Neil Gaiman’s Wayward Manor Gets A Brief, Ghostly Trailer

That talented fuck.

Is there anyone whose life I’d rather cast a magic spell to steal than Neil Gaiman? Not necessarily because of his books or his films or mellifluous voice, but because I want to live in a big, rambling house surrounded by books and dogs and cats and trees.

Although not a big house like the one in this new trailer for the ghost-filled Wayward Manor.

The game casts you as a ghost in a 1920’s mansion, attempting to reclaim your house from its new owners via puzzley-adventurey-Gaimany methods, discovering their story as you go along. It may or may not be like Ghost Master, which would be no bad thing.

Wayward Manor is due for release later this year. If you can’t wait, it’s available to buy in a series of Kickstarter-style reward tiers from the official site, and it’ll be on Steam in due course. But probably you should wait, because pre-ordering imminent games before you know if they’re any good is crazy.


  1. goettel says:

    “pre-ordering things imminent games before you know if they’re any good is crazy.”

    I’d drop the “things” there.

    Having a pedantic friday evening, so far.

  2. Abendlaender says:

    I kinda like that music…

    • Timmeister says:

      check out the soundtrack to the game “The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom” It’s of a similar style i think..

      EDIT: And i’v just realized the guy making this made p.b. winterbottom.. ha!

  3. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    The premise reminds me of Haunting: Starring Polterguy, a console title way back on the Genesis (maybe other consoles?). I liked it.

  4. SkittleDiddler says:

    The only bad thing about Neil Gaiman is Amanda Palmer. How could Wayward Manor not be good?

    • Wednesday says:

      And also that Cyberman episode.

    • GameCat says:

      Why Amanda is bad thing? She makes rather good music. Try Evelyn Evelyn (she and some guy are playing it pretending they’re conjoined twins which is also the theme of that album) self titled album, it’s brilliant and creepy.

      • frightlever says:

        Amanda Palmer rides that Eddie Izzard-described circle of cool. You know: dickhead – little bit cool – really cool – super cool – dickhead. (I’d post a link to him on Youtube but TWO links in a comment? I think not. Spam-eater is not consuming my babies, oh no.)

        I like her for the most part, not least because:

        link to

        Also, she hates the Daily Mail so win! And that’s a whole other video.

    • Gilead says:

      He hasn’t really done anything with video games at all before, though, and I’m not convinced this is much more ‘his’ game than Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist had much to do with Tom Clancy.

      I’m also slightly concerned that the game’s actual developers only heard about/played Ghost Master halfway through development of Wayward Manor (there was a Wired interview with them about it), which suggests they did no research whatsoever beforehand into ‘other games with ghosts in’.

      • Notebooked says:

        Perhaps he’d just provide the plot, like Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas. That they hadn’t heard about Ghost Master worries me a bit, though.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Why would researching one game have to be a prerequisite for creating another one? We tend to get nothing but genre carbon-copies when that happens, and I’d rather see something a bit more original.

        • Drinking with Skeletons says:

          Well, you don’t want to accidentally rip-off another game, do you? It also helps in identifying potential prat-falls; if another dev messed up with a similar feature, you should consider that before plowing ahead and risking the same mistake.

          It doesn’t surprise me that they weren’t aware of Ghost Master, however, as it is a pretty obscure game despite being on Steam. Similarly, I can think of only two other games where you play as a ghost: Haunting starring Polterguy (ancient, obscure) and Geist (probably obscure). So they probably didn’t even think that overlap was possible.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Amanda Palmer is pretty amazing, frankly. I’m fairly sure that Graham would have included being married to her as one of the many appealing aspects of magically stealing Neil’s life, were it not an appallingly creepy thing to say.

      • The Random One says:

        I’d have added that to my list as well, but I think Graham just know where his priorities lie. (With cats.)

  5. Notebooked says:

    I’d rip my own arm off, bleed to death, and turn into a wailing arm-brandishing spectre for more Ghost Master. If this is anything like that, I’m sold. Not to mention this sort of story is just what Gaiman’s made his name on.

  6. kincajou says:

    I was disappointed… seems too cheerful and not gothic enough for the gaiman i like

    • Jackablade says:

      Looks like Tim Burton by way of Double-Fine, which I think I’m ok with.

      • Trespasser in the Stereo Field says:

        Yea, I actually thought I was watching the opening credits of a Tim Burton film there.

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