Lord Of The Rumors: Telltale’s Game Of Thrones Game

Despite the fact that I am, as you might have noticed, Peter Dinklage, I actually haven't even finished the first book. It is my great shame.

Well, this all seems sort of inevitable in hindsight, doesn’t it? Telltale has more or less perfected its episodic storytelling formula, and bounteous riches are beginning to flow. And from among those glittering prizes and sparkling gem clusters, the Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us dev has – if a report from IGN is to be believed – plucked a veritable holy grail. It now allegedly has some sort of Game of Thrones game in the oven, though exact details are still hazy. This does, however, link up pretty well with my Dan Connors interview from earlier this year, so I am cautiously optimistic about the (for now) rumor’s veracity.

IGN cites multiple anonymous sources, all of whom apparently claimed the following:

“Telltale Games is developing a game based on George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.”

“It’s worth noting that, while ‘Game of Thrones’ is the title of HBO’s series based on Martin’s books, the series itself is actually known as A Song of Ice and Fire, and the first book is titled Game of Thrones. It’s currently unclear what title Telltale will be using for its game, and whether the storyline will be based on the show, books, or something entirely new.”

Telltale, meanwhile, did not deny the rumor, but it didn’t offer any affirmative statement either. “Officially we have no comment,” the storied studio of a thousand stories said.

Still though, I’d say this is excellent news if true. If anyone can finally pull off a good Game of Thrones game, it’s probably Telltale. I doubt it’d include many recognizable characters (the books/show’s events tend to leave them pretty tied up), but who knows? And hey, who wouldn’t want to choose their way into an alternate storyline in which [SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT, PRETTY MUCH] Ned Stark stayed alive by transforming into a total, conniving jerkass? Or perhaps we could play a day in the life of Hodor, which could actually be entirely incredible if done well. Alternatively, I suppose Telltale could take the easy way out and design a Tyrion simulator. Of course, then your only choices would be “Witty Quip,” “Wittier Quip,” and “Wittiest Qui– OH GOD SOMEONE JUST CUT OFF YOUR NOSE.”


  1. TehK says:

    ” If anyone can finally pull off a good Game of Thrones game, it’s probably Telltale.”

    …and the modding community of Crusader Kings 2, of course ;)

    • BobbyDylan says:

      Oh yeah. That mod got me into Crusader Kings 2, which got me into EU-4.

      Unfortunately I can’t play Total War games anymore, as the campaign play is just dull by comparison.

      • Bull0 says:

        I have CK2 and can’t get into it, and felt like I was some kind of bastard for not being able to (quite possibly true). If there’s a Thrones mod that would probably do the trick. Once again, thanks, RPS!

        • phobic says:

          Apparently it contains spoilers. Be warned :)

          • HothMonster says:

            You can pick what year the campaign starts just like normal CK2. If you start during the timeline of the books some of the random events can spoil things

        • sPOONz says:

          Also there’s an Elder Scrolls mod too if you fancy that also. For anyone who cant get access to the mod forum for lack of registration here are its features…

          Rich fantasy world based on the Elder Scrolls video games, including Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim

          Detailed map of Tamriel with over 1000 land provinces
          Over 30 new faiths and cults add considerable depth to religion
          25 races and cultures, each with unique styles and bonuses
          New events to bring the world to life
          Dozens of new traits featuring brand new icons in the same style as vanilla.
          New diseases including bloodlung, the shakes and vampirism.
          Custom Soundtrack a custom soundtrack completely replacing vanillas, currently sitting at around 300mb of Elder Scrollsesque music.

          The mod scene in Paradox titles is epic.

      • Grygus says:

        Creative Assembly agrees with you, and Rome II is mostly the worse for their attempts to fix this. I have in mind a shining future in which they get that right, and Total War resumes its position on the throne of Best Game Ever No I Cannot Hear You.

    • Viroso says:

      Does that Mod spoil anything about the books? I’ve only been watching the tv show and so if there are stuff from the books there that haven’t happened yet I can’t play it :(

      • RedViv says:

        You can easily avoid spoilers by choosing an earlier starting date. No worries there.

  2. Anthile says:

    I played through the Game of Thrones RPG a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it’s not nearly as bad as its reputation. Sure, the combat is quite dull (think the first The Witcher but even less exciting) and the voice acting is all over the place but the story and the writing are fantastic, a worthy addition to the books. It’s also one of the few games that made me care about about the protagonists and their hardships.
    I fondly remember chapter 11 or so. I had a real A Song of Ice and Fire moment there. Staring at the screen in disbelief, wondering if that was just happened really happened, “It has to be some kind of dream sequence…”. It was not.

    • Winstons says:

      I’ve got to agree with this guy. I played the game earlier in the year and I really enjoyed it. I can only echo what he said really – it was cool to walk around near The Wall and Castle Black, the combat can be fun but isn’t too deep, but the writing and plot, after a slow burning start, are awesome, and the two main characters I found actually pretty cool, especially the rather badass Mors Westford (As the review of the game on RPS says, the guy playing Mors seems to suddenly realise about 1/3 into the game that the story is actually really good, and starts putting in real effort – his acting just gets better as the game goes on and he gives some really great lines and speeches later on). I like how they intermingle the game to events happening in the first book, and the story has as many twists as the books with a few great OH SNAP moments.

      The unexpected cameo appearence of GRRM himself as a maester also made me chuckle.

      • Werthead says:

        Thirded. You have to wade through a lot of crap to get there, but when the game finally takes off (which it does starting 3-4 hours in) it does it in style. An excellent story and some great characters. Also, whilst the combat is weak it’s a hell of lot better than DRAGON AGE 2’s or THE WITCHER’s.

        • TheTingler says:

          Yep, I agree too. Wasn’t enough things to do in times of side-quests, the environments were drab, and the voice acting was occasionally atrocious, but the story was very engaging. And, as per usual with Game of Thrones, the wedding is the best bit.

  3. Veeskers says:

    Dragon’s Lair indeed. Now with a frantic onslaught of quick time events in the parts where Tyrion juggles three ladies of the evening.

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      That somewhat depends on if it’s based on the HBO series or the books.
      I’m almost done with the first book and it doesn’t have that much sex. The ratio of penis descriptions is higher.
      Just naked Hodor and a description of Khal Drogo’s glistering member in maybe the last hundred pages I read.
      I wonder how the gaming community would handle that. Just playing as a female character kissing a man is “too gay” for publishers apparently.

  4. Guiscard says:

    I will remain cautiously optimistic. On the one hand, I’ve loved Telltale, especially their last two games, and they so seem to be getting stronger with every release. But on the other hand, this will probably be TTGs biggest project to date if it’s true, and they will be under more pressure than ever to deliver. We don’t want another Jurrassic Park. Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us had the advantage of not being majorly well known franchises, which made our intro into them that more satisfying. A GoT game won’t have that advantage.

    That said, if there was ever a series set up for TTGs recent design philosophy of “make bad choice, see results continue down the line to something dramatic”, this is it. I want to see the Stark choice of “do the honourable thing, worry about implications later” against “keep a level head and assess the situation practically so we don’t get screwed in the long game” reflected.

    • Szpil says:

      Pretty much this! There is just so much conflict and grey moral decisions in GOT that it seem to fit TTG’s recent games perfectly. I hope they will do allow you to play the game from different characters’ POV, like in the novels. Similar to what they did in their 400 Days DLC.

  5. Bull0 says:

    Oh god oh god oh god

    Shut up and take my money

  6. evilsooty999 says:


  7. Jimbo says:

    “It’s worth noting that, while ‘Game of Thrones’ is the title of HBO’s series based on Martin’s books, the series itself is actually known as A Song of Ice and Fire, and the first book is titled Game of Thrones. It’s currently unclear what title Telltale will be using for its game, and whether the storyline will be based on the show, books, or something entirely new.”

    Paragraph of the Year

  8. Marar Patrunjica says:

    I am speechless. I am without speech.

  9. Penguin_Factory says:

    When they said a while back that they had scored some sort of exciting license the first thing that came to mind was Game of Thrones.

  10. InternetBatman says:

    Speaking of Game of Thrones, the mandate just announced they’re using a Game of Thrones character as a voice actor.

  11. Scissors says:


  12. Solidstate89 says:

    It could be 10 hours of nothing but Tyrian slapping the shit out of Joffrey, and I’d still pay 30 bucks for it.

  13. sophof says:

    I’m a bit worried about the inevitable sex scenes it’ll contain. That’s something I think no game has ever done well and kinda implied with the whole “Game of Thrones” license.

    • RedViv says:

      Or maybe they keep to the books and don’t have something “mature” every ten seconds.

      • Solidstate89 says:

        So if they stick to the books, we’ll have them raping underage girls instead?

        Do you know what you’re saying?

        • Werthead says:

          The books don’t have anywhere near the sheer quantity of sex/nudity the TV show has. Don’t get me wrong, they have a lot, and lot of stuff that’s meant to make the reader uncomfortable, but generally there is a plot or character or thematic reason when it crops up. The TV show, not so much. Often there’s nudity in a scene even when it doesn’t make sense.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          Methinks you’ve never actually read the books.

          • Solidstate89 says:

            Me thinks you’ve forgotten some things in your old age.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            You realize underage rape in the GoT books is always implied and never actually contextualized in writing, right? Methinks you are too sensitive.

  14. Philomelle says:

    I would actually love to see a Tyrion simulator.

    It would be best if it was developed by someone who makes life sims in the vein of Princess Maker and runs on a system where the end of every day rewards you with gold, EXP and faction points depending on how many Insufferable Jackass points you accumulated.

    • Solidstate89 says:

      Or a points system based on just how many times you’ve threatened the King’s life.

  15. GameCat says:

    I don’t know why, but I would love to play KIng’s “Dark Tower” adaptation from Telltale.

    OK, I lied, I know why. It’s just because I’m reading Dark Tower series (just after finishing whole Song of Fire and Ice) now and King achieved 5 George R. R. Martins* just by killing 1 (ONE) character.
    Stephen, you filthy bastard, I will never forgive you. :x

    *Official measurement of How I Hate That Author For Killing Starks All My Fauvorite Characters That I Cared For.

    • Stellar Duck says:

      The one who bit the bullet, so to speak, on the side of a road?

      • GameCat says:

        The one from retrospections. It was obvious that this person will be dead, because it was mentioned few times in pervious books but fucking hell, that death was so painful (literally and metaphorically), I couldn’t stand it.

        Eh, I’m also afraid that within maximum two weeks I will finish reading it.
        I hate when these long stories I’m attached to ends. They’re like friends or loveds one that died and you’re left only with memories of them. ;_;

    • 2helix4u says:

      Dark Tower is probably my favourite series of books, or at least definitely up there. It surpasses the GRRM books handily for me, although the first few of those are great. I wouldn’t want a telltale game though, Co-Op midworld RPG though? Please.

      I actually eke out a lot more enjoyment of first person games by grabbing a revolver and contextualising the boring crewcut man as a natural gunslinger on a different level of the tower.

  16. Reapy says:

    It is weird with song of ice and fire… the world isn’t what sucked me in, but the characters and the drama that unfolds. If you told me there was a Malazan Empire game coming out, my head would explode and I would be hanging from the rafters, even though ultimately I like the ice and fire series more, if that makes any sense.

    • Werthead says:

      Apparently a MALAZAN RPG was on the cards, but Steven Erikson vetoed it in favour of first-person shooter style of game.

      And no, that doesn’t make any sense to me either.

      • dissentience says:

        Final book of series = The Crippled God = TGC = Trading card game

        i don’t believe we require any additional explanation as to what type of game will be made from the malazan ip.

        p&p rules would also be incredibly cool.

  17. Furius says:

    Malazan always reminds me of Planescape for some reason. I think it’s all the different races and demons cruising about. I’d love a palnescape-like Malazan game. But then, I’d love a Planescape-type game about anything probably.

    EDIT: This is a response to Reapy. Luckily it’s just below it

  18. Michael Fogg says:

    The Fate of Adventure Games hangs in the balance between episodic glorified interactive movies by Telltale and hollow Double Fine cult of personality. Or a never ending stream of Jack Keanne sequels. Either way they are doomed.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      You forget stuff from Wadjet Eye and Daedalic. Sure, they’re not Lucasarts, but they’ve kept the genre from dying altogether and make some fine adventures. As for Telltale, I don’t think they make adventure games anymore, and man are their whatever-you-want-to-call-thems good if you don’t think of them as adventure games.

    • Bull0 says:

      Sounds like none of it appeals to you

  19. strangeloup says:

    Game of Thrones: The Game… of Thrones…. the game… of thrones… *repeats forever*

  20. dissentience says:

    this whole thread is full of win.

    i think a tyrion game would be awesome. failing that arya as a main character might be interesting too.

    i still have yet to play walking dead (or any of the others from the humble bundle), so i’ll withhold any overt squeeing till i get a better idea of what a telltale games game of thrones game would be like.