Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne Sits Atop Steam Early Access

Staring... eyes? Are those eyes? Some days, man. It's like you think you know this job, and then WHAM, curve ball. I don't even know who I am anymore.

Vlambeer’s latest game, Nuclear Throne (aka, the artist formerly known as Wasteland Kings), is quite the thing. I know, for I have played it with mine own two hands, 227 eyelashes, and eight hearts. It’s a crunchy fusion of hard-hitting arcade sensibilities from games like Super Crate Box and roguelike-like elements from, well, pretty much every indie game that gets announced these days. Also Rogue. Basically, think Binding of Isaac but with ten times the mobility and impact, and you’ll be onto something. Nuclear Throne is also onto something – namely, Steam Early Access. Well, on it, anyway. I guess the “to” isn’t really necessary here. Whatever. I’m a linguistic rebel maverick with nothing to lose. I defy you to go below for details. I DEFY YOU.

(Skip to around 33:30 for gameplay.)

Nuclear Throne already looks solid, but the development process (which Vlambeer is streaming every Tuesday and Thursday) will yield a much greater whole. That, among other things, means a new build every week, which is an exciting prospect for a game so rich in randomized opportunities and Vlambeer-themed secrets. And of course, player feedback could alter the game’s course, though the foundation’s already more or less nailed down.

At this point, there are four worlds, seven characters (including a days-away-from-retirement fish cop), two bossfights, and 83 quadrillion weapons. In the future, there will apparently be more: more characters, more skills, more items, more planets, moreĀ dimensions. Oh, and, er, the Nuclear Throne itself.

For now, it’s $12.99 to jump in, which is the sort of price that should tempt you with a forked tongue and promises of wanton rampage. I definitely plan on giving the Early Access version a go. How about you fine folks? May as well have something to suck you in and never, ever, ever, ever let go over the weekend, right?


  1. ZIGS says:

    I’m conflicted about this game. It looks like Teleglitch, except less all-around awesome but with higher-res graphics that don’t make my eyes bleed…

    • Phendron says:

      I’m not sure how much more cynical this comment could get.

    • The Random One says:

      That’s like saying Half-Life is Doom with better graphics but worse monsters.

      • ZIGS says:

        You’re honestly saying the level of resemblance between this game and Teleglitch is on par with the level of resemblance between Half-Life 2 and Doom?

        • The Random One says:

          Yes, I’m saying that two top-down shooters with mouse aim and random levels are as similar as two first person shooters in which a person fights otherwordly invaders in a science facitlity (which is to say, not much).

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      To me, this looks much worse than Teleglitch, whose graphics have loads of detail work well to suggest what’s in the level. The pixel art in this is more high-res but is really bland.

  2. Sunjumper says:

    I played the early access version for a while today and it is a lot of fun.

    It is more like SMASH T.V. or Robotron that is almost nonstop action than the survival horror and adventure feeling of Teleglitch.
    While ammo is controled it is more plentyful and the focus is less of sneaking around carefully working ones way through a large map but more centred about killing everything that moves and taking their stuff on a smaller much more hectic map to become the King of the Wasteland.

    The early access version is tons of fun allready but as far as I can see it lacking pad-controls, so far you use the keyboard to move around and the mouse to aim and shoot.

  3. The V Man says:

    Throwing my money at Vlambeer as we speak. Take it. TAKE IT NOW.

    Also amused to see the death message still says Wasteland King instead of something about ascending the Nuclear Throne.

  4. The Random One says:

    It boggles the mind that the Wasteland Kings I have on my PC is not a final version.

    • LTK says:

      Is that the Mojam version or the Early Access one?

      • The Random One says:

        Is the Mojam version the one they gave out for free a few weeks back? That’s the one.

  5. jadejada816 says:

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  6. hap says:

    Am I the only person left on this planet that dislikes paying for unfinished games?

    The adventure, exploration and discoveries are all much less exciting when it gets cut short. I’d much rather wait until everything is ready before dropping my cash on a game.

    • Frank says:

      Depends who I’m paying and what the game is… If I had time to play it right now, I’d pay for early access to any Vlambeer game. And I reliably enjoy betas for strategy and tactics games (the banner saga… and I expect also liege and rebuild) that don’t have godawful 3D-ness to them (man, I hate castle story’s UI).

    • dreadmullet says:

      This is not really my kind of game. I don’t buy many games these days, and I wouldn’t even pay $2 for the final version.

      However, I really love how they stream much of the development of the game. They interact with the chat a lot during streams. Someone suggested adding a laser minigun, and the programmer added it in then and there. More developers should do things like that.

      The $13 I paid was mostly to show my support, with the added bonus of being even more involved in the development process. I really like testing games before they’re finished. Finding bugs is super fun. (To me, at least. I love breaking games.)

    • Svardskampe says:

      Nah me too, and I’m certainly not agreeing to the fact I have to pay to be a beta tester – I should be paid for that.
      And even if the game was finished, 13 bucks is not a price I’d buy it for. I’m not buying anything for the retail price btw. Got a steam library with 340 games, and I bet the cost of all that wasn’t over 200 bucks over the course of 4y. I only buy on good sales of at least 66%, but even that rarely. 75% off or more is actually pretty much the only thing I take a look at.

  7. Fenixius says:

    Where’s Luftrausers? What’s happened to that? I don’t want to see it go away :(

    • MOKKA says:

      I think they posted something on their Blog a few weeks ago, saying that it’s basically finished, but are waiting for it to get certified for their PSN release. Why does this delay the PC-Version? Well, they decided to release the game simultanously on all Platforms, so they’re going to hold back the PC-Version until the game is also clear to come out on PSN. They also said that they’re probably not going to aim for a simultanous release again because of that.

  8. Fenixius says:

    Also, how does this compare with Binding of Isaac?

  9. Bobtree says:

    Screen shaking on every shot fired! Sigh. This will completely prevent me from playing your game.

    • Astroman says:

      Seriously, I couldn’t get through the trailer with out vomiting.