Avadon 2 Will Be Released 366 Days Before Halloween 2014

It’s my first day back after three months off and – oh you don’t care in the slightest, naturally. STRAIGHT TO BUSINESS, eh? I like that in a semi-anonymous website reader who I shall likely never meet. Here is some business: release date and stuff for Avadon 2, which sharper observers may glean is the sequel to Avadon, the old schoolish RPG from Spiderweb Software. Not to be confused with Avernum, Spiderweb’s other old schoolish RPG series, although you probably will confuse them given they look remarkably similar. I’ve played a few here and there and I can attest to them being a good time, achieving scope and scale while also a clear focus and roleplaying mechanics.*

Avernum Avadon 2 is out on October 30 this very year. I can show you a trailer, but it’s from August. It’s okay though, I’m sure I can find something else to show you if you’ve already seen it. I promise it’s not the contents of my trousers.

Here’s the impossibly ancient Avadon 2 trailer:

A game better suited to to playing than promoting, perhaps.

And here’s that promised something else. Again, it’s nothing to do with my trousers, I do assure you.

That was the fans’ masterplan to save Doctor Who from one of its many threats cancellation in the 80s. A flawless plan, I’m sure you’ll agree. The Infinite Indignities Of Colin Baker.

Avadon 2: The Corruption – oh balls, I should have posted a Sisters of Mercy video instead – is out on October 30 on stores including Steam and Spiderweb’s own site, and offers the likes of five character types, multiple endings and a new class called ‘Tinkermage’, which frankly sounds a little like Victorian slang for a sex-pest to me. Quite looking forwards to playing it – it’s been primarily bite-sized chunks of gaming for me during these three months of childcare, so something meaty to sink my brittle vegetarian teeth into rather appeals.

* I like to think that if I deploy the word ‘mechanics’ this early on, I might mask how befuddled I feel after three months of not really thinking about computer games.


  1. rusty5pork says:

    If it has non-shitty inventory management this time, I’ll buy it in a second.

    • Gravy100 says:

      I really really really hope that the key that you can press to pick up things (which opens a subscreen) you can also press to CLOSE that subscreen too, clicking ‘x’ on that additional screen got to be such a pain, I realise it doesn’t like much but it really got very tedious, the user interface in spiderweb games are generally pretty rubbish, I’d like to see a change.

  2. Kestrel says:

    Welcome back! You were missed.

  3. BooleanBob says:

    Welcome back, Mr. Meer. We’ve kept the angry tank running for you.

  4. Caenorhabditis says:

    Who is this Alec guy?

  5. DrScuttles says:

    Yay, Alec’s back! And oh, you just reminded me that in my grand odyssey of the entire back catalogue of Doctor Who, I still have Colin Baker to deal with. Boo! Not that Colin Baker himself was bad… there were just fundamental flaws during that time.
    With one hand, Alec giveth.

  6. aliksy says:

    Does it have the same mana system? Because avadon’s health/mana system was so bad I couldn’t get into it. (Free health regen, no power regen. Hope you like your basic attack and don’t want to use your cool abilities much).

    Also the character customization seemed pretty shallow compared to Avernum.

  7. MajorManiac says:

    Good to see you back. Can’t lie, I was a little worried the 3 Musketeers had secretly had a scuffle.

    I guess that makes Adam the famous D’Artagnan and Nathan King Louis XIII.

  8. tep0sen says:

    I care! I have patiently waited for your opinions on enemy within and hopefully some sort of posthumous “what do I think” of space hulk. I also hope you had a nice parental leave.