Run, The Forest, Run: New Trailer For Crafty Survival Horror

How else would we signal a passing rescue boat?

The Forest is Minecraft meets Slender, or Lost: The Game, or Sir, You Are Henry David Thoreau, or any one of a number of other lazy comparisons that does more to make me look knowledgeable than it does to actually tell you about the game.

Ahem. So watch this new trailer instead. It’s Stalker meets Wurm Online!

Understand, now? It’s Lord of the Flies mixed with World War Z.

The first trailer, when posted to Steam Greenlight back in May, caused enough rumbles that the game was quickly greenlit. This new trailer looks far more accomplished. I like that it starts off all Animals of Farthing Wood before it descends into creepy skull-mashing horror. I quite fancy that high-contrast juxtaposition of cabin-building idyll and oh-fuck-oh-fuck lycra-suited cannibals.


  1. El Spidro says:

    So what you’re effectively saying is that it’s don’t starve meets lone survivor?

  2. YogSo says:

    You should add one more tag, Graham: “title puns that really make you groan” :-P

  3. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay.
    I build grotesque flesh totems by night and I work all day.

    I like that it starts off all Animals of Farthing Wood before it descends into creepy skull-mashing horror.

    Even Farthing Wood had its moments though.

  4. oyog says:

    I think I know precisely what I mean,
    When I say it’s a shpadoinkle day!

    • guygodbois00 says:

      I thought more along the lines of:
      “Whose woods these are I think I know.
      their fearsome cannibals though;
      they will not see me or hear the thud
      as I make these woods fill up with blood.”
      A bit gruesome, I do confess and so’s the trailer, nonetheless.

  5. njursten says:

    Lovely trailer!
    “Hm, might be fun. I hope it isn’t multiplayer. Wait, is that a leg? … What the hell is he doing!?”

  6. guygodbois00 says:

    It looks gorgeous, but that scene where you crash somebody’s head with a stone will be it’s undoing.
    “Think of the children” and such nonsense will shout people that never think of children. I will buy non-Steam version if it turns out to be even mediocre piece of gaming trite; I’ll try my best to harbor high hopes meanwhile.

    • sPOONz says:

      Well I just watched the trailer for something to do and I am now an eager fan. The crunchy stone scene was brutal but not anything unlike what you’d see in films. Nice looking game but more importantly for me, great animations. Hopefully this will be a winner.

    • Viroso says:

      The head crushing didn’t bother me as much as what apparently looks like wild crazy natives that you’ll kill by the dozens. I mean I was like “no don’t crush that sk…oh” but I’m usually okay with extreme violence as I have crushed many skulls. But the wild murderous tribesman thing is kinda trite, bad.

      BUT this is only a one minute and a half trailer and it’s way too early to draw any actual conclusions.

    • womp says:

      For what it’s worth, the skull crushee looked like it was already dead/ragdolled.

    • Jackablade says:

      Mm, must admit that kinda turned me off the whole thing. Looks like a pretty well constructed game but not, I think, one for me.

  7. staberas says:

    UM you forgot the most important part of the video, Its made for the Oculus Rift !!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Gap Gen says:

      Ooh, wait, how do you implement the API that tightens the Rift’s headband until the user’s head implodes like a watermelon in a vice?

  8. SillyWizard says:

    Ugh no no no no no no no no no no!

  9. Monkeh says:

    Wow, really hope this turns out to be great gameplay wise, because the visuals/atmosphere are already some of the prettiest I’ve seen in videogames.

  10. womp says:


  11. quietone says:

    Lycra-suited cannibals: the name of my garage band as soon as I can afford travelling back in time to the 80s.

  12. GunnerMcCaffrey says:

    “Sir, You Are Henry David Thoreau”

    Actual, independently verified LOL

  13. squareking says:

    Reminds me of Miasmata a bit.

  14. Freud says:

    It’s a bit like Evil Dead meets My Fair Lady.

  15. racccoon says:

    Its nicely done.
    Its real shame all these developers never created or formed a mass group, all their ideas needed to go into one place, create that ultimate survival game, instead of mish mashing.
    I got no idea how a man can climb Everest leave a man to die and still keep on and on with his game jumping and changing its bits and bops to a higher tech. Maybe a falling off Everest might of woke him up. If it were me in his place I would of used Arma’s new engine from the start.
    Pissin about was what he was used to in the modding game, becoming a dev has shown this clearly.

    But on TOPIC:
    its looks pretty nicely done, I can not say whether it will be a good game though. I played all the other wannabe’s and they are just that. So lets hope there’s one out there, I been putting holes in my pockets for too long and it isn’t the way I thought it would go. So cross all things and hope maybe this might be.

  16. JustAchaP says:

    It looks “too” good

  17. King Eternity says:

    Into the treeeees…

  18. DonkeyCity says:

    This is the coolest looking game I’ve seen in ages. And Rift support? Hell yes.

  19. goettel says:

    There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man.

  20. Gap Gen says:

    I watched the Axe Cop cartoon last night, so watching the trailer I kept thinking “I WILL CHOP OFF YOUR HEADS” in the voice of Nick Offerman.

  21. analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

    Is this the one where you are a Robot/android??

  22. Ovno says:

    This keeps looking better and better…

    Will definitely be buying it.

  23. DatonKallandor says:

    Really, Audiotapes again? This has to be one of the most nonsensical placements of “NPC records audiodiary before he dies so player knows what’s going on”.