Showing Some Love To Enemy Starfighter

A thing that always irked me is the “No love for XXXXXX XXXXX?” comments on articles. I write a thing, look at the comments for people to point out how handsome I am (and my many, many flubs), but what do I see? Someone arrogantly proposing to understand my emotional framework. Ooh, it hurts me feelings it does. So I’m going to propose a new way of doing it. Instead of viciously prodding at a hole in my knowledge and demanding emotional resonance, you should instead write: “That is a game that reminds me of XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, and I’d love you all to know about it.” And I will respond with a fist-bump. And, yes, I did discover Enemy Starfighter in such a comment. Oh alright. Do what you want, but take a look at the latest videos of the Mike Tipul’s fabulous looking space combat game, because I imagine there’s love in your heart for it.

That Nathan has already pre-loved it for us, but that was back in December and it’s received a fair amount of space wax since then. It still has that cool Homeworld aesthetic, but everything looks nippier and explodier as you lance through space into enemy territory. It has my favourite thing: ships coming out of warp just beside the player.

It is a very focused game of blasting people in space and ordering your squad around, though the notion seems to be that you’re doing so to clear people out of the way for your full invading force to arrive. Should I be showing love to a game where I’m a meanie? I probably shouldn’t, but the action in this incredi-brief trailer from August is enticing.

And the question everyone asks about space combat games nowadays is answered in this footage.

He apparently has a playable build and it would definitely not find its way onto the internet should he decide to allow me to play it. That is a promise


  1. Hanban says:

    My number one most wanted game ever since I saw the early shots! Yum yum!

    • Solgarmr says:

      Oh indeed it is my most favouritest game I haven’t played, I hope. . .

    • brittanysarah84 says:

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    • dontnormally says:

      First time hearing of it, and it definitely has jumped to the top section of my anticipated-list…

      Not the least of which because it appears as if it’ll actually run on my 2007 laptop, unlike all the other awesome space games coming out soonish that i’ll have to pretend don’t exist.

    • The_Sleeve says:

      I obsessively scoured the internet searching for bits of information on this game last month when I first heard about it. By far, the most interesting thing I found was a one hour interview with the developer, which delves into some of the more unique aspects of gameplay that you really don’t get to see in the trailers. Search for “Space Game Junkie Podcast #30” and you’ll find the interview I’m talking about. Mike Tipul sounds like a great guy to sit down and have a beer with, and just geek out about all sorts of cool stuff.

  2. Napoleon15 says:

    This looks fantastic. Like somebody mixed Freespace and Homeworld together. Does it have a release date yet?

    • SuicideKing says:

      And X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. But yes, FreeSpace was my first thought.

      • HudsonLv426 says:

        Reminded me of Starlancer what a game, now if i could only find those old discs.

    • Armante says:

      LOVING the Homeworld aesthetic.

      And I’m thinking I’ll have to seriously consider getting Oculus Rift. That’s just too cool. Definitely on my anticipated games list now :)

  3. epmode says:

    The guy making this is ridiculously talented. I love, LOVE the audio design.

    Even the visual details are perfect. The missile and exhaust trails, the way ships drop out of warp, the beautiful Homeworld-style color schemes, etc.

    • bills6693 says:

      Totally agree.

      I think the sound design & battle chatter was in important part of what made Homeworld 2 so atmospheric for me.

      The colour pallette, ship design, and simple but beautiful graphical style is also just… perfect. I really hope the gameplay is good (it looks it for now) and that it’ll run on my crappy machine :P

      • Armante says:

        Totally agree. Even just the sound a ship makes as it zips close by.

    • HPLoveshack says:

      Yea the sound is what I immediately noticed. The combat looks like what I would expect, to be honest I’d probably pass it by if not for those damn sounds bringing it to the next level. Going to have to keep an eye on this one.

  4. thebigJ_A says:

    What, no love for Enemy Starfighter?

  5. Jim Rossignol says:

    This really does look like the right sort of thing. Interested.

  6. dE says:

    I’m a spacegame nutjob. I should by all things holy look forward to X:Rebirth. Star Citizen. Elite Dangerous. Kinetic Void. Skyjacker. Many others. But I’m not. I’m looking forward to Enemy Starfighter. I can’t quite possibly fathom why I’m so much more interested in this, over the alternatives. But somehow this looks like it gets it. That magical inexplicable thing that tickles my spacegame joy.

    • SuicideKing says:

      Classic space dogfights is the answer, i guess. Yes, be a trader or whatever in a fancy game like Star Citizen but if you can’t “DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! Hit your afterburners, pilot!”, then what’s the point?

  7. Didero says:

    No love for Nathan?

  8. SuicideKing says:

    That is a game that reminds me of FreeSpace 2, and I’d love you all to know about it.

  9. FriendlyFire says:

    That is a game that reminds me of Craig Pearson, and I’d love you all to know about it.

    Am I doing it right?

    • Ross Angus says:

      So if “moobs” is short for “man-boobs”, what is “flubs” short for?

  10. Barberetti says:

    That trailer pressed my “I want to play this right now” button.

  11. Sunjammer says:

    Holy cow, actual audio design!

  12. DrRoxo says:

    I would just like to point out that Craig is, indeed, a peculiarly handsome author.

  13. LionsPhil says:

    Not really much to see from that? Although it’s always nice to see Microgramma.

    • squareking says:

      High five, typography buddy. They didn’t use Agency and for that they are already amazing.

  14. airmikee99 says:

    Awesome. As others have said over the last few weeks, it’s really nice to see so many space games coming out instead of the slow crawl of zombie games that had started to dominate the landscape.

  15. dsch says:

    My brother was decidedly unappreciative when I pre-loved his fiancée for him.

  16. Gap Gen says:

    No Country For Old Men?

  17. geerad says:

    No time for love, Doctor Jones?

  18. tomeoftom says:

    Words cannot serve my yearning.