League Of Legends Pre-Season Rubdown

League Of Legends, eh? Yeah! Got to love all those leagues it has. And the way the men do the… that thing with the… guns? Are there guns? Oh God, look, okay, I haven’t the faintest idea about League Of Legends. Yes, I co-own the world’s greatest PC gaming website, and it’s been my job to write about PC games for the last fifteen years, but that imperfect storm of strategy-meets-multiplayer-meets-e-sports propels it so far out of my understanding that it may as well be, I don’t know, foot-to-ball. I understand that there are some rules, and the men with the complicated haircuts have to kick and not throw the ball into the other side’s net, but beyond that it’s like the physical manifestation of a language I don’t speak. Theretoalso, League Of Legends. Fortunately, there’s a handy video below to explain what’s coming up this season.

Apparently we’re now in the pre-season. Does this mean the teams are currently bidding on players, and playing barely attended warm-up games?

Graham previously mentioned the tweaks that were planned for the new run, but now we have Riot explaining those League Of Legends changes themselves.

I was with them up to “Welcome”.

My favourite bits are the split-screen comparison moments, which are like a particularly tricky spot-the-difference puzzle. I also genuinely love that where I can barely perceive a change, there are people who will be absolutely delighted, or utterly infuriated, by what will be a significant difference.

In truth, I think it’s wonderful that there are sections of PC gaming that I cannot fathom, and have absolutely no desire to go anywhere near. I love that our hobby is so broad, so all-encompassing, that it can have such extremes.


  1. Aberaham says:

    I Don’t Know Anything About This Game But Here Are Some Patch Notes (Gotta Meet My Quota)

    • Durkonkell says:

      Thanks for that Aberaham, I’m sure everyone’s afternoon was much improved by your pointless cynicism.

      • Cam says:

        The same sarcasm could be applied to writers when they put a minimum amount of effort into a topic they neither know or care about just for the sake of having a new article.

        Science magazine article: “There’s some kind of fission type thing going on in some lab somewhere that i can’t be bothered to explain, but bear with me while I get out my 500 words regardless.”

        • Durkonkell says:

          Who SHOULD have written the article? HOW should they have written it? Or should it never have been written at all? What of the people – like me – who get all of their games news from RPS, and who don’t read another site where they might have an LoL ‘specialist’?

          Do you expect all games journalists to love and have comprehensive knowledge of every game? Should they only write about what they can speak authoritatively about?

          Moreover, what’s actually WRONG with JW writing an article just so there’s an article? It’s his job to write about games. I come here to read articles about games.

          It’s not even as if he just whacked the trailer up with no comment! That there are games so utterly incomprehensible to an outsider is interesting. This really is a very broad and diverse hobby. One person’s well designed RPG system is another’s list of meaningless numbers.

          • Skull says:

            Nathan should have written the article as he is obviously a fan of LoL. Considering RPS say they wont cover DoTA as none of them are interested in it, it seems hypocritical that John writes about LoL when he obviously doesn’t give a toss.

            And regarding what you say about them being not being under any obligation to write about it, LoL is the biggest game in the world so it would seem odd to omit it from their news feed.

          • Durkonkell says:

            Saying that Nathan should’ve written this because he would be more able to make a comment on the content of the video is, at least, constructive. It’s not just pointless whining about nothing! It may be that you are correct. On the other hand, I think it’s worth noting that John DID comment on the content, it’s not as if he just threw it up without watching it. I don’t think it’s really fair to say that the viewpoint of an outsider is without value.

            Think you must’ve misread though, I didn’t say anything about RPS not being under any obligation to cover it (although they aren’t, of course). In fact, I think I argued that it’s the job of the RPS lot TO cover games!

          • Cam says:

            Well, it didn’t take much effort to make you act as defensive as a wounded person getting chased around an island, now did it. The ability to criticize journalism is a part of free speech, and a part that I use even on sites like this that i enjoy browsing. Blindly defending ANY news source from all criticism just makes you look like some die-hard political junky who took time off from defending your favorite politician to defend your favorite news site.

            “Do you expect all games journalists to love and have comprehensive knowledge of every game? Should they only write about what they can speak authoritatively about?”
            Don’t be so dramatic; you sound silly. There are plenty of ways you can write WELL about a topic from the perspective of an outsider, and one or more RPS writers have already done so in regards to LoL and Dota. What made those articles different from this one was the amount of effort and sincerity put into them.

            “What of the people – like me – who get all of their games news from RPS, and who don’t read another site where they might have an LoL ‘specialist’?”
            So you have the time to rage at me for having the sheer audacity to criticize an article, but you don’t have any time to spare to read ANY other website? At all? With such a serious shortage of time, how much gaming could you even do in the first place? Maybe you DO have spare time, but simply think any site that isn’t RPS is garbage for casuals; in which case, my comparing you to the likes of a die-hard political junky would be more accurate than i originally thought…

            [TL:DR] Calm down, and don’t be so defensive. I like RPS too, but I’m also willing to criticize them. If you can’t accept criticism of something you like, then you’re immature, plain and simple.

          • Cam says:

            On the topic of constructive criticism:

            “I’m sure everyone’s afternoon was much improved by your pointless cynicism.”

            I can hear the power tools hard at work, as well as the cat-calls whenever a pretty lady walks by. Such construction!

            (Yes, i see the irony and embrace it)

          • John Walker says:

            Oh do shush. The man rolled his eyes at the tedious, unpleasant comment. A response most welcome in these parts. Embrace that bit.

          • Durkonkell says:

            At what point did anything I wrote warrant that tone from you, Cam? I did enjoy the bit where you suggested that I was ‘raging’ at you during your long, impassioned diatribe though.

            I support criticism of the press. At no point did I suggest that RPS should suppress or remove your comments, or that everything they do is perfect and flawless.

            EDIT: Rolling my eyes at a tedious comment was, indeed, the intention. That escalated quickly!

          • Cam says:

            Enough already. Cam rolled his eyes in response to hearing Durkonell try to play off his earlier defensiveness.

      • Turin Turambar says:

        Hey, cynicism is a long held tradition in RPS!

    • John Walker says:

      I love the idea that I have a quota I have to meet on my own website. It’s not even my day to be writing news! Man!

      I posted about this because it was significant news to a large portion of PC gamers.

      Hope that helps.

      • alexheretic says:

        Bah! Just another one towards his “generous explanation” comment quota.

      • SavageTech says:

        I appreciated the story, John. I don’t play a great deal of LoL any more, but it’s nice to be kept abreast of the game via RPS. If I wanted in-depth coverage of the game I’d go to LoL-specific sites, because keeping up with the game is practically (and for some, literally) a full time job.

    • age says:

      Is it just me, or are there a lot more grumpy people on RPS lately?

      Seems strange for a site focused on video game commentary with a penchant for the silly to be filled with such a cynical whiney comments so regularly.

      • The Random One says:

        Rock, Paper, Shotgun: grumpy men playing video games

      • CptPlanet says:

        Noone is more grumpy and cynical than the editors. Just look at almost any article and you will see some form of cynicism and sarcasm directed at the game or the developers of said game.

  2. wappsify says:

    Yeah, linking to the dota 2 blog with that third hyperlink sure won’t cause any trouble in this comment section. :p

  3. iaguz says:

    Yes there are men with guns in League. And not just men with guns, women with guns too! In sexy outfits! How excite!

  4. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Not sure about the changes to the Support and Jungling roles. Making them more viable? Making them more effective? Making them more fun? Bah! Any true Support or Jungler does it for the team.

    Giving them enjoyment as a reward for playing their role seems counterproductive and unnecessary and encourages the working class towards Bolshevism. Supports and Junglers should just suck it up and play for the team, and leave the enjoyment to their betters, who are clearly better suited to it.

    • Cam says:

      A good support takes pride in the fact that they have lower scores and weaker items than their barbaric ADC counterparts.

      • RedViv says:

        And thus Sona is best support – she can’t even talk back.

    • alex_v says:

      I agree with you, but making supports and junglers more popular to the mainstream LOL player would be a welcome change that would make matchmaking a whole lot easier. Especially given their plans to have position specific matchmaking in the near future.

  5. DeEz says:

    Another quality article by yours truly

  6. Jockie says:

    I seem to have weaned myself off League. The last game I played mostly just featured lots of people being mean to each other and I realized that wasn’t a particularly pleasant way to be spending my free time.

  7. Awesumo says:

    that ward change is huge – now my support play (where I get constantly bemoaned for not spending all my money on wards!) is perfect! (it always felt like it was the proper way to play it… making yourself equal to, say, an underfed top laner – so you can be a sub-par jungler or AP carry.

  8. womp says:

    for what it’s worth, i think these rps articles are pretty funny and they’re the only way i’d ever read anything someone wrote about league of legends

  9. Runic says:

    I somehow get this feeling that RPS writers are some sort of casual gamers with no indepth understanding of the PC -gaming scene recently.


    – Neverwinter articles – the fact the writer admitted he had never played an MMO and doesn’t play multiplayer in general ( meaning he doesn’t have experience on World of Warcraft either… )

    – Half Life 3 revelation – writer admitted never playing the original Half-Life

    – League of Legends and Dota 2 news – constant mentions of not really knowing anything about these games.

    All these giants of the gaming world, and no apparent experience or indepth knowledge whatsoever. Gives a similiar impression like you’d get reading a movie critique article where the writer would say he has no idea who Stallone is.

    • Universal Quitter says:

      I’ve been playing games for over twenty years, and I’ve never played a Half-life game, hated – FUCKING HATED – WoW, and haven’t played any MOBAs for more than five minutes. I think it was League of Legends. Whatever it was, it was clearly an ‘acquired taste,’ and since I already enjoyed beer, asparagus, canned fish, and coffee, I figured that I was good on forcing myself to like things at that point in my life.

      The point is, you come across as a gaming elitist, which is one of the most pathetic things a person can possible be elitist about. The only people I can think of that are more of a waste of human life are those weirdos on YouTube that log in just to say “That’s not Dubstep, it’s ZORPstep, you ignorant fuck.”

      Is that really who you want to be? It isn’t admired or appreciated, even if you’d probably lie and say those things mean nothing to you.

      And to fix your crap analogy, it’d be like a film reviewer admitting his lack of interest in musicals before talking about Les Miserables.

      Besides, they don’t just do reviews. The vast majority of their posts are just “hey, look at this video after a funny paragraph.”

      I don’t think you need a mastery of every gaming genre to repost a devlog for some game that will be delayed and cost too much. Frankly, I appreciate their candor when they don’t give a shit about whatever they’re covering.

      • SillyWizard says:

        Wonderful! Thank you!

      • methodology says:

        awww dammit, you got me googling zorpstep :( I was like, THIS I must hear!

      • Runic says:

        Your logic just blows, it’s generally good for a writers credibility to be as aware as possible of the field they are writing about, see my comparison of a movie critique article.

        I’m right in that, and none of the angry crap you spew from your obviously soft-spot-damaged mouth will change that, ever. Thxbai.

        And since you informed your yearly experience in gaming, I’ll give mine too, it’s 23 or 24 years, if you think that accounts for something.

        If you haven’t played Half-Life or you don’t even know what WoW is, you are a brainless peasant asmuch as someone who doesn’t know about Citizen Kane is when it comes to movies. It’s just a fact, sorry, enjoy.

        The worst kind of cancer is actually people who act/write like they know something about gaming, while being said peasants.

        • SillyWizard says:

          Well that was rude. One thing that “accounts for something” is not acting like an asshole. Likening anyone who has any sort of opinion about anything games-related to cancer is obscene. Far more dangerous is fanaticism over fairly inconsequential hobbies.

          Moving on: insisting that a a game-blog writer knows everything about every game that pops up on the blog is at least as if not more ridiculous than expecting a movie critic to know everything about all the Barbie Princess movies, Adult Swim cartoons, other-TV/film-products-a-self-respecting-movie-critic-wouldn’t-touch-with-a-10-foot-pole.

          As previously mentioned: this post isn’t a review of the game. Calm down. There are plenty of other sites where people take action figures very seriously. You might enjoy them. In the meantime, I think you’ll find that many readers of RPS are here because the writers write the way they do.

          And finally: Half-Life and WoW are not the Citizen Kane of the video game world. Being significant entries in the medium do not make them Citizen Kane. In fact, you might want to watch Citizen Kane. Or re-watch it in the the unlikely event you’ve seen it before. It’s fairly evident that if you have seen it, you didn’t get much out of it.

    • Skull says:

      This is absolute rubbish. I hate MMO’s…I played GW2 for a few hours but that hardly counts as an MMO for that community apparently. I have always hated WoW and it’s clones and won’t ever touch them no matter how free they get. Am I now not a “True Gamer” because I wouldn’t want to be if it fits your description.

      The Half-Life article was obviously a point by a freelance writer (not a permanent member) to say “look, I haven’t played this game everyone says is great, hear what I have to say”. It was a redundant article for me as I don’t like Cara’s writing, but it wasn’t made for me and I bet all my money everyone of the RPS staff have played Half Life.

      Regarding MOBA’s, I often play DOTA and have played many others including LoL in the past. As a huge fan of them even I can completely understand why someone would not enjoy them and rather not play. They are a huge time sink with a hostile community and considering I think WoW is the worst thing to happen to gaming, I can’t blame people who dislike the MOBA genre. You never know, there might be a MOBA in the future that RPS fully endorse.

    • YogSo says:

      I somehow get this feeling that RPS writers are a group of different people, each one with different perspectives and backgrounds, which allows the site to offer a plethora of varying indepth understandings of the PC -gaming scene recently.


      – Neverwinter articles – the fact one writer (JW) admitted he had never played an MMO and doesn’t play multiplayer in general ( meaning he doesn’t have experience on World of Warcraft either… ) while another writer (JR) spent five years obsessively playing an MMO like EVE Online.

      – Half Life 3 revelation – one freelance writer (CE) admitted never playing the original Half-Life while another writer (AM) spoke THE TRUTH about why HL1 > HL2.

      – League of Legends and Dota 2 news – constant mentions from some writers of not really knowing anything about these games, while the aforementioned writer from the above example (CE) wrote several in-depth articles about the main MOBAs/LPGs and played DOTA extensively back then.

      All these giants of the gaming world, and the broadness of their collective knowledge is why I keep coming to the site even if I can’t help myself from writing cynic comments from time to time. Gives a similar impression like you’d get reading a movie critique article where the writer would say he has no idea who Stallone is and it doesn’t matter because he is reviewing the last serbian-iranian black & white mute indie festival flavour of the month.


    • age says:

      Filthy casuals with full time employment in video games are the worst kind of filthy casual.

  10. Commissar Choy says:

    No interest in LoL but making Supports and Junglers more fun can’t be bad.

  11. Moraven says:

    Heroes of the Storm does a lot of things differently that I think it will appeal to a lot in the crowd who can not get into DOTA or LoL.

  12. Cpt.Average says:

    I’d just like to say that I also don’t give a rats ass about LoL, and I appreciate your position in writing an article about it.