Myst Creator’s Obduction Obducts $1.1m From Wallets

Myst and Riven developer Cyan still hasn’t offered much in the way of substantial content (beyond a few largely vague “here’s what we’re hoping to do” descriptions) for exploration puzzler Obduction, but that hasn’t stopped it from beaming up enough money to begin chewing up and spitting its strange, globular gumball world onto our desks in earnest. The game’s Kickstarter was originally seeking $1.1m, and now it’s meandered past that mark. Go below for details on what happens next and a very silly celebration video.

There are, of course, stretch goals, because there are (almost) always stretch goals. At $1.3 million, Obduction will get Oculus Rift support and localization in other languages.

$1.7 million, meanwhile, brings a much heftier hunk of content in the form of an entire additional world and something called Roadtrip Mode. Here’s how that’ll work:

“Roadtrip Mode allows two people to share the exploration via the internet. One player would be the “driver” – moving and interacting, while the other player would be a “passenger” – following where the “driver” goes, but able to freely look around on their own computer. They will be able to talk with each other, offering advice or pointing out highlights. And the players can switch the “driver” and “passenger” whenever they want. It seems like a great way to facilitate something that happens naturally – and let players share the journey.”

Sounds nice enough, I suppose. It’d play “passenger” to an entire fourth world, so I suppose we can’t really complain.

Obduction has only a couple days left on its Kickstarter. It’s still quite a ways off from $1.7 million, but you never know. I wish the crowdfunding campaign would’ve offered more than just gussied up promises, but here we are. Fingers crossed that Cyan is still capable of delivering something delightfully strange and alien. It’s been a while since I had a good stroll.


  1. vedder says:

    I’m really happy about this. I loved Myst way back and only played Riven and Myst III recently but also loved them.
    And before this is released I still have time to catch up with the other titles.

    If Obduction manages to translate the ambience and great logical puzzles of the Myst series to a new setting that would definitely worth my investment in this. Very excited! First thing I’ve backed since Torment 2.

  2. The Godzilla Hunter says:

    Does it make me a downer if I say that the hashtags in the video sorta ruined it for me?

    • Armante says:

      The hashtags are not only meant to be a joke, but are part of the ARG being run in the Cyan forums

      • The Godzilla Hunter says:

        Ah, I see. Then I guess I will have to find something else to be grumpy about. I guess I should go grumble about the weather, then.

        • Armante says:

          Hehe fair call. Weather’s always something to grumble about. Too hot, too cold. Wet..

  3. Armante says:

    Thanks for the post RPS :) 2 days to go to get the stretch goals in.

    I’ve been backing this all month and trying to spread the word to help out. Myst and Riven were a big deal to me back in the day. I would love to see it at least make the $1.3 million for Oculus Rift support – that would be amazing!

    I know this type of game isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but then again there are plenty of people who are sick and tired of ManShooter : Call of Battle Ghosts. Hopefully some RPS readers can go check it out and get involved, spread the word some more.

    If you are indeed a fan of Cyan’s games, go have a read of – a fan-created page where they can leave messages of support, thanks, memories and so on. It was created to drive support and awareness of the campaign as well.

    Can’t wait for late 2015 to finally play it.. :D

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      “Can’t wait for late 2015 to finally play it.. :D”

      No, no, no… you forgot to apply he automatic release-date convertonographator. “Late 2015” actually means “mid 2016”.

  4. yusefsmith says:

    That guy is high as hell

  5. Cinek says:

    The first kickstarter project that made me so excited since Project Eternity.
    I’m most glad they made it. Can’t wait for the game. Really hope this game will be a benchmark of quality other projects will try against.

    (actually I’m surprised it took them so long to break through main goal. Puts in doubt my hopes for stretch goals :( )

  6. AJLeuer says:

    Richard Cobbett’s take on Myst basically sums up my feelings. This might have some potential, however. link to

  7. jhaskell says:

    Something about this doesn’t add up. 1.1 million to make 3 worlds? And a fourth world is 600k extra? A lot of other indies could do much more with much less.

  8. Laketown says:

    It was probably because of Neil Patrick Harris’s tweet.


  9. DrManhatten says:

    Sad, sad people are still spending money on rubbish on kickstarter where unique, fresh, and awesome looking games like Next car game fail. Well at least 7th Guest campaign is going bad.

    • Faxmachinen says:

      “Next car game” is hardly a good example of unique and fresh. And you’re implying that a game in an underrated genre that looks nothing like its spiritual predecessor is not unique and fresh, but rubbish.

    • Armante says:

      Sad, sad people? You should see the comments flying in the kickstarter. People are having a party in there. Sorry if puzzle-solving and thinking are not your thing. Personally, I’ve had my fill of shooters, racing games and platformers. I’ve played a LOT of games in the last 32 years (yes I’m old, get off my lawn) and it has been a long while since something decent has come out in this genre. There’s a reason adventure games and space games are making a comeback via kickstarter – there are a lot of people out there that want to play them. Me included :)

      • DrManhatten says:

        The only problem so far most of these funded adventure/puzzle games have failed to impress when they were finished!

  10. mda says:

    I wanted to love Myst and Riven as a kid… I loved the atmosphere. The puzzles were too much for me though, eventually I just gave up and thought I was dumb.

  11. Armante says:

    Very happy this made it to the Oculus Rift/Localisation stretch goal! :)

    Anybody still interested in backing can do so via Paypal at