Bolt Riley Is A Reggae Adventure Game, Kickstartering

Here’s an interesting team-up. Corey and Lori Cole, the impossibly named couple behind the wonderful Quest For Glory games, and Israeli studio Adventure Mob. They’re looking to make a classic-style graphic adventure, about a chap called Bolt Riley, and his attempt to become the greatest Reggae star of them all. It’s been in development for about a year, and now they’re on Kickstarter looking for $120k.

Themed around and about reggae music, they’re looking to make the money to, well, add the reggae music. And voice actors, and get the whole project completed. Clearly this is primarily the project of Adventure Mob, with the Coles focused on Hero-U, but the veteran pair designed Bolt Riley’s second chapter, and seem to be generally collaborating.

There are to be three chapters to it, each stand-alone, and the first already in a playable alpha. The initial funding goal secures the release of chapter 1, but the front page gets a little ambiguous over what ensures we see chapters 2 and 3 – something they might want to be more clear about, since they’re hanging their Kickstarter on the Coles’ involvement. There’s more detail about that in a recent update:

A copy of the final game comes with the $15 level, although there are still earlybird $12 versions available.


  1. SD says:

    Wow, that cel-animation sits right with me, has a nice Daedalic aura about it. I wonder who their animation team is, or if it’s all done in-house. Never seen a Reggae point-n-click adventure, with probably The Journey Down coming the closest (though it’s really more noir jazz with a Caribbean theme). Getting excited about this one!

    • SoundGuy says:

      SD: yes. we’ve done this all in house . you can see credits for the artists here
      link to
      We had 10 of the most talented 2d graphic artists in Israel. One who also worked on Academy Award Winner Ari Fullman’s movie “The Congress” (now in theaters).

      This isn’t really a fantasy story like Journey down, but set in 1970s Jamaica. Expect an announcement about Bolt Riley that is related to The Journey Down in an upcoming update.

      Thanks for backing!!

      Oded Sharon
      Adventure Mob.

      • Monkeh says:

        Wow, that artstyle is freaking gorgeous! Feels like watching an animated [European] comic!

  2. tomimt says:

    I backed this on the 12 dollar level, not because I’m that interestred about reggae music, but because I want to see what quality of game they can do. They were the originally chosen dev team for Larry Reloaded l before they got booted out from that.

  3. amateurviking says:

    True story: I spent all last weekend bogling to Aswad.

  4. Spakkenkhrist says:

    I’m not a big fan of point and click adventure games or reggae but I really like the artwork here and the original subject matter, hope this succeeds.

  5. Michael Fogg says:

    Said I remember when we used to click
    On every object in our Inventory
    Until Telltale, they’ve shown us
    There’s more than that to adventure games

  6. BurningPet says:

    Hah, this looks great.

    Backed for the love of reggae and for small portion of patriotism.

  7. Arglebargle says:

    Interesting. Travelled through Jamaica (focused on the Cockpit country) in the ’90’s while reading about the same area from the ’60’s. It made for an interesting experiance. Also played in an Afro-Reggae band (our sax player moved up to tour with Burning Spear’s band), so this sounds right up my alley.

    Will also be interested to see how the haze of smoke plays out in game.

  8. Contrafibularity says:

    Mad mon! This looks great, can’t back it now but instant buy when it comes out.