X: Rebirth Is Out Tomorrow, Launch Trailer Below

Space is surprisingly colourful.

Alright, so this is how it’s going to be, is it? Craig was Scottish and loved space games. Graham’s Scottish so everyone assumes he must love space games too, right? You’d be racist if Scotland was a race. And if I didn’t love space games. But I do.

X: Rebirth is very exciting, it is being released tomorrow, and now there is a launch trailer below.

Rebirth is designed as a reboot for the series, stripping back the obtuse interface in favour of something that, hopefully, better delivers on the fantasy of being a space pilot/trader/pirate/person. It is absurdly pretty, as the last set of screenshots.


  1. Myrdinn says:

    I always have the impression that the X games are kind of like EVE Online, but not online. Now EVE is pretty great in what it does, because of it’s dynamic economy, politics and all the other MMO sandbox stuff. With all this missing from X, is it still worth playing as a spacecraft-sim?

    • Zanchito says:

      They do have dynamic economy and politics, prices, stations built and trade routes react to your own trading and building. Also, you can wage wars and join / form your own faction.

      EVE is marvellous in what it does, but this game scratches a different itch, even though on paper they look similar.

    • Atrocious says:

      Over the last 10 years I have played both EVE and X a lot. They both have their value. EVE is always about PVP (whether you intend it or not). X is always about PVE. Sometimes it’s just more relaxing to mess around with the X universe and do whatever you want to do.

      While in theory you can also do whatever you want in the EVE universe, it takes a lot more effort and brings many consequences with it. In X you could easily afford multiple capital ships after a few hours of investment. Something you couldn’t accomplish in EVE. And even if investing something like 100 hours in X was too much for you, you could simply script your own fleet out of the void.

      I will definitely check out X-Rebirth. Depending on my mood, I will then switch between interesting PVP and interesting PVE (the latter doesn’t exist in EVE, imho).

  2. amateurviking says:

    I am Scottish and I too also love space games.

    Edit: Although at £40 this seems a bit steep (I’m sure there’s a stereotype here somewhere) to take the plunge given that most of the X series have needed quite a bit of iteration post release to really start singing.

    Edit edit: and don’t even get me started on the collector’s edition.

    Edit edit edit: what I’m saying is basically. I will wait for a WIT or a review or two before I buy.

    • MiniMatt says:

      I once went on holiday to Scotland and now I too love space games

      • rustybroomhandle says:

        Never been to Scotland, but my girlfriend once dated a Scotsman. Both she and I love space games.

        • Atrocious says:

          Oh God, it’s contagious!

          • Fergus says:

            One of us, one of us!

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            I am not scottish but I live in scotland. I am starting to love space games.

            Also all foods that are covered with Lard.

          • DrZhark says:

            I’ve never been to Scotland, but I love Scotch (single malt and mixtures) and I too love Space Sim games…. I’m wondering if it’s something on the Whisky?

            edit: spelling error

          • SillyWizard says:

            That’s “whisky” to you.

        • Hanban says:

          I’ve never been to Scotland but I love space games.

          I have some questions I must ask my mum.

          • Quickness says:

            I’m from Space, and I love Scottish games. Caber Toss and Maide Leisg are my favorite.

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            @hanban: Genius

          • Quinnbeast says:


            When you were young, was your milk delivered by a Scotsman perchance?

        • Insaneg33k says:

          I have only been to the border of Scotland and have only a slight preference of space games to other genres of games.

        • alw says:

          I’m not Scottish at all, but I have been kilt in space games a lot

        • The Random One says:

          I’ve never been to Scotland and I don’t care for space games.

          Hypothesis confirmed.

        • yurusei says:

          I’m not Scottish, but I watched Braveheart, and now I too love space games.

      • Flippyot says:

        I saw ‘Braveheart’ a few times and I’m only slightly interested in space games.

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          I can’t help it. I now HAVE to post this

          • Quinnbeast says:

            This article needs some Taysiders in Space.

            “Set phasers tae Malky”.

    • Jockie says:

      I’m only a little bit scottish, but I quite like space games, either the Scottish blood in me is entirely overpowering, OR THIS WHOLE THEORY ABOUT SCOTTISHNESS AND THE CORRELATION WITH SPACEFONDNESS IS BULLSHIT!

      Ahem, on a calmer note, from what I’ve heard X Rebirth is looking pretty great, but not exactly bug-free.

    • derbefrier says:

      Waiting for reviews myself. It looks like it could be really cool and its supposed to be a lot more accessable but with the way I bounced off of that one x game I bought I just don’t know yet. I am usually very impulsive when it comes to buying games (ohh look at the shinys I want !)but I must be strong.

    • SuicideKing says:

      I played my first space games while in Scotland and i still love them.

    • Leonick says:

      Normally I wouldn’t complain about the 49,99€ price tag, but the fact that Egosoft’s own store has two standard editions, one at the aforementioned 49,99€ and one at the cheaper 39,99€ with the only difference being that it can only be activated outside of the EU does piss me off a bit.

      Still, I’m excited for this, it looks like it solves many of the issues with the previous X games (main being how unnecessarily complex they are) and I want a good space sim to play but I’m waiting for some thoughts and reviews of it. No reviews before launch is never a good sign.

      • amateurviking says:

        I wouldn’t be too concerned about the lack of pre-release reviews. That’s probably more to do with the size of the game, it’s ‘niche’ nature and the fact that it’s a busy time of year to be a game critic/journalist.

    • gi_ty says:

      My first and surname are of Scottish origin and I love me some space games. Hypothesis confirmed!

    • Stardreamer says:

      I am Scottish and I love Space Games!

      • JimboDeany says:

        I once saw Scotty in Star Trek and now I love space games!

    • frightlever says:

      Scotch Eggs: Rebirth? This is not a coincidence….

  3. swiftshlock says:

    Nice. Would be even nicer if it was a new TIE Fighter. One can dream…

  4. FullMetalMonkey says:

    Scottism is a race isn’t it? No group of people could be THAT ginger by chance!

  5. Utsunomiya says:

    Eeeeh… Kind of want.
    I wonder if the game comes with a sense of mystery and discovery and rainbows. From what I’ve played of previous X games, the universe felt like a big empty space with space stations in it. You couldn’t just pick a direction and fly someplace fabulous.
    Hell, even hidden secret wormholes from Freelancer felt wondrous! And that universe was about as dead as it can get.

    • frightlever says:

      I’ve maybe 500 hours in the X series but I couldn’t agree more with you. There really wasn’t a lot of oh factor about playing the game. The odd area was maybe full of debris from a historical battle but there just wasn’t anything quirky or funny. A few Space Ranger style leftfield missions wouldn’t go amiss.

  6. dE says:

    I’ve watched some gameplay videos of it (from german magazine gamestar) and it was stuttering and crashing like mad. There’s also a release date patch coming… all in all business as usual for X games. I don’t have high hopes for the release, but a few months, perhaps a year down the line, yeah, absolutely. I’ll be there.

  7. YTDamnit says:

    Anyone know if there’s going to be the usual rolling demo/benchmark for the new X? The previous ones are staples in my inventory.

  8. nrvsNRG says:

    It looks really nice. I’ll have my new Haswell rig finished next week, so i’m looking forward to see how this runs on it.

  9. KingCathcart says:

    Craig *was* Scottish…
    What is he now?

    • deadfolk says:

      Was thinking a similar thing. Is Craig also past-tense now? I’m worried. He is (was ?) in my top two favourite Scotts on RPS.

      • Fergus says:

        What are you going to do to your Scottish readers? Just because of our predilection for space games doesn’t mean you can just make us disappear!

        What’s that knocking at the door?

        • SuicideKing says:


          • Sleepymatt says:

            And to think, no-one will ever hear your screams either… a devilish plan indeed!

          • JimboDeany says:


    • Lanfranc says:

      I have it on very reliable authority that Craig actually lives in the past, and all of his posts here have been scheduled hundreds of years in advance.

  10. mouton says:

    Would love a Wot I Think. X games are notoriously uneven.

  11. SomeDuder says:

    “This is the Albion skank”

    The what now? Then again, it might be she’s saying “skunk”. Also pretty context-sensitive. And possibly racist, too. Oh X, you and your horrible voice-acting. At least that hasn’t changed.

  12. aunshi says:

    So when’s the review coming out? I understand its a big game and therefore will require a lot of time and effort to review properly, but I want to know if this is worth my money!

    • Mokinokaro says:

      Apparently no early review copies went out. It’s Egosoft being bad at PR as usual.

  13. ravencheek says:

    Is that the only cockpit available in the whole game?
    If so I’m actually really disappointed….

    • vecordae says:

      At launch it certainly will be. You’ll be able to walk around inside, interact with your crew, and modify the ship to some extent, but that’s the only cockpit you get.

      It took a lot of work. Building equally functional cockpits for the game’s who knows how many ships would be several orders of magnitude more. They added partial interiors for capital ships, too, but not unique bridges as, again, that would require many, many, many additional hours and dollars.

      Don”t misunderstand: it also was a bit of a disappointment for me, too, but then I looked back at all the hundreds of hours spent in X3:TC and X3:AP and I realized I basically sat in a Skiron or Hyperion for, like, 95% of the time.

      But there are things that mitigate this somewhat. As I said, the player ship is supposed to be customizeable to an extent, allowing for different play styles with the same ship. One can still purchase and command any number of vessels. The sensor panel is supposed to have an RTS-like interface to make this even easier, which is a definite bonus. The player can dock on larger capital ships and order them about (though not pilot them directly). Additionally, the player does have access to a series of specialized drones that can be piloted and lost without it impacting the player.

      And you know what? I can live with that. Plus, like, give it a year, and the modding community will have fixed that right up for ya. It’s not like the game engine can’t support it. Who knows, maybe the next one will be exactly what you want.

      • Mokinokaro says:

        Egosoft’s explanation actually was pretty decent.

        1. Capital ship flying in previous X games just didn’t work. It was dull due to the ships handling like whales. They didn’t want to be silly and make the cap ships handle like fighters. At the same time, they didn’t want to leave the player in nothing but fighters so the player gets a smaller capital ship (it’s comparable to an M6 or M7, to use the previous games’ terms. Or a corvette to use another common nomenclature.)
        2. Immersion. The Albion Skunk (the player ship) has a modelled interior beyond the cockpit. We haven’t even had cockpits since X2

    • Awesumo says:

      The problem with cockpits is that they take alot of modelling, hence time and money, that can be spent elsewhere. Cockpits took more modelling than entire factions in the past… which is why they got cut.

      • oxykottin says:

        Lets see if you’re saying that when Occulus Rift comes out.

        • Stardreamer says:

          Let’s see if the Oculus Rift ever comes out. Last I read, they were having trouble sourcing hardware…

  14. Buffer117 says:

    Excited by this, has the potential to be pretty epic, but the video makes me wish someone would make a new Freespace, I love that game.

  15. x1501 says:

    Still no co-op (and no desire to add it) means I’ll be passing on this one as well. Too bad, too. I would have personally bought up to 3 additional copies to be able explore the vastness of the game’s world with family and friends.

  16. dogsolitude_uk says:

    X games. Capturing the dark, empty, silent majesty of space since 1999.

  17. Solidstate89 says:

    Alright, so this is how it’s going to be, is it? Craig was Scottish and loved space games. Graham’s Scottish so everyone assumes he must love space games too, right? You’d be racist if Scotland was a race. And if I didn’t love space games. But I do.

    See? Stereotypes work.

  18. Mister_Inveigler says:

    I’m not Scottish, but I’ve always loved space sims and wanted to play the X series.
    However, the first time I booted Terran Conflict, I found the controls so obtuse that it was like a gigantic wall that no matter how hard I bashed my head against it, I couldn’t get through.
    Or around.
    Or under.
    Or over for that matter.

    I really hope it isn’t the case for this one, because I really feel like I’m missing out.

    • cpmartins says:

      It isn’t. The entire premise of rebirth is to restart the franchise, with the main focus being ease of use. They promised streamlining without losing complexity. Did they achieve that goal? I’ll tell you on the 16th if they didn’t, or on the 20th if they did :)

  19. CookPassBabtridge says:

    I need to know stuff about this game. I don’t care what it is. I want information. But I don’t want to buy it yet. In fact if anyone has pre-ordered, please can you write a review of your pre-ordering experience.

    • Artist says:

      Graphically my pre-order was already amazing… And the imagined gameplay unsurpassed!

    • ColdSpiral says:

      Here is my X: Rebirth pre-order experience for you, which is as eventful a pre-ordering as I have had this year.

      I decided to support my local retailer for this one as a boxed copy is the same price as digital (unthinkable here in the antipodes), so I went in and put down a deposit. Yesterday I realised my receipt didn’t actually have a release date on it, so I went in to check with the staff. They wrangled with their system for a while but the closest they could say was “January 2014, we’ll find out more and get back to you”. They didn’t. After poking about with some online stores, it appears only the digital copy releases tomorrow, and the hard copy is much later. Now I’ve missed the applicable GMG voucher, and the new ones don’t work on it. But having seen that the voucher -could’ve- saved me $10, I am reluctant to pay full price.


      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        As a result of this review, I have decided to boycott buying things in Australia (assuming this is where you live?), which I will do from the comfort of my chair here in Scotland. Thank you.

        Seriously though, thats really shit. Your part of the world gets a raw deal when it comes to gaming

  20. Commander Gun says:

    Like some others, i am in the dark about this one (pun not intended but still realized now).

    Basically, i loved Eve for the PvP when i had the time, but stopped playing that game because i found the PvE not challenging and varying enough).
    I’ve looked to the X games in the past, but never dared going for it as i heard it took ages to study the game to actually be able to play it well.
    How difficult will this game be to grasp for a total newbe to the X games, assuming i have a few evenings each week where i can sink in a hour of 3/4?

    • WrenBoy says:

      I’m looking forward to this game to the extent that it will probably be the first game on steam I will pay full price for.

      That being said I think the complexity of the X games is exaggerated. The only issue is the poor interface and confusing mission descriptions. The game itself is pretty easy to advance in. Given the focus on the interface for Rebirth I don’t expect it to be intimidating.

      As with your typical RPG you will from hopeless peasant to superhero in a few evenings gaming. Id rather a single player game that was as challenging as Eves multiplayer but I’m aware that that is a pipe dream.

  21. Awesumo says:

    – 1 point for misspelling Xciting Graham.

  22. Icyicy9999 says:

    I liked X3:AP, but the average factory or factory complex took 35-40 hours to break even.
    I hope this one is a lot more fast paced in that regard.

    Also, AI ships you owned tend to be quite stupid, and even maintaining a stock of fuel, drones, missiles and ammo was a chore.
    I sure hope they changed that too.

    • cpmartins says:

      Their faith on accomplishing what you asked for is so great, that they removed SETA (Time compression) from the game entirely. And that is a pretty bold move. SETA basically was the hack for the X games to become playable, both regarding travel-time and credit-gathering.

      • Mokinokaro says:

        Not only is SETA gone, but completely automated trading is as well. You can apparently queue up orders for your freighters though.

    • Stardreamer says:

      For the player, every game in the series has started with tonnes of promise but then always descended into mind-rotting monotony. Death by repetition. To do anything of note in the game usually required untold hours of trading grind.

      If X-Rebirth is to sell itself to me then that is the dragon Egosoft must have slain. I’ll be greatly anticipating the reviews because if they finally get the balance right it could be amazing.

  23. CookPassBabtridge says:

    If anyone is interested, Steam already has the manual available for perusal:

    link to cdn2.steampowered.com

    Edit: Oh my god. Its got a version of Oblivion’s “Influence” minigame. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • drvoke says:

      Illuminating. Thanks for the link. It doesn’t look much like Oblivion’s minigame, though, and that never bothered me as much as it bothered others, apparently.

    • Stardreamer says:

      Should we be worried about a game that’s supposedly been streamlined for easier play posting its manual out before the game launch?

  24. crinkles esq. says:

    This will be my first X game. Everything I’ve seen so far makes me really excited to play! I also hope they get the OS X version ported soon.

  25. frightlever says:

    So a lot of performance gripes over at the Steam forums. It’s to be expected at launch, but just a heads up.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      There’s an awful lot more than just performance gripes if you read on. The game sounds a little bit broken TBH. Given the current review silence I am definitely holding off on buying, especially at £40.

  26. Dys Does Dakka says:

    Out today? Should be just about playable in a month or so, then.

    I preordered because I feel Egosoft earned as much simply for keeping the space-sim torch alight through the dark age we seem to be just about emerging from now, but I can’t help but have a really bad feeling about this one. Please, PLEASE don’t be garbage…

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Heh. Better stay away from the Steam forums :)

    • WrenBoy says:

      Well Ive been playing for a couple of hours. The interface is really dreadful, I would say even more confusing that X3. Its so bad Im still not sure whether aspects of it buggy or Im doing something wrong. I spent over 20 minutes trying to use scanner drones for instance and Im still none the wiser.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        140-reply bugs thread here link to steamcommunity.com maybe your issues are in there. Their own forums on the egosoft site seem to be inaccessible at the moment too, at least they are for me

        • WrenBoy says:

          I mean its just really bad. The first trading mission has you buying some energy cells. Your freighter is supposed to gather them after you make a purchase. He just sits there doing nothing. I cant find any way of finding out what he thinks his current orders are.

          So I do a mission in the meantime as the game suggests. Come back and the freighter is still just sitting there. Meanwhile I can see other freighters trading with the guy whose stock I just bought.

          I go off an kill a few raiders. The freighter is still sitting there. I try removing him from my squad and trying again. Still no movement. The annoying thing is that there is no feedback from the system. You cant tell whether your commands did anything. Its really frustrating.

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            I have a sneaking suspicion that a review shit-storm is in the offing. Its also odd that there are no reviews anywhere yet – perhaps its because it takes a long time to play / get an idea, but then don’t reviewers normally get advanced code so they can do that (with some kind of NDA so they don’t post too soon?)

          • WrenBoy says:

            Well it does have potential to be honest, space certainly seems far less empty than previous games which is a big improvement. But to anyone thinking about buying it in the next month or so, I would definitely say wait. Its almost unplayable in its current state.

            Combat seems trivially easy though.

  27. LVX156 says:

    I won’t be buying this game. I’ve spent hundreds of hours building empires in Albion Prelude and Terran Conflict, but they’ve removed the things I liked the most (the total freedom, ease of automation, SETA). Not to mention how buggy the game is, and the voice acting that’s about as convincing as Tommy Wiseau: link to youtube.com

  28. strangeloup says:

    I really, really love the idea of the X-Universe games, and have bought every instalment to date. The reality tends to be that I don’t have the foggiest idea what I’m doing, and decide to come back to it later when I’ve got a better brain or I’ve read X-Universe for Dummies or whatever.

    The USP that this version is streamlined and easier to get into has really piqued my interest.