Hungry For More Don’t Starve? Try The Screecher

He was like that when I got here!
Did anyone do anything for Halloween? I was left alone in an empty house, so I watched Ghost Watch and strutted fearlessly about the house, bravely turning all the lights on (to better see the ghosts and murderers). Klei Entertainment’s halloween celebration was a bit different than that. They held a Halloween modding game jam to [things that go] bump [in the night] up Don’t Starve’s mod count. But more importantly they released their own mod for Don’t Starve, one that turned the game of survival into a Slender Man-esque forest romp.

Now this is a little bit old, but I wasn’t around when it popped up and no-one else picked it up. But look at it. They’ve done a pretty superb job of reworking their game, flipping the perspective, turning off the HUD, and darkening the edges of the player’s vision. You can’t tell it’s Don’t Starve.

With that as inspiration, the players got to work. Though they never quite reworked the game as fully as the developers managed to, there is now a pile of horror-themed mods for you to add to your game. My favourite is the gorgeous Haunted House that challenges you to spend the night for a prize.


  1. Dayofthedan says:

    The Screecher was pretty fun and doesn’t take to long to finish. Would like to see more like it

  2. SillyWizard says:

    Was…was that video all there is to the Screecher?

  3. Leb says:

    I played this last night, it is short and sweet. Loved the ending heh

  4. Litany says:

    Argh Ghost Watch! Don’t remind me that fucking show practically put me in a lunatic asylum as a kid. The Screecher looks great though.