Mighty Vroombeasts: DTM Experience Demo

The DTM Experience site now has a demo for SimBin’s next racing game. Google tells me DTM means “Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters”, which is a great phrase to start the week on. “Tourenwagen” conjures up images of rickety wooden carts speeding around race tracks, and I’ll admit I got a bit lost imagining that scenario: the cheering crowds, the stench of horse manure, the drivers in their branded cowboy hats climbing on top of their wagons, go faster stripes painted down the whip handles. Coincidentally, I also have a cold, and every medicine in my house is doing laps of my immune system. DTM is not about horses and wagons, but is about cars riding speedily around tracks. You can do that with the demo, and watch the trailer below.

The demo features the apparently legendary “Hockenheimring”, though I looked and didn’t find it mentioned anywhere in The Lord of the Rings. I think it might be a track. To make vroomy noises on that ring of legend, it also has the DTM AMG Mercedes C CoupĂ©, the Audi RS 5 DTM, and the BMW-M3-DTM. Now I’m in my element: my dad had an Audi, so I know that is definitely a car. There are three difficulty levels: “Novice”, “Amateur” and “Get Real+”. Rather than being a pithy insult, Get Real+ will allow you to tweak cars to the DTM specifications.


  1. rustybroomhandle says:

    “Real drama” … car does little bunny-hop.

    • Craig Pearson says:

      At vroomspeeds a bunny hop could be deadly.

    • identiti_crisis says:

      This is what happens when CoDification comes to racing games. Ugh.

      Then again, it is SimBin, so it should be as dry as an overwrought simile in practice. I just don’t tend to like their physics modeling, generally. Maybe I’ll try the demo and see what the crack is this time.

      On a separate note, I have noticed this emerging trend to focus on the racing series that seem to attract the largest monies, only with the whole style of attention trying to turn it into something more than racing. I find that terribly tedious, and I’m not really sure why. It’s almost as bad as the EXTREMEIFICATION things get when subsumed into the Red-Bull empire, as much as I love some of the sports and people that encompasses.

  2. AlwaysRight says:

    I read it as DMT experience…

    A very very different game

    • Velko says:

      DTM is a popular LGBT bar in Helsinki, Finland.

      A very, very different game.

  3. Ny24 says:

    I know that BMW means “Bayrische Motoren Werke”, so it doesn’t even reference to a car but to buildings. Can you drive with buildings in Germany? It’s just great!

    • oggnogg says:

      Yes, they’re called “mobile homes”.

    • speps says:

      BMW and a few other car manufacturers actually started as aircraft manufacturers (Rolls Royce still does aircraft engines for example), which would explain the lack of car related meaning in their names.

      • bad guy says:

        Yup. I heard that the blue and white BMW logo is a propeller

        • trjp says:

          It is – and the Porsche badge had a prancing horse on it before Ferrari existed (it’s the symbol of the city of Stuttgart)

      • Llewyn says:

        Rolls-Royce did start out as a car manufacturer though (and technically as a brand for Royce’s cars before RR existed as a company) and branched out into aero engines a few years later.

      • stjuuv says:

        Svenska Aeroplanen AB a.k.a. SAAB.

    • identiti_crisis says:

      Bavarian Motor Works only references “buildings” in the sense that you build motors. What it actually means is that they make things that motor – that move themselves. They made aero engines first, indeed, yet the “roundel” is not meant to symbolise a propellor. It was simply repurposed to portray such imagery in advertisements. It’s nothing more than the colours of Bayern put into some contemporaneously appropriate form for a company logo.

      • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

        AUDI tried to branch out into gas chambers during the war but their design wasn’t up to standard. Their proposals were found about 20 years ago in an archive, I saw a BBC documentary at the time. Guess they were promptly lost again, filed ‘under the carpet’ Vorsprung Durch Technik indeed, mind a lot of our favourite German brands used forced labour during the war, ho hum!

  4. Ross Angus says:

    I believe “Hockenheimring” is mentioned by Wagner in his ring cycle.

  5. Screamer says:

    The cars in the main pic seem to be at the point just before warp drive kicks in.

  6. Faldrath says:

    SimBin releasing a “normal” racing game again is something to be celebrated, especially after their weird Raceroom Racing Experience. Really looking forward to this!

    • trjp says:

      I thought Raceroom was OK – it was an ‘adult’ Trackmania (not in the porno sense – obviously) and it was playable even with a controller.

      It was also pretty sterile thanks to their monetisation model but I got some fun out of it anyway.

      It wasn’t a “game” in the sense that there was no beginning/middle/end/objective I guess – but then SimBin and their spin-off studios have never really done ‘game’ (Test Drive Ferrari is a spin-off from SimBin via Slightly Mad and it has the WORST single player progression system in the world).

      • Faldrath says:

        Yeah, but my point is that DTM will at least have AI, so you can actually do, you know, races, other than simply time trials like in R3E.

        R3E is very good for time trials, but I dislike their F2P model. This DTM game will be a day-one purchase for me :)

      • TrixX says:

        Well let’s be a little more accurate here. Test Drive Ferrari was released in it’s form because SMS broke ties with EA before releasing all the DLC for Shift 2 Unleashed. Shift 2 had 2 more DLC packs to be released, one was a Cabriolet set of cars with a couple of tracks, the second was the Ferrari DLC which ended up as TD Ferrari.

        TD Ferrari was never meant to exist in the form it was released and the PC didn’t even get the high LoD models as the PC version was straight ported from the Xbox version to reduce costs.

        R3E was an attempt at a sim that was in the same vein as Project C.A.R.S. with a micro-transaction model similar to F2P games combined with iRacing. It’s not got a very good handling model for a sim and in the end didn’t live up to the expectations of it.

        • pez2k says:

          Any source on Ferrari being planned for Shift 2? Some of the TDF cars were released as Xbox-exclusive DLC for Shift 1, but the only thing for Shift 2 was a fan port of the PC fan port of that Shift 1 DLC. I know about the unreleased cabriolets (since I unlocked them!) but never heard any rumours of planned track DLC either. The story I heard was that EA were no longer releasing updates for Shift 2 despite SMS having written a new patch, which was the source of the friction.

          Test Drive Ferrari was a game long before SMS even began working with EA too – that was a large part of its problems, it was a ~2009 game that had sat untouched for several years in alpha/beta.

    • Faldrath says:

      Funnily enough, TDF is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it in this week’s Steam deals. But then I went to its forum and saw it’s GfWL. Ah well.

      • Llewyn says:

        Is it any good anyway? GFWL doesn’t bother me, but bad physics does…

        • identiti_crisis says:

          Nope. It’s OK as a tour of Ferrari’s cars, but it’s a bit of a chore to get at the ones you might be interested in.

  7. Mittens89 says:

    I had been thinking recently that I hadn’t played a racing sim for a while. Now I have this. Hooray!

    • bad guy says:

      You might also want to try the demos “netKar Pro” or “Live for Speed”.

      Netkar is dirt cheap now and has amazing driving physics.

      The specialty of LFS is the multiplayer.
      Lots of good racing fun even without unlocking the game.

      • identiti_crisis says:

        Definitely two of the best handling sims. That said, the yet unreleased Assetto Corsa is the successor to netKar Pro and, whilst I love it dearly, LFS has been a wee bit stagnant for a few years. Still absolutely cracking, mind you.

      • Mittens89 says:

        I played a bit of LFS, really enjoyed it. I never did try netkar pro. I spent years playing rFactor, then I moved on to GSC 2012 and then life just got in the way for a bit. Looking forward to picking up the likes of rFactor 2, Project CARS, and now this little beauty.

        If I could afford it I’d be all over iRacing. However I just can’t justify that sort of thing anymore. I played the iRacing setup they had at Eurogamer and I thought it was incredible.

  8. liquidsoap89 says:

    “Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters” makes me think of proper British gentlemen with fancy moustaches and pipes.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      Crack Pipes? Both?, the one you seem to have been imbibing but the English gents too?