Remembering The Realms: Civ V Faerun Mod

I spent a lot of time playing Civ IV mods, particularly the splendid Fall From Heaven, but I’ve only tried a couple of alterations to Firaxis’ most recent entry in the series, and don’t think I’ve downloaded a single one since installing the two excellent expansions to the base game. That all changed this weekend, when a post on PC Gamer drew my attention to the work of modder framedarchitecture, who has created several historical scenarios and a huge Forgotten Realms total conversion. The Faerun mod requires the Gods and Kings DLC and will disable Brave New World when used, and it adds just about everything you could want from a Dungeons and Dragons themed Civ game.

Religions are now Deity Cults, policies are schools of magic and random events include rampaging dragons and other beasties. My favourite part is the selection of Civs though, with 25 representing several groups of the major races.

Faerun is available through the Steam Workshop and is well worth a look. Even with all the enjoyable thematic content though (NECROMANCERS), I did find myself missing Brave New World’s features. It’s surprising how quickly I’ve started to think of the new content as part of the game, seamlessly integrated, just as with Enemy Within. Firaxis are dab hands at this DLC lark. Along with Paradox, they’re the company most likely to bring me back to a game months after release with paid content, building ‘big box’ type expansions that add depth rather than length to their games.

There’s an optional soundtrack for Faerun, drawn from Baldur’s Gate II music.


  1. Soulstrider says:

    Neat but dunno if I’ll install it since I am completely ignorant of the Forgotten Realms lore and don’t feel like disabling BNW. Still even if it’s just half of what Fall From Heaven was then it’ s great.

  2. bills6693 says:

    I agree on firaxis being the masters of DLC expansions. They basically are expansion packs, rather that what we are ‘used to’ as DLC (although for Civ V there’s plenty of that too).

    Anyway, this looks interesting although, as said above, disabling BNW? I also don’t really have an investment or know the lore of it very well. I’d be interested in something that overhalls the game including BNW though. Anyone know any really good themed mods that overhall it all, utilising BNW’s additions?

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    distantlurker says:

    Simple question. Is it as good as FFH was for IV Adam? (in which case, i’m on board).

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      Adam Smith says:

      Simple answer: no.

      Slightly longer answer: even though it changes some rules quite significantly – city-building particularly, making for much smaller civs/empires – it’s more like a huge thematic reskin than something completely new. Very good though.

      • Soulstrider says:

        Ah damn, when you played Dwarves in FFH you felt you were playing as an actual dwarf civ, the same thing for the other races. I guess here everyone just feels like generic humans.

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        distantlurker says:

        rgr rgr, thanks for getting back big ‘yin.

      • malkav11 says:

        Considering how crazy enormous an effort Fall From Heaven was, it’s not really fair to compare new Civ mods against it, but I can’t help it anyway, especially when they tread so close to the same territory. I ultimately don’t want a rethemed Civ with essentially the same Civ mechanics. I want a game that uses Civ as a stepping stone to become something unique and thematically appropriate. Fall from Heaven did that. Nothing in Civ V appears to.

  4. Ansob says:

    It’s not D&D-themed, it’s Forgotten-Realms-themed. Someone do the same thing for Eberron.

    • Werthead says:

      Forgotten Realms is a D&D campaign world and pretty much is D&D down to its very core. It’s also been treated as the default D&D campaign world for some considerable time, even when it hasn’t officially been in that post.

  5. bill says:

    Is there a simple way to get Civ4 running on windows 8?

    I tried it a few months back, googled around, found lots of complex guides, and never got it working. Lots of the guides seem to require a disc version or an expansion pack. I just have the vanilla download version. (from Gamersgate, maybe, don’t remember).

    If there’s a way to get it running that doesn’t involve me wasting my whole day off then I’d be a happy bunny.

    • derbefrier says:

      I never had an issue with civ 5 on win 8. Runs fine for me. I do have all the expansions but I wouldn’t think that wouldnt matter since civ is designed for win 8(its got the touchscreen controls and shit) maybe its something else or maybe not I don’t know. I just know win 8 has never been an issue for me.

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      I don’t remember if I’ve ever installed Civ 4 with Windows 8 but I did play Civ 4: Colonization on the Win 8 customer preview without any issues.
      Did you try the last patch? (If it’s not included in your version). Is the installer running correctly? Perhaps try to re-download it?

      Edit: Try to install DirectX 9.0c. I think it’s a fairly common problem with a few older games and windows 7/8 if none of your other games added it.

      link to

  6. quarpec says:

    Neat concept, shame it’s forgotten realms and thus utter trash.

    And to further shit all over it, that artwork is hilariously bad. It looks like they grabbed a bunch of mid-tier fantasy pics on google and ran it through a few dozen photoshop filters.

  7. The Random One says:

    How curious that you should post this just as I’m midway into my first game of Warlock: MotA. I’ve found the game to be better than the similar Civ V, which is a huge deal for someone who ordinarily hates the medievalish fantasy setting, but the victory conditions are even more boring than V’s and it lacks the strange history it generates (such as the Inca and Spanish being historical enemies since the Bronze Age, then after a decade of border skirmishes joining forces against the Roman-Persian coalition to the North). I’ll definitely try this mod, even as I suspect that what I really want is the opposite, a mod that makes Warlock about history.

    • InternetBatman says:

      I really wanted to like Warlock, but the game just diappointed me in so many ways. The game itself is obtuse. The victory conditions are plodding. The research is incredibly boring. The tile improvements are incredibly limited and really slow to be made when that’s much of Civ games. The the random events are ridiculously random and incredibly punishing.

      I uninstalled it as soon as I beat my first game.

      It does so many unique things so well (terraforming, spell abilities, multiple worlds, god relationships) , but it needs to steal far more liberally from Civ.

      • MellowKrogoth says:

        I really liked Warlock, and I’m glad it didn’t ape Civ too much. I feel it was more aimed at Elven Legacy and Age of Wonders players. It kept research and city development light so you could focus on warfare, and warfare was fun. The end game and victory conditions were lacking though, I’ll grant you that.

  8. MellowKrogoth says:

    Those fantasy Civ mods all have the same problem (or, most of them at least): a lot of the things they do are just the old civ mechanics with different names/graphics slapped on them. The only mod that I feel really gets away from that and makes magic spells feel like magic is the Fall from Heaven offshoot Master of Mana