South Park: The Stick Of Truth Has Slipped, Again, Into 2014

Gamers outisde Ubi HQ.

Along with Watch_Dogs and The Crew, now South Park: The Stick Of Truth has fallen into next year. The game already slipped and slid when it was THQ’s property, and it doesn’t seem to be getting a grip on the town’s famously snowy streets under its new rulership. Having previously been given the 10th December for console (although PC was conspicuously never announced, and naturally Ubisoft ignored all our enquiries as to why), it’s now three months further on, on the 7th March 2014. Ubi are hoping a genuinely good video will make us calm. It’s less likely to work on their shareholders, who are already throwing their stakes out of the window and running screaming into the hills.

The news, as so often is the case, is delivered in a nonchalant press release that doesn’t actually say that it’s slipped. However, it comes with a statement from South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker rather taking the piss out of the issue.

“We always wanted the game to feel like you’re actually in an episode of South Park,” says Matt Stone and Trey Parker. “Getting the game up to the crappy standards of the show has been a real challenge and we’re excited to say it’s taken way longer than we thought it would.”

To appease the masses, there’s seven minutes of video, showing not only that the game certainly does look like an episode of South Park, but also exploration and turn-based combat. And farts. And the player character appears to be called “Douchebag”.

I really hope, if it ever actually comes out, that it will be more than just game spoofing. What makes South Park today so strikingly different to South Park ten years ago is the ambiguous social commentary, and topicality. The latter is clearly impossible for a project that’s going as wrong as this one, but the former would seem a conspicuous absence in 2014.


  1. SAeN says:

    Still looking forward to this. And it couldn’t possibly be as bad as the new season has been so far.

    • Phoibos Delphi says:

      I was watching a different 17th season then, because I found the four episodes that have aired so far to be among the best ones yet… fistbump, bro!

      I hope the long wait pays off… the trailer looks and sounds abosulutely promising.

      • TheTingler says:

        The last episode was the Minecraft episode, satirizing videogame violence and parents’ reactions to it, and it was utterly great.

        • Phoibos Delphi says:

          I really loved Cartmans dream sequence in “World War Zimmermann” when Brad Pitt and all other voices inside his dream are spoken by himself, he even sings the songs on the car stereo.

  2. guygodbois00 says:

    This is getting out of hand.

  3. bitbot says:

    With all these delays maybe we’ll finally get an Obsidian game that isn’t buggy as hell?

    • Lars Westergren says:

      You are too late. Dungeon Siege 3 wasn’t buggy, South Park uses the same in-house engine.

      I like almost everything I’ve seen about this, still looking forward to it a lot. My only concern is that combat looks like it could be very slow to navigate the menus, yet JRPG easy. (i.e. only the boss battles will be even a slight challenge, everything else will just be a grind).

      • RProxyOnly says:

        You are right, Dugeon Siege 3 wasn’t as buggy as their other releases have been, it was just shite that was all.

  4. RedViv says:

    I would consider an Obsidian game being given more time, despite the weak beating about the bush by Ubisoft, a nice thing.

  5. Synesthesia says:

    hehe, weapon strap-ons.

  6. Yosharian says:

    Hahaha this looks like one fucking bizarre game, can’t wait to play it

  7. SirKicksalot says:

    PC was supposed to come out on December 10th in the US.

  8. dethtoll says:

    Good, this’ll give me time to go through the entire series episode-by-episode (I’d only ever seen 3, 4 episodes before last week.)

  9. SkittleDiddler says:

    Craig. Craig is awesome, and if he doesn’t have a bigger part in this game aside from sidelined NPC, I’m gonna be pissed.

  10. kud13 says:

    Ubi REALLY doesn’t want any of their own games competing with AssCreed in Q4 2013, it’d seem.

    you know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket, Ubi…..

    • dahools says:

      Na, its obvious this is delayed like ass4 so nVidia can put some proprietary post process effects on it and say it is the way we should play it. After the several million $ deal they made together this will now happen to every ubi pc release. Because it wont be developed initially for the console versions running competitor AMD hardware will it!

      Think about it!

  11. Jenks says:

    “…we sadly realized we had to turn this thing upside down if we hoped to deliver the experience everybody wanted”

    If only LucasArts had said the same about KOTOR 2.

  12. InternetBatman says:

    I’m surprised at these delays, project eternity seems to be making steady and constant progress. I hope Obsidian wasn’t planning on making any money from the sales of the game.

  13. RProxyOnly says:

    I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting a JRPG from this… :/

  14. DrScuttles says:

    Ironic considering how quickly they can make an episode of the show some weeks. But I’m strangely happy at the idea of an Obsidian game having slightly longer in the developmentoven, perhaps mainly this is because I kept forgetting exactly when The Stick Of Truth was even meant to be out anyway.

    • bills6693 says:

      Originally early 2013. Got pushed back to April 2013 IIRC. The on hold while THQ died. Then recently revived for Dec 2013. Now march 2014. So over a year late, and almost a year after the longest-standing release date I think.

      To be honest its not delays that worry me. Its ubisoft. I don’t want another UPLAY always online DRM game, with bits cut out to use in its strange non-money-achievement-store thing.

      Also the fact that they’ve never updated the steam page worries me. It still says 2013 with the original video, never got changed to the December date, still says THQ is publishing, everything.

  15. CrowPath says:

    That’s Sir Douchebag to you.

  16. Monkeh says:

    First time seeing actual gameplay and it looks pretty great IMO!

  17. S Jay says:

    Finally gameplay. Looks fun.

  18. povu says:

    This must be the first time in the history of Obsidian that their game is not rushed out too early by publishers.

    • Grayman says:

      Alpha Protocol had its release delayed six months by Sega. Although in that case Obsidian was not paid for any further development on the game and it stayed in the same state it was going to be originally released in.

  19. PopeRatzo says:

    Q4, 2014.

    Bank on it. It’s the singularity into which all the games you want to play disappear.

    You don’t even have to read the articles any more. If there is a AAA title or some other non-indie title that you’re looking forward to playing, just tell yourself, “Q4, 2014” and move on.

    • bills6693 says:

      So sad. Because I plan to depart the world of gaming in Q3 2014 and all the good stuff is coming out mid-late 2014. No time to play it, if stuff even is out.

  20. BreadBitten says:


  21. ankh says:

    South Park has been doing ambiguous social commentary for more than 10 years. As somebody else above said I wasnt expecting a JRPG from this but it looks fun.

  22. ffordesoon says:

    It looks like Super Mario RPG with South Park on top.

    In other words, amazing.

  23. TheTingler says: