Paper Sorcerer Is Out, Demoed, Rather Pretty

Every now and then a Kickstarter asks for so little that you wonder if the developers have really thought it through. With such a low target, can they really achieve their goals? Well, RPG Paper Sorcerer could. Asking for only $5,000 back in June 2012, it went on to make rather more with $13,151 in donations. A year later than planned, the game is now out. And it still looks as striking as it did back then. It’s now on Greenlight, of course, and there’s a demo for your judgement.

This looks like a very interesting combination of old-school turn-based RPG, with a very interesting modern first-person aesthetic, fantastic use of blank space and unreal design. While you explore the world in 3D, the combat takes place via menus like the RPGs of the mid-to-late ’80s. Oh, and you’re the baddy. Here’s the trailer:

And here’s some more extensive footage:

You can pick up the RPG for $5 from the game’s site, or it’s £3.50 on GamersGate, and coming to Desura later. And clearly creators Ultra Runaway would like to see it on Steam too.


  1. Eddy9000 says:

    Oh bless them, there’s something rather sweet about indie devs asking for just £5000 isn’t there? I imagine them frugally using some of it to buy that pack of chocolate hob-nobs they’ve fancied for a while, but could only justify plain digestives, and then settling down for a cup of tea with a small feeling of guilty indulgence.

    • lomaxgnome says:

      This was one of the few things I’ve ever backed on Kickstarter, for $3 I liked the idea of helping the guy pursue his dream of making his own game, and it’s nice to see that it has come to fruition. That all the artwork is actually hand drawn is pretty amazing.

      Edit: Oops, didn’t mean for this to be a reply.

  2. Themadcow says:

    I’d absolutely buy this for my Android phone – decent blobbers are few and far between. Not sold so much on the PC version though.

  3. frightlever says:

    I dunno quite why but I really like the look of this. Played some of the demo and there a bit of a disconnect between the exploring bits and the combat but so far the writing is pretty good.

  4. nitehawk says:

    However he was quickly defeated by Scissors Sorcerer, who has the Alliteration Advantage.

  5. Kefren says:

    What about Shotgun Sorcerer?

  6. strangeloup says:

    I’d like to see Rock Sorceror, whose spells are all named after song titles.

  7. Vacuum Boogie says:

    Reminds me of The Dark Spire for the DS, I guess it was partially inspired by it.

    • RunawayDev says:

      I wasn’t directly inspired by Dark Spire, though it is a pretty cool game. My inspiration for the art style was a mashup of comics artists like Mike Mignola and the work of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century illustrators like William Bradley.

  8. Chaz says:

    Looks kind of like a first person Fighting Fantasy book, especially with that art style. How rather jolly superb.

    Buggers, the Unity web demo won’t load and the downloads are linux and mac only, bah!

    Not been having much luck getting these indie demos working recently, especially if they use webware. Just not happening on my Chrome browser.

    • RunawayDev says:

      Chaz, I think when you were checking out the demo, I was in the middle of updating it to the new version, there should be a PC version up now.

      • Chaz says:

        Ah, thanks. The unity thing still doesn’t work for me, just keeps saying invalid data file, data file is corrupt and not a unity webplayer file. Anyway PC demo downloaded, so shall give it a go tonight.

  9. RunawayDev says:

    This is the developer here, thanks for the writeup, John! If you like the art, I released a free set of avatars for everyone to use: link
    I also just released a new version today, v1.9

    If anyone has any questions or comments about the game, feel free to comment here or e-mail me.

    • jarowdowsky says:

      Not sure if I’m missing something here. Bought the game but just got taken to a page with an avatar pack and a readme file. No game link, no game files? The demo doesn’t seem to work either but not sure if that is related to this?

      Any ideas how to actually access the game anyone?

    • jarowdowsky says:

      Cool, cheers for sorting that, looking forward to giving the game a try :)