there an instalment I’m unaware of where you go about your daily duties as a civic-minded citizen, helping old ladies cross the street and voluntarily picking up litter?

      There are in fact dozens of random events (think Red Dead Redemption) where you can -actually- assist people who have had their wallets/vehicles stolen, or take a drunk person home so they don’t injure themselves. Of course, GTA being GTA, you can also do the other stuff and keep the money/vehicles for yourself, or drop the people off at the local cultist headquarters for indoctrination.

      In fact there is also an optional mission where, no word of a lie, you clean nuclear waste from the sea.

      Of course if your comment was in fact a subtle, satirically short-sighted comment, I retract any cynicism from my response.

      • golem09 says:

        There is no “bad guy in a gta game” for me, just a “bad guy”.
        A bad guy is someone I want to kill myself because he is an ass. I simply can’t have fun playing such a character.
        A guy that steals and kills just to get rich falls under that category.
        I’d play a rampant cop simulator where you kill loads of mafia thugs anyday.

        • Max Planck says:

          A rampant cop who murders people is also a bad guy you know.

        • The Random One says:

          Ah, True Crime: Streets of LA, you were gone too soon.

          (Wait a second… how is a guy that kills people without giving them a fair trial a good guy? No, no, don’t answer, I’m now thinking of a GTA-style Boondock Saints game and won’t hear your reply.)

        • arccos says:

          Have you tried Sleeping Dogs? It’s probably the most playable open world game I’ve tried, and has a undercover cop as a protagonist.

          It’s a really great game.

  5. Skull says:

    Interesting to hear some negative comments about this game. As a pure PC user I have not followed the game at all so don’t really know what to expect but from my console playing friends, I got the impression it was really the best GTA game, or even best Rockstar game, to ever come out. The big news outlets which are pretty unavoidable also gave it top marks and made it out to be The Game of Our Time.

    I wonder if this is because it is something new or console players have just forgot how good the previous games are? I am very interested to read the Wot I Think here and reviews from other trusted sources when the marketing spell wares off and journalists can look at it with hindsight. I guess there is an advantage of having the PC version released a while after consoles!

    • RedViv says:

      It’s oddly enough the best and worst GTA at the same time.

    • Volcanu says:

      I wasnt particularly hyped prior to release but picked it up anyway, as I generally enjoy the franchise.

      I’m having a great time with it. It’s very much a GTA game- in so much as you know what you’re getting and it doesnt do anything dramatically new. It’s certainly been overrated, and it wouldnt make my top games of all time.

      Its gone back to the more arcadey-take on things (I realise GTA IV was hardly a simulation) both in terms of tone and gameplay mechanics- car handling for instance has been made much more forgiving, not a change that I particularly approve of but not a deal-breaker, and there are now numerous mission checkpoints. All this makes it good for some pick up and play relaxation – but its all quite ‘superficial’ fun.

      The shooting sections are much the same as GTAIV – in other words, they arent particularly good and it would have been nice if they’d changed this. As others have pointed out, they should have just pilfered stablemate Max Payne’s third person gun play.

      So all in all, I’d say if you like the GTA series its a blast and great fun, but it’s very much just another GTA game and anyone looking for ‘depth’ or a modern classic will probably be dissapointed. Going in, I was expecting good, forgettable fun in the mould of previous GTA games. Thats exactly what I got and for me, that’s enough.

      But greatest video game ever, it ain’t.

      • Skull says:

        Thanks for the write up! It is a shame Rock* haven’t really pushed their creative boundaries and made a San Andreas or Vice City beater but that is a very tall order anyway. I have had great fun with all the GTA’s ever since I tricked my granddad into allowing a Game employee to sell me the first when I was a kid so I am certainly looking forward to trying this.

        I was hoping for something truly ground breaking from what I heard but I guess their will always be a GTA VI…

      • LordMidas says:

        so, what is the best game ever then?

        • Sheng-ji says:

          Hungry Horace, obviously.

          • Jonfon says:

            That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard! Hang your head in shame.

            Horace Goes Skiing is the actual answer. Everything else has been a let-down since (I’m biased as it’s the first ever Personal Computer game I owned on the Speccy). It’s also the only game I’ve ever played named after my dad.,

            A Kickstarter remake using the Crysis Engine is the obvious next step.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            @Jonfon – Oh of course, I was working on the assumption that Horace goes skiing was an expandalone for HH. I think we can all agree though that Horace and the spiders was complete let down.

          • Jonfon says:

            Bah! Infidel!! Hungry Horace was just a basic tech demo for the glory that is Horace goes Skiing.

            (and thus begain the Holy Horace Wars which ravaged the globe and wiped humanity from the face of the Earth)

        • Volcanu says:

          Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties.

    • Bull0 says:

      I really enjoyed it, but I think I prefer Max Payne 3.

    • Dolphan says:

      Gameplay/mechanics-wise it’s probably the best GTA – it’s more of the same, but refined. The humour, story, and characterisation all seem pretty old, tired, and a bit lost. I certainly didn’t feel like that about previous GTA games at the times they came out, but I might if I revisited them now.

      On any terms it’s not the best Rockstar game for me – RDR far outclasses all the GTAs there.

    • torchedEARTH says:

      link to

      No spoilers and a sense of how much effort R* put into their finished products…and by finished I mean available to patch.

      • DapperDirewolf says:

        Wow. I’ve put about 35 hours into V so far, and I didn’t even notice some of these. It’s the same with a lot of the details on the environment, and in some rooms you only ever see once or twice. They put so much care and attention into the smallest things (anticipating comment about ‘not enough care and attention into bigger things, like GTA Online’) that it just blows my mind. Whaddya know, the video was right!

    • Viscera says:

      Someone once said that GTA V is a “Best of” game. That actually sounds about right. It’s the most fun GTA game I ever played, but it barely does anything actually new. Heists are nice, but pretty few. Multiple characters are great, especially since they went through with it consequently (all of them have their own money, possessions, missions and are always somewhere else in the city, when you select them). But it’s little more than GTA IV and the side games in one game. Just with more interaction between the main characters. Otherwise, it pretty much does what every other GTA does. It’s just bigger than them.

      Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game, that has loads of fun in it, and pure PC players have really something to look forward to. But in the end, it’s not really anything special and it’s highly overrated. Not to mention that there are rather questionable things in it (most gamer don’t want to hear about) and the horrible attempt at satire (I actually like some of the humor, even if it’s stupid as fuck, but it’s definitely not satire).

      • ulix says:

        When you elect to not talk about its world and world-building it really isn’t anything special.

        If you choose to talk about its open world you will habve to admit that it is the most crazily detailed, most obsesivelly designed, most believalble, most living- and breathing open-world ever created.

        It is an incredible achievement. No building looks like another building, and there are thousands. The amount of random dialogue by passersby is staggering. The amount of vehicles is mind blowing. The customization options are great.

        The details… it really is the greatest achievenment in entertainment ever when it comes to the little details.
        If you like that kind of thing (Im’m not saying you have to) you’ll love this game, since it makes it so much better than the sum of its parts.

        link to

  6. Shaun239 says:

    Breaking News: GTAV may or may not release sometime during 2014.

    Thank you much.

  7. Laurentius says:

    I heard they wrecked drving physics of GTAIV so my enthusiasm shrinked by 75%. Hope mods will fix that though.

    • Stardreamer says:

      They did. Driving in IV was awful.

      • Volcanu says:

        I liked driving in IV. More so than in V, where everythign is very arcadey and cars more or less bounce off like bumper cars in collisions.

        I am aware that I am in the minority however, so most people will no doubt be pleased.

        • kevmscotland says:

          I’m with you, i prefered GTA IV’s driving.
          tbh, I prefer GTA 4 as a game :shock: , GTA V is just a better ‘experience’ like a movie.

      • RedViv says:

        Turning all the automobiles into weirdly heavy bumper cars with no real sense of friction is not really an improvement.

        • The Random One says:

          I’d argue it is an improvement from refrigerators mounted on tricycles, because bumper cars are fun at least.

    • Henke says:

      The physics are certainly more stiff and arcadey compared to the ones in IV. The bikes especially feel much more like Midnight Club’s bikes than IV’s. :(

      Still a great game despite that, mind you.

    • ludde says:

      Man, I loved the driving in 4.

  8. Phantom_Renegade says:

    My local gamestore has had a pre-order open for a couple of weeks now, I kind of doubt they’d be doing that if they didn’t have some kind of assurance from Rockstar.

  9. Gap Gen says:

    So, they’re going to strip out the fun bits of Saints Row IV and resell it next year? Sweet.

    EDIT: Cheese it, it’s the snark police!

    • ulix says:

      Actually, they’ve put the fun things into Saint’s Row IV and already sold it under the name GTAV on the console-toys.

      • Yglorba says:

        I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my dubsteb gun!

        • FionaSarah says:

          My favourite new game is, whenever I see my friends playing GTAV, to keep asking “so when do you get super powers?” every half hour or so. I’m horrible!

          Serious though, off the back of Just Cause 2 and Saints 4, watching GTAV I can’t help but feel like open world games have progressed further than it’s “drive cars badly and run awkwardly up hills”.

  10. Advanced Assault Hippo says:

    Er…actually it IS a great game, not just a good game. I haven’t played anything else on PC this year that has matched the amount of fun I had with GTAV.

    I really hope it comes to PC so I can play it again in uber-graphics x1000.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      I got it on 360, and will definitely get it on PC too! I can’t wait to see the inevitable improvements in loading times (character transitions) and graphics. Not to mention using the (hopefully included on release) video capturing suite for online!

  11. Niko says:

    So is it the ultimate game for white middle-class cisgender males or am I mistaken?

    • Phantom_Renegade says:

      When asked about a female character Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser said they couldn’t do it because: “the concept of being masculine was so key to this story.” So yeah, basically, what you said, that was their goal in making this game.

      • RedViv says:

        It’s a really stupid statement once you played through the game. Of all the struggles the cast goes through, only one character really has pretty deep Supposed To Be Big Man problems.
        And, well, even if each of the three would do that, it still doesn’t excuse that pretty much every single female character in this game does not show any redeeming qualities. At least if you take the POV of the writing people who seem to think that MTF ladies are still supposed to be male which is SO HILARIOUS and thus the one nice woman is actually nice because she really is a guy and oh good gods does it make me feel icky to even write that.

        • Bull0 says:

          I’m in the “Given that all the male characters are total basket cases, why are you expecting women with “redeeming characteristics” to be associating with them?” camp.

          The men don’t have any.

          • RedViv says:

            Really? Even the psychopath has them. Try again.

          • Bull0 says:

            If you’re going to argue that all the main characters have redeeming characteristics (they don’t; they’re monsters) and simultaneously argue that NONE of the female characters have redeeming characteristics, this is going to be an exceptionally slow-moving discussion.

          • RedViv says:

            But I love glacier discussions!
            Or we cut it short and just say that the game is really shoddily written and that the excuse characterisations don’t save that, while I maintain that even that attempt is better than just, well, nothing at all.

          • Bull0 says:

            Yeah, I don’t think it’s some sort of well-written character study. It’s a game about stealing cars. But as ever, the question of “Why no strong female characters” is a relevant one. I’d point to the general underdevelopment of the characters. It’s a coincidence that the main characters, who get the most attention, are all men. Pretty much everyone else in the game is a 2-dimensional arsehole too.

          • faelnor says:

            This is a game where patriarchy is in full effect to the worst of its abilities, exaggerating gender roles to their extreme. All characters exhibit society-caused psychological imbalance, everyone is awful and pathetic except maybe for Tanisha, Franklin’s ex-girlfriend who’s calm, strong, resolute, wants out of the ghetto while still caring for her friends — kinda ironic considering RedViv’s assertion. Get to know a character for long enough (tragedy plus time equals what again?) and they’ll end up endearing: not so much as redeeming qualities, but endearment indeed.

            There is nothing wrong with such a sexist (in both directions) universe IMO, as long as nobody tries to map the GTA universe to real life. A rating of 18+ guarantees that this should not happen.

            That said, I think there are not enough female characters you’ll follow for an extended period of time in the game. A female protagonist is absolutely possible in the GTA universe (a female main villain was already done, by the way), more interesting women should definitely happen in a DLC. I don’t buy the Dan Houser quote, because I see so many ways this could be done right and women are definitely underwritten in this game.

          • RedViv says:

            Tanisha is actually an interesting case. While her depiction mostly struck me as the sort of angry ex (but really?) stereotype, I would really consider that you could switch Franklin and her for the plot. That would make for a much more interesting dynamic.

        • Phantom_Renegade says:

          From what I’ve played (which admittedly isn’t much) I haven’t encountered anything in the story so deeply masculine that it was key to the story. Cheating spouse? Works either way. Psychopatic tendencies? Ditto. Mentor figure? Don’t see the issue. Kid new to the business, not really all that masculine.

          I think Micheal would have worked very well as Michelle.

          • Yglorba says:

            One of the things I actually found cool about playing a female protagonist in Saint’s Row IV is that (precisely because you can choose your gender) the game allows for a female lead in a role and with a characterization that you rarely see, with none of the extra bits that are usually attached to a “strong female character” or anything like that. But more than that, despite the game’s over-the-top, well, everything, it makes the lead feel more real, interesting, and deeply-characterized to me than any GTA protagonist I’ve seen — she doesn’t fit into any lazy stereotypes.

            I think GTA5 could’ve made one of the three protagonists a chick and it would have worked just fine.

    • Volcanu says:

      I think it has somewhat broader appeal than that. I’m sure the young, straight male demographic is very much who it is designed for – but I think your assertion that it will primarily appeal to the white and the middle class is a bit narrow.

      It certainly seems popular with the non-white, non-middle class young males who make up the majority of customers at my local game stores.

      • Phantom_Renegade says:

        That just makes it weirder, if according to you they’re the main customer base, why aren’t they the main cast?

        • faelnor says:

          The main cast is built to showcase entirely different facets of the crime life. Not all criminals are white skinhead thugs or black drug barons, Franklin, Michael and Trevor represent the embodiment of different psychological traits that go along with criminal behaviour, I thought that was a very welcome addition to the GTA formula.

          Anyway, the main cast doesn’t seem like it was tailored specifically towards the main audience of the game, which earns my respect.

        • Volcanu says:

          I didnt claim they were the main customer base for the game across the globe, I was merely observing that in the area of London where I live, the customer base of my local game stores is predominatly non-white and non-middle class.

          Your question as to why they aren’t the main cast is a little strange. Of the 3 main characters, 2 are white and 1 is black. None are from middle class backgrounds so far as I can tell.

          As to why the general cast of the game do not reflect the demographics of the customer base of a few game stores in one area of London, that’s probably because the game is set in a fictional version of Los Angeles and therefore has a different profile of cultures and ethnicities. One might reasonably suggest that Latinos are somewhat under represented in a depiction of a city where almost 6/10 peole are Hispanic- I was surprised they didnt include a hispanic character as one of the three playble characters for this reason, (and in view of the fact such large numbers of hispanic people live in the US, the game’s key market).

        • Bull0 says:

          I play Warcraft, even though the main characters are all Orcs and Goblins and Elves and things. Why is it weird if non-white people want to play a game in which the protagonists are white people?

  12. Stardreamer says:

    Calling Rockstar a PC ‘Foe’ makes a kind of sense. It’s really hard to care about their games when they treat us as second-class customers. With GTA V selling so well there’s no reason for that to ever change, either.

    It’s also hard to care about a V when IV was a triumph of glossy looks over greatly damaged gameplay and a ludicrously over-blown story.

    Lastly, I think the games are getting stale. The three-player mechanic and technical advancements don’t quite cover the audible disappointment many of us made when we discovered the same old, same old setting.

  13. Ovno says:

    I think I can cope without a mundane life simulator where you have to exercise and take annoying in game friends to various boring mini games so they don’t get upset.

    I suppose that was 4 really but has it changed at all in 5?

    Oh yeah and the totally wrecked driving physics of 4..

    All in all colour me not excited in any way, shape or form.

    Make sure to do a W.I.T. for it though so I can have all my worst fears confirmed.

    • Shaun239 says:

      Not sure how they can be your worst fears when you are clearly not feeling the game already.

    • orcane says:

      You don’t actually have to take anyone to “boring mini games” and the driving is much better. You also don’t have to exercise (there are stats but there’s no need to specifically level them up).

      The game has other issues but overall it’s a marked improvement over GTA4.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      It has changed in 5. You’re being unfairly presumptuous.

      You may choose to hang out with friends/associates as per IV, but it is entirely optional and never even suggested; some people may have found it amusing, even though many didn’t. You may also take taxi rides, but frankly that and the hangouts (plus the fantastic-as-always euphoria engine) are, to me, the only things that seemed copy & pasted from IV. Everything else is immensely polished and tightened up, to the degree that it feels like a much nicer engine and plays so much better.

      For the record, regarding ‘exercise’, the third triathlon mission is probably the least fun activity I took part in for the entire game. Button mashing ‘A’ for nigh-on 30 minutes (no exaggeration, seriously!).

  14. DapperDirewolf says:

    ‘Good’ but ‘not great’?? Wow, that’s some high standards right there!

    The amount of sheer quality, content, and fun to be had in GTA 5 compared to dozens of other releases, especially at the same price, puts a lot of them to utter shame. I have this on 360 and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish; and despite the technical hiccups online thus far, have had a great time committing crimes online with my buddies. To me it felt an awful lot like ‘What GTA IV wanted to be, but ultimately wasn’t.”

    I’m not saying its a 10/10, but its easily an 8 or 9. Loved every second of it. (No, I don’t work for Rockstar or Take 2)

    • ulix says:

      As I’ve said before, and every player of this game must agree: it is the most amazingly, staggeringly and obsessively detailed world ever created for any visual entertainment medium. The amount of little details that make the world feel lived in, breathing and alive are absolutely incredible. Althoúgh of course, if you’re not looking for them you won’t even realize.

      Still: the attention to detail (in the world-building) does not only put many or even most games to shame, it puts ALL other games to shame. Actually, it buries them in a ditch and then pisses on their graves and memories.

  15. fish99 says:

    Still only played about 2 hours of it. It just takes a lot away from the experience that it’s low res (720p on 37″ screen sat 3 foot away really is ugly), chuggy (PS3), and anytime you need to pull out a gun and shoot something it’s frustrating trying to aim (using the default ‘auto-aim-when-we-feel-like-it’ setting). Maybe I should just sell it while it’s new and wait for PC.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      You can switch auto-aim off, and everybody knows games will look better on PC, so why are you complaining about things that both can and can’t be helped?

      • fish99 says:

        Turning auto-aim off means you have to deal with crappy gamepad aiming all the time. If I play it again I think I’ll just switch to auto-aim always, because the default setting is just weird to me. It auto aims when you pull the aim trigger, but then free aims as soon as you move the stick. I think other games have done auto aim better TBH.

        Not being able to change something doesn’t invalidate criticism of it btw.

        • DapperDirewolf says:

          Sure, but being unhappy about the graphics because it’s on console – when it might as well be gospel that the PC version will always look better – seems kind of redundant. Same goes for the control pad complaints; if you don’t get on with the controller and the inevitably lesser graphics of a console version, why did you actually get it?

          Your point about auto-aim stopping when you move the stick is kind of weird, because if it always auto aimed, even when you tried to move the stick (it actually stays locked on your target if you move it slightly rather than a lot; that’s how you get head-shots even with auto-aim on) then how would you ever aim at anything other than a character? If holding aim forced you to lock on to something at -all- times, without giving you any freedom to aim freely even after it locked, that’d be so dumb!

          Can’t really recall the specific quality of auto-aiming in any games that have done it better, but I don’t doubt that they exist.

          • fish99 says:

            I got it because of the hype, and because I love the series, and yes I should have known better.

            I do remember there was a game where it auto-aimed, but when you pushed a direction it would aim for a different body part. So push up, it would aim for the head, release the stick, it would aim back to the body, push down to aim for legs etc. And you couldn’t move the target off that guy without using the next/previous target buttons (bumpers). I can’t for the life of me remember which game it was though.

            edit: was it Saints Row 3 maybe?

          • DapperDirewolf says:

            Funnily enough I think GTA IV was actually more like that. If I remember rightly it wasn’t so much that it snapped to different body parts, but I’m pretty sure that easing off the stick would cause the reticule to spring back to the body. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds right to me!

    • ulix says:

      It’s incredibly beautiful if you sit 5 feet away…

  16. Zorn says:

    Suddenly I’m getting the urge to play GTA 2 again. The hilarity of playing over LAN, laying oil traps so your friends fly off into the harbour waters. I took me years to get that out of the system.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      I haven’t come across anybody else who remembers this, but in GTA 1, when you had the police after you and climbed one of the overpasses on a motorway, the cop AI was so primitive that they would run in circles in the road below you, and the police cars would drive at top speed up and down the road, splattering the on-foot cops into the ground.

      All I did was punch a guy. Bloody hypocrites!

  17. UncleLou says:

    Terrific game, let down only by the handling and crashes, which have been – ahem – DUMBED DOWN – compared to GTAIV.

    A PC version with a mod that brings back GTA IV’s Driver-like handling would be very welcome.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      I found the driving to be suitably challenging and enjoyable. I did question slightly the inclusion of slow-mo super-power for Franklin when driving, but after a while I found it just added to the fun. I still crash very often, but I crash a hell of a lot less than in IV, and seriously, who actually enjoys crashing all the time? It’s not like it has Mario Kart handling, it’s still very much reliant on skill (unless you play as Franklin and just slow-mo through all the difficult stuff).

      • Mctittles says:

        I don’t enjoy crashing all the time, but mastering the driving in GTA IV so I could go fast WITHOUT crashing is pretty fun and exciting. Coming from that into the driving shown in V looks to remove the challenge for me.

        If you crashed most of the time in IV I could see how V is better though.

  18. kwyjibo says:

    It will come out on PC, GTA always does.

    I think it’ll turn up on next-gen consoles first though.

  19. Shakes999 says:

    I love this site and I love my PC but you guys are dead freaking wrong on this. One of the best games of this generation. And I cannot believe someone said “Good but not great” and “Rockstar didn’t push the creative boundaries”. That is some straight elitism there.

    • Jesse L says:


      I’m not a diehard GTA fan, but I show up for releases because nobody, but nobody, can build a world like this. In addition: great writing, great characterization (whether you like the characters or not is subjective), great controls. Gunfights are fun but deadly as hell. Driving feels GOOD. If you don’t like how the driving feels, you need to try different cars. This isn’t one of those games where every car drives the same – there’s tremendous differentiation between vehicles even of the same class, and even cars that, on paper, have very similar stats. And so much detail. No game – no piece of entertainment ever – has been host to so much detail.

      Flip flops ‘flip flop’ – they’re not glued to the character’s feet. A car’s interior lights come on when you open the door. The cable car that climbs to the top of Mt. Chilliad CAN be disconnected from the cable by an explosion – not that there’s any reason, EVER, for that to come up. There’s a working subway system, with passenger traffic and voiced announcements and everything, that the single player story never even bothers to ask you to visit. If you walk into the water, your character’s clothes become wet up to the point of submersion, and then soak up a little farther from there. The backfire from a sports car (not all of them do this, either) can light a trail of gasoline. If a car gets shot in the gas tank, the gas will drain out, and eventually the car will run out of gas. The probability of that happening is so very, very low – and yet it’s in the game.

      I grew up wringing fun from games that had just a tiny fragment, say 0.001%, of what’s available in GTA. Ten years ago my brother and I spent hours ramping cars off a particular fountain in one level of one crummy racing game. It was great. We can do the same in GTA 5 except in perhaps 1,000 places instead of just that one. We can also climb a mountain at night and hunt coyotes. We can get lost in a hedge maze. We can buy matching monkey masks and rob convenience stores and escape by helicopter.

      ‘Good but not great.’ You are SPOILED. Help me Jesus!

      • ulix says:

        “No game – no piece of entertainment ever – has been host to so much detail.”

        Exactly. This game – in fact: this piece of visual entertainment – is the greatest creative triumph of all time in this regard: attention to detail.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      Agreed! (Might be obvious from the dozen+ posts I’ve made on this topic today…)

  20. Monkeh says:

    While playing this on my PS3, a lot of times I’ll find myself thinking how great this will look/play on the PC, even though I do already thoroughly enjoy it on the PS3.

    It’s mostly just the jaggedness of it all and of course the fact aiming with a controller is simply horrible.
    Oh right, IMO when driving the steering is so damn sharp, I’d even rather use a keyboard, while normally I’d admit controllers being better for driving games.

  21. PopeRatzo says:

    Q4 of 2014. Everything is coming out Q4 of 2014.

    What’s the Kickstarter goal for the PC release of GTA V?

  22. CNJ says:

    ohh.After all the spoilers and the 1 year waiting, this will sell like crap compared with consoles, and they will blame piracy again.
    I dont care about this game anymore and i hope rockstar become the next activision in the eyes of public.

    • DestroyYourEgo says:

      Hm, I concur. I’m surprised it hasn’t already, to be honest. Gamers are such a fickle crowd.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      That’s an awfully bitter sounding opinion. You don’t care about it anymore? Did you care about it before but change your mind when it didn’t come out on PC immediately, just like when it happened with GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, and GTA IV? I’m not denying it sucks about a delayed PC release, but these things happen, quite often it seems, and yet people (like me) will still buy it on PC. Before I had a GTA-capable console, I used to have to wait, and I always did. Then when I didn’t have to wait any more, I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

      Spoilers are arbitrary. Even if you could buy it on console and didn’t, you were at risk of hearing a spoiler mere days after release, never mind 6 months down the line. In fact, some might argue the spoilers are more rife within the first week or so, when everybody is still talking about it.

      • Sharlie Shaplin says:

        When something is pushed in front of you weekly and lauded as the greatest thing ever. but also kept out of reach for a year. Then yeah after a while you stop caring.

  23. Viscera says:

    Whoever believes that there is a possibility that GTA V does not come out for PC is kidding themselves. It’s their biggest release so far, one that’s expected to be hugely popular (and didn’t disappoint in that regard). It’s not really comparable to Red Dead Redemption, since RDR was a small project, that nobody expected to turn a profit. Sure, they could have made a port after it got surprisingly popular, but it’s still not the same.

    People should be less concerned on whether it comes out, but more on how it comes out. The PC version of GTA IV was apparently riddled with bugs. Time will tell whether Rockstar learned from their mistakes or whether they’ll think “Eh, it’ll sell anyway, no matter how many bugs there are”. And with the clusterfuck that is GTA Online (which is still far from acceptable, I can’t even access it anymore), they pretty much have their hands full at the moment.

    • DapperDirewolf says:

      They’ve certainly had the shakiest of starts, though you could argue the same of any significantly popular online game; I can’t think of a single MMO I’ve heard of having online issues from day one. I’ve had trouble just like everybody but it straightened out nicely for me less than a week after release (though I seem to have lost the 400k apartment I bought in the first couple of days!). There’s no denying it shouldn’t have been such a mess on launch, but every moment I’ve had playing it so far has been great fun. I guess what I’m saying is, Rockstar are getting a seriously hard time over GTA Online, when it’s no surprise for an incredibly popular online game – in this case, the most popular ever? – to have teething problems.

    • silentdan says:

      GTA IV was so riddled with bugs (invisible streets, visible plumbing beneath said streets) on PC release that Steam was offering refunds. I paid full price and couldn’t get it working until it was down to half price. I eventually kind of had fun with it a little, and tried some of the DLC that I heard was quite good, but I was just never able to get that taste of frustration out of my mouth. Never able to stop my eyes from darting towards any unexpected peripheral motion to see if textures and models were popping in wrong again — never able to immerse myself, so watchful was I of faults in the simulation.

      I genuinely do not want to play GTA 5. I mean, I know that to a certain extent, I did it to myself with my own tenacity, but when I play GTA IV now, I feel like I feel when I’m fucking with my drivers and 3D settings. The game can’t reach me the way it was designed to because it traumatized me. I’m like someone who survived a harrowing train crash and now can’t enjoy rollercoasters.

      My boss actually came in the other day and said, “You know, I was hearing all about that big video game that came out, and thought of you. You know the one I mean?” I guessed Rome II, Saints Row, and CoD before I even remembered there’s a new GTA out for platforms I don’t own.

  24. DestroyYourEgo says:

    So, will they be adding the “Fun” to the PC version, or is that up to the modding community? Can’t wait for it to release on PC- just so people will shut up about it until GTA6.

  25. MobileAssaultDuck says:

    I want to play it, and my gf has a 360, but I’ll wait for PC.

    Playing GTA5 on a console would be like watching Pacific Rim through a shaky cam on your phone.

  26. cylentstorm says:

    Why so serious? We’re talking about GTA here–not a cure for cancer. Anyway–it’s a good game, yes. It’s as if GTA IV grew up and screwed RDR, then popped out GTA V. Granted, the story is nowhere near RDR’s caliber, but it beats the crap out of Niko’s yawn-inducing antics. PC gamers deserve a little love, if only to be reminded that all of their whining and jaded rants are being heard, after all.

  27. nrvsNRG says:

    Not really sure which tedious tasks craig was forced to go thru.
    Personally, I pretty much completely avoided all of the side crap e.g. tennis, shooting range, even most of the strangers and freaks missions etc etc (although I did like the golf), and stuck to just the main story, which was extremely enjoyable. Also something that was definately better in this GTA was the helpful checkpointing.
    I hated GTA4, couldnt play more then 4 hours because I just found it so tedious, and although GTA 5 still has annoyingly bad shooty bits and the character movement still feels sloppy and heavy, the characters and plots were so delicously good it kept me playing.

    • sventoby says:

      Agreed. It seems like they cut out most of the tedious bits that were in the previous games to the point where the game felt a bit short. All of the missions felt well produced and had interesting goals.

  28. jadejada849 says:

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  29. Trespasser in the Stereo Field says:

    They can take their time with the port. I just now started playing IV since I picked it up during a Steam sale earlier this year. It’s fun and I enjoy the main storyline, although I still get frustrated with the classic GTA save game hell.

    I’ll play V after it goes on sale next summer. I always get a kick out of a GTA release though. When the reviews start coming out in the New York Times and Washington Post you know it has been officially overhyped.

  30. blackmyron says:

    Funny, I have every GTA game since III (including the two PSP/PS exclusives), yet I’ve lost any interest in this.

    Yes, exclusives profoundly irritate me, and they also indicate (as GTA IV ended up being) that the PC version is much lower – if at all – priority than the console version.
    Fortunately, there’s plenty of other game companies that seem perfectly happy with releasing games on PC I can spend my money on.

  31. CatheyBarrett38 says:

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