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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Brutal Improvisation

Would you like to play an electronic game of chance? How about spending a relatively small amount of money for some code and some assets packaged up into a consumable package? Then it seems that you’ve come to the right place, the RPS Bargain Bucket, where cheap games go to be curated into a convenient roundup. Don’t forget that for some reason I seem to spend all of my time posting links to the best deals on all kinds of video games over at Centauri – £1.49/€1.76/$2.39
Oh my goodness you must buy Alpha Centauri. Here’s what I said about it in my retrospective:

The setting creates a kind of tension that is missing from a lot of similar strategy games. On the one hand you are motivated to act in the interests of the greater good, with the hope of establishing sustainable survival for the human race. On the other hand, you’ve got to be responsible for your faction. No one else is going to keep the mind worms from melting all of your civilians brains in the night.

More here. Hey, Firaxis! How about a spiritual successor to this please. Pretty please with sugar on top. Don’t make me get out the nerve staples. This also comes with a copy of The Witcher, which GOG are including for no additional charge with any game you buy from them at the moment, so might be worth taking a look at the rest of their EA promo.

AssCreed 3 – £6/similar prices in other currencies.
Apply coupon “GMG25-7VBH8-67CAC”.
I’ve not played this entry in the Ass series, but I have played every prior entry, and I’d be utterly shocked if this one was actually a game about assassination, rather than a weird blend of walking between cutscenes, doing the specific thing that the game tells you to do exactly how it wants you to do it in order to complete the mission, and gawping at the utterly beautiful and yet ultimately shallow environments. Mix in some sci-fi bobbins that they are obviously making up as they go along, some problematic representation of women, a baffling web of different retailer exclusive editions and day one DLC, and some bits where you sit on a bench to hide from the people that were chasing you down moments ago, and you’ve got yourself a multimillion dollar transmedia IP. Here’s wot Alec thought if you want that in more words.

F1 2013 – £12.99
Registers on Steam.
The eagerly anticipated sequel to F1 2012, players have been waiting for a year after that cliffhanger ending in last year’s release: Will the man who drives the fast car reach the finish line before the other men that also drive the fast cars? Find out by sticking your key in the ignition and putting your foot down on the go pedal. And also buying and installing and playing it. But is this year’s entry a 2.4 litre V8, or is it just running on air? There’s no verdict on the RPS database as of yet, maybe some of your fellow drivers can let you know whether they enjoyed their time in the cockpit via the comments. I best stop writing now before the wheels fall off this car metaphor, and I crash into a barrier.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition – £1.68/similar prices in other currencies.
Apply coupon “GMG25-7VBH8-67CAC”. Registers on Steam.
I’ve not yet given this a try beyond the demo myself, but it was certainly pressing many of my buttons, and I’ve picked it up this week whilst it was cheap. Here’s wot Jim had to say about this somewhat rogueish thing.

All the effects, really. Visually it does some startling things with stuff like the weapon distortion blasts. It’s just beautifully made, in a way that a lot of games just miss. What I thought was odd, actually, was that I loved this but didn’t enjoy Hotline Miami, and I wondered if it was because in Teleglitch your death takes longer. You will die, but it’s seldom without a tooth-and-claw scrap. And there’s a lot of brutal improvisation with bombs and things to get past.

More here.

Deal of the week
World of Goo – 62p/€0.73/$0.99
Registers on Steam.
Doesn’t time fly when you’re playing videogames? World of Goo, unleashed on the world just months after Jonathan Blow first invented indie games, is now celebrating it’s fifth birthday. Happy goo day! The games industry has changed quite a lot since then, but dragging and dropping balls of goo to construct makeshift lattice structures in order to get bits of goo from A to B is still extremely entertaining. World of Goo will make you think, it will make you laugh, and then it will make you feel emotions. Remember those? Head over here to read something called a “review” of World of Goo from the RPS archives.

Also of note:
Dark Messiah Might & Magic – £1.87//similar prices in other currencies. Apply coupon “GMG25-7VBH8-67CAC”. Registers on Steam.
Devil May Cry: The New One – £7.49/€9.99/$12.49.
Six Sided Sanctuary – Pay What You Want
Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, Cities XL Platinum, Confrontation, Divinity II: Developer’s Cut, Game of Thrones & R.A.W. Realms of Ancient War – Pay What You Want

Direct your web browser to for all of the cheap games.

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