Bust Into Lego Minfigures Online’s Closed Beta

As a casual observer of the Lego phenomenon, I am continually baffled by the games. I don’t particularly enjoy the LEGO: Pop Culture Thing third-person smash-em-ups, as I mostly want a creative restructuring of things (though John thinks it’s because I’m made of hate. I assure you the two are not related). Smashing and rebuilding without any control just doesn’t fit into my Lego universe, and while I briefly exposed a nerve of interest when Lego Minfigures Online was announced, Adam’s preview was a splash of cold water that made me grimace. There was a lot of smashy and not a lot of buildy. That’s not to say it’s not in there, but they really didn’t want to talk about it if it is. Ah well, I still have Garry’s Mod and Minecraft, and all other kinds of creative games. If you’re looking for more punchy smashy fun, you can now sign up to the the LMO Closed Beta.

I just did, so I can take my protests right to the game’s servers. If you get in, and you’re running around busting blocks with friends through gaming representations of Lego playsets, have a look out for me. I’ll be the DJ not busting out tunes.

Apparently players will be allowed in as early as this month.


  1. Turkey says:

    I’m so tired of all these lego graphics. Lego developers are so lazy.

  2. Antlia says:

    A minecraft clone with Lego pieces or something like that would be nice.

    Or even if they just made all the environments look like they’re made 100% out of Lego.

  3. RaiderJoe says:

    I’d also like to point out that they are recycling the music from LEGO Universe. It’s great music, but still… not a promising sign, especially considering the game looks identical to their past failure.

  4. Moraven says:

    Why don’t they take their lego designer, link to ldd.lego.com, improve it, and put it in a game. Thats all they need to do. That is what people want. Minecraft should be a huge eye opener to them…

    But no one at Lego will do it and Funcom for some reason does not think to do it.

    Everytime I see a new voxel game I think of my times with Legos as a kid. The castle building voxel game reminds me of playing with the Castle sets. The one voxel Spacehip creator game reminds me of playing with the Space sets.

    Now give me aquatic and generic and I would be gold…Voxel game based in the ocean….

    Terror from the Deep will have to do I guess.

    • Koozer says:

      They are way ahead of you. Sadly the series seems to have died for some unfathomable reason. Maybe the current bosses are doing a Games Workshop and don’t want the games to be identical to the physical products.

      • Moraven says:

        Wow, missed this in 98. If they would update this it would be grand. Let us build, let us destroy.

  5. Reapy says:

    Lego has gotten weird and over priced. There is a reasonably new lego store that opened up in a mall near by and we went in with the kids, and of coarse they loved playing with all the set ups and they had some cool sets, but damn me the prices were ridiculous.

    Also the whole minifigure thing was kinda crazy, they were selling opaque bags of minifigure parts, I guess like a collectable card thing? Some guy was standing over there squeezing the bags trying to feel what was inside them to get the right one. They also had a station for building your own mini figure @ 3 for 10 dollars for those tiny things.

    I enjoyed lego growing up, but honestly don’t think I can afford to have my kids enjoy it and instead will eventually try to get them building things in minecraft. I wish I had saved more of the kits I had, though in reality the most I could end up building custom always ended up as some sort of variation on a wall rather than anything interesting.

    • airmikee99 says:

      Lego has gotten overpriced? Lego has always been overpriced, but they’ve actually decreased since their original release. link to therealityprose.wordpress.com

    • Phasma Felis says:

      Sigh. Lego has not “gotten overpriced”. Lego was always expensive (by volume, compared to other toys, because you’re paying for quality). You just didn’t know it was expensive, because you were a kid and you weren’t paying for it and your memories of childhood aren’t that clear anyway.

      See also: Lego Used To Be Just Bricks And Nothing Else (not true since the 70s), Transformers Used To Be Made Entirely Of Metal (they didn’t).

      • werix says:

        Basically this. I might think things are over-priced, but it was my parents buying them for me when I was growing up (must rescue my legos from my parents house). So i can’t say for certain.

        One thing that is pissing me off is how legos have become flooded with nothing but licensed legos. Maybe it’s stupid nostalgia and I’m being a regressive, but I miss the days when lego was a city, pirate, space, castle, and one or two other original set types(western, underwater, time travel Mummies etc). Now for every galaxy squad (god I love galaxy squad) or Chima (not so much) there are two Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings, or Lone Ranger. That’s right, we get flipping Lone Ranger legos, but I can’t buy a pirate ship now that I’m an adult with money to waste.

        Rant done now.

  6. darkhog says:

    If you want LEGO-like game with actual building, try Blockland. Really.

  7. Foosnark says:

    Lego Universe left such a bad taste in my mouth that I won’t even try this one.

    I do kind of look forward to the upcoming movie, though. Probably it’ll be a “wait for DVD from the public library” movie, but still more entertaining than any of the games have been.

  8. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    There was this sense of foreboding when the Funcom logo made its appearance. A bit strange when they are far from the only ones to deliver flawed/failed products. That and their games certainly hold nuggets of promise (which they then don’t tend to deliver on, but hey).