Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Blackguards Early Access

I’m sure everybody goes through a phase when they want the baddies to win. That’s why antiheroes were invented and why Han Solo shot first – if every protagonist was a beaming paladin, impressionable youngsters would flock to the guy with all the best tunes. Blackguards is a turn-based tactical RPG, with a focus on combat, and the characters in the player’s party are a rum bunch. There’s something far worse for them to fight against though and the journey will take them across the Dark Eye setting’s world of Aventuria. The game is on Steam Early Access now and there’s a trailer below.

As soon as we’ve had a look, we’ll bring some impressions. In the meantime, Daedalic have a few titles in the Humble weekly sale, including Edna and Harvey 2 and The Whispered World. Paying more than $6 unlocks the original Deponia, previous Dark eye game Chains of Satinav (a game about navigation tools and bondage?), and the new release Journey of a Roach.

Writing about rooting for the bad guys brought back a memory. I was watching The Last Crusade with my sister – we were both young enough to be mildly traumatised by the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Crusade – and she claimed that Indiana Jones was being ‘unfair’ when he said this:

“They can’t all be bad. Indiana Jones is mean.” Maybe she had a serious point to make about the historical situation and the danger of assuming that anybody beneath a certain flag or symbol truly believes in the ideology that those things stand for. Or maybe she just didn’t know what ‘Nazi’ meant and thought Indiana Jones just hated Germans.

Either way, she’s going to be miffed and mightily embarrassed when she reads this. And she never rooted for Indy again.


  1. frightlever says:

    Adam’s sister is a Nazi-sympathiser? She’ll go to Heil for that.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      She’ll send me straight to Heil in a Hansbasket when she gets home from work and browses RPS.

      • Ergates_Antius says:

        Reich Panzer Schutzstaffel

      • YogSo says:

        Adam, you’ve mentioned your sister a few times already on RPS (if I’m recalling correctly, she played an important part in your Gaming Made Me article because you two would always play the games together while growing up). Anyways, I think it’s long overdue she has a guest post or two here, maybe something in the vein of John’s dad’s Legend of Grimlock (;-p) diaries.

    • Ross Angus says:

      And as we all know, Nazi-sympathisers are worse than … worse than … nope, I’ve got nothing. Internet?

  2. MuscleHorse says:

    I hope you immediately set her straight with “YOU CALL HIM DOCTOR JONES, DOLL.”

  3. lhzr says:

    a quick correction, daedalic’s bundle has edna & harvey 2: harvey’s new eyes, not the first e&h.

    also chains of satinav is quite a lovely adventure, with much less obtuse puzzles than some other daedalic stuff, like whispered world.

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      Ah, thanks for that. Corrected.

    • frightlever says:

      “edna & harvey 2: harvey’s new eyes”

      Brilliant game. Waiting for the original to be cheap. Been waiting a while.

      • lhzr says:

        the boxed version of the breakout is less than 5$ on amazon, I can’t imagine that the steam version will be more than this in the next sale (which should start on 27 nov, iirc).

        i only played the first e&h for a bit and it seemed to quickly devolve into clicking everything on everything (took me quite a bit to exit the first room), at least for me. is the second one better?

        • frightlever says:

          Is the second one better… I guess that depends on your expectations. For me the second one was all about clicking everything on everything just to see some of the stupid responses. I wasn’t really playing it for a challenge just to enjoy the humour.

          • lhzr says:

            yeah, I also do that in some adventures, like the sam&max and ben&dan games, but really, getting out of a practically empty room shouldn’t be THAT hard, especially when it’s the first room in the game. anyway, thanks for the response, got the bundle, added it to the never-ending backlog..

  4. killias2 says:

    I got a free key for Blackguards from Larian yesterday. This was a game I had heard about, but I wasn’t really holding a candle for. I entered the experience with pretty much open expectations.

    So far, I’m finding the game pretty fun. It’s pretty simple in a lot of ways, but I find the TB combat does a good job of having fun mechanics without going too crazy. The role playing parts have been somewhat minimal so far, though there have been a few choices of note. It’s hard to say how I’ll feel about this moving forward, but my first impressions are broadly positive.

    • Drayk says:

      So You’re one of those 10 guys … I was too late to the party to get one…

  5. Infinitron says:

    It’s kind of tactless to make cracks about Nazis in a post about a game developed by a German studio.

    Anybody buying this game should check out this guide that fills in some of the holes in Daedalic’s documentation, which is currently rather lacking: link to steamcommunity.com

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      Even if we agreed with your premise (I don’t) you’re making a massive assumption that anyone knows the studio is German. Daedalic isn’t a particularly German name. In fact only only taking your word for it that they’re German because I can’t be bothered to check….

    • frightlever says:

      You object to us making fun of Nazis? Hmm. I see.

      • lhzr says:

        infinitron’s just well raised, respect your elders and all..

    • killias2 says:

      “It’s kind of tactless to make cracks about Nazis in a post about a game developed by a German studio.”

      Maybe if they were making Nazi jokes about the developers because of their Germanness, I might be with you. Otherwise, I’m going to allow it (with all of my power as a random internet commenter).

    • bill says:

      Are you Adam’s sister?

  6. GamesInquirer says:

    I don’t like how some early access titles offer next to no meaty chunk of gameplay, just a testing area and nothing actually worth playing. This seems to be like that going by the description. Buggy, unfinished and in need of QA is one thing, no real game to be found anywhere until the full release another. Still, I’m glad it exists. It looks like Expeditions Conquistador, or the sadly cancelled Chaos Chronicles.

    • Drinking with Skeletons says:

      I’m not so sure. The description over on Eurogamer makes it sound more like a genuine Beta. They plan on releasing each chapter in fairly rapid succession and have very specific descriptions for the content. It sounds more like the videogame equivalent of proofreading a final draft before turning it in.

      I could be wrong though.

      • GamesInquirer says:

        Well, if a full chapter is out then that’s good, when I first read the game’s early access Steam page the other day I thought it only said “we are still working on performance optimization so we’ll release chapter by chapter the moment we’re done with that” but either I missed it or they later added “of course the first chapter is already finished” so now I’m not sure either.

        • TormDK says:

          I went ahead and purchased the contributor package just for the hell of it, and I’m surprised at the playability of the game as it is right now.

          Sure, it’s a debug build and there’s little issues here and there, but I’m liking the setup, and each map is different so far. I’m not sure I fully understand the ruleset (I did play the two Drakensang games) but it works well enough, and is pretty tactical even on Normal.

          It’s one to get if you are a fan of this form of games, as we simply don’t get enough of those titles as it is, and this game has surprisingly good quality. (And fast responding Devs on the Steam forums)

  7. Stevostin says:

    Bookmarking this page to see if Adam’s sister shows up and kicks his ass.

  8. The Random One says:

    (a game about navigation tools and bondage?)

    Turn left now, you miserable wretch.

  9. Ham Solo says:

    literally hitler

  10. Mercykiller101 says:

    Spoiler Alert: Han didn’t shoot first.

  11. TehK says:

    Those kind of newsposts are one of the reasons, I’m reading RPS.
    Don’t ever change, Adam :)