Looking For Minyans: Jason The Greek

You may want to be all cynical about it, but I’m not going to be. This enormous influx of adventures via the dreamtubes of Kickstarter isn’t going to produce non-stop gold, but it is going to increase the chances of gold. So rather than rolling your eyes, you, why not enjoy the enough-shit-at-a-wall factor?

Hopefully not shit at all is Jason The Greek. A point-and-clicker that the creator describes as a cross between Star Trek and Jason And The Argonauts, that already has a demo. Attention: you have mine.

Gosh, this looks like it might finally be an adventure that remembers to be about objects + environment = fun.

It’s to be chapter based, hence the rather low target of £10,000. But good crivens, a Kickstarter that’s entirely up front about that, explaining it in the pitch video, rather than burying it at the bottom of the page. This first one is classic Jason, as the Greek scholars say, landing the Argo by Lemnos in search of the golden fleece. And yes, those murderous, stinky ladies. Yet along the way somehow be spoofing the Star Trek-style crew missions. Including the arbitrary deaths of “red skirts”. Intriguing. Here’s the pitch:

A copy of the finished game requires a £4 for the first 100, then a leap to £8 for the rest. It’s aiming to be out by June 2014, and you can play the demo now, but it’s extraordinarily buggy, and unplayable for me.


  1. gwathdring says:

    I was expecting a golden sheep joke.

  2. Ribonizer says:

    I was rather curious until you mentioned the demo was buggy and unplayable. Altho I appreciate the candor.

  3. JasonTGreek says:


    Just a quick post to thank John for taking the time to review my game and support my campaign, I really do appreciate it! Making the title so far has been a real joy although that joy has been spent in late nights and lunchtimes so far – if I can raise the money I’ll be able to go full time on the game and really put my all into it!

    @gwathdring – there will be many a ram / sheep joke along the adventure for sure…

    @Ribonizer – unfortunately I hadn’t updated the game in time for John to play it, however if you would like to download it now I have been told its installing and playing fine:

    Download Now!?

    If anyone has the time to download and play it, I would love to hear some feedback either here or on the main site http://www.JasonTheGreek.com

    Thanks again for your support,

    aka Jason The Greek

  4. phlebas says:

    “Wood alone is not getting me through that bush”?

    • JasonTGreek says:

      @phlebus – the quote that is underwriting my campaign, I think! Glad you like it!

    • Armante says:

      I had to think about that when you quoted it. Took me a moment to get it. I must be getting old..

      • phlebas says:

        It’s not (just) the innuendo, though. It’s a custom failure response, and an amusing one at that. It’s the difference between “I have to guess what the designer wanted me to click on to trigger the next animation” and “this is the situation, these are the resources to hand, now what do I do?”.

        • JasonTGreek says:

          Haha – thank you @phlebas, I really want the player to be part of a story, that each room has its own script and reaction, just clicking on something and him saying ‘that wont work’ just feels like I’m not doing the player justice!

  5. sophof says:

    Nice art style, my favourite genre and a great idea for a protagonist. Colour me intrigued!

  6. JasonTGreek says:

    Khaaaaaan you spare £2?

    As we sail into the third week on Kickstarter I can’t help but feel we might be heading for trouble so I’ve added in a couple of new options for those of you who would like to get a copy of the game but current funds cant QUITE stretch to the bigger tiers!

    So now you can get a copy of the game post launch for £2 or a copy of the game on launch plus get in the credits for £5.

    All copies of the game are DRM-Free!

    Thank you all for your support, please share!

    aka Jason The Greek

    link to kickstarter.com