RPS Asks: What Are Your Plans For The New Consoles?

This November is a very big month in gaming. It’s traditionally the biggest month in the gaming calendar, but this one knocks the others into a hat so cocked it’s balancing on its brim. It sees the release of both the Xbox One, and the PS4. That’s enormous – previous console releases have been staggered, the PS2 appearing a year and a half before the Xbox, the Xbox 360 beating the PS3 to the shelves by a full year. That was all seven long years ago, and this time the battle is head to head, just a week separating the two black boxes’ arrival into the world. With them comes a slew of launch titles, some exclusive, some cross-platform, and what both Microsoft and Sony must be hoping will be their biggest Christmas ever. So where does that leave you, the fine looking PC gamer?

While we at RPS certainly believe the PC to be by far the best way to experience games, the perception that we’re in some way anti-console is entirely imaginary. We all own them, we all play games on them. Until about a month ago, when my PS3 coughed its last and bleeped its three deathly bleeps, I had both the current gen consoles plugged into my telly. And indeed have a cupboard full of their ancestors, going back to the Megadrive. No console can match the PC for its extraordinary freedoms, the instant and open access to a range of games so vast as to dwarf the consoles combined, and the intricacy and complexity available to its games. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy sitting back in a comfy armchair and waggling a controller when the game is right.

And we know the same is true for very many of you. So we’re very interested to learn how readers plan to approach this month to end all gaming months.

Did you pre-order them both six months ago, and are now desperately wishing you could be one of those who gets an accidentally shipped early delivery? (Can we just take a moment to acknowledge Microsoft’s gall at having an unboxing video removed from YouTube because of “copyright violation”.) Or are you waiting to see how they go down, undecided on which to pick until a consensus is formed? Maybe you’ll wait a year for the inevitable revised versions, and pick up the old one at a significant discount? Or do you have absolutely no intention of picking up either?

Does the leap forward in tech concern you over your current PC build? It’s been an odd five or so years, with the consoles delaying their replacements a lot longer than was expected, leading to a significant drop in the progress of fidelity. When the big-budget, cross-platform games were coming out on eight-year-old hardware, they were far less likely to make demands of the PC, and so the biennial update has rather faded away. But what about now? As developers learn the new consoles, they’ll start pushing the tech farther and farther, and a middling PC might not keep up much longer.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that you’re placing your bets with the Steam Box, recognising that your armchair experiences needn’t rely on a plastic box that also wants to be your DVR, Hi-Fi system and teasmaid. Or do you wish the whole thing would just go away so you can get on with playing your elaborate RTS across three monitors and seven keyboards?

Let us know below.


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  1. Haplo says:

    I tried to build a house in a forested rural area once, but I was informed by the local council that it simply wasn't backwoods compatible. :(
  1. Sherlock1986 says:

    I’ve always been a bit of a Nintendo-head when it came to consoles, and my Wii does my just fine for multiplayer party games like Guitar Hero, Wii Sports Resort and Wii Party. I’ve never owned any generation of Xbox or Playstation, and don’t intend to.

    The only way my gaming has changed as late is with the partner (also an avid PC gamer) moving in with me, and it being rather unsociable to both sit on our PCs playing games against/with each other for hours. A console for the lounge to tie us over between PC gaming sessions is what I’m after, and the Ouya as a cheap alternative looks very tempting whilst I wait for a SteamBox.

  2. Tei says:

    I bought myself a Vita. To research japanese games, and the type of games theres only on consoles. But I have found that I hate these games with a passion of 1000 suns. So, while I like the idea of buying a console, I feel now that such thing would be a enormeous waste of money and my time. I hate the console games, I hate the lock-down of consoles and I hate console gamers.

    • LordMidas says:

      That’s a lot of hate of one person. Better get back on those meds.

    • welverin says:

      Funny thing is the percentage of Japanesse games on consoles has probably gone down, at least it seems like it. Look at most major releases and they’re developed in North America and Europe.

  3. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I won’t buy one of them at launch, but I might pick one or both up in a couple of years, depending on if there are enough exclusives that I really want to play.

  4. virtualmatrix258 says:

    I’m not going to waste my time or money on those failing consoles. There’s nothing they have that appeals to me. Between AAA garbage titles and restrictive gameplay, my home is on the PC. Day after day better games are being launched on PC and I would be stupid to waste money on consoles when that money could be going to indie developers that take their time with games.

  5. TechnicalBen says:

    Sit back, get popcorn and laugh! :)

  6. Wyrm says:

    Probably nothing at launch, but only really interested in the PS4. Microsoft can get lost after what they tried to pull. Also if everyone ignores the Xbone they may pull their finger out of their backsides and support PC gaming better.
    Having said that, I hope SteamOS really takes off so I don’t have to bother with them on my PC either.

  7. mickygor says:

    I’m not buying a PS4 or XBone. Hell, I’ve spent the last year crying over the fact that I can’t afford to replace my lost 3DS. :(

  8. Schmudley says:

    I’m definitely in the ‘wait-and-see’ camp. Partly, that’s because I upgraded to a pretty sweet PC about a year ago, and I’m hoping that should see me through for a while (plus it means less money left over for a console upgrade).

    On top of that though, I don’t feel any particular inclination to get one of the consoles. I use my PS3 increasingly rarely – purely for exclusives (and also including GTA 5 since I couldn’t be bothered to wait 6 months for what a port that might reruire more months of modding to be playable). The thing that will eventually win me over will be exclusive titles, and as yet there aren’t really any that are winning me over.

    So I figure its best to wait it out, for the price to go down, for the early bugs to be ironed out (a friend of mine had to replace his Xbox 360 twice due to the red ring of death) and for the cream of the exclusives to rise to the top so I know what to get.

    In the mean time, I’ve got a massive back log of games to work through as is.

  9. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    As far as the new consoles go, I might do what I did this last round: Admire the UI classiness (assumed) and general attitude (probable) of the Playstation for a year or four and hope that it ends up with more interesting exclusives. (For me, MGS4+Journey+others > Shadow Complex+ads.) Or hope that neither ends up with anything like Journey so I can save money with no lingering longing.

    However, there’s also the Wii U, despite its vast technical inferiority. I only have consoles because of their games, so if this “Project X” has anything close to the spirit and general goodness of Xenoblade, if Retro makes another Metroid, and if the next Smash Brothers doesn’t vaporize, I might get a Nintendo this round.

    But, of course, there will always be PC, soon with at least 33% more Linux. Opinion, away!

  10. Keyrock says:

    My plan is exactly the same as for the previous console cycle, I plan on not getting any console. The reason is not any sort of anti-console agenda, but simply because they offer me nothing that I can’t already do on my PC. For the entire previous console cycle my list of titles that induced console envy is: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Red Dead Redemption. That’s it, that’s the entire list. The 2 Mario games and one Zelda game weren’t enough to persuade me to buy a Wii, and RDR certainly wasn’t enough to persuade me to buy a PS3 or 360. So far of the new console generation Super Mario 3D World is the only game giving me console envy. If I do get a console it will most likely be a Wii U, because Big N’s 1st party titles are still flat out awesome, but that’s highly unlikely.

    I will however be building a new PC rig late next year and will consider getting a Steam Machine instead (same thing really) if the price and specs are favorable (One form of Linux or another will be present on that machine either way).

    • welverin says:

      If you do break down and buy a WiiU you’d be able to play the Wii games you were interested in as well.

  11. Ralphomon says:

    I’ll probably get a PS4 eventually. If it turns out that Persona 5 is released on the PS4, then that should provide the impetus to spend all that money and get one sooner rather than later.

    The only thing that counts as a plus on the XBONE front is Swery65’s new game, D4 is XBONE exclusive and looks just as batshit as Deadly Premonition, if not more.

  12. HaikuWin says:

    I really wanted to own a next-gen console from release for the first time but they have nothing to offer me. GT6 is going to be released on the PS3 and a favourite PSN exclusive of mine (SARPBC) has a sequel in development, ready to release on Steam Early Access first.

    So naturally I have a huge backlog of PC games to play and I’m currently buying Nintendo products, weirdly the console of most interest to me right now..

  13. SuicideKing says:

    I’m indifferent, upgrading my current PC will be cheaper or as expensive as the Xbone, and has far more value and usability.

    Also, cheaper games, and i dislike playing shooters with a controller.

    Side note, the if you look at the PS4’s worldwide launch, it’ll be a good 6-10 months ahead of the Xbone’s.

  14. Synesthesia says:

    I have faith in the steambox. I’m goind to build one with my current rig, and get a new, upgraded one. Use it to play most games directly from it, and stream those i can’t. I wonder if it can stream non-steam applications? I’m thinking of some Smash Bros. Dolphin brawls.

  15. Screamer says:

    I’ll probably get a PS4 consoletoybox in 2 years or so, if there are any exclusives I’m interested in. I only got the PS3 for Uncharted, Last of Us, Dark Souls, RDD etc.

  16. The Sombrero Kid says:

    developers and consumers who support a console ecosystem are acting against their own interests. It’s such a rich time for PC games I see no reason to take part as either a consumer or developer. if i was to succumb it’s be the Wii U

  17. Nero says:

    I’ve got no interest in the Xbox One, but like the PS3 I will eventually buy a PS4 for all the playstation exclusives. Maybe I will get one in a year or so.

  18. strangeloup says:

    I’ve always enjoyed console gaming, and round about 5 months ago I finally got rid of my 360 in favour of a PS3, a decision which I wish I’d made in the first place. I’ve been very happy with every PS console I’ve had — in fact, the only one I don’t currently own is the Vita — and as such I’m favourably inclined towards the PS4.

    That being said, the last couple of generations of consoles have taught me not to buy anything at launch, and basically everything Microsoft have done with the 360 and just about anything else they’ve had their fingers in over the last ~5 years has taught me not to give them any money.

  19. kud13 says:

    I may upgrade my video card from a GT630, if there’s anything good on sale on Boxing Day. If not, I have literally years of backlog to wade through, and I tend to game a lot less these days.

    I don’t do racing games, or online multiplayer, controllers frustrate me, and I don’t have a TV. I’ve always had an interest in PlayStation, since they apparently made some nice games, but never enough to make me want to spend money on a console.

  20. JamesTheNumberless says:

    PC enthusiasts have scorned the way the Xbone is touted as a home entertainment/media hub more than as a games console but actually that’s probably the strongest reason for me (as a PC gamer) to buy one. I got my PS3 as much for its ability to play Blu Rays as for its ability to play games and I no longer feel like I can justify a console purchase on its games alone, even if it has exclusives I really want to play.

  21. Tams80 says:

    The only console I have is a Wii U, as I live Nintendo games. I might pick up a PS4 as the PS3 had some good indie games, Japan Studios appear to be back on form and I do like Japanese games.

    For now, a long HDMI cable will more than suffice.

  22. JamesTheNumberless says:

    The last console that was really worth it for me, was the N64. It had a few games that are legendary and PC hardware, although it had already surpassed consoles, was expensive for me as a student (and I still love that controller.) The best console generation was the SNES/Megadrive era – PC was just beginning its charge towards being standardized cheap and powerful, and was overlooked when it came to action games (until Doom) meaning you had your PC/Amiga/Atari ST for Sim, RPG and strategy games and your consoles for shoot-em-ups and platformers, etc. Nowadays I have a 360 controller plugged into my PC.

  23. Ovno says:

    My PS2 Gathered Dust (after GTA3) and then broke – My PC was always better
    My Xbox Gathered Dust and still does – My PC was always better
    My 360 Gathered Dust and then broke – My PC was always better
    My PS3 Gathered Dust till I sold it – My PC was always better
    My PC is still better.

    So no I’m not going to waste my money on under powered, under used (in my house) boxes which break, I’d rather play games where they belong.

    However if they were to start doing split screen 2-4 player games again I might change my mind for social reasons.

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      Can’t agree with this more, another reason I stated that the N64 was the last console that was worth it for me, is the splitscreen multiplayer. Maybe we’ll see a revival with the steambox?

  24. Metalhead9806 says:

    Ignore them until more games release. Maybe even wait for a price drop and/or redesign in three to four years time.

  25. Deadend says:

    I am getting a PS4 and a bundle, mainly it’s because my PC is 5 years old(Core 2 Duo), does everything non-gaming as great as any other PC can, and $400 upgrades wouldn’t take me further into games looking better than $400 on a PS4.

    If my PC was newer by a couple of years, I’d probably not get a PS4 at all.. but it’s cheaper than buying new CPU+Mobo (at least good ones)

  26. Blue Shark says:

    I will be getting 780 Ti instead. Seems like the better choice. Playing with gamepad was never my thing anyway.

  27. Kentauroi says:

    I enjoyed a lot of good times with my PS3, but I’ll be waiting at least a good year before I make a decision on which of the consoles I’ll buy, if any. Buying my PS3 around launch was enough of an eye opener in that regard.

  28. sophof says:

    The hardware doesn’t appear to be strong enough to make me consider them. I don’t have the feeling I’ll be reeled in by platform exclusive games like with the last gen, so that would be the only other reason I can think of to get them.

    I think I’m going to wait and see what the thin-client experience is like for steam. I’m already playing most ‘couch-games’ on my HTPC and that would mean I don’t have to upgrade to play the latest.

    I think the console as a concept is losing its relevance, but this generation will probably still be somewhat successful.

  29. TigerWolfe says:

    Have a pre-ordered PS4 with the new Assassins Creed game ready to show up on launch day. Contemplating doing a mod I found online a few years ago to combine my 360/PS3 and Wii all into a singular tower, that will also serve as an HTPC, as a means to save on plug space and still access to my rather large collection of Rockband tracks (it’s basically the only game the wife will play).

  30. mda says:

    Celebrating the new consoles, I will buy a PS3. Been thinking about it for a couple months. I have an X360 that I never use (played some Red Dead Redemption), but there are a few PS3 exclusives that I want to play.

    Buy: 12GB PS3 super-slim for AUD$200, add a 750GB HDD for $80.
    Play: Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection (probably only play MGS3+4), GTA5 (unless it’s announced for PC), Uncharted, God of War 3, ICO & SOTC HD, Journey.

    • welverin says:

      Because I like them so much I’ll suggest them again: seriously consider adding LittleBigPlanet 1&2 and inFamous 1&2 to that list.

      In the past six years I have found no game to be more pure fun than LittleBigPlanet and I consider inFamous 2 to be the best superhero game ever released, yes better than the Bat Arkham games.

      Flower and The Unfinished Swan might be worht adding as well, and if you didn’t own a PS2 and/or PSP go for the God of War Collection for the GoW1&2, Chains of Olympus, and Ghost of Sparta.

    • Bull0 says:

      Did you deliberately leave The Last of Us off your list? For me, the best exclusive on the Playstation 3. Close-run thing with the Uncharted series.

    • Ridnarhtim says:

      Skip Uncharted, play Uncharted 2.

  31. luieburger says:

    “the perception that we’re in some way anti-console is entirely imaginary. We all own them, we all play games on them.”

    Um… no… I’m definitely anti-console. More directly. I’m against closed platforms and I’m against being forced to play with analog sticks. My last console was a ColecoVision, and I’m going to keep it that way. (Unless you think a SteamOS streaming box is a “console”.)

    “Does the leap forward in tech concern you over your current PC build?”

    Nope. In fact, it validates the PC platform even more since they did away with their silly “dedicated” hardware and adopted our architecture. So much for that “advantage” for consoles. Besides, their hardware is nowhere near the leap that last-gen was. It’s more of a side-grade than an upgrade really. A piddly little APU can only go so far. The PS3 folks had the Cell processor to grow into at least.

    “Of course, it’s entirely possible that you’re placing your bets with the Steam Box”

    ^ This. My office is my living room, so if I want I can already sit at my couch and play games with friends. However, it’s easier with the Steam Box and Steam Controller. I might pick up one or two cheap little SteamOS streaming boxes to put around the house so I can play from the kitchen, or the bed. Why give up everything that’s good about PC gaming just to play in a different room? The Steam Box requires zero sacrifice as a PC gamer.

    My only interest in the PS4 and XBone is watching the peasants squabble amongst each other, and seeing what becomes of the DirectX vs OpenGL war. I’m placing my bets on Sony winning the console wars, Valve winning the PC wars, and MS being left empty-handed with DirectX that nobody needs anymore.

  32. Sharza says:

    I just upgraded my PC for 550€ and it will be enough for the next few years (I hope). Seeing that a new xbox costs almost the same and the PS4 is “only” 150€ less, I must say I’m quite happy with my purchase. I now have an open system, that allows me to work efficiently on, produce music and comfortably surf the interwebs. The system is also my multimedia station that can do everything I’d ever want from it plus I can store tons of data on it.
    It is also a system that I can alter in any way I like and where games don’t cost a million € to purchase plus there are way more interesting games on the PC that don’t follow the mainstream formulas. There are only upsides to owning a PC over consoles in my opinion.

  33. Burius1981 says:

    Not buying an Xbone or PS4 any time in the next 6 to 9 months. I have a 360 and I only use it when the wife is monopolizing my PC for an extended period of time or when I want to use netflix or hulu.
    The new consoles cost too much for me to rationalize buying one and neither of them have any launch titles that have grabbed my attention. For a quarter of what I would spend on just the box I could buy enough interesting games at the next steam sale to keep me occupied for the next year.
    I am considering purchasing a PS3, mostly to have an extra blueray/netflix/hulu capable box in the den. They should be nice and cheap here shortly.

  34. malkav11 says:

    Once upon a time I felt the need to own every platform so I could play any game that caught my fancy. Now the console genres that interested me most (like JRPGs) are in decline and the few console exclusives that remain are mostly the sorts of games I have no desire to play with a gamepad, like shooters. Practically everything else either comes to PC (including most of the shooters, don’t get me wrong) or isn’t worth my time, and the fact that I have several hundred games worth of backlog on Steam suggests I can live without the occasional platform exclusive that might for whatever reason not make that jump. Even if I want to play it.

    I seriously have barely turned on my consoles in over two years, so investing in next-gen consoles with vastly less to offer and even more likelihood of overlap with PC makes no financial sense whatsoever. If I did it’d probably be PS4 because I can get games for all three Sony systems I’d have at that point with one cheap yearly subscription and Microsoft has been fucking every single thing about the Xbone up as far as I’m concerned. But that won’t be anytime soon.

    (The Wii’s motion controls were terrible, the Wii U perpetuates them plus bonus nonsense tablet thingy, so that one’s not even on the radar at all.)

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, the other thing I considered consoles useful for was providing same-room cooperative multiplayer. But that’s not really a thing anymore. Apparently everyone is now expected to play online with other people who’ve mysteriously also decided to shell out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for a largely useless paperweight and the exact same games as you, though, plus pay yearly for the privilege. Or, y’know, I could just do that on PC and give $5 copies of the game to my friends and pay nothing for the privilege of multiplayer. Gosh.

  35. Megakoresh says:

    I am keeping an eye on PS4. I have a PS3 and the only reason I ever turn it on is PS Move. If there are some interesting games for Move (interesting meaning something other than swinging swords at stylized characters or aiming your controllers as an assault rifle till your arm hurts), I am gonna buy it then. But honestly ever since I switched to PC, there has been everything I wanted from my gaming experience. As a student I am a bit limited in my ability to “go to the living room to play some games on the couch” simply because there is mostly my family using the living room and they are unfortunately “videogamephobic”.

  36. Ridnarhtim says:

    I’ve owned very many consoles over the years … snes, N64, PS2, Gamecube, PS3, xBox360, Wii – and I’m leaving out handhelds. However, I have absolutely zero interest in these two. They seem to do nothing new, nothing exciting; most of my favourite Sony exclusive series have gone severly downhill over the life of the PS3, so not even those will be enough to motivate me, unless something spectacular happens. I’ll probably end up with a WiiU at some point – maybe it’ll get a price drop and a Zelda game much, much better than Skyward Sword – but I fully intend to completely ignore the PS4 and xBox One.

  37. Chorltonwheelie says:

    I will be forced to buy one when I can’t stand the mither from my children any longer……..’bout a year away I expect.

  38. dangermouse76 says:

    I don’t feel the pull of console exclusive games any more, my PC is my media hub and server for the house, and I can justify the spend on a console. So happy and sticking to PC for the foreseeable future. Keeping an eye on steambox though….. you never know.

  39. Chairman_Pow says:

    I intend to get a Xbox One for console exclusives, party games and a non-tech-savvy-girlfriend friendly media centre for my TV. Then when I can, I’ll be getting a mid range Steam machine to be my primary gaming machine.

    I figure that the Xbox One will do certain things better than PC/PS4 – Motion party games, HDMI in for TV control (eventually), Smartglass second screen type stuff (although PS Vita remote play looks ace), and the fitness app looks like something I’d actually use.

    I’m at a point in my life where I have limited time for gaming. An Xbox One in the living room that lets me quickly switch between most of the media in my life sounds fantastic. I’m sure the PS4 will be a fantastic piece of kit and edge the Xbox One for visual fidelity in games, but I want more than a games machine these days. My lifestyle is not so game centric anymore. Xbox One appears to suit me well.

  40. diamondmx says:

    Planning to get the PS4 at some point, but launch line up is … disappointing at best.
    Can’t wait for MGS5, hope Kojima’s son doesn’t screw it up.

    Very glad that Titanfall is coming out on PC, as I do not want to buy both consoles and I still suffer from some irrational dislike of MS consoles in spite of my major first complaints either being resolved (XO overflowing with DRM), or both consoles now suffer from (PS Gold Live … sod off sony, and PS3 being not as reliable as one would hope, though I have never personally suffered either console failure)

    So, still a bit of a self acknowledged fanboy, but it certainly was true that last generation, you missed out on a lot of core ‘good games’ if you did not in fact have all consoles.

  41. Lionmaruu says:

    like when I bought my xbox360, wait for like 3 to 4 years, see the best exclusives, buy a cheaper and better version and play very cheap games you want…

    But I’m very patient, also, my PC will be the way to go for most games I would like to play anyway, specially if more fighting games come to PC I may just (thankfully) skip all consoles.

  42. Enkinan says:

    Debating on being lazy and buying a gaming rig or building my own if I feel like taking the time. I have no interest in consoles. I will be keeping an eye on the Steam box and controller however.

  43. rockman29 says:

    Buying a PS4, already have a Vita ready and waiting.

  44. Zenicetus says:

    I won’t be getting either one, and in fact I’ve never owned a game console.

    Roughly half my gaming hours are spent with combat and civilian flight simulators, which have always needed tons of raw processing power on a PC, so keeping up with them has always meant good performance with other PC games like strategy, RPG’s and shooters. My current rig is probably good for one more year, and next summer I’ll start planning the upgrade.

    As long as there are enough enjoyable RPG’s and non-modern-military shooters like Bioshock Infinite, Dishonored, Metro Last Light, etc still released on the PC, I just don’t have any incentive to get a console.

  45. racccoon says:

    They will only add to Landfill n’ the recycling industry.

  46. Shooop says:

    My PS3 has been used as a blu-ray player almost exclusively for the past year, so unless Sony’s new one offers to do something absolutely mind-blowing I’m going to ignore it. And Microsoft’s offering is not even worth bringing up except for ridicule.

  47. Lemming says:

    I was vaguely tipping my toe in the idea of a PS4 a few months ago (I’ve had a lot of enjoyment out of my PS3), but the Steam Machine announcements changed all that. I’ll just wait for one of them.

  48. Pundabaya says:

    PS4 after Chrimbo, largely because my primary games machine (360) is on its last legs.

  49. Apocalypse says:

    Wait, is the PS4 not the new freeBSD pre-installed HTPC I ordered?

  50. Hypocee says:

    I’ll probably get a WiiU eventually, when it has more than two worthwhile games and has decided which of its peripheral jambalaya it can actually use ala DS. I may get a PS4 at some point way down the line, if any of its interesting indies stay more than a timed exclusive and Last Guardian gets released. The mainstays of controller-based entertainment have just been so, so unappealing since soon after this generation’s launch – and on a downward trajectory. Wipeout, coasting/ruined and largely absent. Burnout, utterly ruined. Sports, still po-faced. Shooters, tooth-grinding when not beneath consideration. Action-adventure, absent AFAICT – nobody’s filled in the Jak & Daxter gap, for instance. Straight-up action, increasingly insipid and grindridden.

    I’ve so far gone to PAX Prime biennially, and this was an on year. I remember the previous visit I learned about El Shaddai, Dragon’s Dogma, Team X I believe, got excited about Split/Second…and I know there were other things from the big publishers and platforms that I got informed or excited about. This year, I noticed even at the time that the contrast on the showfloor was stark. There was the Indie Megabooth, the PAX 10 and associated indie/merch floor, the student/indie adjunct to the tournament center and the one-day underground Seattle Indies Expo (Chess Heroes! Shrapnel: Tank Fueled Chaos! Voronoid! Energy Hook!)…and then there was eeeverybody else, the remaining 75% of the floor. If memory serves, I never set foot in a booth from EA, Activision, Ubi, Sony, MS or Nintendo. Also-ran MMOs. Also-ran F2P shooters. Also-ran lanepushers. Also-ran grim ‘n’ gritty shooters. (Anti)social ‘games’. Turgid, overburdened ex-action franchises. Rehashes. Combine that with my desire to buy as few electronic strip-mine/slave goods as possible, and I’m avoiding the whole rigmarole as best I can. (Not to mention that the two big boys are x86 now, which could have interesting implications for the timing and meaning of ’emulation’. Buy Guardian and play it booted off USB on my main machine? My conscience would be clear.)

    • Apocalypse says:

      The WiiU sound like a great plan, especially with the whole virtual console thing that Nintendo is using since ages for the consoles. Buy one console and get all the old console systems as well.

      The ability to play hassle free sega mega drive or NES emulator games is great. Having one console to own all Zelda games is such a neat feature. :)