Star Citizen Will ‘NEVER’ Be Dumbed Down For Consoles

But you guys, we'll never get Killzone: Ominous Name or whatever it's called! Oh nooooooooooooooooooooo

Everyone, you might want to brace yourselves. The Internet finally pushed Chris Roberts too far, and he broke out the capital letters to set every last record straight. Are you worried that Star Citizen might eventually make a lightspeed jump to consoles and somehow compromise its sun, moon, and stars-eclipsing vision in the process? Well, FUCKING STOP IT. He didn’t actually say that, but I’m a rebel maverick games journalist who lives on the edge and has nothing to lose. Nothing. I read between the lines. And over them, under them, through them, around them, in a box, and with a fox. Lines are just a social construct. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. It’s been a weird day. But perhaps Chris Roberts will clarify it all after the break.

In response to ensuing panic after eagle-eyed fans spotted a PS4 devkit on Roberts Space Industries CTO Jason Spangler’s desk, Roberts took to Star Citizen’s forums to explain the following:

“Star Citizen IS a PC game. It will NEVER be dumbed down for a lesser platform. We will NOT limit the input options or supported peripherals to the lowest common denominator. We will NOT pass on features and technology just because they will only run on some hardware configurations.”

“I LOVE the PC as a platform because it is open, is always moving forward, with new powerful components (usually at cheaper prices) becoming available to gamers available every year. A $3,000 high end PC gaming rig of today wipes the floor of dedicated graphics supercomputers costing over $1M 10 years ago. People were amazed at being able to get Giga flops of performance. Now we can obtain over 5 TERA flops on a single PCI-E GPU!!! The PC platform is great because it isn’t static. It doesn’t have rules or some controlling entity that decides what will and won’t be in the eco system. If a cool new disruptive technology like the Oculus Rift comes along it can have a chance to gain traction and become the next big thing. Because of this Star Citizen will always be primarily a PC game and will embrace the best and newest tech.”

Roberts did not, however, rule out the prospect of bringing his 20,000 ton space baby to next-gen consoles. However, he promised he’ll only do so under the condition that Sony or Microsoft offer him complete open access to their platforms. In other words, no more proprietary limits or certification processes. Roberts is basically asking for consoleboxes to strip off their branded armor and reveal their brittle hearts and PC roots. I very much doubt that will ever happen, but I suppose you never know these days.

So that’s that. For now. Roberts concluded that we don’t need to worry about him “selling out” because – essentially – his infinite nuclear future net has scooped up all the money. Problem is, while nearly $30 million is by no means chump change, it’s actually a pittance if you’re developing a story-driven single-player space shooter and one of the most ambitious MMO-type things ever. He told me why, despite that, it’ll all work out just fine in an interview during GDC Next, but I’m still skeptical. We shall see. Let us pray our good faith does not end up being in vain.


  1. Taidan says:

    I prefer the term “Deus Ex’d”. Same meaning, only harder hitting.

  2. Gap Gen says:

    I believe the correct term is “enstupided”, as in “Ken Levine enstupided Bioshock for the consoles; if it was just on the PC it would have been a procedurally generated world with each person in the city simulated to high fidelity, with hopes and dreams, fears and oh wait it’d still be a linear shooter with murderous hook-hand crazies where innocents are killed because they were podcasting loudly on giant tape decks never mind.”

    • drewski says:

      I see what you did there.

      • Gap Gen says:

        You have the Scrying Eye. Seek the Tall Wizard. He will tell you where to go. Ignore him. Follow your own path. Let your heart be your guide. Now tear out your heart. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, least of all that cocky sack of muscle tissue and ventricles and shit.

        • LionsPhil says:

          Dear Sir,

          I followed your advice on the Internet without question, and as my blood pressure plummets and consciousness leaves me, presumably for good, I must say that I am enlightened by your wisdom. By blindly adhering to your advice about “not letting anyone tell me what to do”, I realize that it is exactly your bidding which I have performed, and it is by that act that I have sealed my demise. Truly, this is poetry.

          Sir Humffffphfilifpblbllllllllllllllll……

    • mouton says:

      What’s with that linear shooter hate anyway? Sure, Doom was a convoluted maze of brown walls and 5 enemies but Half-life, shooter all time classic, was as linear and scripted as Call of Duty. People yell “linearity” like all shooters should be minecraft with guns. I like both approaches and frankly I will take Bioshock over Quake or Doom any day.

      • Grinless says:

        I agree with the mouton !

      • dE says:

        There are varying degrees of linearity. While Half-Life was linear, the player advanced the story by moving forward and was free to explore sidepaths. Current linearity has the AI advance the story for the player and instantly kills the player if the path is left.
        Half-Life made it seem like the world is working without your intervention. Current linearity completely pauses the world or places it on loop, until the player stands in the right spot, for the AI to open the door. While technically it’s both linear, there’s a whole world of differences inbetween.

        An example:
        Upon entering an area, you see a conflict between two factions. You decide to turn around and hide for a bit.
        Option A: Upon your return, you find the two factions still fighting. In fact it looks exactly like when you first entered the room.
        Option B: Upon your return, you find one faction obliterated and the other severely weakened.
        Option C: Upon your departure you’re told you’re leaving the battlefield and killed via a killswitch.
        Option A and C are modern understandings of linearity in shooters. Option B is what Half-Life would present you.

      • Gap Gen says:

        As a serious answer, my main problem with Bioshock was that you mainly only ever encountered crazy people, which sucked for a game that promised to build a new world and explore interesting ideas. My other problem was that I never felt compelled to use 90% of the weapons and skills, since wrenching didn’t use ammo and gave me health.

        Other than that, linearity is fine. My main point was that I’m unsure BioShock would have been a deeper (heyo) game if it were on PC only.

      • soldant says:

        “Backtracking” shouldn’t be taken to be synonymous with non-linearity, because Doom’s levels are inherently linear. You are blocked by keys or switches which you must find in order to progress. I love the game, but it’s not non-linear. Either that or we’ve come to a truly sad state of affairs when that counts for being non-linear.

      • Apocalypse says:

        I would rather get spanked with a blunt steel sword, more than once, before playing this blight that is called bioshock. Quake anyday over bioshock.

  3. drewski says:

    Well done internets, you made Chris Roberts FUCKING MAD.

    Hope you’re happy.

    • Stiletto says:

      The interbutts is a well known catalyst for rage inducing. *Injects more anti-rage antibiotics through IV, directly plugged into the brain’s Rage Centre*.

    • Cinek says:

      Yep. And I don’t even understand what for. There isn’t anything, ANYTHING new in what he posted there. All of the information was freely available months ago in various interviews.

      Yes, perhaps there will be a console version at some point, but nowhere near the release date IF AT ALL. And in no way it impacts game production.

      I have no idea why all the fuss on forums. All of it was known for a fact long ago.

      • Correa says:

        He’s probably seen what’s happened to Egosofts X-Rebirth and thought it wise just to make sure no one has doubts about the game after seeing a gamepad in use. They too came out saying how better refined etc the game was going to be and well it’s went really backwards on what they promised (and it’s not how buggy the game is).

        Can’t blame him for it, you don’t want people pointing out that another Pc specific Dev’s done after there claims and they (Chris Roberts) do the same come release.

        • Cinek says:

          Egosoft claimed that their game is PC-centric too and they got a very long history of PC-centric games to support them. Claims will change nothing. Either people believe in what devs say or not. In any case though – truth will come out at the day of game release (and what follows after) – no amount of talking will change that.

          I don’t try to blame Chris Roberts for his post – I try to blame community for wasting his time on that. Nothing, NOTHING new was posted, and nothing changed since last statements. I have no clue why the sudden unrest.

          • Correa says:

            Gamers have the lowest attention span is all I can muster about it :)

          • Dorque says:

            The big difference there is that after all of Egosoft’s claims of “this is a PC game”, large amounts of evidence that it’s not have been dredged up and they basically fleeced their customers with the trailers, screenshots and a review embargo.

            I wouldn’t blame Chris one bit for reiterating at this point in time that he’s not making a console game, considering that the majority of people who preordered Rebirth are also his prospective customers.

        • Sharlie Shaplin says:

          It was more than a gamepad tbh, it was a PS4 devkit. Chris has obviously seen the potential for communitysplosion due to X:Rebirth, which might occur when he announces SC for consoles. The future is going to be interesting. :D

      • Caiman says:

        Apparently someone spotted a PS4 devkit sitting on the desk in the background of a recent video, and the Star Citizen forums exploded and everyone melted down, because the internet is so mature. So Chris posted this to try and reassure people that no, he hasn’t sold out and started developing for the PS4. Sony sent them some dev kits for them to look at apparently, obviously interested in bringing Star Citizen to PS4 at some point, and Chris’ response to the internet conflagration is above.

    • derbefrier says:

      I don’t know if you frequent the star citizen forums but this doeant surprise me. As a community with nothing to really do they tend to latch on to every little thing and make huge fucking deals out of everything. We need a dog fighting alpha so they don’t drive roberts crazy obsessing over every little irrelevent thing they see.

      • Cinek says:

        Hehe, don’t be naive thinking that Alpha will make anything better. Quite contrary – it will only turn things into worse.

  4. Myrdinn says:

    So he doesn’t consolify a game that won’t be released on consoles. He’s basically making a PC game for PC’s. Perhaps we’ll be able to use a keyboard as input peripheral.

    • Cinek says:

      Well, after initial trailers where Chris used gamepad some people got a doubt about that ;) But it was all cleared up even before original crowd-funding goal was met.

    • Morlock says:

      Yep, as soon as we find out what the right trigger refers to.

  5. Squirly says:

    He has a point, he just needs to learn how to make it without stepping on a lot of toes.

  6. Crossbit says:

    I’d prefer if they stuck to selling their game on its own merits, rather than the “here’s what the other guy did wrong” approach of every politician ever. And as a gamer with a mid-range rig (and an intent to stay that way), I have no interest in new and expensive tech – if they’re really going to flaunt the failures of X-Rebirth, there’s only one word I want to see.


    • MrTijger says:

      Roberts didnt mention X Rebirth anywhere so I fail to see why you’re trying to make some point about how they’re selling SC.

      • Kelron says:

        A few people have got it into their heads that Rebirth was designed to be a console game and this accounts for any and all problems with it.

        • sharkh20 says:

          Yeah, while some of the design choices seem to have gamepads in mind, the design would be piss awful on consoles as well. The real problem seems to be that a 4 year old designed the entire UI as well as command and trading mechanics.

        • Zenicetus says:

          At this point, there is no question that Rebirth was designed as a console game. But that’s far from the only thing wrong with it.

          • soldant says:

            Actually it seems like they considered porting it to the 360 and decided against it, hence the reference in the shaders. Besides that, so what if they were going to make it for consoles? That alone doesn’t make it inherently bad – it’s narrow-minded PC gamer elitism that leads to those ridiculous conclusions. The X series have always had a terrible UI which always picked the hardest way to do pretty much anything – this suggests that Egosoft are just shit at making UIs rather than the Steam forum’s catch-cry of “OMG CONSOLE PORT.”

          • arccos says:

            Steam forum users whining about about console users is self-satire at this point.

            Hell, some sort of official software certification could only have helped improved the release state of Rebirth.

  7. bstard says:

    That post has capsed words, so it must be partly true!

    • Urthman says:


      (Holding SHIFT down with your pinky is like crossing your fingers behind your back.)

  8. rpsKman says:

    Looks like someone broke the poor soul, judging from this post. Better stay away from this game made by a madman. Get well SOON, Chris!

  9. satan says:

    (Just gave up on X Rebirth)

    Help me Chris Roberts, you’re my only hope!

  10. Imbecile says:

    I hate the phrase dumbed down. :(

  11. nimbulan says:


  12. PopeRatzo says:

    I’ve got a fiver that says they’ll make Star Citizen for consoles.

  13. Arglebargle says:

    Roberts also dissed Kickstarter heavilly, but ended up running back there when it turned out his attempts at a self funding website were woefully set up. I think he just didn’t want to give up the percentage.

    I expect, at the right time, it will suddenly be discovered that it can run on consoles. He’ll still probably be unhappy about the console cut of the money though.

    • Apocalypse says:

      And rightfully so. He got $2,134,374 from kickstarter and another 26 millions via his website.
      How much does kickstarter take these days, 10%? So he saved this way 2.6 million dollars. Even if you just consider the original pledge drive, than he made again most of the money via its webpage, and only about 1/3 via, saving enough to hire one more full time developer till 2015 ;-)

  14. xfstef says:

    Resistance is futile… not to mention a waste of time, money, material and energy for our already overly consumerist society.

    • Apocalypse says:

      If you got enough monetary support you can start to crush does toes.