EGX Rezzed Tickets Now On Sale

Eurogamer has announced a new look to what was once known as Rezzed. Now called EGX Rezzed 2014, the remit has been expanded rather, now featuring PC, indie and now console games. Whatever they are. It’s once again to take place at Birmingham’s NEC, this time on the 28th to the 30th March. Indeed, an extra day long.

“EGX” is the recent rebranding of the enormous, formerly-known-as Eurogamer Expo, with Rezzed now its slightly littler brother. The difference? An emphasis on PC and indie games that you won’t find at the London show. And indeed the Leftfield Collection will still be a key part of things, offering show floor space to indies who would never be able to get it otherwise. Oh, and the board games section too.

The developer sessions will also take place, with announcements about who will be appearing likely to be dripfed our way as the date gets closer.

Tickets right now are 20% off, set at £9.60 for a day, or £21.60 for all three.


  1. Yachmenev says:

    Consoles also?

    That’s very dissapointing.

    Or is there a PC only Rezzed coming later?

    • Meat Circus says:


      And last year’s terrible venue to boot.

      link to

      • bit_crusherrr says:

        I’m glad it was in Birmingham. All the decent stuff like this is in the South and fuck travelling all that way for 2 days. Well 3 now. At least with the addition of consoles it will be bigger than last years, and I’d like to get hands on with a PS4.

    • Deano2099 says:

      There’s not many console games that aren’t coming out on PC these days anyway. Seems silly to be exclusionary over platforms. As long as the game line-up is more towards the leftfield/weirder/indie end of the spectrum it’s all good.

  2. FurryLippedSquid says:

    In Brum once again? I thought the last one was in Brighton?

    • Creeping Death says:

      Nah, last one was Birmingham. First one was Brighton. You’re a year behind :P

      I had a considerably less fun time at Rezzed this year than I did last. It was really weird. It moved to a bigger venue but felt like there was considerably less there. I was already in doubt about going for a third year and console games aren’t really enticing me.

      • Meat Circus says:

        Yeah, there’s absolutely FUCK ALL to do in the NEC. Feels like hosting it in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

        • Dan Milburn says:

          My favourite bit was when the only open place to get dinner in the entire venue (Wetherspoons) stopped serving food at 6, when the event finished. We ended up having to go over to the airport to get food.

          I enjoyed this year’s Rezzed despite the venue, but I doubt I’ll be back.

          • Chaz says:

            Dinner at Birmingham airport, that is desperate. I don’t even eat the food there when I’m catching a flight.

      • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

        Listen, let Kojak tell you about Birmingham taking his breath away! link to

  3. CmdrCrunchy says:

    I’m gonna be that guy : I’m very concerned about the addition of console games to Rezzed. I know Rezzed has only been about for two years, but the thing that’s made it a must go for those two years was that it was a niche expo, being the best place to get a look at your favourite indie darlings. Sure there have been some big PC names there too (Rome 2, Borderlands 2 to name a few) but the real winners have been names like Antichamber, Hotline Miami, Prison Architect, etc etc. I’d hate to see the indies get nudged out because now the console big boys can start bringing in the muscle.

    This years Rezzed I felt was somewhat weaker than last years. There didn’t seem to be half as much that jumped out at me in comparison to the first years offering. The leftfield section was really small and cramped, and was in dire need of a second area or some sort of expansion. I know the NEC is big, so maybe this is just a case of ‘We have the room, lets fill it up’, but I REALLY hope this means we get more indies, and more space for them, not less.

  4. stoopiduk says:

    At the recent RPS Planetside 2 outfit meet, a lot of people were looking forward to Rezzed, and we set it as our next clan outing.

    I imagine this will change a number of minds, and perhaps the meet up.

  5. Mittens89 says:

    Consoles?! So now the event will be full of people playing FIFA and COD, just like the recent Eurogamer Expo in London? I went to both. Rezzed delighted me in such a way because it was niche, everything was relevant to me and my pc gaming interests, and it was full of like minded people. It was ours. Now, its just going to be another Eurogamer Expo, bringing a different type of gamer, wanting to play console games.

    What a shame. Rezzed had a fantastic target audience. Everyone was connected by their passion for all things PC. Now, we have consoles and the audience that brings. Im probably unintentionally coming across as offensive, but that’s how I feel.

    • Deano2099 says:

      Err, FIFA and COD are on PC too.

      And consoles have indie games now y’know.

  6. christmas duck says:

    Hmmm…HMMMMMM… Can’t say I’m thrilled at this news (or the NEC again, I’m with Meat Circus on that), but I’m going to hold on to some degree of hope at least until there’s some decent information about what the featured games and talks are going to be, it might still be mostly PC/indie with just a smattering of consoles (there was already a Playstation Move game there this year) which will be fine. If it starts to look like Eurogamer: Midlands Edition though I’ll give it a pass.

    • rilian says:

      Agreed – I approve of having a console event as long as it’s not taking away the PC focus, which this clearly is. So, I’d much prefer the console event to happen elsewhere on another day – and I might well attend it.

      The announced jack of all trades, master of none approach doesn’t sound appealing. The leftfield collection was squeezed almost into nothingness at the last Rezzed, now with hugely-funded console games around the indies will be even more unable to compete for attention.

  7. wodin says:


    Two things.. Consoles why and then going back to a venue people didn’t like.. with no or few amenities..why?

  8. disastrophe says:

    How much involvement does RPS actually have in the organisation of this one?

  9. Iain_1986 says:

    God the RPS comments can be truly awful.

    Yes, how DARE “consoles” appear….like they are some weird breed. Indie games can NEVER be on consoles, or if they are they MUST be shit/dummed down/whatever other obnoxious “PC vs Console” term that gets banded round.

    However I do agree with the sentiments regarding Birmingham….

  10. Keiggo says:

    Hooray for platform agnosticism and hooray for Birmingham! But only because I live near it.

  11. bladedsmoke says:

    Fine with consoles, but I draw the line at Birmingham.

    (It’s actually got some nice bits but it’s very far away, costs a lot to get to on the train, and the NEC specifically is ‘orrible.)

    • christmas duck says:

      I’m fine with the event being in Birmingham, but I’m not sure “in Birmingham” is really an accurate way to describe the NEC.