Let’s All Sign Up To EverQuest Next’s Landmark Beta

Mighty Questers of Early Access, in search of the door into EverQuest Next Landmark, do not falter. You are nearly there. You’ve captured the breath of the Dragon of What, held steady as you traversed the lands of Really? EverQuest? If You Say So, and ascended the peak of Is It Out, Yet?. There is one more step on the road, a perilous place known as the Sign Ups Of Beta. There you must complete the final challenge, the Perilous Form Of Smedley: tell it your life story to pass the Gates of Hype and into the Lands Of Hooray! Details are below.

As announced here, the beta sign-ups to Landmark, the free-to-play sandbox part of EverQuest Next, are now live. I’m probably more interested in this than I am the main game, because it’ll generate a bajillion player-built worlds to explore. I’m never happier than when I’m romping through worlds built by fans. I flick through Garry’s Mod servers like TV channels, and I’m always hunting for interesting Minecraft worlds. In weaker moments, I’ve even considered rvisiting Second Life.

The only place to sign for the approaching Landmark beta (for everyone in the world) is here. US users that sign up at the previous link will also be signed up for EQN beta when it is available. However, EU Users should this page for the EQN EU beta.

Landmark is being planned for a Winter launch. Is it me, or is it getting chilly?


  1. deadfolk says:

    “As a bonus, if you sign-up to Landmark, you’ll also be signed-up to full EQNext beta.”

    Only in the US of A.

    Elsewhere, it’s a separate signup via prosiebensat.1.
    Confusingly, if you do this, they never even confirm you’re signed up. You either log in or create an account, and you’re taken to your account page. Any beta links just take you back there. I’ve no idea if I’m actually signed up or not.

    • Sakkura says:

      Same. It’s not exactly the way to fuel people’s enthusiasm. It’s hard to be baffled and enthused at the same time.

    • Koozer says:

      I wonder if we can sign up on the US site to avoid prosieben, like Planetside 2.

    • grable says:

      That site was giving me the runaround, bouncing me from login form to login form. even the “lost login” form wanted me to login?

      It left me utterly confused :(

    • Asurmen says:

      In one of the previous EQNext articles, someone did post a method of getting around the location detection. It meant I could sign up for the beta with my SoE account despite being in the UK.

    • MrSean490 says:

      Okay nvm, I’ve worked out that the form applies me to both, so I’m pretty confident I’m on both correct lists.

      Yeah I’m confused … I signed up to the Everquest next beta a while ago, but going to the links provided here just seems to make me reapply to that beta, so I get a message saying I’ve already signed up. I have no idea now if I’m on the landmark list too or still just the EQ:Next beta.

      I don’t live in the USA, but the site doesn’t redirect me to any other specific URLs. It stays on .com

  2. SuicideKing says:

    I really wish that Asia didn’t get the proverbial middle finger most of the time.

  3. Screwie says:

    Hooray! EQN Landmark is being managed directly by SOE in Europe, not ProSieban. (Source)

    Should I dare to hope for more?

  4. Seafort says:

    I won’t be creating a Prosieben account just because I’m based in UK. I didn’t have to when I played PS2 and if it’s a forced sign up to play EQN in EU I won’t be playing the game then.

    Prosieben were terrible for new EU customers for PS2. I’m glad I could stick with SOE while playing PS2.

  5. Freud says:

    Shape the world = 50% of players build a giant dick out of rock and then get bored.

    • Soulstrider says:

      I for one look forward to explore the massive pre-cata thousand needles with dicks.

    • zbeeblebrox says:

      Dicks, as far as the eye can see.

      On the bright side, it’s going to make actual structures look even better when everyone’s neighbor is just a crappy half-finished penis. I mean, if you’re taking this seriously and really want to see your awesome castle get chosen for the real game (or purchasable in the store), would you rather be competing with other people just as talented as you, or with a bunch of adolescents who think welding two spheres to the base of a pillar is the height of architectural brilliance?

      • limimi says:

        Crappy and half finished? My ex said that it was very nice and a good size >:|

  6. Soulstrider says:

    On a completely side note, can someone explain me all the prosieben hate? Never had to handle them so far since I played PS2 with my SAO account, is their service that bad?

    • deadfolk says:

      I was forced to switch my (admittedly almost untouched) DC Universe account. Took them months to process the switch. If I had been wanting to play during that time (I wasn’t), I’d have been SOL.

      There’s a huge amount of stories on the web by people who have had their accounts repeatedly banned for no reason, no explanation given. PSS staff wouldn’t even engage in conversation on the subject. Some of those I read managed to eventually get their accounts unbanned, but then they were mysteriously banned again before they could even log in.

      There’s no recourse to SoE, they just refer you back to PSS.

      This is all heresay – I’ve not experienced it personally, as I’ve not yet had much to do with them, but there are too many of these stories for it all to be bollocks.

      • airmikee99 says:

        Thanks for clearing that up. Googling ‘prosieben’ only brought back info about a television station, I was beginning to think it was Germany’s equivalent of ‘Fox News’.

        • PsychoWedge says:

          ProSieben and Sat1 are two major private television channels in Germany. They fused some years ago into ProSiebenSat1 Media AG or something like that and because they’re run by suits they decided to venture into online gaming terretory. Especially F2P stuff. You know, for the money you could print with that a few years ago when it all took of.

          The quality of their service is on the level you would expect from shitty private television channels who haven’t got a clue about gaming but want in on it. xD

  7. engion3 says:


  8. Machinations says:

    “Everything in EverQuest Next can be destroyed. Crush the ground beneath an enemy’s feet — or bury him under an avalanche you created. The world is your weapon.”

    The impossible has happened. SOE has made me want to play a new version of EverQuest.

    If this game delivers even one tenth of what is envisioned, it might even get me to play a MMO again.

  9. Stimpack says:

    I’m sorry, but this article is incorrect, or at least makes no mention of the previous beta sign-up. I was signed up the second that it was announced. They had Landmark sign-ups ready upon announcement, and those also got you into the EQN beta. I tried to sign up with the link in here and it said I was already signed up.

    • themindstream says:

      Likewise, I have a beta signup email in my inbox dated August 23.

  10. formivore says:

    Ye gods that art. Hey SOE, the 90’s called and they want their Dragonlance ripoff back.

    But I suppose a few button-nosed elf maidens is a small price to pay for the Minecraft MMO We Were Promised.

  11. Panda Powered says:

    Fantasy online games still stuff ass in armor class I spot.

    • King in Winter says:

      Well you know how it tends to go in these. The statted protective value of an armor for females is inversely proportional to the amount of flesh it protects. The pinnacle of ultimate protection is either a chainmail bikini or a boobplate + thong + combat heels combo.