The RPS Bargain Bucket: Ongoing

This isn’t awkward.

There are three more days on the current Humble Warner Bundle, which has recently updated with a new bulge. Right now for as little as a cent you can get yourself Batman: Arkham Asylum, FEAR 2: Project Origin, FEAR 3 and Lord Of The Rings: War In The North. Make that a dollar for Steam and Origin keys, and bump it up to beat the average – currently around $4.75 – and you’ll add in (deep breath): Scribblenauts Unlimited, Batman: Arkham City, FEAR, Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection, Guardians Of Middle Earth + DLC, Lord Of The Rings Online: Steely Dawn Starter Pack, Gotham City Imposters: Professional Kit, and some skins for the not-included Batman: Arkham Oranges. Good lord. Apparently worth around $225, so that’s a touch cheaper. Scribblenauts is a ton of fun, and it’s a great way to pick up the two good Arkham games if you haven’t. The rest is icing, apart from Imposters, which is a bit of fluff that got stuck to the cake.

Meanwhile the Humble Weekly Sale has a selection of bitComposter games. Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, Galaxy On Fire 2: Full HD, Jagged Alliance: Classics, and the brand new Thunder Wolves, yours for pay-what-you-want. Make it $6 or more and you also get Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, and one of Adam’s favourites, Expedition: Conquistador.

Finally in Humbleland, today’s Store sales put the adored FTL at just $3.39, all the Red Faction games at $11.99, Limbo for $2.49, and The Binding Of Isaac at a tiny $1.99.

Green Man Gaming currently has a voucher code for snipping 25% of the price of some games. This gives you a bargain way to get the absolutely superb Lego Marvel Super Heroes, FINALLY out in Europe, for just £18.75. Or Batman: Arkham Orangejuice for £30. Although that’s a bit arse. Just head here, pick a game, and stick GMG25-C8FGA-VFPGI in when you’re checking out.

GMG also have some rather snazzy prices on Telltale games. 75% off most of their stuff. In amongst the utter dross of Jurassic Park and Law & Order: Legacies, there’s some stuff that’s definitely worth grabbing. Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People at £5.49 is a must, and Sam & Max: Season 3 is where the series finally finds its feet and gets good, and that’s just £6.24. Five episodes in each. Avoid the earlier S&M series, and certain dodge Back To The Future. More middleground is Tales Of Monkey Island, again at £6.24. Sadly, where Telltale have really come into their own is with their recent Walking Dead run, and that’s still full price. Although you can get 10% off the just started season 2.

Payday 2 has to be one of the surprise hits of 2013. Even the developers were taken aback. And it’s only going to sell kerbillions more copies as this weekend it’s 40% off on Steam. That brings it down to £14.99, or £44.99 for four copies.

Also in the Steam weekendy discounts is Skullgirls, which is rather heavily discounted to entirely free for the next couple of days, and then you can carry on playing if you fork over £7.99 (33% down). Kerbel Space Program is down 40% too, making it £11.99. The biggest discount is Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures, which is 50% for just over another day, now £5.99.

Deal Of The Week goes to Get Games’ price on Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger. It’s just a tiny £5.03, and it really is one of the games of 2013. For a series that never really caught fire, this fourth game in the series rebooted the concept, and added in a wonderful sense of humour, and some really fantastic first-person shooting in a genre that’s woefully lacking. John demanded you buy it back in May, when it was but £12. Now there’s no excuses whatsoever. Don’t miss out on a properly entertaining game.

If you want to keep up with gaming bargains during the week, make sure to bookmark Lewie Procter’s SavyGamer. And many thanks to Lewie for five years of service on this column.


  1. golem09 says:

    Been waiting for Conquistador on the cheap. First Humble Weekly in a good while I’m getting.

    • maximiZe says:

      Good choice, Conquistador is great.

    • Martel says:

      Are any of the other games in that bundle any good?

      • suibhne says:

        Not really, but $6 is the best price so far on Conquistador. And the old Jagged Alliance games are true classics, so they’re a decent little bonus.

        I haven’t taken a look at Air Conflicts or Thunder Wolves, to be fair.

  2. stahlwerk says:

    Gunslinger is a great old time, a bit repetitive here and there, and the dynamite shooting mechanic is a bit fiddly, which makes one boss fight more tedious than it needed be. All in all a solid game that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      It is a wonderful game. I’d like to add the the Arcade mode is absolutely fantastic. Similar to Mirror’s Edge’s Time Trials mode in that it shows just how solid the mechanics are by turning it into a rally game.

  3. Anthile says:

    There is also another weekend promo at GOG with a nice variety of PC (and, well, MAC) gaming goodness.

  4. Taidan says:

    Payday 2 cheaper on GMG with voucher, should work out at around £12: link to Use voucher GMG20-ODON7-FLUA7

  5. LionsPhil says:

    Note that Kerbal Space Program has risen in base price at the same time as this weekend sale (see the graph). IIRC Squad always said the price would rise as it became more complete, so if you’ve been fence-sitting like I was, might be time to nab it.

    (Mun, here I come!)

    • yusefsmith says:

      They also fucked me out of a steam key. I saw it was on sale on Steam but decided to buy it directly for 40% more cash. They made fun of me when I tried to get a Steam key from them. Never again.

      • Lanfranc says:

        You could only get a Steam key through a direct purchase if you bought it before March 20th. The KSP store website is perfectly clear about that.

        • yusefsmith says:

          Don’t misunderstand. They legally fucked me – just because I saw the Steam sale on Steam and paid MORE for my purchase than I would have to get a superior product, in order to give them MORE money….

          Doesn’t mean they broke the law…

          I should have paid less for a better product.

          Fuck me for thinking that a Steam sale meant the product would be available on Steam.

          • Tacroy says:

            It’s not about legality, it’s about the fact that it’s clearly stated on the KSP store page that you no longer get a Steam key.

          • dE says:

            It is now. It was definitely not stated back then.

      • dE says:

        Yeah, same here, with a similar reaction too. I made the effort to support them through purchasing from them directly, while paying more than if I had taken the sale. They were the last Indie I did that for. And no, their Store wasn’t perfectly clear about that, at the time.
        They had news posts with long winded instructions on how to get your Steamkey in prominent positions, all my friends had gotten their Steamkey. When I bought it, I made it under the assumption I’d get a Key, based on the newspost and my friends getting a key and even articles saying “yeah you’ll get a Steamkey”. Little did I know of the fineprint, despite checking for it in the usual places, in the form of a buried mini newspost that oddly enough was NOT placed in a prominent position and that mentioned “Yeah, kinda only if you bought it before date xyz”.

        It’s entirely my fault for that, I should have checked in an even more paranoid manner than I did (I spent several hours of research on the game before buying it). The lesson learned screws over all the other indies, that aren’t using one of the popular storefronts, because I deducted: No matter the length I go to, it’s impossible to find ALL the information hidden away someplace else. Funny thing: I don’t even need the Steamkey that badly. But the way they went about it, spoiled it for everyone else.

      • micro_explosion says:

        I’m confused. Does your copy somehow not work because it isn’t on Steam?

        • The Random One says:

          It does not automatically update, one thing which is very important for games in Alpha.

      • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

        People can’t be held responsible for not providing everything they didn’t say they don’t have.

        And either way, the game works, right?

    • Vinraith says:

      That’s adorable. Game prices don’t go UP over time in this new, race-to-the-bottom industry. I’ll wait until it’s done (if it ever is), content in the knowledge that it’ll run me about $5 at that point no matter what the list price is.

      • Greggh says:

        You’ll probably only play it by 2016, then…

        Also for those complaining about not getting a Steam key, even though I understand your grief (and would give you the usual lesson about reading a not-so fine-print), just play the game and enjoy it :)
        Steam adds ZERO to the experience – I for one only bought it via Steam because of regional pricing.

        • Vinraith says:

          That’d be fine with me, I’ve got a backlog a mile deep and no reason to rush. To be honest, I doubt I’ll ever play it, because I expect it’ll be abandoned long before it’s actually finished. That it’s already 40% off in Steam sales means that by next year or so they’ll be lucky to make a couple of bucks off a sale, and their audience is only going to get smaller. At what point with diminishing returns do they just move on to another project and call this one “good enough?”

          • LionsPhil says:

            You need to go to your angry dome again, professor. They’re not Captain Planet villains (like EA).

            There’s easily enough game here already for it to be worth what I paid, because there’s a whole solar system and science track to go send Kerbals to.

          • Vinraith says:

            Nah, the angry dome is for being angry. I really need more of a “resigned weariness dome” for this. This isn’t some vendetta against the Kerbal devs, who are great chaps as far as I can tell, it’s just a perceived inevitability with the way the market now is. We’re selling games long before they’re done, so long before that we’ve started the race to the bottom Steam sales before the game is even in full release. Once the price has reached the floor, you can’t really expect to be able to raise it again even if there’s more game in the game at that point. Instead, eventually, the tides of cash slow to a trickle and dev becomes well motivated, out of simple interest in survival, to move the goal posts and declare the title “finished” regardless of what “finished” was originally supposed to look like.

            In the case of a game like Kerbal, where most current owners/backers are very happy with the sandbox game, there’s even more temptation to do this. As you say, most folks playing it now wouldn’t care if it never reached the original, promised end state. They’re pleased with the product they have.

            The game I’m interested in here is not the one that currently exists, though. I’d be investing in the hopes of getting to that original end state, and I’m far from sure that will ever manifest. Hence, I wait.

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            I have a Shed of Despair, if that helps?

          • Kadayi says:


            Completely with you tbh.

      • KDR_11k says:

        Unless you’re Planetary Annihilation they do. Minecraft started at 10€ and went up to 20€ over the dev stages. Most early access/alphafunding games are cheaper before release than after. Games peak in price shortly after their full release.

        • Vinraith says:

          And then almost immediately go on bottom-of-the-barrel cheap sale. Little spikes in the graph don’t change the overall downward trend. As a non-Steam game Minecraft is an exception. Once you’re on the Steam sale train, there’s no getting off.

          • LionsPhil says:

            “Things get cheaper over time” is just depreciation, though, even if less “natural” than physical objects that wear out. You can put a premium on getting to play a game sooner rather than later (e.g. while it’s all the buzz and your friends are talking about it), and people will pay it. Other people won’t, but you’ll get their money eventually when the sales dip low enough. That way, everyone pays the most you can make them, and you maximize your income from the product.

            (WARNING: Armchair Econ 101. Actual economist-types may call this a load of misunderstood bunkum.)

          • Greggh says:

            For the first time ever I agree with Lionsphil – or it’s the first time I thought my agreeing was relevant enough to be mentioned.

            TL;DR – ^ This!

          • fish99 says:

            You should read the article by the Dustforce devs (I’m sure a google search will turn it up), they were very happy to get onto a steam sale and onto the humble bundle. That got them a lot more revenue than if the game had been stuck on steam at full price forever.

          • Press X to Gary Busey says:

            I think there are some more complex mechanics at work here than just a simple Bargain Bucket of Doom trend. I’m no economist so I won’t even try to make sense of it though.

            Minecraft is €19.95 on PC and made almost €300 000 in the last 24 hours (it’s selling 10-15 thousand copies a day still, not counting Xbox or mobile I guess?). That game may be an anomaly by reaching some kind of cultural critical mass like WoW, but still.

            It’s also important for unknown indies to reach as many people as possible and make a name for themselves. The potentially larger audience will spread the word if your game is good and more money will be spent on the game and future projects and sequels.

  6. gnargle says:

    Does this scream ‘A HORRIBLE THING TO DO’ to anyone else?
    Necroing Lewie’s column seems very bad form.

    • bill says:

      It feels a bit weird… it was Lewie’s baby I think.

      At the very least I think a name change, graphics change and format change might be in order.

    • John Walker says:

      It’s RPS’s column that Lewie wrote for a long time.

      It’s likely we’ll rejig it in some way soon.

      • Text_Fish says:

        It seems a bit redundant to me, considering sales have pretty much become the normal state of things these days.

        If I were RPS (I’d be a website and that’d be strange) I’d axe the column with one final article discussing the devaluation of games and the various ramifications it has not only for indie developers but for players as well. I can’t be the only one who’s picked many games up for next to nothing and then lacked any incentive to actually play them properly — does this speak to the quality of the game itself, or am I subconsciously scoffing at it the same way I would at a DVD or CD bought from the bargain bin at my local petrol station?

        In our post-box future, perhaps paying a little extra dosh for games will stop them from going unloved and often even undownloaded. Out of sight out of mind and all that.

        • trjp says:

          This man says much which makes sense…

          The only way to keep remotely up-to-date with stuff is through somewhere like Reddit/Slickdeals/CAG – even our own forum’s bargain thread has been quiet of late…

          The topic of game pricing is complex – many people don’t understand the economics of the whole thing at all – there are still developers who think bundling is going to harm their income or that they can handle requests for Steam keys manually FFS! :)

        • callmeclean says:

          “What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.” – Thomas Pain

          Just thought I would shove in a quote from the awesome Thomas Paine. I somewhat agree, although I don’t think its necessarily the cheap price that affects me; it’s the fact that with cheap prices I tend to buy a tonne of games at once and will do this often that I just have WAY too many games to choose from, which means I never complete them because as soon as I get somewhere difficult or get a tiny bit bored I just load up another game, too much temptation.

          As much as I despise the $80 prices I use to play for new xbox games, and $30 or so for non-new releases, it at least meant I only got a new game at the most a couple times a month generally, and unless they were complete shit played them for a fair bit.

        • LVX156 says:

          I have plenty of games that I’ve bought at full or close to full prize and still haven’t played, or only played for a brief moment. Batman: Arkham City (probably about an hour), Hearts of Iron III (haven’t even played it yet), Metro 2033 (maybe 30 minutes), Sleeping Dogs (4-5 hours), ARMA III and so on. If I include console games, the list will grow even further: Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, Ni no Kuni, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Resonance of Fate, Uncharted 3, God of War III etc.

          I think it’s simply because the market is so saturated, and most people have a limited amount of time they can devote to gaming.

          • MattM says:

            Let me encourage you to hop on ICO & SotC. They aren’t revolutions in gameplay mechanics, but they are just so focused and well made. They are also conveniently short and easy to get into. Ico lasts 5 hours, doesn’t have a long intro and doesn’t really have or need a tutorial. SotC is a bit more complex but still gets to the meat of the game quickly.

        • Scabmastah says:

          In response to Text_Fish AND callmeclean:

          So let me get this straight; just because you for no rational reason whatsoever, lose interest in playing your games when they aren’t sold at, ridiculously inflated prices that for a long time have been the industry norm (and still are to the major part of the gaming community); people who aren’t psychologically handicapped in this bizarre manner should also be forced to pay these prices because you can’t control your money-saving urges?

          To a rational human being the problem seems pretty simple: You can’t enjoy games if you buy them at a low price? Solution: Buy them at a higher price. Or better yet, buy several copies at a low price and spread the joy to some friends (or unsuspecting strangers if you lack the former).

          Sincerely Yours, Z

          • callmeclean says:

            I never said I think other people should have to pay the ridiculous prices. In reponse to Text_Fish “In our post-box future, perhaps paying a little extra dosh for games will stop them from going unloved and often even undownloaded.” I was going to say (and in hindsight now see that I should have) that just paying ridiculous prices would be a rather depressing solution; just giving in to whatever problem I have. I would much rather work on how I buy games, and think more about whether I really want to play it.

            However I feel that LVX156 was probably more on the money than me now that I think about it; it may very well be that their are just so many games coming now that to me feel crap and made to make money that I just can’t be bothered. So many games in the last couple years have disappointed me, and I only the occasional game now days I can really enjoy. One thing I have started to do more is get games from the 90’s which was a decade mostly missed by me (as I was born in 1995 and only remember playing Zombie Wars and Rocket Jockey and being scared of the FPS quake before getting an Xbox in 2003) and I think I feel somewhat refreshed by the massively different games that I get from that time period. Thank you GOG.

          • LVX156 says:

            callmeclean: I’m sorry if I was unclear. My point is NOT that games are bad these days, but rather that there are so many GOOD games that it’s hard to find the time to play them all. I tend to find a few games that I really like and sink a lot of time into them (I’m looking at you, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Red Dead Redemption, Kerbal Space Program, Demon’s Souls & Dark Souls), which means that even though I keep buying games it usually takes me quite some time to actually play them.

          • callmeclean says:

            All those games you listed their are great, and their are a lot of great games. But those came out over a number of years, and I feel that there is nowhere near the number of games I actually enjoy as their once was… maybe I just got older and more cynical.

          • Text_Fish says:

            Irrational or not, I think in today’s society it’s very normal to consider the price of a product or experience in a rationale of its overall quality, especially when we’re so heavily bombarded by bargains (in all commercial sectors, notably music and books), of which I assure you the majority are due to hard up developers trying to get their product noticed rather than selling it at a price which actually reflects the work they put in to it. As an isolated practice this doesn’t seem such a bad thing, but eventually it begins to change the expectations of folk like you and as a result developers have to lower the quality bar of future projects in order to keep offering such rock-bottom prices.

            I don’t earn much over minimum wage myself so it’s not like I have money to throw around, but I’d still prefer that average game prices stayed higher to maintain a generally higher quality in the products.

        • RobF says:

          I mentioned this on the forum but it’s worth chucking in here too, I think.

          Having been on the receiving end of a bucketing on a number of occasions, the amount of people who come from RPS and have not heard about or read deals on forums, on Reddit or wherever else is not an insubstantial amount. The few comments and the deals being posted faster or kept more up to date elsewhere don’t give a decent idea of the reach of the bargain bucket at all.

          Not everyone wants to read Reddit (I don’t), not everyone keeps a close eye to the ground on bargains or wants to, the amount of people who’ll follow a forum thread with bargains is small. Even allowing for the massive numbers mega bundles do, there’s still people out there who don’t hang on waiting for every bundle and only pick stuff up because they spotted it on a site like RPS. The world out there isn’t paying as much attention as most people who comment on here are.

          From my own experience, I’m talking a difference of thousands of people and my games aren’t that interesting to many but RPS reaches the kind of people who would be interested in these silly small things, people who don’t sit there and quibble over graphics or an hours per pound ratio or whatever.

          And on the other side of things, I’ve enjoyed having a nice round up every Saturday and found great value both in the comments from Lewie or Tony or whoever was doing the bargain bucket and the commentators and I’ve made purchases I wouldn’t have without these discussions because there are voices here I’ve learned to trust on things.

          There’s still a lot of value for the BB. I’ll miss Lewie and I’ll miss his Sonic baiting even more and I’m super thankful for the times he’s thrown my games in there too, especially that time it enabled me to go out and buy 500 quids worth of shopping for my aunt who had nothing in her cupboards, just because of one Deal Of The Week on here. That was ace. Cheers Lewie and all that. But I hope the column continues because it works. And if it doesn’t for you, that’s OK, there’s still your Reddit and elsewhere, or nowhere or whatever.

        • Muzman says:

          Yeah those halcyon days of yore when games all cost loads…

          Sure. Missing them to bits, I am!

        • Urthman says:

          Millions of pirates having good times with games they didn’t pay a cent for prove you wrong.

          By the time I get to a game on my list, I can’t remember what I paid for it, so that’s not going to affect my enjoyment.

      • Universal Quitter says:

        Or you’ll forget and just slap Cassandra on it

    • felis says:

      RPS’ column or not, it indeed leaves a stale taste in my mouth; the same place where there should be increased flow of saliva due to juicy deals.

  7. bill says:

    I assume there won’t be a public comment on why Lewie got let go, but I really hope you had a good reason.
    Bargain Bucket is very useful, but it won’t be quite the same…

      • soulblur says:

        Ah. That’s good to see. Obviously not a happy place, but not the worst of all outcomes. I do like it when things are explained.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Aha, thanks for that.

      • bill says:

        Thanks for that John.
        On the one hand it’s good to know that it wasn’t for any evil reason.
        On the other hand, if it really was simply an issue of deadlines, it seems like a minor issue that got blown out of proportion. Hopefully after a little time passes, cooler heads will prevail and maybe you guys will work together again. (at the very least on a random freelance article basis, if not on a regular one).

      • Premium User Badge

        zapatapon says:

        I also feel a little bit sad that a regular contributor to the site, whom I think many felt was part of the RPS “family” (see link to and link to where Lewie is counted in the “Team RPS” category, rather than in the “occasional writers”), is let go without so much as an official statement (I don’t consider forum posts as such).

        Disagreement over deadline policy? Whatever. I understand that Lewie feels “heartbroken”. I’ll miss his 1-paragraph takes on games (and the clean organization of the column. This week’s is a total mess)

        • WrenBoy says:

          Although I often check out savvygamer Ill miss Lewies summaries too. Cant really argue with a deadline policy though. Im not sure what Lewies reasoning was, I assume he felt it wouldnt give him enough time to find recent deals and give them a decent write up, but RPS have every right to insist on a reasonable deadline so its just one of those things.

  8. Lacero says:

    It’s a little bit awkward. I feel a little bit awkward :/

  9. Jimbo says:

    Lewie’s Bargain Bucket 2 will be better.

    • thedosbox says:

      Given the sequel trend, “Bargain Bucket 2: New Buckets” would be an appropriate title.

      • The Random One says:

        It will be a reboot and will be called Bargain Bucket.

        • Graerth says:

          Nah, the “reset the name” happens only after 2nd or 3rd sequel.

      • Gap Gen says:

        Bucket of Bargains: The Big Red One
        Bucket of Bargains: Muddy Water
        Bucket of Bargains: Black Mops 2
        Bucket of Bargains: Ghosts

      • Caiman says:

        BUCKETFACE, clearly.

  10. tGN says:

    Is it possible to include each regions pricing please? It was handy for lazy people like my self to skim over the offers and see what my pocket money can afford.

  11. Acorino says:

    First: bitComposer, not bitComposter.
    Second: Since the Humble WB Bundle isn’t DRM free but requires a Steam account it either means you already get the Steam keys for 1 cent or you have to pay one dollar as a minimum for the bundle. I don’t know.

    • callmeclean says:

      I don’t think you get the steam keys anymore; they just register to your attached steam account. I wonder if this means they have removed the $1 for steam keys requirement, doesn’t bother me at all but the original reasons for introducing that minimum seem to have gone..

      • MartinWisse says:

        Notice btw that you now can also gift the humble bundle steam games, with the little grey icon to the right of the steam key thingie, which if I’m not mistaken is new for this bundle and one reason I bought it.

        • MattM says:

          I previously honored the humble’s TOS that stated that each purchase was for your exclusive use (unless you bought the whole bundle as a gift) but with those gift buttons I now feel free to pass on my redundant games to my sister and steam friends.

    • clorex says:

      You don’t get anything for a cent. I donated 0.01 and it only added the bundle to my past purchases but didn’t give any keys/download option.

  12. Bull0 says:

    You CAN pay $4 for the WB bundle, but the spirit would be to pay something a bit fairer – it’s nominally for charity, after all.

    • iridescence says:

      I don’t like the “pay what you want model”. I think things should have a price and that’s the price I pay. I will continue to pay the minimum on all bundles and not feel guilty about it. If they aren’t making enough they can raise the price like any other business. I also wish they’d stop pressuring people to donate to charity. If I want to give to a charity I know how to do it. I don’t need to be pressured into giving to their favorite charity when I buy my games. I always give all money to the developers in bundles (glad at least they give you the option for that).

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        I too suffer from a sense of resentment at being subtly guilted into doing things and then feeling taken advantage of. I got annoyed at the game CONTINUE?9876543210 about 10 minutes ago because it successfully tried to make me feel sad for a dead video game character by playing sad music over an image of him weeping over his lanky dead video game chum. Also I get quite shouty at SHELTER agents who try to be friendly to me so I will donate money to poor starving children in africa. Then I feel bad for being shouty. Also, pigeons who deliberately try to look maudlin so I will give them bits of sandwich.

        Guilt based economics is pants

      • fish99 says:

        Have to admit, I set the charity sliders to zero, because I want the devs to get the money.

      • Bull0 says:

        “That’s the spirit”.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        You realise what you are doing in this situation is “paying what you want”, right?

      • MattM says:

        I’ve never really felt much guilt or pressure with these bundles. They don’t send nasty emails if you only give a few bucks, and the fact that its all digital means that every purchase (over the basic transaction costs) is still a profit for them. I don’t think I could eat at a pay what you want restaurant unless they had suggested prices. If the suggested prices were too high then I would just not go there.

  13. HadToLogin says:

    Important info: PayDay 2 will be up to even $7.5 in a week or two – Amazon confirmed 4 packs for $30 and single copies for $10 without few cents during their Black Friday Sale.

  14. cptgone says:

    [most of?] those Telltale games have been sold much, much cheaper regularly, and prolly will be again soon.

  15. killias2 says:

    Tower of Guns is on sale at Indie Game Stand for whatever you want to pay. If you pay a dollar, you get a Steam key when it comes to Steam. As it’s already been Greenlit, I guess it’s just a matter of time.

    That seems like a game RPS has liked in the past.

    • kalirion says:

      Yes, this was an instabuy from me. And this is what RPS had to say about the state of the game 3 months ago:

      link to

      Tower of Guns is a splendid first-person robot-shooter with randomised elements and power ups that stack, creating weaponry and skill sets that are ludicrously powerful and ludicrously ludicrous.

      • killias2 says:

        Yeah, I guess it was actually a “deal of the week” in a previous Bargain Bucket at a higher price and lesser state of completion (link to I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten any attention.

  16. MayhemMike says:

    Give us Lewie back!!!

  17. Spakkenkhrist says:

    Crusader Kings 2 is free with PC Gamer this month, making it about 6 quid.

  18. Bobtree says:

    What’s up with the picture? Nobody should buy that bucket.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Its a beta-release bucket. Patch incoming

    • AngoraFish says:

      Dude, it works fine if you download a few mods.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Exactly. Any REAL fan of Bucket knows that its the flaws which make it truly unique. Hell, Bucket II: The Enbucketing didn’t even have a bottom in it. IT ADDED TO THE CHALLENGE. And wet floors of course.

        • AngoraFish says:

          IMHO, overpriced at $0, but I’d definitely suggest giving it a go if you are willing to wait for the inevitable 50% off Steam sale.

    • cptgone says:

      it’s Lewie’s replacement. it’s name is rps it seems.

    • Lacero says:

      You can just house rule it

  19. malkav11 says:

    Although Sam and Max season 3 is the best of the Sam and Max seasons, I think the series got good circa season 1 episode 4, and would certainly recommend buying season 2 if not necessarily 1.

    • The Random One says:

      I personally think Season 2 was their apex, although season 3 tried a lot of interesting things, some of them even succesfully.

  20. kalirion says:

    Groupees Be Mine X bundle: link to

    $1 Tier:
    King’s Bounty: Warriors of the North – Valhalla Edition
    Electronic Super Joy
    One Finger Death Punch
    Last Knight
    Little Gardens
    Project Night

    $5 Tier adds:
    Call of Juarez (the first one)
    Face Noir
    Finding Teddy
    Jazz, Trump’s Journey
    Legends of Dawn

    And I have to disagree with the following statement from the article:
    Avoid the earlier S&M series

    Sam & Max Season 2 might start out a bit slow, but it becomes crazy good towards the end. Especially Episode 4, which I’d put up there with the best of Lucas Arts.

    • killias2 says:

      Damn, both Electronic Super Joy and Call of Juarez were on my “to get” list. 5 bucks is worth it for those alone. Also, if I ever decide to jump into King’s Bounty again, Warriors in the North might be nice to have.

      Edit: Damn, turns out that’s the first CoJ. I just assumed it was Gunslinger. Bleh. Whatever. Wish I had gone with the 1 dollar bundle.

    • KDR_11k says:

      Yeah, Season 2 was great. 1 was pretty weak most of the time but then again Telltale was still figuring out how to do this whole episodic thing back then. Wasn’t that the first full season they did of anything? AFAIK before that they made two Bone episodes.

      • Premium User Badge

        zapatapon says:

        Probably in the minority here, but I’d defend S&M season 1 as well. Yes, the first episodes are quite weak (the first one in particular is unfortunately a real turn-off), but episodes 4 and 5 are quite good and worth playing — the storyline and writing finally getting unbridled and genuinely funny, almost at the same level as seasons 2-3.

        While I’m here, I will also defend Telltale’s Back to the Future — not extraordinary, but certainly charming, here again hitting its stride only around episode 3. The characters are well-penned and their contradictory relations to the main villain across the episodes is surprisingly engaging.

    • Martel says:

      Thanks, I hadn’t caught that King’s Bounty WN was included, I haven’t played that one yet.

      • MattM says:

        Yeah, that’s a big game for a $1 price. I haven’t seen it discounted like that before.

  21. KDR_11k says:

    It’s so high profile it’s probably not worth mentioning but the Steam daily deal is Rayman’s Leg Ends for 50% off. That’s a quick drop, even for a Ubisoft game.

    EDIT: Also link to for some strategery. Creeper World is fun, a bit like the old game Perimeter.

    • wu wei says:

      Creeper World 1 + 2 are brilliant. Am trying to resist grabbing #3 off Desura atm, as I know it will suck my free time up.

      The Trouble with Robots is also a lot of fun.

  22. Lemming says:

    I have to say, having got the WB humble bundle I feel rather ill having paid so little for both Batman GOTY games (that’s all I wanted out of it). Even paying over the average amount didn’t make me feel any better. It just seems so wrong!

  23. tasteful says:

    “Steely Dawn”? seriously?

    they got a name for the winners in the world – they gave it that name when it lost