EVE’s Rubicon Has Been Crossed

EVE Online’s Winter expansion, Rubicon, is now live. And how do we best celebrate this? A CGI trailer! Still, at least it isn’t live action, I suppose.

Picking up where previous expansion Odyssey left things, adding in Ghost Sites for players to venture into – treasure troves in pirate space, packed with new technologies. It’s all about a power shift against the Empires.

Players will find Marauder, Electronic Attack Frigate, Interceptor and Interdictor class ships will be getting a new lick of paint, and a bunch of balancing tweaks, combat pilots being drawn into what CCP call “guerilla-style warfare”. There are new ships for the explorers and industrialists, as well as “hi-sec customs offices”, promising more money and thrills. And they promise further help for new players, with “new certificate and ship identification systems” – that should put the noobs at ease, eh? Oh, EVE, you’ve forgotten how to not speak in EVE.

You can read the full patch notes here, and read far more coherent details about the new additions here.


  1. Didden says:

    Bring back the original RLML CCP!

    PS. If anyone wants any help getting into the game, let me know.

  2. Crimsoneer says:

    Anddddd now I want to resub.

  3. almostDead says:

    Is this the game the Illuminati lizard people play?

  4. lowprices says:

    I like the sound of the features to help new players. Eve holds the same position as Dota, for me: games I want to love, but just bounce off the complexity every time I try and dive in.

    • Maxheadroom says:

      100% this.
      Finally made some headway into Eve after several abortive 14 day trials. Played it for about 6 months but for lack of a better word it’s just too ‘mean’ for my tastes.
      The main trading hub chat is a non stop tirade of trade scams, and setting foot inside one of the low-sec areas without a dozen mates to back you up is just asking for someone camped on the other side to blow you up and take all your shit.

      DOTA is still completely impenetrable to me though

      • Askeladd says:

        Guess I’m more lucky than you then. For me EVE is beautifully corrupt to the point I don’t want to play it, Dota on the other hand can be rewarding when you know what to do.

        • Maxheadroom says:

          I would never ask that Eve changes for my benefit, I think it does what it does really well. It’s just too ruthless for me to get any enjoyment out of it.

          I once lost 500million in a ‘margin trading’ scam and the only way to recoup my losses was to run the same scam on someone else. Which I did, but I didnt feel good about it

      • morbiusnl says:

        jup thats eve all right. specially that “tough guy” mentality is really hurting the game I think. ccp apperently isnt interested in new people subbing (instead of old people plexing more subs). Few weeks ago ccp lead a newbie fleet right into a nullsec killzone, just for lolz.

        • Smuggins says:

          What’s wrong with taking them to sample the nullsec portion of the game exactly?

          • morbiusnl says:

            you mean whats wrong that ccp send eve newbies in a fleet without any doctrine, without any guidance just to pad the killmail collection of the nullsec population?

            Most highsec people that participated in this “event” said that any enthusiasm to move null has been killed off.

          • Apocalypse says:

            What is wrong?
            link to jestertrek.blogspot.co.at

  5. MajorManiac says:

    That video was a bit boring. Here’s a good one for I-War -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9AN1hpbw2Y

    Anyone else have any good space-game videos?

  6. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Talking of brightly coloured space John, any tip on when we’re likely to see an X-Rebirth review? Quite looking forward to it

  7. k37chup says:

    Is orca + hulk still best for solo high sec mining? That what I left my 3 accounts at years ago :P

  8. morbiusnl says:

    in any other MMO this would be called a patch.

    • Shockeh says:

      Truly unfair – In every one of these expansions, they haven’t charged their playerbase to add them, and have created new content each time in a game that hardly needs it, as it’s so PVP-centric that the player community generates their own ‘campaigns’ all the time.

      I personally don’t play because I don’t enjoy the core game underneath (And as a consequence, Valkyrie has definitely piqued my interest) but CCP have done a fine job of supporting and expanding the game.

      • morbiusnl says:

        precisely, there is no new content added, only tweaks, and maybe a (useless) ship or two. Im not calling that an expansion, sorry.

        • Kelron says:

          No, there’s not much in the way of headline features this time around. But the warp speed changes are huge with far reaching effects for a lot of players.

          It seems a bit pedantic to argue about whether it deserves to be called an expansion or not. From CCP’s perspective it makes sense to put out a new trailer and some nice images, keep people aware that Eve still exists and is still evolving. From the player’s point of view, it’s more stuff being added and some overdue balancing. Whatever CCP call it, it’s good that they’re still doing it.

          • morbiusnl says:

            sure the changes have consequences for gameplay, as any changes in any MMO will have. The only difference is that other MMO’s call this an simple patch. In Eve they call it an expansion. BTW I am a happy ccp customer for many years. Have no problems with it. Just think the wording is a bit off, might be the islandic language creeping through the english.

        • Smuggins says:

          It’s pretty simple. Big updates like this are expansions and there are plenty of smaller patches in between. There are new ships, new modules, new game concepts, a huge rebalance/redesign of several ship classes, new PvE content, new anchorable structures.

          It’s clearly far more than just a patch.

          • Distec says:

            It’s also good to keep in mind that EVE doesn’t really have another game to compare against. A WoW expansion drops a new continent and some dungeons (aka fairground shit) that gets burned through and never touched again. That would never work in a game like EVE. Its expansions may not have the same flair, but how much of the content from years ago is still relevant? Wormholes were introduced years ago and people still run those.

            The changes in Rubicon are very significant and will affect the sandbox for a long time. It’s just not going to hit you with a lot of flashy/shallow spectacle like, say, Lich King did.

    • nitehawk says:

      Any other MMO would make you pay extra for new content.

      • morbiusnl says:

        but then you will get, you know, new content. wich in Rubicon’s case not the case. Just a few gameplay changes.

        • Distec says:

          I think you’re getting new content. It’s just not fitting your narrow definition of it.

          But don’t worry. Next expansion they’re introducing a new raid in the newly unlocked zone of Old Eden! Aura’s been corrupted by space goats and 40 capsuleers will need to band together to take her down before she opens a portal to bring Sargeras to our universe. Introducing new Tier 16 armor sets and epic loot, as well as minipets. Kill the boss in Hard Mode under ten minutes to get an achievement!

  9. jasonisme84 says:

    “There are new ships for the explorers and industrialists”

    Is exploring a thing in Eve? How does it work? Because I’ve never been able to really get into the game, but that makes it sound quite interesting.

    • bterry says:

      Exploring in Eve is a thing, but depending on what you expect it may not be as cool as you imagine. The two primary activities I would call “Exploring” now involve scanning and wormhole systems. On the scanning front, you can have a ship with a scan probe launcher fit, then use those probes to scan out semi-hidden sites that you can then potentially get some valuables out of. The highest value sites involve you fighting pirate NPCs though, so it isn’t very “I’m exploring the frontier”. On the other hand, you can also scan down wormholes that take you to systems that aren’t on the jump gate network, have no stations and are very isolated. It won’t take you too awful long to figure out how wormhole systems work in general, but they can feel very frontier/”I’m on my own out here, away from civilization”. You can actually get lost in wormhole space, if you lose probes, get blown up, your wormhole closed behind you, etc.

  10. bstard says:

    When I read EVE crap I’ve the feeling I’m getting old :(

  11. Sardonic says:

    Actually CCP did do a live action video for rubicon: link to youtube.com

    • Josh W says:

      That’s hilarious, I much prefer it. I like the idea of improving responsiveness for little ships too, that and stealing do suggest a way you could do gurilla war.

  12. Icarus239 says:

    I’ve only ever played eve briefly during its beta, many years ago. Is it worth starting properly now? Or have I got too many expansions \ too much content to catch up with?

    • Sardonic says:

      EVE at launch in 2003 is kind of an entirely different game than it is now. Much easier to start now. I wouldn’t worry about the number of expansions, it’s not like any one person needs to use every gameplay system they add.

  13. Stevostin says:

    This is becoming bland. Characters are terrible.
    Old EVE’s trailers were so great. I remember this one which blew my mind at the time but there were other:

    It has gotten old, it defie all the rule of making a trailer, but THIS MADE ME WANT TO PLAY THE GAME SO BADLY I bought it (the fact that I just spend 20 min looking back for it should tell something) . As opposed to the above “put EVE in the “nothing exciting here” bin”.

    To start things go back to edgy elecronic stuff. Leave orchestral stuff for Blizzard etc. Don’t make movie, dispay toys and possibilities. Use our imagination, etc.