It’s A Madhouse: Outlast’s ‘Whistleblower’ Prequel DLC

Outlast might not have been the most inventive horror game ever, but it certainly brought the scares. There is, however, some intrigue in exploring its Standard Horror Setting asylum before it became an implausible sea of saw blades and psychosis given flesh. In fact, I really like that idea – if only because I want to see horror attempt settings that are less trite, typical, or otherwise funhouse-y. Whistleblower is about, well, the whistleblower that clued in original protagonist [Silly Name] to the crazed goings-on at [Another Silly Name’s] asylum. It takes place during a time when everything was still up and running, before it all descended into wanton slaughter. Sounds pleasant, right? Of course not. This is the beginning of the end. You just get to witness it up close.

 The tale goes as follows:

“Starting just before the events of the original game, Outlast: Whistleblower will take players on another horrifying journey through Mount Massive Asylum and into the depths of the human mind. As the whistleblower whose anonymous tip brought original protagonist Miles Upshur to Mount Massive on one fateful night, you’ll encounter the experiments and abuse (conducted in the name of science, of course) that led to the asylum’s downfall – in fact, your encounter may be a bit too close for comfort… Explore the asylum minutes before the slaughter, then experience the outbreak firsthand.”

There’s no release date just yet, but look out. It might be riiiiiiiiight behiiiiiiiiiind yooOOOoooOOOoouuuuuuuu. Or maybe it’s in, like, a few months or something. I don’t know.

Whistleblower definitely has some good ideas. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be functionally the same as Outlast when all is said and done. That’s always the danger with DLC that promises something substantially different, I think. We shall see. For now, um, enjoy the picture of someone either shushing no one in particular or kissing a severed finger, I guess. Such is life in a mad, mad world without screenshots or trailers. I wonder if this is how the dinosaurs speculated about their videogames.


  1. Hotseflots says:

    Oh, goody! I really liked Outlast. It was, as said before, not very inventive, but it did every non-inventive thing really well and I have never been that scared since I figured out the AI of the monsters in Amnesia.

  2. airtekh says:

    Excellent, Outlast is one of my favourite games from this year, so some more is great news.

    I enjoyed it a lot more than Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. The nightvision camera is a great tool for creating tense moments, whereas AMFP rarely managed to scare me.

  3. strangeloup says:

    I’m a bit dismayed there wasn’t a really great deal on A Machine for Pigglewiggles over Halloween. I think it went down to about £9, but that was still over my It Might Be Good limit. Outlast unfortunately looks a bit too much of the “things jump out and go BOOGABOOGABOOGA” school for my liking.

    • truck says:

      It does have a fair few jump scares, but the game is mostly about being chased by things, and it does that really well; there’s a great sense of feverish urgency and terror.

    • DickSocrates says:

      It was only released recently, and £9 is practically giving it away. It’s above my take-a-chance limit too, but that’s a personal judgement. I look at these things from the perspective of the developer too. Is £9 a fair price? Absolutely; too fair. However, is it worth 9 of *my* pounds, to me? Probably not, what with food to buy and bills to pay etc. Thankfully with Steam and GoG though, time really does equal money so all you have to do it wait.

  4. Viroso says:

    I wonder if this is how the dinosaurs speculated about their videogames.

    This is why I keep coming back.

  5. DickSocrates says:

    I’ve seen some videos of the main game. I’m surprised it’s not a willy in that picture.

  6. Navagon says:

    Outlast is good. More Outlast is gooder.