We’ve Got (A Free) Company (Of Heroes 2 Expansion Soon)

Any time something is named 'Turning Point,' I think of Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and get very, very sad.

More Company of Heroes 2? Oh Relic, no, I couldn’t possibly… Well, OK, if you insist. But just a couple spoonfulls and then– *KA-WOMP* You just dropped a tank on the table. Yeah, I guess I should’ve seen that coming. Less expected but no less appreciated, however, are a map creation tool, two new multiplayer maps, and four new multiplayer commanders. All of it’s free, too. Now could someone pass the salt? This stuff tastes a bit gamey.

The mini-expansion is titled “Turning Point,” and it’ll be out on November 12th. The biggest (not) selling point is easily the World Builder, which allows for the creation and sharing of custom maps.

Beyond that, it all sounds fairly standard. Well, except for the new commanders, who owe their allegiance not to Relic, but to viewers like you. Publisher Sega explained in a blog post:

“Four new Commanders, two per faction, are being introduced into the game’s multiplayer and skirmish modes. One Commander from each faction was designed by members of the Company of Heroes 2 community during a visit to Relic this summer.”

So there you have it. It would’ve been nice if the game had launched with a map editor, but better late than never I suppose. Now then, what grand visions of cold warring (but not that kind) are you conjuring up?


  1. Hunchback says:

    Speaking of CoH2 – Is the multiplayer fixed now, or is it still unbalanced and bad?
    I have friends who claimed that it was very bad in terms of balance and stuff, and really abandoned the game, especially since the devs apparently wouldn’t patch anything.

    What’s the current situation on the MP scene? Should i buy the game for xmas?

    • chris1479 says:

      Don’t bother. As with every AAA title these days it got great scores and reviews but the game is very average, it’s not just not as good as CoH 1 it takes a step backwards in some areas. The performance on it is terrible even on high end machines. Also, it’s only a minor thing, but I absolutely hate the camera in Coh2, it’s like being forced to play with your face superglued right onto the screen. Why can’t I just bloody zoom out?

      • Bostec says:

        The UI also takes up most of the screen for some reason and it has those terrible deep freeze levels, you know the one where everything is freezing and you have to find a fire source quick or you become a snowman. I really hate that style of cheap gameplay. I gave up after that.

      • Hunchback says:

        True, the camera seemed a bit too close to the ground for my liking, during beta. I did play quite a bit in beta, but i couldn’t really get an impression of the game since it was … beta.

        I am quite sad that they didn’t deliver with this title, it was probably the most awaited MP game for the year for me, i really love the concept and the gameplay of COH… *sigh*

      • Umbert says:

        To say something positive:
        The devs are working closely together with the community to fix any imbalances. And since its release there have been a bunch of patches that fix the problems that the game had on launch to a point I would say that it is ready for tournament play. If you are interested in the Multiplayer you should give it a try. Maybe pick it up if its on sale this christmas season.

        The camera is and was always a problem for CoH. Maybe mods (or hacks) could enable you to zoom out further, so don’t expect it to be supported by the devs or in Multiplayer.

        To promote a bit: link to coh2.org
        Go there, watch some VoDs and judge by yourself. I for myself think that CoH (1&2) is one of the most interesting and exciting games to watch being played.

      • Runty McTall says:

        Zoom on RTS games has been a big issue for me too. At some point about 10 years ago I just got unwilling or unable to play an RTS without being able to zoom out to a reasonable degree (I think it started with Command & Conquer Generals, which I modded to increase the zoom).

        I just feel lost somehow when my view is smushed against the ground. I want to be able to tell what’s going on… and I just can’t. I find myself scrolling uselessly on the mouse wheel.

        Then I quit and go play something else.

        • G-Lord says:

          This sounds exactly like my experience with zoom in RTS games. That’s why I found the latest Eugene Systems games (R.U.S.E., Wargame) so liberating. It’s really hard to go back afterwards.

    • Strabo says:

      The Balance is much, much better than it was at launch.

      Still not as good as CoH 1, though.

      And the number of blizzard maps is much reduced as well, which is a nice improvement. They’re a nice change, but you don’t want them to be too frequent.

  2. Soulstrider says:

    Speaking of Relic, I wonder if they are still doing the Dawn of War III. They had announced it but since THQ bankruptcy, the license has been all over the place and dunno if they could still be doing it.

    • fuggles says:

      Nothing has been announced, but after 9 years the Dow1 modding scene is still going strong if you have a copy of soulstorm.

      • Soulstrider says:

        I do happens to have it, though I never actually got mods for it. I used to play a lot of Retribution multiplayer back when it came out, and damn now I need to reinstall Retribution.

        • fuggles says:

          The non-modding rot really kicked in at DoW2. I made some new game modes whilst other people have sort of hacked in new units but you overwrite rather than add them in.

          Soulstorm is still the best WH40K RTS around in terms of content, possibly ever, as it had 9 races in the box and modders have made roughly 20 new races for it, albeit some are still being worked on. I’m in most of the mod teams that are still going for vanila race mods so I’m lucky. There are also crazy popular mods like Ultimate Apocalypse which create massive battles with not only zoomed out cameras, but giant titans and nukes etc.

          I’m a vanilla race guy, so with the combiner mod linking it all up you have a WH40K game with nearly 30 races. Not all the units are current, but you can’t beat the variety as we’ve tried to make each race distinctive to the next. Entering our 10th year of modding we are hitting certain challenges in terms of remaining talent, but we should see most remaining projects entering an advanced public beta either this year or next I would guess. As ever, more than happy to point people in the right direction as the community is superb. I play it nearly daily to develop mods or to fire up a random vs random match and roll with the punches.

          • Soulstrider says:

            Well damn,30 races? I guess I’ll have to reinstall it and find some mods.

            Which mod as the biggest community? Though I have no idea how to plays Soulstorm online and I am pretty sure I’ll just be butchered by people playing this for years.

          • Lengle says:

            Thanks for this info. I can’t wait to get home and reinstall DoW now! DoW2 was a huge disappointment for me when they started going down an almost RPG-like, smaller unit engagement style. Retributions clawed it back a bit, but my hopes are dreams for DoW3 was/is for larger scale battles with higher zoom levels.

        • fuggles says:

          Probably Ultimate Apocalypse on moddb. The race mods tend to end up as personal combiner projects, although all feature vastly improved AI. There is also a fledgling Battlefield Gothic mod, which is MP only.

    • Commissar Choy says:

      I watched a live stream of theirs and pretty much said “nope, not happening in the foreseeable future” :c

  3. dmastri says:

    Mapmaker is great but without an ingame lobby or chat system I see it being pretty much DOA. You won’t be able to random automatch custom maps, so you’ll only be able to do custom maps with steam friends.

    I played through beta and release. I played CoH1 for 6 years prior. CoH2 definitely step back in many ways, mostly already mentioned. Commanders is probably the most detrimental change. I understand why they changed commanders, so they could sell them as DLC without disrupting competitive play, but they really gimped the system. There’s no more surprise to it.

    Unit balance is far better than release, but Soviets feel boxed into very few strategic options due to lack of real AT short of the T4 tank destroyer.

    I don’t know, I haven’t played in like a month now and neither have my friends. We’ll come back to check out this xpac I’m sure but I don’t see us staying long. Certainly considerably less than the 6 years we all got out of CoH.

    • ruark says:

      They announced in their Twitch stream today that they have added a lobby chat system.

  4. Thrippy says:

    Steam: Game and Multiplayer Statistics: Peak today:

    3,231 Company of Heroes 2
    2,442 Company of Heroes (New Steam Version)

    That’s COH2 on a good day, sometimes you’ll see the numbers reversed. FIX the “New” Steam Version that has remained broken, buggy and inferior ever since Relic’s servers went down. Sega and Relic can’t comprehend the damage to Relic’s once bulletproof reputation is incalculable. Even if the perception is unfair and unjustified you must not let it stand from inaction. The general perception of failure that now exists will overshadow any new releases going forward. I would have spent any amount of resources and manpower to avoid what has happened. Sega management must have some outdated curious ideas that the Steam Community cannot be a double edged sword. People are angry rank and file.

    That said, the World Editor also came out later for the original. I think COH2 isn’t as bad as most claim. Its features are sort of gimmicky and lacks the cleaner intuitive design of the original.

    • ruark says:

      Relic is still working on improving new Steam version of CoH1. Quazal shutting down its game servers and forcing Relic to redo the the Coh1 networking was a huge hit to the community.

  5. Scrobbs says:

    In other news, an 11 week competition has just started, with an Alienware gaming laptop as first prize. It’s all over on coh2.org and Twitch Sunday Night Fights

  6. Scrobbs says:

    Oh yeh – looks like public chat is being patched in as well… plus! Rails and Metal!