Wave Hello To Waves: Arena Tactics

Eyeball scabs are the most satisfying to pick.

It’s been almost two years since twin-stick shooter Waves was released, which means fans of its searing neon and frantic fighting are probably shivering and picking scabs from their eyeballs due to withdrawl symptoms. They should pick faster, because developers Squid In A Box announced a follow-up this weekend, and the first trailer is below.

Again powered by the Unreal Development Kit, a blog post on the Squid in a Box site mentions that Arena Tactics adds new weapons, the ability to customise your loadout, and competitive and co-operative multiplayer for up to 4 players. It’s due for release next year.

Waves was a moderate sucess, which means many of you probably haven’t played it yet. You should. It’s currently £7 on Steam and there’s a demo.


  1. Tiax says:

    Oh, that’s good to hear, Waves was the only arena-shooter I liked.

  2. internisus says:

    It doesn’t look as fun as the original. I don’t think that the expanded format of wandering around a map and taking on enemy balls one at a time works well using basically the same simple gameplay and abstract geometry as the original twin-stick arena shooter. There doesn’t really seem to be anything more tactically interesting this time around that makes up for the loss of that tension that comes from quickly dodging and exploding large numbers of enemies in close quarters. It just seems like Waves again, but now slower and boring.

    • siegarettes says:

      I think the problem is that Waves’ shooting mechanics and arena focus don’t translate well to room based firefights. For that to work the shooting mechanics generally have to be tighter and more restricted, and encounters with single enemies have to cause as much tension as large groups do in the original. I’m hoping the Tactics in the name means there will be some considerations for the interplay between enemy types and the new weapons that will bring that in.

  3. LTK says:

    I liked Waves as well, but from that video the new one doesn’t look nearly as much fun. More weapons is interesting but it all just goes so slooooooow.

  4. The First Door says:

    I really didn’t get on with Waves, despite really wanting to. I remember getting a bit annoyed that multiple enemy types were the same shape, so I couldn’t instantly tell their behaviour. I’m a little sad this seems to have the same design.

    To be honest, I might have just been annoyed that it wasn’t Geometry Wars 3, which is perhaps a little unfair.

  5. brad drac says:

    Looks like a load of balls.

  6. Terics says:

    Waves was pretty decent. I feel like it plays slower and was generally less challenging than Geometry Wars due to the ball’s physics and slower speed. I did really like the scoring/difficulty system, even if it did perpetuate the use of bombs slightly to much for my liking. It also had some great game modes.

    This footage doesn’t look that great. Maybe if it was labeled weapons test or something, it’d make sense. As of now it looks very WIP. That said, I’m interested to see whats added. Though arena shooters were always more about twitch and reaction than “tactics”, IMO.

  7. saturnine says:

    As long as he desists from “hilarious” racist jokes like this one in the original.

    link to steamcommunity.com

  8. hurrakan says:

    I really like Waves but I don’t think the enemies have as much personality as in Geomtrey Wars.

    Waves has amazing music by SMILETRON – don’t know if this Arena Tactics does as well.