What’s Going On With Lego Marvel’s Mess Of A Release?

If you’re in the futuristic megacities of Americaland, you’ll likely know that you can buy and play Lego Marvel Super Heroes on Steam right now. You’ve been able to for a week or so. If you’re in, say, Britain, you may not know that you too can’t. Except, until recently, you could buy it! Just not play it. It’s been fixed now, but for a while there, Steam had it as a “coming soon” with a release date in the past, and a store page that let you buy it with no warnings. Just, when you went to install it, it got stuck. So what happened there? And why isn’t it out in the UK for another two weeks?

This is all rather a big shame, really, since the game is absolutely splendid. Our review will be up tomorrow.

We’ve contacted both Warner and Valve to find out what happened, and indeed what is still happening. Because it’s rather serious that the game was presented as available, and willing to take your money, but then not playable. The situation’s resolved, but I count me amongst the number of those who are affected. (COUGH-VPNLETSYOUPLAY-COUGH.) Neither has got back to us at the time of publication.

As for the massive delay, I expect we’ll eventually be told (if we’re told) that it’s something to do with localisation, etc. But of course, a) why wasn’t that finished for release? and b) it seems to be fine for the UK, and there’s a UK Steam store.

It remains deeply mysterious why the release of TT Games’ Lego series is seemingly always such a mess. We’ve never managed to get review code out of anyone, and with some games, have been entirely unable to find out even who is doing the PR for it. That’s not good PR! In the case of such a massive title as Lego Marvel, the lack of promotion is deeply mysterious. Try to find out about it on TT Games’ own site:

The only mention I can find is from the 10th January. Warner’s game page is a dreadful mess, and doesn’t acknowledge the game exists. Lego’s own site mentions it, but it’s not easy to find from their homepage. Which also reveals a demo, by the way. “It might be a good idea to get your parents to help with this.” My mum flat-out refused.

Perhaps they just don’t care, knowing that the money will pour in through console retail, and they’ll surround their palaces with another moat of liquid gold. But when such love is clearly being poured into the game, it’s such a shame to see such dismissive disdain shown for it at release.


  1. ChrisMidget says:

    I have always enjoyed LEGO games, as with the physical set but to be honest the number of times I have had a save to be corrupted annoys me so I can’t be bothered. Also Minecraft is more like the physical lego in terms of creativity.
    Tis a shame TT games can’t run a launch or deal with bugs all that well.

  2. Ansob says:


    How recently was recently? I bought it off Nuuvem last week (for £13; thanks, globalisation), and have been playing it in little bits since. I’m in the UK, the game wasn’t indicated as a special US-only copy, so I’m curious as to what exactly happened.

    e; I actually bought it Monday and not Saturday, so I guess that counts as “recently.”

    • Stardreamer says:

      Confirmed. £13.37, says Paypal. Awesome. Looks like this may be my first digital Lego game purchase. God bless Google Translate! :)

    • Jockie says:

      Ohh, nice. Cheers!

  3. Trillby says:

    Press sneak fucks.
    Always digging for clarity when corporations are just looking out for our best interest. Don’t you know that we Europeans aren’t ready for Lego Marvels? I’m sure they would have released it if we’d been psychologically prepared. Americans are just more equipped for this sort of thing.

  4. Stardreamer says:

    Time to talk about the DLC as well, I reckon.

    Lego Batman 2 has DLC, but not for PC. Lego Marvel has DLC, but I can find no mention of it coming to the One True Platform. Really wanted the Batman 2 DLC as well – frickin’ Nightwing! Marvel’s has Dark Phoenix. If I’m not getting to be a naughty cosmic force of destruction and rebirth either, then…well….I shall be sending Traveller’s Tales a frosty letter composed mostly of the word “graarrrg!” repeatedly applied in various strengths of typesetting.

    • Tensokuu says:

      Their Twitter team stated that the DLC will come out for the PC before the game launch.

      It would be nice to know if they’re ever going to patch the bugs out of the game though (probably not).

  5. Meusli says:

    Adam lives in Manchester yes? Send him down the road to ask them face to face what is going on, that’ll scare ’em.

  6. Mokinokaro says:

    Be glad in a way. The game loves to crash to desktop and the achievements don’t work at all (seems to be at Steam’s end for the latter.)

  7. Lex says:

    Localization as a reason would be pretty stupid as it was playable for a few hours and in german at least … I think that retail stores are more of a reason …

  8. Tei says:

    I have 58 hours played lego star wars with my cousin. Is such a good game to play with a kid :D

  9. guvuhmann says:

    Warner Bros specifically might have some small aversion to wanting to promote a Marvel Lego game, or possibly to be to publically linked to anything Marvel Studios.

    I don’t mean this in a tin foil hat sense, and I know that Cash Rules Everything Around Me,
    but still, they holding the DC properties as huge tent poles in their movie release future and might see Marvel/Disney as competition in some way.

    I’m not even saying this must be true, but just raising it as a possible factor, since I really don’t know how Warner Bros has handled other games that they are associated with, and don’t really know anyways the way these kind of things play out.

    regardless, sounds like a combination of things resulting in a mess.

  10. Jackablade says:

    The release has actually been weirder than that still. In Australia the game popped up at the same time as the US release with the (cheaper) US price. It could be downloaded and played immediately despite being officially several weeks from release.

    Then it got disabled. With no warning the “play” button disappeared in Steam as the game reverted back to pre-release. I sent some polite “please explain” letters to both WB and Steam, because that’s pretty crappy, even if someone made a mistake somewhere along the line.

    2 days later it got re-enabled and I’ve been able to play to my heart’s content ever since. It’s pretty weird and given we’re still not at official release, I’m still a little worried that it’s going to disappear again.

    It’s a lot of fun. Still has a few of the old Lego game problems – difficult to judge depth and horrible vehicle controls, but there’s obviously been an enormous amount of work gone into making things fun and varied both in the campaign and the outside world and it’s full of cute little details. I’m really enjoying it.

  11. Scurra says:

    Hey, at least Steam has got this one. You’d never know there was a Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game (and jolly good fun it was too. Better than the third film, anyway – and it even had a good stab at making sense of the plot of that one as well.)

  12. Pippy says:

    I loved the demo so I bought the game.Someday soon I hope to be able to play it as well.