The RPS Bargain Bucket: Most Interesting

I’ve been wandering around the virtual shopping mall that is the internet this morning, checking out which retailers have got special offers on digitally distributed personal computer games, and here’s my curated selection of which deals are most worth your attention. Beyond this list of games, you can find a regularly updated collection of the best deals on games across all formats over at my website Read on for this week’s bargain bucket.

BioShock Infinite – $9.99/€7.30/£6.17
This is from Amazon US, so you will need to enter a US billing address. Registers on Steam.
This one divided opinions, huh? I, for one, was on the side of the gulf shouting “I was seriously disappointed with this video game”. I found the combat to be tediously safe. It was almost entirely about shooting, whether you were shooting regular bullets or the various different magic powers you get (which all basically work the same way), there was no skulking around before the baddies saw you, or setting up traps in advance. It was just a dumb shooting gallery, after dumb confined arena, after a dumb corridor. Over and over again. The story has some majorly problematic aspects, primarily a lack of self-awareness of the historacle context it was set in, inconsistent characterisation and that wicked beast ludonarrative dissonance rears it’s ugly head more than once. It’s got plenty of beautiful backdrops, some spectacular scripted moments, but it all culminated in one key question: Why on earth did I spend so much time in this game rummaging through bins?

Sleeping Dogs – £3.72/€4.39/$6.01
Surprisingly solid Male Crime World sim. Here’s wot our man Alec thought of this back at release:

I knew exactly what I was doing without having to make conscious effort: this was pure habit. I don’t analyse my morning ablutions, for instance. Then, as it always does in This Sort Of Thing, came The Moment. The moment when it ceased to be merely a game and became My Game. The moment when Sleeping Dogs and I connected. There’s a secret to what makes this happen, in Sleeping Dogs or almost any other game of its sort.

More here.

Anodyne, Greed Corp, Incredipede & Ticket to Ride – Pay What You Want
Pay more than the average (£3.81/€4.50/$6.15 at time of writing) to also get The Bard’s Tale & Worms Reloaded. Registers on Steam.
This bundle also includes the mobile telephone versions of these games, although quite how you’re supposed to control them with a numpad or rotary dialer is beyond me. Nathan thought these things about Incredipede:

You sit. You think. You tweak. You fail – countless times, in fact. There’s a reason the level reset option is, by default, mapped to space bar – aka, the biggest key on the keyboard. Depending on the type of person you are, this aspect of Incredipede will either make you fall in love or have you tearing out your own eyes in frustration. For me, it ended up being a little of column A and a little of column B. (That is why I now wear a snazzy eyepatch.) On one hand, it was a fantastic relief to finally play a game in which the designer clearly assumed I was a human being with an IQ higher than “functionally dead and also some kind of sea urchin.” But on the other, that led to plenty of instances where I could only sit there and bang my/Quozzle’s head against a wall in vain hope that a solution would eventually fall out.

More here.

Unity of Command – £5.08/€6.80/$6.80
A boring game about men with guns, tanks, hexagons and thinking. Not my scene, but I know a bloke called Kieron who is into all those things:

So – accessible yet deep, attractive and with an AI which teaches you the core of the game by beating you around the head. Scenario play, two campaigns and even a tiny bit of multiplayer (hotseat or internet play, on a single map). It’s a hell of a wargame. But for all its charms, it’s not going to be the one which drags in a (PC) mass audience into a scenario-based hex-map wargame. And, perhaps somewhat sadly, it’s in areas where the game’s most interesting that it’s going to lose people.

More here.

Deal of the week
Batman: Arkham Asylum [Goatee Edition] – £1.87/Similar price in other currencies.
Batman: Arkham City [Goatee Edition] – £3.75/Similar price in other currencies.
Apply coupon “GMG25-GRV7N-YY833”. Registers on Steam.
These got patched to have that hideous blight GFWL removed just the other day. More like Games For Windows Dead. If you happened to buy the game from anywhere other than Steam in the past, your GFWL key should now activate on Steam, so you don’t need to buy them again. Your guess is as good as good as mine whether the upcoming sequel/prequel/filler title will live up to the standards of these two, but let me tell you, these are the best games that let you play as Batman and then punch some dudes that I have ever played. I prefered the first one, I thought that the more claustrophobic, more intimate setting of being trapped on an island with some baddies was far more tense than being in a very small city. But they’re both thoroughly enjoyable. Read RPS thoughts on Asylum here and City here.

Also of note:
Point and Click promo at GOG.
Hothead bundle.
Cities in Motion 2, Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, Impire, Perfection & XenoMiner – £3.44/€4.06/$5.56
1C bundle

To gorge yourself on even more cheap video games, pop along to


  1. Gargenville says:

    I don’t know recall whether it was mentioned last week due to bourbon-induced amnesia but Groupees’ Let’s Build a Doujin Bundle 2 is still running, featuring spooky poorly-drawn little girl VN Higurashi When They Cry and pigeon dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend (no that’s not an autocorrect error), as well as about a dozen bullet-hell shmups.

    • kalirion says:

      Yup, link to is far better than it’s 1cmb bundle IMO.

      2 games minimum, $0.75/game, less the more games you add.

      In addition to the mentioned Hatoful Boyfriend and Higurashi you get:

      Exceed 2 & 3 (bullet hell sh’mup)
      HellSinker (sh’mup where it’s hard to tell what’s going on without reading a wiki)
      Kamui (3rd game of the ALLTYNEX trilogy chronologically, first game developed/released)
      Armed Seven (sh’mup from the creators of Satazius)

      Princess’ Edge – Dragonstone is a bonus added to all purchases (2d beat-em-up that John Walker would have a field day with for obvious reasons)

      Exceed 2nd’s and Kamui’s OSTs are also bonuses added to all purchases, and these are really really good.

      I would also recommend the current IndieGala (no URL to avoid “awaiting moderation” limbo)

      $1 gets you:
      RefleX + OST (bullet hell, 2nd game of ALLTYNEX trilogy)
      Ery’s Action (troll platformer along the lines of IWBTG)
      Satazius (sh’mup)
      Naval War (strategy I think)
      Roaming Fortress

      $5.49 gets you the above and the following:
      Fairy Bloom Freesia + OST (2d beat-em-up)
      Gorky 17 (rpg)
      Knights of Pen & Paper (rpg)
      Two Worlds 2 + Pirates of Flying Fortress DLC (rpg)
      Crusader Kings 2 (strategy)
      Ether Vapor Remastered + OST (sh’mup)
      Showdown Effect (2d multiplayer deathmatch)
      Darkest Hour (hearts of iron Strategy)

      IMHO both of these bundles easily beat the pants off the two current humblebundle offerings.

      • Wedge says:

        Eh, looks like it’s all VN’s and shmups this time. There was Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, Croixleur and Yatagarasu in the last one…

        Oh wait there is an awful looking brawler this time, but I have Dragon’s Crown so who cares.

      • kalirion says:

        The first Exceed game has been unlocked as a bonus.

  2. melnificent says:

    That 1C bundle is interesting, but very little info is given about the bundle beyond click and play.
    Does it require steam? etc.

    Or should I have put my glasses on before looking at the page?

    • Similar says:

      A bit; you can click the game thumbnails to see which formats they come in. Wouldn’t hurt if it was more obvious, though.

    • dE says:

      They list it for each individual game. If you click the thumbnails, it shows several icons. For example the Steam Logo and the Windows Logo. This is necessary because not all games are offered in all ways.

    • melnificent says:

      Thank you both, much appreciated :)

  3. Mechorpheus says:

    It seems that so far registering Retail Batman keys on Steam is a bit hit-and-miss. Lots of people are reporting that it’s not working, and it certainly doesn’t work for me for Arkham City which I bought from GetGames, but others are saying it works and they got a GOTY upgrade free (so lots of free DLC). Would be nice to get some clarification from WB as to what’s going on on that front.

  4. entireties says:

    The Cities in Motion 2 et cetera link at the bottom of the article is broken.

  5. grundus says:

    Anything worth having from the GOG point & click sale? I have either or possibly both of the Longest Journey ones, To The Moon and Machinarium, I think that’s all.

    • Gravy100 says:

      Richard and Alice is worth a play through for the good writing. The walking speed is so dreadfully slow though that if you find yourself stuck at any point, rather than walking between locations you should probably consult a walkthrough. I won’t imagine you will get stuck more than once though, it’s not a long game, perfect for a saturday afternoon.

    • Berzee says:

      Inherit The Earth is actually rather good and different. It can be a hard game at times, but if anthropomorphic animals don’t dissuade you, I recommend it. It’s got a weird fantasy + renaissance + sci-fi + elk thing going on.

      The Nancy Drew games are quite tolerable first-person point and clicks, though Blackmoor Manor isn’t one of my favorites.

    • Premium User Badge

      Risingson says:

      “The book of unwritten tales” is surprisingly well written and, for a change, it lacks the over exposition of modern adventure games. It is also quite beautiful.

      Another World, you know, it’s not point n click but to me is the best game ever. Even today.

      7Th guest and 11th hour are only approachable if you are quite a fan of puzzle games. They are a campy horror take on a design whose latest example are the Professor Layton games, meaning that puzzles and story are in completely different paths. I like them a lot back then but now they are rarities from their time.

      I heard good things of the Jack Keane game, though I’m afraid that the english translation may not be as good as the spanish one.

      The first two Dracula games were among the better titles that took advantage of that first person engine, overused by Cryo, Arxel Tribe and similar houses. Nowadays, their interface and their CGI graphics look a bit akward.

      Inherit the Earth bored me.

      • SubzeroWolfman says:

        I have a similar opinion about Another World (Amiga).
        So I bought the PC version when I saw it.
        So I advertised it to my buddies as one of the best games I had ever played.
        So they played it.
        Then when they hated it, I felt like I had to defend it …

        So hey.
        Careful what you recommend, and what expectations to raise.


        • Premium User Badge

          Risingson says:

          I treat people that hate “Another World” the same way I treat people that hate “The man who killed Liberty Vallance”.

    • grundus says:

      Thanks guys, I forgot to mention that I have Richard & Alice too. I picked up Another World out of curiosity, then I bought ETS2 Gold from GG for £10 so my weekend gaming budget was all accounted for.

  6. RedViv says:

    Sleeping Dogs is not only Male Crime World Sim, but you can expect Flowers To Womans in it.
    Therefore it is superior to recent big Male Crime World Sim.

    • kregg says:

      Can someone explain this flowers to womans thing?

      • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

        I think it’s a reference to the Be Nice To The Lady quest line.

      • DrScuttles says:

        It’s from a strange email that Cara Ellison received. Presumably for being an uppity girl unable to get down with the superfistpumpmasculinity of a Male Crime Simulator.

        • grundus says:

          That was the weird thing, she said in a tweet after that that she hasn’t even written about GTA V.

  7. Mintjulep says:

    Do the Unity of Command links just go back to RPS articles and not anywhere discount-y or am I just being Mr Thicky Thick?

    • dE says:

      The links are a bit messed up. They’re in there, but somehow pasted into the RPS URL. Anyways, you want to go here: link to

      Same thing happened with the Indie Royale link too. If you want to buy Cities in Motion and Co, you want to go here: link to

    • Phinor says:

      Man, I’m an idiot. I’ve been waiting for a Unity of Command deal for a while and it’s now here but I’m not going to buy it because.. I want to register my games on Steam instead of having five hundred games in three hundred different places. No exceptions because once you start doing that, you quickly end up with, well, five hundred games in three hundred different places.

      Ok, GoG is an exception. And Origin. And Uplay, but other than that, no exceptions! Oh and Blizzard stuff, and three dozen other games that are not available on any download platform. But in the case of Unity of Command, I shall wait for a Steam deal.

      • tormos says:

        if you were REALLY clever you might use the “include a non steam game” feature which will put the game in your steam library, assuming that’s what you want.

        • trjp says:

          If that worked reliably it might be an option – but as links disappear/duplicate/triplicate/stop working with tedious regularity – it isn’t.

          I read somewhere (probably here) that the Unity of Command developers were moving away from Steam for some reason? Change of publisher or somesuch thing??

        • malkav11 says:

          It doesn’t, though. It puts a shortcut to the game in your Steam client so that you can launch it through Steam, but that’s a minor convenience at best. It doesn’t let you install the game from Steam, doesn’t enable Steam features like game playtime tracking, achievements, etc. In other words, it addresses very few of the reasons one would want a game on Steam.

      • belgand says:

        Does it somehow not register on Steam because I’ve bought many other games from them that all register on Steam. Usually they point out if there’s an exception or it’s a game that just plain isn’t on Steam to begin with. Check the “DRM” listing under the specs.

  8. BTAxis says:

    Are you sure about the Batman GFWL keys? My Arkham City key is being rejected by Steam.

    • Vandelay says:

      My keys for Asylum and City aren’t working either. That is from Eidos store and Green Man Gaming, respectively. Pity, as I recall having regular issues with the GMG version due to their Capsule client. Would have also liked to get hold of the DLC that Steam users are getting.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Why even bother? You can get the same games directly from Steam for nearly the exact same price.

      link to

      (in the US the Steam sale is $0.01 more expensive)

      • youhavemyaxe says:

        With the GMG coupon code the Steam sale is nearly two hundred pennies more expensive.

        • stupid_mcgee says:

          Ah, didn’t realize the coupons stacked on top the sale. Never mind, then. I’m full of derp.

  9. Xan says:

    Arkham City is cheaper on Steam if you’re in EU Tier 2

  10. Zekiel says:

    In case it helps anyone – it seems that if you’ve already got Arkham City/Asylum from Steam, then you’ve also been given the GOTY version too (which is the only version with G4WL removed). It’s a different game in your library so presumably you’ll need to reinstall it (and lose any save progress in the original game, I’m assuming).

    Just to forewarn anyone who has the base version but is tempted to buy the GOTY version now.

    Also: they really are awesome games. I heartily recommend both.

  11. TheBarringGaffner says:

    Malecrime Worldsim would make a good porn name.

  12. Kubrick Stare Nun says:

    Nuuvem doesn’t have permission to sell games outside South America! You’re all breaking the law! *giggles*

  13. strangeloup says:

    I picked up Sleeping Doge on the PS3 for a lark, not expecting it to be all that great, but it strikes a happy balance between a less talky Yakuza and a substantially more punch-based Shenmue. It also has some wonderfully barmy DLC expansions, and the writing and voice acting (with some familiar names, if you’re into HK action movies) is above average, with occasional great moments. Would recommend!

  14. cliffbeall says:

    I have to say I liked Arkham City a bit more than Asylum. The riddler puzzles are much more challenging in City. Also I disliked the final boss battle in Asylum and pretty much all the sections where they did that with the camera and controls.

    • Vandelay says:

      It is the unpopular opinion, but I agree. The combat also felt a lot better and encouraged mixing in gadgets more. I recall going back and playing the original (albeit on an 360 along with that controller,) and the controls feeling a lot more restrictive.

      I get the complaints regarding the feel of the game, with the non-stop rushing in the plot jarring with the million trinkets and distractions in the city, but the mechanics of the second felt like a big improvement to me.

    • botonjim says:

      I agree. Some of those puzzles were quite good and they weren’t completely spoiled by detective vision, indiscreet npcs or excessive gps info (unlike those in Asylum).

  15. wild_quinine says:

    On Bioshock Infinite: via a mutual friend, I saw the Tevis Thompson article that youse lot were discussing on Facebook the other day. Strong stuff. I will be stunned if it doesn’t make the grade for this week’s Sunday Papers.

    • AngoraFish says:

      Well argued article that is spot on regarding its criticism of Bioshock, less so in his criticism of criticism.

      • drewski says:

        I found both aspects to be a little “Here’s What I Think” (fair enough) “And If You Disagree You’re Wrong” (ahh, nope).

        I agreed with a lot of his points individually and disagreed with the overall tone of the argument.

  16. Dozer says:

    CiM2 link is broken – which is enough to save me from an unwanted impulse buy :)

  17. stupid_mcgee says:

    Payday 2 is 20% off this weekend on Steam.

    link to

  18. SgtStens says:

    Don’t forget the Stardock sale on Steam, GalCiv, Fallen Enchantress, SoSE:Rebellion, and some other stuff 75% off:

    link to

  19. rfa says:

    link to has Euro Truck Simulator 2 for 66% off (£5.10 =$8) Gold (with DLC is £10: 50% off & DLC by itself is £6: 25% off)

    I think simulator week?

  20. reetaangel5050 says:

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