Broken Sword 5 Broken In Half: First Ep In December

Chop a snake in half and you don’t get two snakes: you get a bit of a snake, a cleaning bill, and a visit from the RPSCA. Games aren’t snakes (apart from Snake), so Revolution has taken the opportunity to turn their Kickstarted adventure game, Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse, into a pair of episodes to be released over two months. The first episode will be out on December the 4th and the next will be released in January, with episodes priced £9.99 each, or £14.99 if both are bought together. Kickstarter backers will get both episodes. Theory time: is it because Charles Cecil has to take the rest of December off to be Santa Claus?

My gut says “maybe” on that one. I am a bit cynical. Two games that Revolution claims are each a “full sized game in its own right” (the original BS was about ten hours all told, wasn’t it?), but initially began as a single story? I hope where the first game stops is a naturally intriguing point in the story, and not just at a cut-off point that robs the story of all momentum. Particularly if you’re waiting a month to resolve it.


  1. SRTie4k says:

    George and Nico either never age, or they have a fantastic plastic surgeon.

    • Chiron says:

      Nico looks pretty much the same, George however looks like he’s taking steroids.

  2. Defender says:

    There’s some speculation that this is so Papa Cecil can get some money rolling in for the holiday. But the speculation continues such that the money would be used to finish the game. If part 2 is due out a month later, I find that thread of logic hard to believe.

    What does make more sense is that they wanted to be done for the holidays to get some non-backer money to come in. But production wasn’t going to be done by then, so they’re doing this to at least bring in some holiday money (and banking on people to purchase both episodes, perhaps). I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if part 1 had some corners cut from QA so that it could be released for December, though I’d also expect patches to resolve the problems before I even get around to playing it.

    (Apologies for incoherence; fighting a cold)

    • guygodbois00 says:

      Me too – fighting a cold Corona. Several, actually. Quite agree with your assessment – you are right on the money. Or better – they are, as they very well should. I hope the game turns out to be worthy successor to first two parts (which are my favorites) but somehow I doubt that will be the case here.

    • Badgercommander says:

      It’s likely the case but what’s really interesting is how the response is different from that of Broken Age where they were honest about the reason and got a lot of flak about it. Here there’s no mention of money issues and no outcry.

      • Illessa says:

        Yup – the Broken Age timeline is also pretty short between parts too (though still twice as long as BS). January for part 1, April for part 2

        I wonder any of the outcry stemmed from Double Fine calling it early access rather than episodes, though I’d have expected that to cause less confusion, not more. I guess they want the game to be considered a single whole in the long term, where Revolution are more comfortable with leaving that marker in (and get the tasty extra cash for charging separately)? All very odd.

        • aurious says:

          Broken Age will not be episodic.. it’s one game which will be released (probably) in April.. you’ll just be able to get access to the first half before then.
          The Serpents Curse is being released as 2 seperate episodes (games/products/…) each of which will be charged for seperately unless you’re a backer or buy them bundled together.

          • Illessa says:

            Yup, I’m a backer for both so I’m definitely aware of how they’re both being sold to us – it’s just interesting to me the two approaches to what amounts to the exact same decision – being hey, we have a natural break in the story at point x, so if we polish the backend systems and first half to completion we can release it in two chunks.

        • Keyrock says:

          I think the short time between episodes is indeed what induced the more positive reaction toward this than Broken Age. A month or so isn’t really that long a time to wait between episodes. If you’re like me and take your sweet time getting through the game, talking to and and clicking on absolutely everything and everybody, you may only wind up waiting a week or two after finishing the first half to start up the next half. It makes seem more like waiting another week for a new episode of a show, which is pretty standard. In the case of Broken Age, that extra time, even though 3 months isn’t really that long, seems like an eternity in comparison. There’s also the point that Broken Age was already well behind the original schedule when they let slip the fact that it would be broken up in half and Broken Sword is far less behind schedule.

          • Xocrates says:

            Honestly, the reaction to Broken Age’s split was more due to the reporting than the actual contents. Frankly, there is no reason why people aren’t far angrier about this than Broken Age.

      • aurious says:

        Broken Age has a higher profile.. it got a lot more money, is considered the poster child for Kickstarter games and is running later than the original estimated date.

        The Early Access announcement was reported very negatively on a number of sites and wasn’t actually a public announcement, it was intended for the private backer forums where there was a lot more context for the decision.

        People are far more resigned to ‘Kickstarter project running late’ announcements these days.

  3. Keyrock says:

    I’m pretty pumped. Between this and Moebius, which I’m still assuming will make it out this year, if not then January or February, I’ll be doing a lot of pointing and clicking in the near future.

  4. Potajito says:

    That Revolution logo takes me back !

  5. XhomeB says:

    I so hope it plays closer to BS1 and 2 than 3&4 in terms of puzzle design and story… The latter two simply didn’t have any charm or staying power whatsoever compared to the 2D originals.

    • Ross Angus says:

      I’ve just replayed all four in anticipation of The Serpent’s Curse, and I have to agree. Despite getting into the games initially in their 3D incarnations, it was the earlier games which have aged well. Still, the director’s cut of the first game is excellent. Hopefully the new game will be more like that.

    • Lukasz says:

      I’ve beaten BS4 few months ago and I found it fairly bad. no wonder the series died. Story was weak, puzzles were boring, story WAS weak…. Last two or three hours of game I just halfassed just to be done with it.

      Liked number three tough. Disliked the departure from beautiful 2d setting but otherwise it was a splendid game.