Take A Boat Ride And Reprogram Reality in FJORDS

How to describe FJORDS without spoiling it? I could say “it is a videogame which contains jumping and doors and sometimes boats”, but that probably wouldn’t make you want to play it.

I could say “it is a videogame about when videogames go wrong, and making the best of that”, but that may make it sound like a mess, or arch, or both.
I could say “it has a certain amount in common with Fez” but as well as that encouraging inaccurate like-for-like comparison rather than simple evocation it’ll lead to a comments thread full of ranting about Phil Fish.
So instead I’ll just say “it is a videogame you have to figure out for yourself, but once you do you’re essentially making progress by turning off the bits of the world which impede you.” But that’s not right either.

Hum. Hmm. OK. Well, you nominally play a pizza delivery person, but that’s got almost nothing to do the with the game. What you do is to try to navigate strange, broken worlds made from floating platforms and waterfalls and glitchlike visual artifacts. Rather than jumping, you have a grappling hook, at least for a while. You must make your way to the other side of the screen, as the Gaming Ancients so long ago dictated. Soon enough, that simply isn’t possible.

Everything I say from here is something you can and probably should work out for yourself. That process won’t be an entirely intuitive one, but understanding and the pride which goes with that will be your reward.

Sadly, because as well as being difficult to describe without spoiling it, this is a paid game without a demo, so convincing you to put down $7 without being able to usefully tell you what it is puts us all in quite a bind. Let’s play for time with a trailer:

OK, here’s The Thing about Fjords. It contains computers, old-fashioned ones which require text-based input. The first thing you should do at one is type HELP, which will give you a list of available commands. You should then type HELP followed by the name of one of those commands. Then type one of those commands followed by one the variables the last command listed. Then type EXIT and see what has occurred.

Things will be different. Things will be even more different if you typed in multiple commands. Perhaps things will be different enough that the situation I mentioned four paragraphs ago, where further progress is apparently impossible, is no longer an issue. Perhaps, for instance, you typed SET WATERFALLS F. The F stands for False, and what that means is no more waterfalls. And what that means is that you can do the grappling hook thing across more of the level, without the risk of the instant death which results upon contact with waterfalls.

Perhaps, though, that won’t be enough for that screen, and so you should go back to the computer and try out new commands. Perhaps you’ll find the one which gives you a short of short-term magic carpet. Perhaps you will employ the ones which enable you to fall out of the screen and into new areas, as though you have broken the game (you have not broken the game). Perhaps you’ll feel confused and maddened, exasperated by a game which refuses to tell you anything about how its strange systems work and which requires a great deal of patience and consideration. That, of course, is why it is good.

Perhaps, in between trying to figure out that computer and how to overcome the ever-changing obstacles and further explore the ever-changing, ever-impossible world, you’ll just stay a while and gaze in quiet pleasure at the off-kilter prettiness of FJORD’s glitch-adorned minimalism and gently blippy music. I know I did.

FJORDS, by Kyle Reimergartin, is out now, and costs $7. I appreciate it will probably feel like a speculative purchase given it needs to be played to be usefully understood, and that it has little to offer those who seek instant gratification, but I wholeheartedly recommend it to inquiring minds.


  1. LarsBR says:

    Oh goodie, I’ve been pining for this one!

  2. strangeloup says:

    I really like the music, but feel rather unenthused about the rest of the thing.

  3. JustAPigeon says:

    Norway I will pick this up without a demo.

  4. golem09 says:

    Sounds like a similar “experience” as Starseed Pilgrim.

    • DantronLesotho says:

      It’s very very similar to Starseed Pilgrim, only this one appears to have a final goal. I got the game and I really liked it, I just need to put in some more time. Maybe I will draw a map as well.

      • SillyWizard says:

        Starseed Pilgrim doesn’t have a goal?


        • burth says:

          Sure it does! There is a very definite ending in Starseed Pilgrim.

        • BanditoJuan says:

          Starseed Pilgrim has a goal, but after awhile farming seeds won’t be enough to get there….

    • Shepardus says:

      Apparently it’s part of a project called Sharecart1000 in which multiple games can share one savefile for different effects, and one of the people who came up with the idea for this Sharecart1000 thing was Droqen himself, so the connection to Starseed Pilgrim isn’t so far-fetched.

  5. primalchaos says:

    Interesting i’ve been pining for the Fjords

  6. Njordin says:

    This game is truely awesome.

  7. Perjoss says:

    Will i find Slartibartfast’s signature somewhere deep inside a glacier??

  8. AtomicTroop says:

    Lovely soundtrack really.

  9. LogicalDash says:

    Does it count for spoilers if the features of which you speak are clearly evident in the promo video?

  10. Blaxxun says:

    Looks great. If only it was on Steam. I know it’s silly but I find myself unwilling to buy games without being able to add them on steam. Probably stems from too much piracy in my youth.

    Anyway, as soon as this comes to steam (if ever) I’ll buy it for sure.

  11. BanditoJuan says:

    Anyone else gotten to that big computer 3 screens up and 5 to the right from the room which you enter through the door in the pizzaplace?