F1 2013’s Classic Content Available To All

F1 2013’s pre-order bonuses – a bunch of classic cars, and some even more classic tracks to race them on – have now been made available to all as DLC. You can, among others, pilot Nigel Mansell and David Coulthard’s 1992 Williams, and the 1996 Ferrari of Michael Schumacher and Gerhard Berger. Full details about the DLC can be browsed over here.

Wanna see trailers with that F1 music? WE GOT THAT.


  1. Mechorpheus says:

    This is actually only news to the console-toy crowd, PC players have been able to download the DLC since the game was launched, as Codemasters didn’t release a boxed version of the Classics edition on PC.

    Also, incase anyone didn’t actually know, you get the 80’s content as standard, so you don’t need to fork out for that.

    One other thing, it’s been rather missed from most of the coverage on the game, but if you go into the My F1 menu and click on the RaceNet link, then create an account on there (if you’ve already got an account from another game you won’t need to do this again), you’ll find you’ve unlocked a 1976 Ferrari you can use in Time Trial (the game doesn’t actually tell you its unlocked unless you create a new account).

  2. kobadow says:

    Coulthard in a 1992 williams? Eh? Shome mishtake shurely?

    • Mechorpheus says:

      That is a bit weird, I grant you, but from what I understand FOM (the formula 1 management company), won’t let you use drivers who’ve since died, so the classics mode is designed around the idea that the teams are getting the old cars out of storage and have gotten a loads of ‘celebrity’ drivers from those teams to do some racing. Kind of explains the smaller grids too, it being a ‘one off’ race sort of thing.

      • Llewyn says:

        Although, in case he happens to be reading this and is worried, I’d like to make it clear that Riccardo Patrese isn’t dead.

        • Mechorpheus says:

          Heh, that’s true. I guess he didn’t agree to be featured?

          • Llewyn says:

            You may well be right, although the scenario as you’ve described it makes it quite likely that they didn’t ask – the historic racing concept does mean it makes more sense for ‘bigger’ names to drive the cars, although I suspect we can assume that Damon Hill turned them down.

          • Mechorpheus says:

            Damon is in there, in the 1988 Willams and the 1996 Williams.

            You’re right though, it does seem to be the ‘bigger’ names, or I guess more ‘well known’ names.

  3. Novotny says:

    I’d like to point out that Race 07 is like 2.50 or something on Steam, and with the Raceroom F1 expansion, (free to download), and a skinpack, also free to download you can use an xbox controller to have a much, much better racing experience than the codemaster’s thingy. It’s even better with a wheel.

    But trust me, really, it’s such a better game. If you like this sort of thing, it’s simply criminal to overlook it.

  4. Tritagonist says:

    Always fun to see Imola, as in that first video. It was one of the first tracks I really knew my way around. That said, what is up with the lighting on those cars? It looks terrible, and completely drowns out the actual colour of the cars on both (!) sides of the nose. I know the Codemaster F1 games haven’t been known for their graphical innovations, but this looks particularly bad.

    Anyway, good to see this broadening of the selection of F1 cars and tracks. EA’s F1 Challenge ’99-’02 was a better take on the multi-season idea, but Codemaster’s idea has the benefit of being able to focus on the really memorable cars from different seasons.