Pure Guild: Path Of Exile Gets Launch Day Mega-Update

After many moons spent slowly but surely grinding in the dank dungeons of development, Path of Exile is finally just about to launch. No more alphas, no more betas, no more gnawing uncertainty. You can just hack and slash ’til your hearts content and monsters’ hearts are strewn across the floor. Everybody wins mostly! Better still, developer Grinding Gear has released a teetering demon beast of a patch, which includes – among many, many other things – an entire guild system, a new character class, new end game areas, a new grand finale boss fight, new skills, achievements, more challenge leagues, and– *drops dead of old age from listing things for too long*

That, believe it or not, is only just the very, very, very beginning. The full list is astoundingly massive, essentially grafting on the game’s final feature set where once there was only emptiness and longing. This, for instance, is just a tiny snippet on the content side of things – which is to say it doesn’t even begin to include new systems or features.

  • Added the Scion, Path of Exile’s prestige character class. She is aligned with all three core attributes (Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence) and starts in the center of the passive tree. She’s only available once you’ve unlocked her by playing through Normal difficulty and rescuing her. Existing accounts that have finished Normal difficulty before start with her unlocked.
  • Added six new world areas (in all three difficulty levels) across three new tilesets. There are three new quests.
  • Added a grand finale boss fight.
  • Added eight new end-game Maps including a new tier of level 78 maps.
  • Added 11 new Unique Items, three of which are designed by our community and eight which can only drop in the Domination and Nemesis leagues. Six of those eight appear in either challenge league, but there’s also one that is exclusive to each league.
  • Added two new Halloween Microtransactions – Demon Hand Pet and Decapitation Helmet Skin. They’re for exclusively for sale until the end of November 1.
  • Added six new monster types, three of which are exclusive to the new areas. The other three appear in previous areas also, such as the Cannibals who have replaced the Scavengers in early Act One.
  • Many existing monsters have received new abilities when added to the new world areas.
  • Added a new Rogue Exile – Xandro Blooddrinker, based on member of our community who won the “Well Dressed Exile Competition”.
  • The Eternal Laboratory has been visually revamped and is now present in the Solaris Temple. In Normal and Cruel difficulties, it contains lore.
  • Added a new curse, Silence, that monsters can use on you.

So many things. A point of clarification, however: as you may have noticed, the new class, the Scion, is a) not a brand of notoriously box-shaped cars and b) unavailable to those who haven’t beaten Path of Exile on normal. So just because all these new features are in, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have access to everything right off the bat.

Path of Exile should be flipping the launch switch for everyone any second now (if it hasn’t already). Did you spend any time with it while it was in beta? If so, are you happy with the direction it’s headed in?


  1. Loque says:

    The game is still missing one core feature, in my opinion: a decent trading/selling tool. Right now the only way to sell/buy stuff is by spamming in the public chat. And trust me, it’s a nightmare, making it almost impossible to actually find something useful.

    You can use one of those websites that crawl the official forums and list the posted items, of course, but that’s annoying and time wasting. Still better than nothing but don’t expect to have fun doing this.

    PoE needs a personal shop. Something like “public stash tabs” where you can place a fixed amount of items to be publicly visible and available to everyone AS LONG AS YOU’RE LOGGED IN. Let’s say I look for an “awesom sword of baldness”. The game lists 10 swords, along with user names and a nice “contact seller” button. You press it, send a message and the trading game begins.

    There is NO need for an auction house. Just a decent way to find and sell items.

    • frightlever says:

      I think they’re trying REALLY hard to avoid the game becoming a target for gold farmers and while at times I’ve thought it’d be nice to have an auction house or improved trade system, honestly I’m happy enough so far gearing myself up.

      Apparently there are sites selling orbs etc for real world cash but so far I haven’t noticed it being a big problem, though I tend to ignore global chat.

      Also worth noting that that mega-patch came as a bit of a surprise to most people and not everyone was happy about it. I was happy enough to get a free re-spec for my Witch.

      • Loque says:

        A trading stash would allow you to showcas stuff you want to sell and nothing else. Just a “contact seller” button to start a private chat.

    • nrvsNRG says:

      Or you could just trade with friends or join one of the PoE steam communities.

      • Loque says:

        Sure but not everyone has online friends and/or have them connected/available when looking for an item.

    • Grey Poupon says:

      That’s one of the main reasons people disliked D3. So I’d rather not see them add anything resembling an auction house and keep the game as something that doesn’t encourage trading too much.

      • Loque says:

        a public stash has nothing to do with an auction house.

        A public stash is a space where you showcase items without a price. To get a quote, you MUST contact the seller, via private chat.

        This would avoid chat-spam AND horrible “3rd party websites” browsing which are 90% out of sync with the actual item availability.

        Think about it: you look for a sword. The game tells you “there are 15 players selling that sword” and it gives you the full list: items + sellers. You click the seller and you get a private chat. “Hi mate, how much for [item]?”

        Fast, clean, polite.

    • derbefrier says:

      public stash tabs or something along those lines is what GGG has planned for trading in the future. It didn’t make it into release sadly but rest assured they no how much of a pain in the ass it is to trade and find stuff you need if your a buyer. Hopefully the new trading system will get bumped up higher on the priority list now that the game is officially released.

    • tattertech says:

      Trading through the website is coming soon(ish).

  2. pledouth says:

    Too many awful spiders in this game for me, bad thing being arachnophobic.

    • Loque says:

      Heh… that’s true. I am not arachnophobic but I didn’t like the amount of angry/stealthy/messy spiders in some levels.

    • The Army of None says:

      The lazy man’s monster. “Well, I don’t really have any ideas for unique things to click on… I know, /more/ spiders! Players love those!”

      • Volcanu says:

        A thousand times this ^

        I could quite happily go the rest of my life without fighting another spider in a game. The same holds true for giant rats, normal size rats, wild dogs and (non-gigantic) scorpions.

        • BoZo says:

          You don’t want to clear someones basement infested of rats again? What is wrong with you!?

          • Volcanu says:

            If the rats in the basement asked me to clear out an infestation of humans in their attic then you could probably count me back in.

          • frightlever says:

            @volcanu I want to play that game.

        • BooleanBob says:

          I’d love to play a game where you fight millions of miniature rats, though. Size of a pinhead.

          Wait, no, that would be terrifying

      • pledouth says:

        I guess we all have the old sod JRR to thank for it. He must’ve thought: hmmm, I need to put an evil beast in my book to scare the children. And here we go; I remember that my first glimpse of arachnophobia came when we played a LotR boardgame and I saw card of Shelob. I guess JRR never thought that his brilliant creation, high fantasy, would spawn so much offshoots and inshoots; but reading is one thing, and having a full-on visual is another (though I still remember the shivers I got when reading the Shelob chapter of LotR, but I was 11 at that time, so I guess it figures). What’s worse, this disease spreads into different genres as well, so that we can all have a spidery gaming heaven. Rejoice!

        I think one of the honourable RPS authors mentioned making a podcast about this problem (Nathan if I recall correctly). Come on, this is a serious problem for games and gamers. Can we make a petition, or something?

  3. Dark Malady says:

    Call me Old fashioned, but isn’t the point of a beta to test features before release?

    It was a fun game, I liked the currency/barter/shiny rocks thing they had going on there, and I absolutely loved the Skills as Equipables vs Passive points tree. All it needed were more skills to add that extra personal versatility and fleshing.

    • Koshinator says:

      you mean like the extra skills gems ans support gems that include ‘trigger on’ type gems that were just added?

  4. golem09 says:

    The most exiting new skill must be the Trigger-support gems that activate skills on certain occasions like being hit, reaching low health etc. Just creates a whole new range of builds.

  5. Serpok says:

    Have they added a convenient way to respec yet?

    • golem09 says:

      No and they never will. They encourage you to make new characters, because building a crazy build isn’t something you should be able to do by respeccing but actually levelling that character. And people who know their stuff can get to lvl 30 in one evening.

      • Loque says:

        > building a crazy build isn’t something you should be able to do

        Why not? It’s up to the player to choose what is fun and what is not. For free/unranked games it would be extremely useful to be able to respec at will. Having to reroll is annoying as hell.

        • tattertech says:

          Making choices actually matter is a huge part of this game. Despite being F2P, it’s really not built for casual players who do not want to spend time theorycrafting.

    • UncleLou says:

      And bear in mind that this is a free game, so they will want to attract the type of gamer who plays these games for a long time and will occasionally spend some money. They would kind of undermine one of the main reasons people play such games with easy respeccing.

      Mind, I know where you’re coming from. I usually prefer respeccing options as well, but I understand why they will never offer it.

  6. Nallen says:

    This is an incredibly deep game that just got a load of polish. Well worth 2.7Gb of your hard disk and no pennies of your money. No pennies! Amazing.

  7. Faldrath says:

    We already have an RPS guild in there, Rock, Paper, Exile! Contact me if you’re interested in joining (nick is the same). Here are more details:

    link to rockpapershotgun.com!

  8. Lemming says:

    Gah! Keep getting this messed up with Grim Dawn (which I backed), every. damn. time!

    • Foosnark says:

      As do I. I guess one way to remember it is the “Path” in “Path of Exile” is the crazy bunch of paths on the skill system. But I’ve told myself that before and forgotten.

  9. DatonKallandor says:

    It should be mentioned that “new class” means absolutely nothing in Path of Exile since there’s nothing in the game that’s locked or even specific to a class. All class means is “where are my starting 30 attribute points distributed”.

    • derbefrier says:

      which is a big deal. so your wrong it does matter.

    • tattertech says:

      Actually, the new class has completely revamped that aspect. Pathing through the middle of the tree is much less efficient now, so builds tend to favor being slightly more localized. If you have a build that requires keystones on opposite ends you pretty much have to roll Scion, but for other builds you’ll want to specialize more and stay closer to home (or only straying into neighboring classes) as starting as Scion is pretty inefficient if you want to only select things in say the Witch area.

  10. ChampionHyena says:

    Has combat feel become any less anemic? I enjoyed my time in the beta for the most part (the impenetrability of the skill tree and the inanity of no respecs aside), but melee combat always felt like I was gently fanning the monsters with my weapon until they gracefully tumbled to the floor.

    • SeismicRend says:

      Edit: Sorry misread your question. Yeah, I know what you mean. A dual wielding Duelist cleave attacking four times a second makes each melee hit unsatisfying weak. I’m trying a two-hand build this time around since they boosted the scaling on the two-handed weapons this patch. Infernal Blow and Dominating Blow are popular skills to build your two-handed melee character around so that might be the steroid shot your melee character is looking for. You also have the new Spectral Throw skill but that’s AoE oriented so has a low multiplier like Cleave.

  11. Noburu says:

    Did they ever fix needing to use one of a few OP builds with tons of Health as the only way to advance after the first two difficulty levels? If so Im coming back to play again. PoE is hands down one of THE BEST F2P games you will ever play. The only downside to not paying is the limited storage space for items, which is still a lot.

    • SeismicRend says:

      Yes, a couple months ago they patched a changed to discourage the dominance of HP stacking builds. They scaled down the HP passive nodes and boosted the effect of armor and evasion to make them more valuable defensive options compared to HP. Also the HP stacking unique chest armor, Kaom’s Heart, doesn’t drop in the new leagues.

    • UncleLou says:

      Still mandatory for hardcore characters, but with what SeismicRend says, and with the softening of the XP loss when you die, a lot is possible on standard.

  12. strangeloup says:

    Notably, it’s also turned up on Steam, which made it easier for me at least, mostly because I keep forgetting that I have some games installed that aren’t on Valve’s client or in my GOG folder.

  13. xaphoo says:

    This is a really excellent game. GGG seems to take very wonky balance questions seriously and the game is a paradise for people who like to experiment with complex character builds and combat strategies. It’s built for theorycrafters, in other words. The graphics are appealing enough, the community is friendly, the sound effects are great, the developers are very involved with players. This is a game with a lot of integrity.