Secrets of Raetikon Spread Wings, Launches Alpha Funding

Owls are the best.

Secrets of Rætikon is set in the alps and is a game about being a bird, flying, exploration, and pretty triangles. If I was to name this game, I’d have named it A Game About A Bird That Flies In The Triangular Alps. This is why I’m not an indie game designer.

The guys wot are indie game designers have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund Secrets of Rætikon through to its finish line. The trailer below details the alpha you get instant access to if you choose to fund it.

Cor, it looks a bit lovely, doesn’t it?

As the trailer explains, the Raeti were a group of Alpine tribes, and the game is about discovering their secrets by manipulating strange contraptions. I’m personally more interested in the glimpses of editing tools seen towards the end though, but that’s because editing tools really dunk my biscuits.


  1. TimePointFive says:

    There aren’t enough awesome games just about flying about…in 3d.

  2. Frank says:

    No mention of the dev, even in the tag? On account of that paper-rotatey-jumpey game, I’m a fan.

    EDIT: Hrm, indiegogo calls me a bot when I try to “follow” the campaign instead of greedily collecting my email address like every other site on the web. I’m not *such* a huge fan that I’ll find another system to remind myself with, so… no funding from me, likely. Oh well.

    • brokenrules says:

      That is unfortunate because we need every follower we can get. You can even get a reward without backing the project yourself. Please try again.

      • Frank says:

        I tried again with no success, but found out that rememberthemilk understands when I tell it to remind me “in 20 days”, so done and done. I’ll be checking in later. Best of luck with the campaign!

    • Harlander says:

      that paper-rotatey-jumpey game

      And Yet It Moves?

  3. Freud says:

    This looks like a hippie game.

  4. Courteous D says:

    That is pretty. The art style reminds me a bit of Brian Wildsmith.

  5. Ny24 says:

    Games from Austria!

  6. Didden says:

    I immediately liked these guys from their pitch and like the art style. Good luck gents!

    • brokenrules says:

      Thanks a lot! Doing our best, here. If you want to support us, please spread the word about our game. We’re still very much unknown.

  7. epmode says:

    I’m wary of games that go for flexible funding on Indiegogo. Looks interesting though.

    • brokenrules says:

      Flexible funding means you get instant access to the alpha of the game. You shouldn’t be wary because there is no risk at all. You immediately get a game when you back. Just like on Steam Early Access.

  8. says:

    Wot, has reminding of the Staring Eyes tag become so passe while I was away (read: the weekend)?!
    I want my cheap social affiliation options, damnit!

  9. Urthman says:

    I’m still sore about Chasing Aurora never making it to PC. That trailer was so beautiful.

  10. antinmol628 says:

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  11. BlackLabel says:

    Backed with a 10er. Good luck. Really like the artstyle and premise.

  12. skullBaseknowledge says:

    to see how shy, withdrawn designers and programmers are dragged out in to the daylight to speak stilted pr-talk always breaks my heart

  13. DXN says: