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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Kefkaesque

Sorry if I’ve got the grumpy hat on this week. What’s an Avant-Garde Economist such as myself to do when many of the games that have received worthwhile discounts are also the ones that annoyed me for some reason or other? Hopefully there is still something of interest to you in this week’s bargain bucket, and if you’d prefer me to shut up my face, why not pop along to, where I basically never say much at all in the way of opinions. It’s just the bargains.

Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Invisible War & Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut – £6/€9/$9
Deus Ex: Human Revolution registers on Steam.
Obviously we should all be pleased that Square Enix Montreal went back and fixed the terrible awful broken boss fights from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, after they made the confusing decision to outsource a crucial element of the game to a studio who’s boss didn’t seem to have much of an understanding about what Deus Ex was about. But charging for that fix? Seems pretty galling to me. They made poor decisions that were detrimental to their game, and now they’re insisting that players must live with the consequences of those poor decisions unless they pay more money. Still, if you’ve been living in a ventilation shaft for the past thirteen years, maybe you’ve not played any of the Deus Ex games, and this is a rather cheap price to get all three. I spoke a little bit about how the original was one of the Games That Made Me over here, and you can read Wot John thought of Human Revolution here.

Final Fantasy VII – £3/€3.53/$4.79
This is from Amazon US, so you will need to enter a US billing address. Registers on Steam.
Ever the contrarian, for me this is where the Final Fantasy games took a turn for the worse, and sunk the entire genre with them. I didn’t get around to playing it until after it had been out for a few years, so maybe it worked better for an audience that was still wowed by “PHOTOREALISTIC CGI FMV”, but I found it to be the turning point where I became largely (although not entirely) sick of your Japanese Role Playing Games. From earlier games, I missed the consistent overworld/battle visuals, cut scenes using the same assets as the rest of the game, and epic stories that weren’t told through indulgent (poorly directed) cutscenes. For my money Chrono Trigger was the genre’s peak, and it’s been largely downhill since there. I’ve got plenty of time for games that manage to bust out of the formula laid out by FF7 (TWEWY in particular comes to mind), but I’m probably never going to play anything with the words “Final” and “Fantasy” in it’s title ever again. That staircase bit was pretty good though!

Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition – £6.80/Similar price in other currencies.
Apply coupon “GMG20-P6Y1F-KC19F”. Registers on Steam.
They’re still making these? I’d have thought they’d have gone the way of Kenan & Kel, BBMak and Pogs, destined to found only in our faint memories of the 90s, and maybe buried in a long forgotten time capsule. It’s pretty impressive that they were able to track down most of the original performance capture actors to lend their likeness to this new version, even your man Goro lent a hand. From memory, these game’s single redeeming feature was that they had a move where the man would shout “Get Over Here”, and then he would pull the other character over here. I also thought that the fatalities were fun when I was a child. Is this new one as bad as it looks?

Metro: Last Light – £8.48/€10.18/$13.59
Registers on Steam.
You man Jim quite liked this one:

It’s a linear shooter that kept me engrossed, and even genuinely thrilled at times. Placed next to Crysis 3 and Bioshock Infinite it seems like an equal, even outmatching those ultra-budget big names in some regards. It lacks their extreme precision and QA-smoothed balance, but nevertheless provides meat. It’s very much its own game, and I can only give it credit for its competence in playing with ideas that every shooter tries, and many fail to execute with any originality.

More here.

Deal of the week
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – £12.52/€14.88/$20.62
Registers on Steam.
Hooray for globalism. Here’s comrade Walker made of this game about little plastic people with superpowers punching and kicking other little plastic people with superpowers:

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is bloody brilliant. I’m utterly hooked, have been playing for two days solid and am still a tiny percentage toward complete, enjoying epic set pieces that feel like worthy entries into the muddle of Marvel non-canon. It’s a massive expansion of the usual formula, this time featuring a huge, open New York to explore, ludicrously packed with missions, quests, challenges and mini-games, with the main story quests launching from within. And oh thank goodness, TT are delighting in the vast array of nonsense to spoof and celebrate within the Marvelverse.

More here.

Also of note:
Worms Armageddon, Worms Blast, Worms Ultimate Mayhem, Worms Pinball, Worms Crazy Golf & Superfrog HD – Pay What You Want. Registers on Steam.
Indie Royale Halloween mega-bundle.
Keep an eye on this big Minecon sale (most of the discounts aren’t quite live yet).

For more of the cheap video games, visit

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