RPS Asks: What Are Your Plans For The New Consoles?

This November is a very big month in gaming. It’s traditionally the biggest month in the gaming calendar, but this one knocks the others into a hat so cocked it’s balancing on its brim. It sees the release of both the Xbox One, and the PS4. That’s enormous – previous console releases have been staggered, the PS2 appearing a year and a half before the Xbox, the Xbox 360 beating the PS3 to the shelves by a full year. That was all seven long years ago, and this time the battle is head to head, just a week separating the two black boxes’ arrival into the world. With them comes a slew of launch titles, some exclusive, some cross-platform, and what both Microsoft and Sony must be hoping will be their biggest Christmas ever. So where does that leave you, the fine looking PC gamer?

While we at RPS certainly believe the PC to be by far the best way to experience games, the perception that we’re in some way anti-console is entirely imaginary. We all own them, we all play games on them. Until about a month ago, when my PS3 coughed its last and bleeped its three deathly bleeps, I had both the current gen consoles plugged into my telly. And indeed have a cupboard full of their ancestors, going back to the Megadrive. No console can match the PC for its extraordinary freedoms, the instant and open access to a range of games so vast as to dwarf the consoles combined, and the intricacy and complexity available to its games. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy sitting back in a comfy armchair and waggling a controller when the game is right.

And we know the same is true for very many of you. So we’re very interested to learn how readers plan to approach this month to end all gaming months.

Did you pre-order them both six months ago, and are now desperately wishing you could be one of those who gets an accidentally shipped early delivery? (Can we just take a moment to acknowledge Microsoft’s gall at having an unboxing video removed from YouTube because of “copyright violation”.) Or are you waiting to see how they go down, undecided on which to pick until a consensus is formed? Maybe you’ll wait a year for the inevitable revised versions, and pick up the old one at a significant discount? Or do you have absolutely no intention of picking up either?

Does the leap forward in tech concern you over your current PC build? It’s been an odd five or so years, with the consoles delaying their replacements a lot longer than was expected, leading to a significant drop in the progress of fidelity. When the big-budget, cross-platform games were coming out on eight-year-old hardware, they were far less likely to make demands of the PC, and so the biennial update has rather faded away. But what about now? As developers learn the new consoles, they’ll start pushing the tech farther and farther, and a middling PC might not keep up much longer.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that you’re placing your bets with the Steam Box, recognising that your armchair experiences needn’t rely on a plastic box that also wants to be your DVR, Hi-Fi system and teasmaid. Or do you wish the whole thing would just go away so you can get on with playing your elaborate RTS across three monitors and seven keyboards?

Let us know below.


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  1. Haplo says:

    I tried to build a house in a forested rural area once, but I was informed by the local council that it simply wasn't backwoods compatible. :(
  1. Jams O'Donnell says:

    My plan is to ignore, them, much as my 360 has been ignored for the past four years. I bought it to see whether console gaming was for me, and it really wasn’t. About the only thing I want from consoles that aren’t available on PC are some of the arcadey driving franchises like Forza.

    My only console plans are to get hold of a Vita next time I see a good deal on one, for Persona 4 and for Spelunky on the go.

    • Dom_01 says:

      The PS Vita is definitely a nifty piece of hardware. It has relatively few games, but that doesn’t count all the PSP and PS1 games that you can get for them, which are quite a lot! Plus the LED screen is just too gorgeous; though the newer releases seem to replace the LED screen for an LCD one, which looks more muted and definitely not as great, because of weight, size and battery reasons. Plus, Persona 4, Gravity Rush and LBP 2 are just too good to pass up.

      As a PC gamer first and foremost, I have very little reason to get a next-gen console. The thing is, though, handheld consoles have very different types of games and they have the portability factor that you can’t get from a PC. While iOS and Android phones and tablets are around, and you could definitely get a few good games for those, if you wanna game on the go you should almost definitely pick a handheld console. Hell, I’m seriously considering getting a 3DS for Ocarina of Time, Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter 3.

      Ahh… the joys of being a gamer. Even if my wallet hates it.

      • Haplo says:

        The PS Vita is a genuinely well-done little handheld. I was surprised at how -good- it felt in my hands.

        Persona 4 Golden is pretty much the reason I got the Vita at all, and it was 100% worth it. Grabbing Persona 3 Portable off the PSN was also double-worth it.

        • feverberries says:

          i wish i had a reason to buy a Vita. it’s so much sweeter than 3DS. unfortunately all the Castlevanias are on Ninty…

      • Smoof says:

        I found this to be the case for myself as well. I borrowed a 360 from a friend and while I did buy and play through AC2 on it, after that, it just sat and gathered dust for the two years he let me borrow it. The same is happening to a PS3 a different friend loaned me; not to mention the Wii that’s been sitting in my closet for about seven years now.

        But handheld gaming is an entirely different beast for me. I had both a DS and PSP and played them extensively, Pokemon, Disgaea and other SRPG’s being my poison on both; this time around, I’ve been yearning for a 3DS for the new Pokemon, but unfortunately, can’t afford it. My solution for the time being is to have a GBA emulator on my Android and play some of the old handheld games I never got to.

    • Jools says:

      Pretty much my exact situation with regards to the 360, although I wasn’t using it to test the waters. I’ve owned consoles + a PC for pretty much my whole life, going back to the NES, but this last generation put the final nail in the console coffin for me. The bottom line for me is that consoles just feel like cheap PCs nowadays, and it doesn’t feel like my $300-500 is buying me any kind of special experience that my HTPC and a 360 controller doesn’t get me. Platform exclusives feel too consumer unfriendly for me to want to pump money into a system for that reason, and consoles don’t really offer anything else.

      It’s not so much that I find the PC to be “better” or that I’m anti-console or whatever, I just don’t see the point in owning both anymore.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      The last console I actually bought was the PS1. Once the 360 came around, I had a friend that gave me their old PS2. I think I might still have it somewhere, still collecting dust. Never played it. Not even once. I also have a 360 that someone gave me. I bought Pro Evo 2011 and still play that every now and then when friends come over, but not that often. That’s the only game for the 360 that I own.

      So, really, I see no need to bother with a console. Especially with more and more games being ported to the PC, I especially see no need to get a console. And once streaming can be ironed out a bit better, I’d rather just stream my Steam Library (or natively play some games) on a self-built Steam OS PC than bother buying some closed garden-device that I would need to build up a whole new library of games for.

      I’m not one of those people that looks down on consoles, as they certainly have their advantages, but I have no real need for a console and I don’t particularly want one, either.

      Basically, it’s going to be a repeat of the last two generations of consoles, for me. I’ll ignore them and maybe someone will give me their old console when they get tired of it. Maybe I’ll buy Pro Evo for it. Or maybe it will lie in a heap of dust like the old PS2. It depends on how quickly the Steam OS gets out of Beta.

    • Foosnark says:

      This exactly. I just recently bought a used PS Vita from eBay and there’s some amazing stuff available. But I don’t really predict myself picking up a hook-it-up-to-the-TV console in the next few years. We still use the PS2 to watch DVDs, and haven’t fired up the Wii for about 11 months.

      For the Vita, I strongly recommend a PSN+ subscription and just download everything that’s free. I discovered some fun things I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

      (Also, get yourself AT LEAST a 16GB memory card. Mine is half full already and I’m just getting warmed up. There are new 64GB cards out which are probably the best bet.)

      On top of those games I have the Wipeout DLC, Rymdkapsel, LocoRoco 2, Patapon 2, and a wishlist of current and future releases. The only game I bought so far that I don’t really recommend is Half-Minute Hero; it’s cute-ish but mostly just frustrating.

    • rockman29 says:

      Here is a good reason to get a Vita and a PS4:

      link to vine.co

      (Battlefield 4 on Remote Play)

  2. Deano2099 says:

    Tempted by a PS4, a sub-£300 price point would have sealed it. As it is, I’ll probably wait a year, while keeping my PS+ subscription going and building up a nice library of games for when I finally pick one up.

    • welverin says:

      Just make sure you go through the checkout process, thankfully you can use the webstore for that now.

      • Enivri says:

        What happens if you let membership drop – do you lose all the games, or do they return once you subscribe again?

  3. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    I’m 100% indifferent. Had and loved my 360 when XBLA wasn’t balls.

    Now i’ve such a backlog of pad friendly PC games to play there’s just no point yet. Maybe when some proper exclusive gems appear.

    Also a bit rubbish my PC bargain bucket is now empty…will RPS employ ‘the silence’ on this one? :)

    • GernauMorat says:

      Considering the RPS attitude to the silent treatment from developers, I hope not

    • John Walker says:

      Bargain Bucket will be up and running again very soon. Sorry there wasn’t one on Saturday.

      • phelix says:

        But what happened to Lewie? Sorry if this rubs the wrong way, but apparently he claims he’s been sacked.

        • Sheng-ji says:

          Have more class than that, please. RPS are not going to say any more than we know – Bargain Bucket will continue and it will be written by someone else. Thats what we know and that’s all we need to know.

          Your desire to get the gossip will result in one of the following scenarios:

          1) Lewie did something that could damage his future employment propects. RPS dishes the dirt and lose him work elsewhere in the future.

          2) RPS, for whatever reason no longer wanted Lewie to write for them. Insert your favourite chipped shoulder conspiracy here. RPS release a statement causing them to come under criticism by people who think that they have some sort of say in how RPS is run. No new information is garnered but the people who troll here redouble their efforts, making the site a little more miserable for those who want to continue to use it* and the job of RPS writers a little bit harder.

          3) The whole thing is a social experiment (Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not) and RPS release a statement confirming this and ruining the experiment.

          Whichever is true, surely you can understand that making a statement would only do bad for someone and no good for anyone else. Except to sate your desire for a bit of gossip and internet drama. Isn’t there a soap you can tune into instead?

          * The site will continue to be frequented by those who claim they are so disgusted by the personal opinions of the writers that they cannot possibly read words written by them anymore. True to form they will stop reading what has actually been written, however they will incessantly tell anyone who will listen how they feel about what they assume is the personal opinions of the writers. They will also create shill accounts, threaten to/ install adblocker, publicly demand information on which other website they could browse (IGN PC UK fyi, not being sarcastic) and generally indulge in attention seeking.

          • phelix says:

            Apologies if my question seemed rude or ham-fisted. I was genuinely concerned.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            It wasn’t just aimed at you but there have been some really stupid things written in the comments about this already by certain people.

            Best thing to do is add savygamer.co.uk to your bookmarks and use the links there to grab yourself some bargains!

          • Jimbo says:

            Most sycophantic post I’ve ever read. If that doesn’t get you the bargain bucket job I don’t know what will!

          • WrenBoy says:

            To be fair, the possibility of Lewie having done something so wrong it would damage his future employment prospects is about as likely as a mad feminist plot.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            @Jimbo – If only I could write and didn’t have a much easier, more lucrative job, still I can dream of making my life more difficult, right?

            @Wrenboy – perhaps I shouldn’t have put the word wrong in there – I once damaged my future employment prospects by making running a marathon for cancer research, I did it again when I got stabbed in the spine by a mugger. Not kidding, I was refused employment on the basis that I had clearly shown a “mercenary attitude” when I revealed that when I ran the marathon, I ran for cancer research because it was the only way I could enter. I lost at least one job that have passed me over for employment when I turn up to interview in a wheelchair – and then get told a pack of lies as to the reason. I know they are lies because my parents fostered a young man who was basically my brother. He worked for them (had directed me to the job in the first place) and got the inside scoop when they were discussing whether I would be “up to the job”. Apparently, it is “criminal” that they can’t ask if prospective employees are “crippled”, and it’s costing them thousands in wasted interview time.

          • WrenBoy says:

            Wow that’s a string of assholes that would put the human centipede to shame.

            I knew what you meant though, I just said it because while most of the time these things happen because of relatively banal external circumstances people often prefer to believe a more interesting reason which is probably nonsense, whether its anti Lewie feminists or Lewie getting up to mischief.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            Since I’ve been in a wheelchair, that stuff happens on a daily basis – today I was picking my son up from nursery and I park my wheelchair right next to the door and walk in – As I was getting out of my chair, one of the crush of “yummies” placed a hand on me and pushed me back into my chair, lest I stand in her way and delay her recovery of her spawn for a second or two…. That was quite extreme though, mostly it’s just people asking the able bodied person with me questions on my behalf or whatever, I’m not the type of person who lets this get to me though, it just makes me smile!

            As for jobs, I have to almost agree with the interviewers… It wasn’t only their time that was wasted, maybe they should be allowed to allowed to specify “no cripples” on the job sheet, save me a couple of hours filling it in for a company I would hate to work for!!!

          • WrenBoy says:

            If you can walk short distances I assume you are carrying some kind of whacking cane…

          • Sheng-ji says:

            link to dl.dropboxusercontent.com

            Hello Officer, Oh don’t worry, all of those dents and scratches are just from dropping it, honestly!

        • Jenks says:

          That’s what happens when you disrespect Final Fantasy VII.

          Also, Shacknews’ weekend deals, posted on Friday evenings, has always been superior. Here was last week’s:
          link to shacknews.com

      • Dave Tosser says:

        Come on, youse. Complain when devs give you the silent treatment yet do it yourselves? You can do better than that, RPS.

    • feverberries says:

      phenomenal exclusives. that’s what it takes to make this PC owner buy a console. it’s as simple as that.

  4. TheMrSolaris says:

    Blissfully continue to ignore them as I did with this generation and the one previously and the one previous to that.

    • werix says:

      Basically this. Last Console I bought was a PS2, and that was the only one from that generation. Didn’t buy any console from this generation, and probably won’t buy one for next gen, depending on what we count the steamboxes as and how good they are. I for sure am going to get me one of them controllers.

    • tumbleworld says:

      Yeah, ditto. Very much not tempted.

  5. Javier-de-Ass says:

    got enough doorstops. FOR NOW.

    last console gen was generous with handing out 360 shaped doorstops

  6. Arglebargle says:

    No one here (at my house) cares. The TV gets used for watching shows and movies mostly, and that’s all coming off a pc anyway. No couch/TV game stuff at all, it’s all on computer.

    If I was getting one, the only choice would be the PS4, because Microsoft has consistently been the bigger asshole. Plus the possibility of some JRPG games. Just saying no to the Xbone.

    The good thing is that maybe in a year or so we’ll start to see some games made that aren’t hamstrung by constraints from seven year old technologies.

  7. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Am planning a significant PC upgrade. I was interested in a PS4 until I watched Totalbiscuit’s video on their current and future capabilities. Playing Destiny was the main thing making me consider the console, on top of a new PC build

  8. satan says:

    I can’t come to grips with these modern controllers, everybody knows the control pad reached perfection with the Sega Saturn 2nd generation pad, it’s a scientific fact.

  9. fish99 says:

    For someone like me with a gaming PC, those console launch line-ups look pretty weak in terms of exclusives. There’s no real must haves there, so I’ll be waiting until something like Destiny arrives, and should it be any good, picking up a PS4 then. Looking through my storage boxes, I see I already have an Xbox 1, so no need to buy that :p

    Actually, I’d say this whole holiday season is looking kinda weak from a gaming perspective. I guess everything is avoiding COD season. Probably a good time to get back into Planetside 2, when the optimization and new continent arrives.

    • Didden says:

      You forget Banner Saga’s is released! Yay!

    • Ocki says:

      Pretty much my opinion. (Exclusive) Games sell Consoles, not hardware specs. And I don’t see me playing any of the announced games. There is a better chance I’ll buy a WiiU-MarioKart-Bundle next year.

    • welverin says:

      Pretty much the same here, nothing at launch interests me, so I’m in no rush until inFamous Second Son comes out.

      I feel the same way about the general state of releases this fall, after I decided against Beyond, I was left with Tearaway and Enemy Within as the only games that interested me at all.

  10. FrostySprite says:

    I’ve only touched my PS3 once in the past 2 years for Journey. I don’t think I’ll be getting a new console. Not a single console-exclusive game announced interests me anyway. Maybe that’ll change if a Fumito Ueda game is released, though.

    • bigluvin says:

      Basically the same here. I even have a “hacked” PS3 but don’t even play games on it, I just use it as a media server since homebrew can play HD mkvs.

  11. laijka says:

    I’m in Sweden so the X1 won’t release until January.
    Not that I would have pre ordered it anyway. Or the PS4.
    To me they both seem a little rushed, releasing with features still to come etc. I have no interest in paying $400-500 to beta test a console. Adding to that the launch line up of games are pretty uninteresting to me.

    • HeroJez says:

      This. Nothing special enough at launch to warrant buying it.

      No Mario 64, no HALO, no Je Ne Sais Quois 2.

  12. karthink says:

    Considering that (i) I already have a capable PC, (ii) Console games are SUPER expensive, and (iii) I’ve never owned a console because they’re not sold where I live, I can’t dredge up any enthusiasm for them.

    An HD 7850 isn’t going to keep me playing games at high fidelity in the coming years, but I don’t really mind turning down the graphics. They will still look bloody fantastic, as Crysis 3 on medium attests. Plus, the experiences I’m looking forward to don’t require high-end graphics anyway.

    The actual tech I’m interested in is either home-brew (I’ve been trying to set up head tracking on my PC) or not supported by consoles yet (Oculus Rift, Steam Controller). The Steambox is interesting, I might consider building my own for streaming from my PC.

    The only thing that I regret on this front is never being able to play Journey. (I’ve never used a PS3). I suspect there will be more gems that remain console exclusive that I’m going to miss. :(

    EDIT: Oh yes, shooters on thumbsticks. Errgh.

    • In Zod We Trust says:

      Yeah, besides the fact that my PS3 was a better Blu-Ray player than the other one I had (ironically a Sony) there were some nice exclusives.

      The Uncharted games, Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us were all superb. But for a small game Journey was incredible – not worth the price of a console but if you get a few hours and your hands on it definitely give it a go.

    • Lanfranc says:

      Same here. At one point I did vaguely think about getting a PS3 for the sake of Journey, Uncharted, and RDR – but then I looked at my Steam library with all the other mostly-unplayed games… “Nah.”

  13. Auru says:

    Plan is to pretty much ignore them, launch titles on both are extremely poor in my opinion.. and my own 360 pretty much serves as a doorstop these days.

    I do think in maybe a year or so we could see some good games on this ‘next gen’ of consoles but everything looks extremely uninspired on launch, without good games who needs another console cluttering up the place?

    • Viroso says:

      Yeah. Launch titles are usually crappy, the more interesting ones will come out on PC as well. My backlog is big enough to get me through a year or two and that’s my plan. Not to mention all of the amazingly promising games to be released yet. Wait that long and upgrade my PC.

      Besides, I’ll still be able to run next gen games, even if on lower settings. So, wait two years and get all the nice stuff that will for sure run whatever comes out on the consoles.

  14. Themadcow says:

    Graphical improvements (marginal in this new Gen by the looks of it) aren’t the “be-all-and-end-all” any more. The rise in the last couple of years of the indie game has demonstrated that gameplay is the reason the industry exists, and unless these new consoles do something that clearly improves the gameplay experience then I’m not interested (at these prices anyway). Due to a demanding job and even more demanding family, my PS3 has been far more value to me as a Blu-Ray player than it has as a console.

    The ‘Rift’ is the likely destination for my new hardware money in the next year or so.

    • Cinek says:

      +1. With Kickstarter and Indiegogo I pretty much lost any interest in consoles I ever had.
      Sorry, but there’s nothing these platforms can offer to lure me out of PC, or even consider them as a secondary platform. All of the really interesting and innovative games are on a PC. Next gen consoles as far as I see offer only more “flashy” graphics (which still are sub-pair to what my PC can do – these can’t even run BF4 at 1080p 60 FPS!) – nothing to lure me in.

    • Zephro says:

      Yeah I’m keeping my PS3 as Blu-Ray player / streaming TV hub.
      I’m moving to a smaller flat so really don’t have room to keep all my backwards hardware laying around (wii, dreamcast, 360, PS3) so I’m not interested in getting a new console. Plus all the old games and non of them will be compatible with the new consoles… so just bleh. Might replace the PS3 blu-ray player with a PS4 one as I find PS Plus is handy for playing odd console games I wouldn’t normally play.

      I’m actually planning on upgrading the TV and just wiring my PC into it. Then I can still use my old 360 arcade sticks to play street fighter via Steam (plus all the old games I have). So the SteamBox is kind of interesting from that perspective.

  15. Darko Drako says:

    In the long term I will probably pick up a ps4. In the short term I am quite tempted to pick up a ps3 as there a number of platform exclusives i would like to have a go on, not least of which is gta V, but also things like journey, uncharted and red dead redemption.

    I have also just bought a Vita, for £140 with 11 games and an 8gb card. Its a very nice piece of kit, and also means I have now started the PS+ subscription.

    I am also very tempted by the Wii U, i think it is still too expensive at the moment. £200 or below and I think i will go for it.

    • tobias says:

      I’ll get a PS4 in time for the release of whatever Naughty Dog do next. I’m a gamer with catholic taste as far as platforms go, and Naughty Dog’s PS3 releases were some of the best games I’ve ever played. Destiny is the only other thing on the radar especially appealing (and perhaps The Order 1886, but not enough is clear about that one yet).

      Edit- Oops, that really wasn’t meant to be a reply. Sorry!

    • welverin says:

      I highly suggest you add LittleBigPlanet and The Last of Us to your potential PS3 games list. Maybe the Unfinished Swan as well.

      edit: Oh, and the inFamous games, how did I forget those?

  16. ran93r says:

    PS4 pre-ordered along with The amazing adventures of an assassin pirate 19.
    Picked up a vita not long back as well, so looking forward to staring at both of them over xmas whilst playing BF4 on the PC (assuming they have sorted most of the crashes by then).

  17. Dolphan says:

    I’m finally getting round to getting a 3DS, which has built up a library of games I really want (new Phoenix Wright!) – I can’t imagine I’ll get either tv-box for another few years at least.

  18. MerseyMal says:

    Holding off for now. I waited a year or 2 after launches before I bought the 360 and PS3, so I’ll probably do the same, if at all.

    Pretty much depends on how well Steam’s streaming works and/or SteamOS on my lounge PC (which needs at the very least a CPU upgrade).

  19. John Walker says:

    To give my own position – I pre-ordered a PS4 about six months ago out of fevered excitement when they were being all not evil in the face of Microsoft’s madness. And then about two weeks ago cancelled it when I realised that I’d not missed my PS3 at all since it snuffed it, and it was an awful lot of money and I just bought a house.

    • MajorManiac says:

      Good for you. I dare say a house will have much better future proofing, and a wider range of upgrade options.

      • Haplo says:

        I tried to build a house in a forested rural area once, but I was informed by the local council that it simply wasn’t backwoods compatible. :(

        • tigerfort says:

          See, that’s the problem with these regional lockouts. Although I suppose you could just have tried a different controller; I hear that sometimes works.

          • Cinek says:

            I still think that mixing an axe with a brush was a stupid idea.

        • Lanfranc says:

          Did you try blowing on the application and resubmitting it?

      • BooleanBob says:

        On the other hand, a house doesn’t produce enough heat for a family of five.

        • Optimaximal says:

          Central Heating has been a staple of the common and/or garden (ok, not garden) houses for a while now.

      • jkz says:

        Is a house compatible with Windows?

    • amateurviking says:

      I did exactly the same thing! Pre-ordered after the big reveal. Cancelled last month. Although I am not buying a house (sadness) I *am* still getting a lot of use out of the PS3, and it’s for that reason that the PS4 purchase is on ice. PS3’s got legs for at least another 12 months and the PS4 won’t be feature complete and endowed with some juicy system-selling games for at least the same amount of time,.

      • Geebs says:

        …although to judge by the PS3, “feature complete” for Sony means, when they’ve finally removed all of the features they could :p

    • Don Reba says:

      As Ken Kutaragi once said, if you can’t afford a PlayStation, you should work more hours. Get a second job, you lazy bum.

    • Michael Fogg says:

      A house? You have way too much money! I shall delete RPS from my bookmarks immediately!

  20. Oozo says:

    I never understood the impulse to buy a console upon release. They will never be more expensive, and you will never have fewer games to play on them. This generation really does not even promise a wow-effect or significant improvements on what we know already, at least from PCs.

    I bought the PS2 way after it came out, and even the PS3 a few years in, because by then the prize had come down and I wanted a BluRay player. (And because by then, there were enough games that never came out on PC that a purchase seemed reasonable… the crossover is much bigger with Microsoft.)

    But even the idea of new technology which could be used for other purposes is not an issue with the new consoles… so, I really want to wait and see.

    (And I really wonder how good they will do for themselves, since the climate has changed so much in the last few years. We all have too many games to play anyway, don’t we?

  21. chokoladenudlen says:

    Have a pre-order for the PS4.
    Although I love my current 360, I’m disappointed with the XO: Weaker stats and a lot of it allocated for a kinect I don’t want. So I’ve decided to try out the competition instead.
    (And what’s up with paid day-1 DLC for Forza?! Eff that :-P)
    Might still get an xbox for Halo once it’s cheaper, though.

  22. tengblad says:

    I’ve got both of the consoles pre-ordered. Since I live in Sweden, which Microsoft apparently consider a second-rate country, I won’t be able to pick up the Xbox One until sometime next year, though. Thing is, I’m feeling quite apathetic towards the console launches anyway – there’s nothing really exciting about either of new systems. At least not right at launch – none of the exclusive games (Forza, Gran Turismo, Killzone) interest me in the least, all the mutli-platform games I can play on the PC I’ve got hooked up to my TV anyway.

    The lure of new technology is still there, though, so I’ll be picking the PS4 up on the 29th just to have a shiny new toy to entertain me for a bit.

    • HadToLogin says:

      Well, when country has only a million more people than city, it’s not that surprising (Sweden – over 9 millions, New York City – over 8 millions).

  23. bills6693 says:

    I will stick to my Intel HD 3000 graphics, i3 processor laptop. Its not a gaming rig, its not at all powerful. But if I can’t afford a gaming PC there’s no way I could afford a console PLUS a monthly subscription to use it.

    Honestly, there is very little I see a console offering me. I’ll never be gaming in the living room (that is for my 5 housemates to watch TV and relax, they don’t want to watch me play videogames, they have no interest in gaming themselves). My laptop is where I can game if I want to. A console would only limit my choices and increase my spending since games are more expensive, and you have to pay monthly just to have basic features.

  24. UncleLou says:

    I’ve had a PS2, I have a PS3, and I will most likely buy a PS4 at some point – I would buy an Xbox if there were enough exclusives, but usually (Forza aside) that just isn’t the case. The Playstations, however, always were a great complement for a gaming PC. And while 90% of my gaming time is spent on the PC, some of the best games of recent years were on consoles for me – Red Dead Redemption, Dragon’s Dogma or the Uncharted games.

  25. LazyAssMF says:

    Well, the two console releases leave me in the same f’kin place: My sweet, SWEET PC. :)
    I saw how the graphics looks on them and, even if it looks OK, I can safely say that PC-s are allready way ahead of them (as they are in many other things). So consoles FU, PC i love you. :)

  26. Screwie says:

    After my 360 had been gathering dust for 18 months I was finally tempted into getting a PS3 by an Argos deal and the great value for money from my PS+ subscription with its ‘free’ games has basically reignited an enthusiasm for console play I’ve not felt since I had a PS2.

    The whole contemptuous mess Microsoft have made of their Xbox One campaign, and their commitment to parcelling the Kinect with every console, confirm for me without hesitation that I will never, ever buy it. Sony’s plans for PS4 look great, especially how they look to integrate and reinvigorate the Vita, and paying for PS+ for multiplayer (a sad, but probably inevitable change) is a far more appealing prospect than paying for XBL again. (Even if I wasn’t already paying for it!)

    That all said, I am not hugely interested in the launch titles and can afford to wait until next year when I plan to buy a PS4 and probably a Vita at the same time. I still have plenty yet to play on my PS3 right now anyway.

  27. vanilla bear says:

    I’ve double downed on PC by replacing my five-year old one, but I’m definitely interested in a Steam Box that would let me stream to the television. Plus I want to see how the Oculus Rift pans out.

    • WrenBoy says:

      I like the things I’m hearing about the SteamBox case designs. I wonder if you will be able to buy just certain parts like the chasis where you can reuse as much of you existing components as possible.

  28. Strabo says:

    I’ll get a PS4 at launch for all the games not ported to PC (basically Naughty Dog games and some Japanese stuff). Also maybe a Vita, because all the free games I have collected via PS+ need to be played.
    Maybe next year a WiiU, since slowly but surely some interesting games seem to appear, but not sure yet.

    And I’ll buy a AMD 290X as soon as there are some cards with a bearable cooler available to make my PC “next gen ready” (aka getting 60 fps in 1440p instead of the 25 fps I get now).

  29. Skeletor68 says:

    Really want a new desktop after Christmas. Gaming laptop still running everything but fans starting to get too loud! Lots of questions though, should I wait for a bit after release of consoles? Could Steam Box be for me?Where will I get a really quiet but good performance PC built that delivers to Ireland :)

  30. In Zod We Trust says:

    When I get around to it I’ll get a PS4. I have a few old friends who I only get to see (except when one of us travels internationally) on the PSN. But I can wait until there’s something good coming out for it.

    I am hoping the (I believe) inclusion of steamworks means the games can get mods and that Australians don’t have to pay + 50-100% on the price of all games. Not very hopeful for the second though.

  31. HeroJez says:

    This is only the second time first time I haven’t bought a new system at launch – WiiU was the first.

    Part of that might be my first couple of grey hairs. Another part might be that WoW and Steam are just too good. My PS3 plays more films than games and most of my friends sodded off and got married and all that lame adult shit. :(

  32. sharkh20 says:

    PC and Wii U. Need them Nintendo first party games. Everything else is better on PC

    • Jumwa says:

      Pretty much.

      There’s the occaisional exclusive that comes to the other consoles I’d like to play, but never enough for me personally to justify buying the console and making room for it at my display center. Nintendo pumps out enough first-party greats to make it worth it in my book though.

  33. Didden says:

    No rush to get a PS4. I really do enjoy my PS3 – albeit – only when great games come out for it. Those are not everyday, but it has stuff that just doesn’t come out on PC, like Nino Kuni, Last of Us etc. Destiny will probably be the thing that pushes me over to getting a PS4, although disappointed to hear about the long wait for Metal Gear Solid 5, although the wait will be worth it.

    • Didden says:

      Should also add, almost all the release day available games for both consoles look awful…

      • GernauMorat says:

        Yeah, maybe I’m missing something, but the launch line up for both is deeply uninspiring – particularly that (ugh) Ryse thing

  34. GameCat says:

    Nothing,I don’t have cash for such expnsive things right now.
    But when I will have spare money: PS4 & Vita & PS+ sub.
    PS4 will have some games I want to play. I have PSP right now and I love it, so upgrading do Vita is obvious choice, especially when they give you free games from PS+. I also probably buy PS3 to play MGS4, GT6, RdR, GTA5, Journey and some other games I don’t remember right now.

    Yeah, I’m sort of Sony lover. They hooked me with PSX few years ago.

  35. Maxheadroom says:

    Probably pick up a PS4 at some point but in no rush.
    Would love to be excited about such things to queue outside a shop at midnight for one but it’s just not doing anything for me right now.

    No DLNA support out of the box is a bit turn off to since my PS3 is mainly used as a media streamer

  36. RedViv says:

    For me it entirely depends on when I have worked down the backlog significantly, and if at that point the PS4 actually has enough games I would like to play very much thank you with sugar on top and chocolate sprinkles.

  37. BobbyDylan says:

    I upgraded my Rig. No need for a toybox onve you have a nice rig.

  38. 88GJS88 says:

    I’ve got a lot of use out of my 360, so will definitely look to pick up something next-gen at some point. Launch titles are incredibly uninspiring though and I’ve been put off by the mess around the Xbone DRM etc.

    Having said that, Titanfall looks the most likely title to cause me to splash out at the moment, which does but Xbox back in the driving seat. Am also extremely intrigued by the steam box and their touch-pad controllers, so will be waiting for more detail on that at least before I take the plunge either way.

  39. Haplo says:

    I will probably get a PS4, and when depends entirely on the games that come out.

    I mean, really, there’s only two types of games I really play on the console: Fightin’ games and JRPGs (SMT and Persona primarily).

  40. sleepisthebrotherofdeath says:

    The only console I’ve ever owned (and still do) is a Gamecube. Wouldn’t ever go back to console gaming. Nasty horrible things.

    I am hoping Steambox stuff takes off so that maybe one day I can cast off Windows and be a Linux only PC gamer. But that’s a pipe dream.

  41. BTAxis says:

    The thing is, there haven’t been many games on console that appealed to me in the last generation, and I expect this one to be even worse. I’m not going to invest in any hardware I expect I won’t be using.

  42. iainl says:

    I went through a period of frenzied excitement for the PS4. But then I rarely pay more than £10 for games (only times I’ve done this in years were wanting PC Trials Evo at launch because I’m a fanboy and buying my son Skylanders), and my PC’s 6-year-old CPU is -finally- becoming a real issue, so I think I’m going to have to spend all my computing money on upgrading that with an expensive i5 or i7.

    What I’d really like to know is what’s happening with SteamOS streaming, so I can decide if it’s worth making a second machine for the living room, or just a barebones thing that streams.

    • Didden says:

      This raises an interesting point though, that has always been the case: PC’s are typically way more expensive to build – and yes, I know you can build cheap ones, but those will be far below the new console’s abilities if you’re aiming for the same prices. You can’t build a lot of PC for £350 – You’re talking integrated graphics etc – urgh. But then overall, the games are typically cheaper on PC. A ‘cheaper’ high end card like a AMD 290 will still set me back almost the same as either console, while the 780TI will set you back over £500!

      To get similar quality graphics to the consoles then, you’re looking at at least £800, maybe more. Discuss :)

      • basilisk says:

        You’re neglecting the time factor. It will take at least several months before game developers become able to actually take advantage of “next-gen” hardware properly, and by the point they get there, PC hardware of comparable computing power will have dropped in price. It’s a waiting game; there’s no need to rush quite yet.

      • fish99 says:

        A £150 GTX 660 will get you roughly the same level of GPU performance as the new consoles. A 660 runs BF4 pretty well in 1080p, whereas it only runs in 720p on Xbone and 900p on PS4. Pair it up with a good intel quad core. Of course you may need to buy other hardware, depending on whether you’re upgrading or buying a whole new system, but you don’t need to be looking at £500 GPUs.

      • SuicideKing says:

        Yeah but, if you already have a decent gaming PC, it’s usually far cheaper to just upgrade the core components for the same price as a console.

        My Core 2 Quad Q8400 can be upgraded to a Core i7 and a decent motherboard for the same effective cost as a PS4. Or, a Core i5, decent motherboard and a GPU (and/or a monitor) for the cost of an Xbone.

        Plus games are way cheaper, both digital and in my country, retail. Except for new EA, Activision and Bethesda games. Also, no Gold or PS+ subscriptions to play.

        Finally, i get a machine that does everything very well, including being a console, as i just have to hook it up to the TV via HDMI and attach my Xbox 360 controller to it.

        • iainl says:

          That’s basically my thinking right now. £350 gets my 16GB of memory and an i5 4670k on a Z87 motherboard to upgrade the slow stuff (my GTX 560 will continue to do for now), so I’m deciding if it’s worth another £180 on top of that for a new case, PSU, SSD and wireless keyboard with trackpad that would make it a whole second PC, with one being a living room games machine and the other a “serious work” desktop.

          • SuicideKing says:

            Random coincidence: i have a 560 as well.

            And yup, 4570 + z78 (or i’m wondering to go the whole way and get a 4770…not sure i want to overclock Haswell, really…and lose TSX in the process).

            I don’t need to upgrade anything else…i want a 1080p monitor (kind of need it really, my 17″ CRT has served me long enough, and 1024×768 is too small now…plus radiation and all)…but i know the 560 wont cut it, so i guess i’ll just upscale 720p on the display. No money right now to upgrade the GPU as well…plus thinking maybe should get a sound card.

            Don’t need RAM or any more SSDs, for now.

            Can’t even have this discussion for a console. lol.

  43. MadRob6 says:

    I certainly won’t be getting an Xbone. I have a 360 and I never use it because it really grates that if you don’t pay for Gold membership then half the damn system is shut down so I can’t use Netflix or other streaming apps and I don’t care about playing online with it.

    My PS3 gets a lot of use for streaming and playing files from a PC. I play a few games on it but only really Gran Turismo and GTAV. GT6 is going to be on PS3 and I’m not taken by any of the launch titles so I’ll do my usual of giving my PC an upgrade and waiting until the PS4 hits a price where it doesn’t make me cringe quite as much for a system that sees little use.

    • Screwie says:

      PS4 will require you to sub to PS+ for multiplayer, yes. However media apps like Netflix and F2P games do not require it. PS+ also gives you free games every month, and one subscription covers you for PS3, PS4 and Vita.

      Xbox One requires Gold for online multiplayer and media apps too.

      As for updates…

      PS4 requires a launch day update to unlock many of the features promoted for the console. However you can still play single player games on the PS4 without this update. You can play games even while it’s downloading the update.

      Xbox One has a day one update, but it absolutely must connect to the internet to download it before you can use the machine at all.

  44. Bostec says:

    I will wait until the 2nd generation of the PS4 will launch, by that time most of the good games will be out and they will also be cheaper. Developers will just about reach the full use of the console too.

  45. InternetBatman says:

    I’ll wait a year or two, and then buy a midrange computer that can handily beat them. I might get whatever Nintendo system comes out in four years.

    • welverin says:

      Already written off the WiiU have you? If the WIiU does that poorly it will be hard for me to see Nintendo releasing another console.

  46. bigjig says:

    I’ll probably end up getting a PS4 within a year or so. Just can’t get the same level of Japanese dev support on PC I’m afraid.

  47. Kaira- says:

    Might pick up PS4 sometime during its lifetime, depending on the exclusives and on what happens with the next Silent Hill. Not going to bother with Xbone, I think I’m done with MS for now.

  48. Eukatheude says:

    Me, i’m finally getting a PS3 since the price will drop enormously.
    If you’re going to buy outdated hardware, do it right.

    It will have to wait after the new pc anyway, since after moving i’m stuck on an old laptop which periodically needs resoldering its power plug.

  49. Inzimus says:

    I have a rather ‘standard’ PC and sixteen consoles (not including the handhelds), ranging from the 80’s up unto and including last gen; problem with ‘next-gen’ is that I’ve not seen, nor heard of any ‘innovative’ games coming out, which would justify a purchase of any of the new consoles, nor an upgrade of my current PC
    I’ve been a gamer for thirty odd years and I gotta say that the only thing which even remotely interests me in terms of games these days, are the various indie-titles coming out
    the PS4/XboxOne don’t seem to be trying to add anything new to the table, hence I’m going to lean back and enjoy the games that I already have and wait for the prices to drop (in a couple of years) and then maybe, just maybe (for the sake of adding to my collection) buy one of each

    • Reapy says:

      You basically typed what I was going to. I do usually wait a bit on consoles, but the exclusivity bit that has driven me at consoles in the past seems to thankfully be on the way out. If steam os works out I am hoping I can skip the consoles this round and not miss out on any great games. The other big factor is price of games and steam sales. The 60 premium for a console version just can’t compete with getting AAA games for sub 10 dollars now.

      I will definitely be getting one of the new controllers for the pc though, not sure which yet.

    • Sharlie Shaplin says:

      I did that with the PS2/Xbox generation. Picked up both consoles and lots of games for very little money.

  50. Commissar Choy says:

    Picking up a PS4 and still excited about it. Will probably grab an XO when Titanfall comes out too.