Assassin’s Creed IV On PC Has GODRAYS

The whole game looks exactly like this.

As you all know (and probably expected for months on end), Ubisoft decided to delay Assassin’s Creed IV’s PC release into November’s deepest waters. But why? How could this possibly make any sense? Well, I posit the following: it was an act of god. Wait, sorry, no. Godrays. AC IV has them, you see, but only on PC. And also only if you use Nvidia tech, because blah blah blah proprietary nonsense blah blah blah graphics. That does mean a subtly nicer-looking experience, though. And while I doubt Ubisoft gave our version a last-second shove so it could tighten up the graphics on level three, it’s at least something.

One thing enhanced godrays have with god is that you, um, can’t really see them.

The alterations are exceedingly subtle – hardly a selling point, if you ask me. I mean, if you already have a card that’s compatible, then hurrah. Otherwise, whatever. You’re not really missing out on anything of consequence.

So then, Assassin’s Creed IV. It will have black flags, and probably flags of other colors as well. It looks like An Assassin’s Creed Game, but with pirates and a maybe more interesting world. I’m pretty well ambivalent about it at this point, like a sleepily serene ocean that plays host to more idyllic vacations than swashbuckling battles. How about you?


  1. staberas says:

    Interesting, so should i PIRATE this game? /jk

  2. Kadayi says:

    “But why? How could this possibly make any sense?”

    link to

    • basilisk says:

      Oh, I’d definitely much rather have AC4 that has been optimised well in February than AC4 that runs like molasses right now.
      Then again, AC3 was optimised so very badly for PCs I’m not sure this argument holds water.

    • tobias says:

      Makes it all the more remarkable that other developers manage simultaneous releases without magical ‘master versions’! It’s horseshit, and transparently about protecting early console sales from a hit by pc piracy. If Ubisoft, with all its resources. was even vaguely interested in a simultaneous release, they could do it.

      • Kadayi says:

        Mayhap something to do with Ubis core team approach as well.

      • airmikee99 says:

        “transparently about protecting early console sales from a hit by pc piracy.”

        How does that make sense?

        If someone has both a console and a PC, if they buy the game on console, are they going to buy it again on PC, or pirate it?
        If someone has only a console, why would their purchase of the game affect PC sales?
        If someone has only a PC, why would a delay protect console sales?

        I’m not defending Ubisoft, I uninstalled all of their games last year when their CEO said only 7% of Ubi game players actually purchased their games and 93% of their players were pirates, and I haven’t installed any of their games since. But how does a delay in the PC release protect console sales?

        • diamondmx says:

          Don’t agree with it, but here’s the logic:

          People who have both a PC and a console have to choose which platform they’ll buy it on, if they release at the same time, then people could choose PC, pirate it instead of buying, and then have the game.

          If they release it on console only, and they assume the console’s DRM is infallible, then the pirate option is not there, as noone has the game to crack it yet. So, impatient people who would have previously pirated it will just buy it.

          Obviously, this screws over people who do buy games and prefer PC, or do buy games and only have PC. But not screwing their customers isn’t top concern.

          They are probably also aware of the group of people who get a bit irritated at them and choose not to buy it, or pirate it, or borrow it, but instead give ubisoft the good ol’ one fingered salute and play .

        • Seafort says:

          It doesn’t make any sense. This is Ubisoft we are talking about. They’ve gone out of their way to screw over PC gamers from day 1 and they still expect us to kiss their ass because they brought their games to PC weeks/months after the consoles.

          Even their CEO thinks only 7% of PC gamers buy their games which is complete bollocks. If that were true it would make no business sense to make the PC port in the first place as they wouldn’t profit from it.

          I’ve given up on Ubisoft they are just as bad as Activision and EA for creating yearly updates to their games and expecting people to pay full price for the same game.

    • Stardreamer says:

      Given your complete lack of respect for RPS’ editorial independence when it comes to Steam, Kad, it’s highly surprising, and more than a little amusing, to find you defending a company like Ubisoft. Let’s hope nobody has the bad manners to accuse you of shilling for a major corporation, eh?

      Ubisoft’s stated reasons for delaying PC versions are highly suspect, given that the ‘one-month’ phenomenon comes AFTER Ubi have stated a simultaneous release, and then mysteriously move the PC date back shortly beforehand. If they were scheduling PC versions to last in the queue, then why advertise it as simultaneous with the console versions at all? Yes, for one or two games but consistently over a period of years? C’mon, that’s stretching believability too far.

      Why has it taken so long for Ubisoft to release this information? It seems like a natural thing to tell disgruntled PC owners, and given that RPS have contacted them on numerous occasions they can hardly have failed to notice those grumbles.

      Finally, Ubisoft’s actions have spoken far louder than one article of mere words can explain away. Their super-aggressive DRM stance made it very clear that PC technical issues weren’t at the forefront of their policy decisions, and most of their behaviour in recent history can be very easily and logically explained by Console-Focused Fear of PC Piracy.

      You may want us to believe the kindly Ubisoft are just misunderstood but there simply isn’t enough evidence to support anything other than the commonly-believed interpretation of their actions to date.

      • mouton says:

        What’s suspect about their motivations? It’s their paranoid view of piracy, wasn’t it established long ago?

        I do not care for Ubi or their games, most of the time, so I do not care. But if they want to shoot themselves in the foot and alienate people who are eager to buy their games day one? Well, can’t save everyone from themselves.

      • Kadayi says:

        ‘Let’s hope nobody has the bad manners to accuse you of shilling for a major corporation, eh?’

        Seems someone already has. Though I’m not entirely sure how simply linking to an actual interview on another site constitutes that by any measure of sanity tbh. I just find the perpetual ‘confusion’ expressed by certain writers over what Ubi do and the why, as if they hadn’t explained themselves elsewhere before just faintly amusing.

    • John Connor says:

      It’s launching at the same time as the other not-shit versions on the new consoles.

      The current-gen ones run like ass and look like shit. I’m happy to wait.

  3. nasenbluten says:

    Yeah those bright-as-day nights seem realistic

    • Felix_Bisto says:

      How else would I find the only pile of hay at night to hide in, right in front of several guards staring directly at the aforementioned hiding place?!

      • OscarWilde1854 says:

        Perhaps in a prior AssCreed game Da Vinci could have invented some renaissance based (magnificently large) wooden ocular device to enable one to see in the dark! A trifocal of some type perhaps! Splinter Creed?

        Then finding those oddly cloned looking piles of hay that are always miraculously the appropriate size for hiding a middle aged hooded man wouldn’t be difficult at all AND the game could have realistic darkness! Plus giving us a one-up on the murderous guards who are always willing to stab a sword all “willy nilly” into random piles of hay in the hopes of impaling justice upon the bastard who accidentally shoved them mere moments earlier!

  4. demicanadian says:

    If only I had godrays in Arma3 on my old radeon… Oh wait, I have.

    • Amun says:


      (This message brought to you by Doritos™)

  5. Pliqu3011 says:

    *crepuscular rays.

  6. Cytrom says:

    Isn’t there like a super technical name for godrays.. like volumetric light.

    No thats not good enough. Anti-Matrix based Volumetric Emission Occlusion Simulation… now THATS ADVANCED and NEXT GEN, like fish AI.

  7. Jackablade says:

    Godrays? Why I used to add godrays to my DS games way back in ought-six, dagnabbit and I didn’t go flapping my gums about it.

  8. lordfrikk says:

    Godrays are so last gen.

    • Henke says:

      Yup, everyone knows that the thing to have next gen isn’t Godrays, but Dograys. Try to keep up, Ubi.

    • Gwilym says:

      Not only godrays, but blatant lies about godrays. Crysis had those in 2007.

      I’m hurt; I upgraded to DX10 purely for the godrays and now they’ve moved the goalposts again. Apparently the industry wants us chasing beams of light forever.

      • Grey Poupon says:

        But you did have godrays in DX10. I guess the effect was just subtle enough in the games that had them so you didn’t even notice. The effect hasn’t always been subtle nor realistic though. I’m guessing Nvidia is starting to make a lot more of their stuff “proprietary”, because they’re afraid of what Mantle might do to the PC economy. So it’ll end up being “buy NVIDIA and you get more effects” and “buy AMD and you’ll get more performance”. Since AMD hasn’t been that keen on making their graphical enhancements work only on AMD cards.

  9. Junkenstein says:

    You wouldn’t believe in invisible flying purple spaghetti rays, would you?

  10. amateurviking says:

    Still no Rollins?

    Get tae!

  11. phelix says:

    Well I do hope nobody’s going to fall for that excuse. An extra shadow filter and slightly more masking in the “god rays” aka crespuscular rays? And TXAA…. looks suspiciously much like FXAA.

    • Keyrock says:

      Maybe they’ve done it better in this game, but in the few games I’ve tried it, I always thought TXAA looked HORRIBLE, FXAA looked fine, and obviously MSAA looked the best.

  12. kael13 says:

    It actually does look like it has a lot of graphics. However, those I doubt those graphics will make up for the combat gameplay.

  13. aldo_14 says:

    “Subtle yet impactful”

    One of these words is a lie. And also not a word, according to firefox spellcheck.

  14. JoeGuy says:

    Making Godrays vendor specific just coz…
    Fantastic games industry we cherish here.

  15. PsychoWedge says:

    They probably read in their design bible that this is the new way to handle these things…

  16. mangrove says:

    This reminds me of being at an opticians.

    Them “Better with or without. With. Or Without”.

    Me “I DON’T KNOW”.

    • LordMidas says:

      Haha. Brilliant.
      I was going to reply with a witty clever comment, but no need after reading yours.
      Still, with/without the game looks effin’ stunning.

  17. 2late2die says:

    Funny, ENB mods for Skyrim have been adding all those effects for the past two years fully compatible with whatever card you own. But yeah, sure, make it vendor specific – you surely will sell more games this way… oh wait!

    • Premium User Badge

      particlese says:

      It was even possible in Oblivion using OBGE and I’m sure Morrowind’s equivalent. I still have an OBGE shader from 2009 where I implemented Nvidia’s “GPU Gems 3” version for it and ran it on my Radeon. I made it depend on the time of day and everything, but I soon decided it was pretty dumb considering the drop in framerate. To be fair, I never got clever about smoothing out the chunkiness of that technique, but I’m pretty sure that’s long since been solved. It does look like this “optimized” version is doing some funny extra stuff, but I’d be amazed if it can’t be done efficiently on AMD cards.

      *sigh* If only the companies would set aside their rivalry for one glorious moment and put simulated hair on the god rays…

  18. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Sounds like a marketeer closed their eyes and opened a GPU Gems binder he found tooooo…
    CHAPTER 13!!! Hey, guys, check this out! PCs can do this, right? At least the ones made by Nvidia? C’mon… Fine, I’m putting this in myself, but I’ll make it subtly different from what’s already there so no one notices until after the CDs are pressed. And I’ll call it “optimized” because it I did it for the PC version.

  19. Stardreamer says:

    Yeah, I’m getting sick of this NVIDIA/AMD split. There’s no earthly reason why AMD-powered games can’t have things like bloody godrays. Lego Batman 2 has godrays, FFS, and you’re telling us your AAA flagship IP can only manage them on Nvidia hardware, Ubisott?

    “Oh do fuck off”, to quote Mr Rossignol.

  20. bstard says:

    Is there any promo video for this game?

  21. DatonKallandor says:

    Oh my Godrays. They’ve only been standard features since the beginning of the last console generation. Truly Ubisoft pushing the graphical envelope of 2013. Sorry 2003. Missed it by a decade.

    • snowgim says:

      That’s not an exaggeration, two generations even! First time I remember seeing god rays was on SW Battlefront in 2004! I guess, they weren’t quite as well optimised as these ones though.

  22. Tei says:

    Thanks ubisoft, *hugs*.

  23. strangeloup says:

    Having died of boredom during Assassins Creed III and been resurrected as a vengeful spirit just in time for halloween, I rather suspect “You’re not really missing out on anything of consequence” also sums up a new AssCree game pretty well.

  24. oravalag says: