Blink To The Past: Path Of Shadows

Path of Shadows is an upcoming non-commercial student project in which the player character can teleport between shadows. As seen in the prototype video below, it resembles an over-the-shoulder Mark of the Ninja, with a protagonist who is wearing a magical glyph version of Isaac Clarke’s RIG read-out. Limiting the teleportation ability to shadowy areas suggests prescribed paths through levels, a puzzler’s approach to stealth. As is often the case, the sneaky protagonist feels compelled to creep through temples, silently murdering guards. A goddess instructs, “do not bother remembering anything”, which sounds exactly like the sort of thing that somebody would say if they’d killed you and taken command of your soul in the recent past so they could make you smash up a rival deity’s temple.

I only spotted Path of Shadows because all-round man of adventure, novelist and Dishonored creative designer Harvey Smith retweeted a mention of it this morning. The implementation of the teleportation power, as he mentioned, could be very different to Corvo’s Blink, more ‘designer dictated’ and less capable of opening up the world’s architecture to the player. A very different experience then but now that I’ve been reminded of Dishonored, I feel compelled to harp on about it for a brief moment.

It’s one of the rare games that becomes more impressive as time passes and that’s not only because of the excellent DLC that has added to Dunwall’s allure. The range of powers at Corvo’s disposal, with Blink at their heart, created a highly kinetic form of stealth game that owed almost as much to Mirror’s Edge as to Thief. It’s also, despite the lack of capes and comic book licenses, one of the best superhero games of recent times, along with Saints Row IV.


  1. karthink says:

    I agree on Dishonored being the best superhero game of this generation, and blink on being one of best superpowers in a videogame. Sorry, Batman.

    I imagine if Arkane had marketed it as a superhero game, there would be less complaining about the game being too easy or blink being overpowered.

    As for this game, it’s a good fit for the stealth-puzzle genre, I guess. Anyone reminded of the rather excellent Deity?

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    • Viroso says:

      Dishonored is the best super hero game that’s better played as a super villain game.

    • lowprices says:

      I’ll add my voice to the Dishonored as superhero game cry. The only other game that had a power as empowering as Blink (in my opinion, anyway) was Gravity Rush on the Vita, with it’s “directed falling” mechanic. Saints Row IV, for all it’s joyful silliness, didn’t have an interesting world to explore.

    • Nevard says:

      I don’t know why Dishonoured was touted as “getting better as time passes” because as far as I could tell the levels in the base game just got easier and less inspired as you got further into the game, culminating in the incredibly bland final island whose only saving point was the very final setpiece

      I’d get behind Blink being great though

    • kouru225 says:

      Can’t see how Dishonored was good. It was way too easy and had little more to offer than Deus Ex. Arkham City is easily the best Superhero game ever.

  2. Justin Keverne says:

    Apparently the implementation of the blink-like power shown is from the tutorial and later levels don’t dictate where it can be used: link to

  3. Oathbreaker says:

    Looking fairly awesome. Let’s hope it catches some Youtube excellence and gets the money. And voiceover at least has some character, even though people on Reddit were complaining.

    Looks more exciting to me than the upcoming Thief sequel.

  4. Rao Dao Zao says:

    I just bought Dishonored GOTYE today, but it looks like I’m on the cusp of minimum system requirements… Hopefully this apparent goodness won’t be tainted by terrible framerates.

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      Just lower the details then, or even the resolution. The game’s “painterly” look makes it great even with lower details.

  5. Lemming says:

    Looks great! Very Okami-like. The script needs some work though. It’s a bit inelegant the way the tutorial narrator keeps saying ‘shadows’ over and over. Many times, it’s just not needed.

  6. TheBarringGaffner says:

    The way shadows work in this looks interesting, but it seems like it might end up being too easy.


    Shaddup and take my mon-
    Wait until Thursday and we’ll put the full game online :)
    For free, yes :)
    link to

    Seriously though. They’ve basically only made a demo. I want them to kickstart a full game.

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  9. Shadowcat says:

    For a student project, this seems spectacular! I definitely look forward to trying the demo (and if it’s as good as it seems, here’s hoping they expand it into a longer game). Thanks Harvey/Adam.

  10. merula says:

    The design for the deity reminds me of a similar deity found in elder scrolls; Nocturnal, especially the pose and crow. The style of the game also reminds me of the style of Borderlands. However, that being said, I look forward to playing this game when it comes out, as I am always on the lookout for stealthy ninja-esque games.